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flight upgrades

  1. lovedbymarylane

    Oneworld Award - upgrade likelihood?

    Hi all! I'm taking my first OW award in J later this month. I had to book one leg in Y and one in Y+ due to lack of availability. The Y flight is AY and the Y+ is CX. Is there any chance I'll be bumped up at check in, since essentially I've paid for J anyway? Has anyone had any success asking...
  2. B

    QF points

    Can I use QF points to upgrade on MH
  3. C

    Upgrade with no notification - op-up?

    Hello! This is the first time I've experienced a potential op-up it's probably a bit of a rookie question - Mr Carambola recently got a complimentary upgrade to J on a QF flight to Asia. We found out the evening before the flight, when he checked in and the boarding pass showed a business class...
  4. Z

    Qantas Points and Status Credit for Bidding upgrade

    Have Qantas change their policy? Previously I had successfully claim for Business Fare Qantas Point and Status Credit after bidding upgrade with Malaysia Airlines for a number of times. The recent trip was unsuccessful as the Qantas agent pointed to me that all bid upgrade now only paid base on...
  5. Legoman

    F+F FFFL Signature to Prestige upgrade on same terms?

    Has anyone ever had any success in getting (Sh)citibank to upgrade their family + friends fee free for life Signature credit card to a Prestige version under the same terms of the Signature card? I'm just wondering if there's any precedent out there to go on. I've taken a different approach and...
  6. Matt_01

    Question That QF bid upgrade (similar to VA)

    Got offered one of those QF bid upgrades, does anyone know if status comes into the computer says “Yes” or “No” decision. I have put in a bid for minimum points and minimum dollars and to be honest not fussed if it does not clear. It is a domestic flight.
  7. O

    Archerfield airport upgrade

    https://australianaviation.com.au/2019/06/federal-government-approves-archerfield-airport-runway-extension-plan/comment-page-1/#comment-91985 Commercial flights from Archerfield have been talked about for years. Currently only a Saab 340 or smaller Dash 8 could fly to Sydney(not Mascot, but...
  8. M

    Question BidNow on international sale fare?

    Hi all Sorry if this is covered elsewhere - I haven't been able to spot it. I know that you can't do a regular upgrade off an international Qantas Sale fare. Can anyone advise if there's a chance of getting a BidNow upgrade offer on an international sale fare? I know I can't count on it (never...
  9. Mattg

    Paying to upgrade your economy meal

    I flew with Lufthansa in economy class yesterday. I noticed after booking that Lufthansa will sell you an “upgrade” to your economy class meal for around €15-30 (depending on which option you choose). There are 7 “a la carte” meals to choose from and you have to pre-order online. The service is...
  10. S

    Etihad Flight and Gold Upgrade

    Hello all, I'm a long time reader but first time poster. I am currently a velocity silver member, however I recently took a number of Etihad flights with the intent of the credit earned pushing me over to Gold. This was a four leg journey, and 3 of the leg's had their associated points and...
  11. A

    Upgrade to J at airport still possible after upgrade to PE?

    I have just been upgraded to PE on QF16 tonight from LAX to BNE... I requested the upgrade to business as well as the upgrade at the airport, which required me to also select the option for a PE upgrade. My question is, once you have been upgraded to PE, is it then not possible to be...
  12. A

    Upgrades on partner airlines

    I usually travel Qantas and have been fairly lucky with upgrades from W to J on long international flights. In the past I've travelled on BA and not got an upgrade. That was before I had this forum to ask :) Now I'm thinking of booking SYD-LON and back on BA. What are my chances of getting...
  13. R

    AA Upgrade HNL-LAX

    Hi Flying with the family from Hon-LAX in September. This leg is with AA... has anyone upgraded using points on this route before? Newbie question (can you upgrade with Qantas or does it have to be AA points) Also as we are flying Qantas to get to Honolulu will our luggage be charged as excess...
  14. A

    QF - upgrade via sms

    Hi! I’m a bronze member and was lucky to get a double upgrade from MEL-SIN-LHR from economy to business. I was actually economy until 30 mins before SIN- LHR and on the app I went to premium and then at the gate it beeped and I was business! Woohoo! I’m flying out tomorrow on QF2. When I saw...
  15. A

    Points upgrade of O class

    Hi there, I’m new on here and after advice. Travelling between Australia and US in November and wonder if there is any way to upgrade from economy to business with QFF points on an airfare accidentally booked in O class? I know this is usually not possible by surely there must be a way.... Do...
  16. T

    Any tips for flight upgrades?

    I've successfully upgraded my international flight three times this year and I'm heading to LAX soon and was going to upgrade it too. Being a longer flight, I'm really wanting to have it upgraded. I was wondering if there are any tips in - figuring out business class capacity a week before the...
  17. J

    Upgrade Me Offer: HKG to SYD Aircraft type / seating

    Something I am unsure of in the UpgradeMe Option for an upcoming HKG to SYD flight (VA82) My Virgin app tells me that the designated aircraft for this flight is an A330-200. The UpgradeMe offer page describes it more like the 737 Business Hard Product (as well as the accompanying photograph)...
  18. A

    Answered UpgradeMe Points

    UpgradeMe points..hello all am I correct in thinking that if I can see award availability on Va Site and I book and go for upgrademe points it will be confirmed immediately? Thanks!
  19. Haplo

    Upgraded to Gold

    I just got an email from SQ that I have been upgraded to Gold, except i didnt take any *A flight nor credited any flight to Krisflyer. Probably a system glitch.
  20. T


    Just flew Cathay Hong Kong to Adelaide and applied for a Business Class upgrade for both of us from Premium Economy through the bidding system. Was advised day before flying that my bid had been unsuccessful. Went to board the plane and was advised "congratulations you have been upgraded" for...