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buying points

For more information about Buying Points, see our Buying Points Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. N

    Gifting Marriott points

    I remember pre-merger there was a link for you to gift SPG points which in turn allows you to transfer them to Marriott. Does anyone know if there’s still a link for you to do that with Marriott Rewards?
  2. NZflygirl

    Marriott - buy points 25% off

    468.75usd for 50k Marriott points through May 15. 60k needed for 3:1 transfer with 5k bonus to airline miles. Anyone buying? I'll have to run some numbers. I used to use this in the SPG days for SQ & top up from VA/AMEX/SQ.
  3. C

    Answered Buying Marriott 7 night hotel travel cert

    Does anyone know any "marketplace" type forums I can buy a Marriott 7 night hotel cert? Besides ozbargain. Trying to get in before the changes next week
  4. R

    Timing of Flybuys Offer

    Hi All Just about to hit Week 2 of a Coles shopping offer and had a question. Week 1 closes today and I've hit the spend in Week 1. Week 2 starts tomorrow so I don't want to jump the gun and spend twice in Week 1. If I order today for a tomorrow pickup or delivery will that qualify as Week 2...
  5. J

    citibank reward points converting to flybuys 1:1

    citibank have recently started allowing you to transfer reward points to flybuys Now you can transfer your Citi reward Points to flybuys points and redeem them in Australia’s favourite loyalty program.1 To kick things off, you’ll get 15% flybuys points bonus every time you transfer your Citi...
  6. GSP

    Bonus 15000 Flybuy Points for Pet Insurance

    Looks like Flybuys have jumped into the act. Take out Medibank Pet Insurance before 28 February 2019, and you'll get 15,000 BONUS POINTS + 15% off the first year*! To take advantage of this offer: Enter your flybuys membership number Use promo code XMASFLY Points will be awarded after 3...
  7. C

    Buying Velocity Points ( bonus )

    Just got this offer to buy Velocity. First time I have seen an incentive and bonus to buy
  8. Dr Ralph

    75,000 Flybuys points - Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card

    'Be rewarded with 75,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS when you apply for a Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card and spend $3,000 on it in the first 90 days from approval.That could take $375 off your Coles shop or make your next holiday easier on your wallet with flybuys travel. Plus, you can always count...
  9. serfty

    Buy AAdvantage Miles from AU3¢ each - 'til Jan 31, 19

    Buy Miles & Gift Miles | American Airlines AAdvantage Program | Start Page 50K bonus on 100K-150K purchased miles for ~AU$4500. Ends January 31st 2019. Sweet spots are 70K (105K with bonus) for USD2,260 and 100K (150K) for USD3,210.
  10. L

    20k QFF Points for joining Australian Super

    Just got notice of this: Qantas 20k points on offer for contributing $350 to a new super account within 6 months - points to credit 2-3 months after the threshold has been met. I can't see in the Ts&Cs whether it can be an employer contribution or is required to be an after tax contribution...
  11. Dr Ralph

    20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy

    Take out a pet insurance policy with Woolworths before February 24 and receive a bonus 20,000 Woolworths rewards points if you use this code: PET20K I'm yet to check the cost of their most basic policy to see how much the points would actually cost to 'buy'. Terms suggest you would need to keep...
  12. goldenhorn

    Earn up to 500 bonus Points from your next 2 visits when you fill up or shop at BP [Expires 2 Feb]

    Got this email offer today for an easy 500 VFF points. Buy fuel or shop at the BP store 2X before 2 February 2019 to get the bonus points. EDIT: Targeted offer
  13. Alyopsis

    Easy 10,000 QF points earn

    Another site has just posted an piece about an easy 10,000 QF points earn. It may not work for everyone but the numbers stack up for me. Bonus Qantas Points offers from Qantas flights and partners - Point Hacks
  14. Dr Ralph

    Up to100,000 Velocity points if you buy a new Hyundai SUV

    Last year you could earn 5000 Velocity points for test driving a new Hyundai (Targeted - 5000 points for doing a test drive). This year you can earn up to 100,000 Velocity points if you buy a new Hyundai SUV. "Hyundai Terms and Conditions of offers: Offers available on new and demo eligible...
  15. G

    Answered Buy AMEX POINTS To Transfer to SQ

    Hi, Can someone please remind me how to buy AMEX points so I can then transfer them to SQ for an award flight in 2020? I have done it once last year, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how I did it. I am trying to beat the 15 April changes that will halve the transfer rate. I am short...
  16. mrsterryn

    Rewards Seats and why you purchase

    I just have booked a rewards flight SYD CDG and return LHR SYD have to say part of the considerations behind my dates were having to experience 1st class with other airlines apart from Qantas Obviously :) people book the travel to visit stacks of places on a fixed cost but do many just book...
  17. futaris

    United Airlines MileagePlus Buy & Gift Miles Up To 75% Bonus Through December 19, 2018

    United Airlines MileagePlus Buy & Gift Miles Up To 75% Bonus Through December 19, 2018
  18. goldenhorn

    Black Friday: Purchase Aegean Miles and Get 100% Bonus. Ends Nov 24

    Anyone else get this offer? Ends 24 Nov. Looks like the maximum I can buy is 30,000 + 30,000 bonus. Where can I find out where 60,000 Aegean Miles would get me?
  19. J

    To buy or not to buy

    I’m looking at going to Europe in December next year and have the opportunity to buy LifeMiles on their current offer at 140%. I’ve read up on the booking process and it seems rather convoluted. I’m unsure if it’s worth buying them and attempting to book online or if their is a simpler way to...
  20. futaris

    Buy Finnair Plus Award Points (up to 50% bonus) Very good for DXB-HEL and TLV-HEL business upgrades @ 10,000 points. The Big UPGRADE Thread – all you need to know about AY upgrades - FlyerTalk Forums Has anyone here upgraded an economy award ticket to business using Finnair points?