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flight upgrades

  1. A

    QF - upgrade via sms

    Hi! I’m a bronze member and was lucky to get a double upgrade from MEL-SIN-LHR from economy to business. I was actually economy until 30 mins before SIN- LHR and on the app I went to premium and then at the gate it beeped and I was business! Woohoo! I’m flying out tomorrow on QF2. When I saw...
  2. A

    Points upgrade of O class

    Hi there, I’m new on here and after advice. Travelling between Australia and US in November and wonder if there is any way to upgrade from economy to business with QFF points on an airfare accidentally booked in O class? I know this is usually not possible by surely there must be a way.... Do...
  3. T

    Any tips for flight upgrades?

    I've successfully upgraded my international flight three times this year and I'm heading to LAX soon and was going to upgrade it too. Being a longer flight, I'm really wanting to have it upgraded. I was wondering if there are any tips in - figuring out business class capacity a week before the...
  4. J

    Upgrade Me Offer: HKG to SYD Aircraft type / seating

    Something I am unsure of in the UpgradeMe Option for an upcoming HKG to SYD flight (VA82) My Virgin app tells me that the designated aircraft for this flight is an A330-200. The UpgradeMe offer page describes it more like the 737 Business Hard Product (as well as the accompanying photograph)...
  5. M@rcoPolo

    SYD upgrade options at the gate??

    UA MM Gold here, I used to be UGS but haven’t flown UA for over 10 years so please bear with me :) Obviously upgrades game has changed a lot in the past 10 years, I’m booked in Y (H class) to fly SYD to IAH UA100 on May 15th. Upgrade available (showing on my reservation, no idea if space is...
  6. captainroma

    Answered Is this true or a myth? checking in late may give you a free Business class upgrade?

    Hey guys, Someone told me the other day that if you don't check-in online and go to the airport an hour before flight and check-in at the counter, the airline may have ended up over allocating economy seats and then have to give you a free business upgrade, he told me he's done a few times...
  7. T

    how is it more to upgrade to econ x than to premium econ?

    was trying to upgrade my daughter to econ x using points, we are flying business (yes i managed to snaffle 2 business rewards seats each way on my newest booking :) ) melb to la....they are telling me 24,900 for econ x or 18,000 for prem economy.......how in the heck does that work out, the guy...
  8. A

    QF Domestic Eco. Reward Booking - upgrade to J

    So, I booked a Y reward domestic from SYD to MEL on QF last night. I understand that this is a last minute booking, given that tomorrow is ANZAC Day. I chose the last flight out of SYD today (24/04) and return on Monday (29/04) morning to go straight into work As per usual, it was 8000 points +...
  9. J

    VA UpgradeMe

    Interesting experience last week flying HKG to SYD. I had placed both a points and UpgradeMe bid for an upgrade approximately 6 weeks prior to departure. 3 days prior to departure my colleague (Velocity Red) had her upgrade confirmed via UpgradeMe for $720. As a Platinum member I was intrigued...
  10. L

    Gold Points Upgrade Chances - Business vs Premium Economy

    I have gold status and am flying to the US in a few months in economy. I can be added to the waiting list to upgrade for a business or premium economy upgrade, but have to choose one. Do you think there is a higher probability of getting one over the other? Thanks!
  11. M

    First time Mileage upgrade options

    Hey all, Long time member but also have been dormant for the past 10 years of not flying regularly for work. I've got a work trip coming up for MEL > LAX > DEN in a couple of weeks. Employer has purchased Economy (L). I'm looking to upgrade to Economy Plus at the very least and can do so...
  12. Admin

    AFF has been upgraded!

    Earlier today we migrated AFF to the latest version of Xenforo. No doubt, you’ll see that there have been some changes – mainly cosmetic, but some “enhancements” too ☺ The first thing you’ll notice is that the default style is different. But you can change this to “AFF Style (Classic)” which is...
  13. TheInsider

    Airport International Upgrades - Australia

    It's come to my attention that some Qantas onshore (australian) ports that service International flights, are starting to offer upgrades for the flat fees (after all points upgrades are completed). This already occurs in some international ports but can be quite random when they offer it. Anyone...
  14. X

    Booking Different Class Question to upgrade one leg [Multi City]

    Hi All I am looking to do the following trip. I also just got Qantas WP for the fist time after 7 yrs of Gold. Syd > BKK 5th May BKK > KUL 8th May KUL > Syd 10th May Tried Multi stop on Q and it came out at $6K in Economy. No idea why. I then tried to just do the main legs in Q so again multi...
  15. CPMaverick

    20,000 points deducted for a non-upgrade

    Well, as a loyal VA flyer I decided to give QF a try. So far, not very happy! My first QF flight was SYD-DFW, in Y. I only had 27k QF points but I saw I could request an upgrade to PE for 20k points. I put in the request. About 24 hours before the flight, I received this SMS: Ok, no big...
  16. M

    Answered Upgrades with Qantas FF Points

    Query Upgrades with Qantas FF Points Oops, sorry new to this!! I am looking at upgrading a flight for my daughter and I. I made the booking for us both, as she is a minor. We both have FF accounts and both have the necessary points for the upgrade. However, the message is insufficient points...
  17. S


    We recently stayed at a Crowne Plaza. Used points for a 4 night stay. Received 600 welcome points PLUS got upgraded one level. I am a Platinum Ambassador. Did not expect this. Is is normal to get this when booking a room on points ? Not complaining..just asking
  18. Himeno

    awards/upgrades expert flyer

    What are the fare buckets QF uses for awards/upgrades? Do they show up on expert flyer?
  19. J

    KrisFlyer points redemption/ cash upgrade?

    Hey all, I am booking a return SQ flight SYD - SIN - JHB for this coming October, with a 3 day stop over in Singapore on the way back, using KrisFlyer miles. I am unable to book the flight in First class due to there being no First class cabin on the SIN - JHB leg of the flight, so it reduces...
  20. Admin

    Retiring the AFF Wiki + Xenforo upgrade

    It's now about 18 months since we migrated AFF from vBulletin to Xenforo. While there was some initial pushback ("the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet nappy!" syndrome), I'm happy to report that the migration was really successful: enhanced user interface, responsive layout...