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  1. L

    SCs to upgrade mismatch

    Hi all, Just noticed that in my VFF account the numbers for Plat upgrade don't match in the main view vs the "How far from upgrading" one. Anyone else seen this before or am I misinterpreting something? I'm guessing the real number is 122 not 107....
  2. 6

    Upgrade questions

    Hi all, I am flying on a flexible PE ticket , 2 pax, with CX in September (first time with CX, so apologies if this is a silly question) from SYD - HKG - CDG, and return MXP - HKG - SYD. After purchasing my tickets I received an option to request an upgrade with a cash bid, which I did with...
  3. Blinky

    Anyone had experience with Etihad Upgrade Auction?

    My wife are flying Etihad Business to Europe next March. When we did the same 10 years I was able to upgrade to First at checkin for $800 each, and was planning to ask the same question this time around. I see on their website they now have an auction system two days out. Has anyone done this...
  4. T

    Chances to free upgrade with Hertz Five Star

    Currently a Five star Tier member with Hertz. Got a booking with Hertz pickup from Gold Coast airport, any chance for a free upgrade based on previous experience ?
  5. tinkybelle

    Does a QR upgrade Y to j or J to f actually exist?

    I have been trying to upgrade people using QR points for a while now in jan feb mar someone silver Y to J and recently myself J to F but have never ever seen a seat do they actually exist long haul? any positive remarks? any way to make it happen?
  6. S

    Dom Upgrade Request - 2 pax on same PNR, booking made by Bronze, upgrade req by Platinum

    Not sure of the scenario here ... travelling on a single Classic Rewards booking made by the bronze passenger - I am platinum, but would like to press 'Upgrade to Business' - the query is ... if it is successful, will we both be upgraded? Obviously I don't want just the one of us to be upgraded.
  7. logicallysynced

    What is the upgrade logic on multi-leg flights when first leg is full but not the second?

    Sorry if this has already been asked (search is a bit finicky sometimes), I have an upgrade request in on QF1 from Y+ (WP). On EF the loadings show J0 from SYD-LHR and SYD-SIN, but J9 on SIN-LHR. If there is no availability on the combined legs, but there is availability on one leg, does the...
  8. I

    Can I upgrade a Virgin flight booked through Qatar Airways?

    So Qatar have a good economy class fare from Sydney to Dublin, via Adelaide in both directions. The flight between Sydney and Adelaide is Virgin of course. What's the prospect of upgrading those legs to business class using Velocity points, to start and end the trip in comfort?
  9. W

    Seat Upgrade

    Qantas points to Cathay Asia Miles for Upgrade Are you able to transfer QFF to Asia Miles for seat upgrades and if so how?
  10. W

    QF12 Business Class to First Upgrade

    Morning All, Heading back to Perth 1st April BC on QF12, App saying 66k points for first upgrade. Just wanted opinions as never flown first and maybee only opportuity. Given its just a work trip and im heading home maybe I just save points for vacation. 1. Anyone flown fc think its a...
  11. B

    Too many points taken for QF2 J upgrade - how to get them back?

    Looking for some advice Recently scored a points upgrade to premium economy on QF2. Then got bad beep at the gate and further upgrade to J. Was issued a boarding pass LHR-SIN but told to see lounge about SIN-SYD. Checked points balance at SIN to see that full Y-J LHR-SYD upgrade tariff...
  12. algae

    Domestic Flight - Can't request upgrade and can't check in online

    Hi all, Bit of a strange question, but wanted to see if I should be concerned at all. I had a PER > CBR flight booked which was cancelled and moved to a PER>MEL>CBR routing (now a red-eye instead of a lovely daytime flight :confused:). Couple strange things about this: - Booked through a...
  13. E

    Classic upgrade bids - to couple or to not couple?

    Mrs EchoNBounce just made WP too. Now denied the ability to lord it over, my thoughts have naturally turned to upgrade shenanigans. On the basis that either of us are happy if the other gets an upgrade: Is it better for us to travel on a single PNR and (de facto) both bid for a classic...
  14. aleaf

    can I get better AMEX upgrade offer - only 20k pts - or just close?

    I've had an AMEX Discover card since 2016 (making me a poor churner). Looking to close so the 18 month timeout clock starts. I know back in the day, cardholders had some luck in upgrading. From what I understand, it was fewer points than what was on offer to new members but still a fair whack...
  15. L

    Points Upgrade - Qatar codeshare booked through Virgin

    There may be a thread on this but I couldn't find it. I'm doing a mercy dash to Europe for a sick parent and I was wonderingIs it possible to use points to upgrade the flights (looks like a Qatar codeshare as the stopover is Doha). Also what are the odds of getting one? I've had very little...
  16. StevePER

    Instant confirmation on domestic upgrade

    Should domestic upgrades still be confirmed instantly when award seats are available in a higher class? If so are there any caveats like married segments or international connections? I wanted to book a business award NZ - SYD - PER and couldn't despite seats being available on both flights...
  17. D

    Upgrade for QF15

    Hi I am a platinum qantas frequent flyer. I am flying family (2 adults, 2kids) on QF15 end of August. What is the likelihood of getting an upgrade to business. I have requested with my points.
  18. R

    Qantas business upgrade with points

    Hey folks, I booked an LAX - SYD roundtrip on QA traveling from May 28 - June 18. I got a decent ($1020/average) for a family of 4. I was thinking of upgrading to business with points. The upgrade to business is about 100K per person return (I know it is a lot) but I am fine with it. I have...
  19. W

    Last Minute Sydney->LAX Upgrade + Noob Questions

    Hi All, Company has booked me on a PE seat from Syd - LAX of QF11. I have requested an Upgrade (up to the gate as a solo traveler) to BC. Thing is I only have 50k Qantas Points available, On the off chance that I get the ticket I want to make sure I have the points available. However, I...
  20. vivekseshan

    Redeem Velocity Points to upgrade on United Airlines

    I am a Velocity Gold member and recently booked on UA to fly SYD-IAH-LGA AND MCO-SYD through work's travel desk. I asked for my Velocity membership to be added to the booking and also have enrolled into UA's MileagePlus program. Is it possible to: 1. Transfer points out of Velocity into UA and...