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Qantas go sub $1000 return BNE/LAX in Jan school holidays

Dr Ralph

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Jan 21, 2014
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personal opinion only - maybe you could just have one thread where you post all these deals rather than starting new ones? to me it seems like you're either trying to promite this ski mob or have some other sort of agenda.. and I am not sure that the QF forum is the right place for specials and cheap fare deals like this.. but maybe if you confine them to one thread then those interested can keep tabs there?
Agree. Message hasn't gotten through to the OP. The SPAMING continues. Clearly a thinly veiled agenda at work:



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Dec 22, 2018
Agree. Message hasn't gotten through to the OP. The SPAMING continues. Clearly a thinly veiled agenda at work:

no agenda, except that don't understand why airline marketing depts don't make a big deal about how cheap it is in the USA right now, apart from getting there that is.


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Mar 28, 2014
LOL. You cannot be serious! Cheaper in the US? AUD vs USD?! bwhahaha

Maybe with these cheapo ski deals :p

thanks for the laugh.

(and I have had a number of trips to and within the USA this year already so I have a fair idea from personal experience how much it costs)


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Apr 21, 2012
I mean I resisted the urge to book the VA birthday sale at $1,100 SYD-LAX-SYD getaway and now the Spring sale has it at < $900. I'm really anticipating a work trip around that time in PE that I can use to combine for personal ski jaunt, but it may not come off so really it's pretty tempting to lock something in just on spec. Maybe if I wait another two weeks VA will have it at $700?


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Jul 1, 2002
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AUD1 buying USD0.6871 is not my definition of a cheap destination. But each to their own of course.
Generally not. But what can happen sometimes is weak US economy and low AUD coincide. Weak economy means less business travel, less discretionary spending and hotel etc prices are low. This happened in early 2009. Also when we went to NYC in 2002 when AUD was 0.5c we were only paying $100USD/$200AUD for accom, but their were special circumstances affecting NYC then.

Generally though, especially now with low interest rates in Australia, the AUD is moving more independent of the US economy.

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