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  1. S

    Virgin Lounge upgrade thread

    Thought keep all rolling updates in one spot, with the statement that Virgin will convert all lounges to the new livery. I have not flown and stepped inside a airport since December of 2019! I’m not sure what lounges are currently in the progress of conversion to the new livery. Adelaide ✅...
  2. F

    Unable to upgrade with Velocity Points / Future Flight Credit Fare

    Hi All, I have just attempted to upgrade a couple of flights I have booked with my future flight credits (elevate fares) and it says that they are not eligible for an upgrade. I find it odd that VA would restrict this. Regards _flyer
  3. D

    Upgrade offer on car rentals at checkin...

    Just curious about what peoples understanding is when offered an upgrade for $ when picking up your rental car. Last week at the Coast i was offered an upgrade to a brand new Merc GLC for $30 per day. My original rental was $221.00 for 4 days including charges. When i got my invoice my cost...
  4. R

    Points Club Plus Avis Upgrade?

    Hi All I'm heading to Exmouth next week and I've booked car hire for a few days. PC+ says you are entitled to an Avis one class free vehicle upgrade. Has anyone had this offered to them or asked and received the upgrade? It doesn't mention it anywhere on the booking I've received. Thanks in...
  5. Happy Trails

    QFF Classic Upgrade Priority - T&Cs Changed

    Kind of academic just now, but the QFF T&Cs have been quietly changed, viz. Old version: 16.3.3 Classic Upgrade Rewards will be awarded to Members according to their Qantas Frequent Flyer status levels in the following order: Platinum One Members first, then Platinum Members, then Gold Members...
  6. K

    Are Y-J upgrade for VA Platinum still a thing ?

    I managed to book some Y tickets for Apr 2021 using my travel bank credits. Hoping that things get back to normal by then , when will be the best time to request free upgrade from Freedom fare to Business. Right now we have row 3 and flying return from MEL to OOL. TA
  7. A

    Crediting AA flight to QF after using systemwide upgrade

    Has anyone had any experience trying to credit an AA flight to QF after applying an AAdvantage Systemwide Upgrade?
  8. AFF Editor

    30% off Velocity Business Reward seats & upgrades [extended until 11/01/21]

    Velocity Frequent Flyer is now offering 30% off the points required for Velocity Reward Seats in Business class, as well as UpgradeMe Points upgrades. The discount is applied automatically, and is available for bookings and travel until 24 October 2020. You could say that the discount reflects...
  9. RSD

    How do I apply for upgrade of my Significant Other - who has 0.00 QFF points?

    We are flying to Bali at the end of the month, my Significant Other has never earn't a QFF point in her life before but I have just signed her up. We are both travelling on the one PNR, I know how to apply to upgrade myself but how do I apply to upgrade her given that she has no points? (happy...
  10. wendlle

    Which flight to book for upgrade

    I’ve never used point for an upgrade before so have no idea what I’m doing if I bought two tickets one for myself and one for my child from Canberra to Los Angeles what fare do I need to buy if I want to use points to upgrade us ? How many points do you use for an upgrade to either premium...
  11. O

    Any Upgrade Hope for QF Codeshare on AA?

    Ciao Friends! Have a flight coming up, MEL-LAX-JFK. The MEL-LAX is in T (PE) with QF, the LAX-JFK is a QF codeshare operated by AA on their A321T. I have a Y (flex economy) on the LAX-JFK leg. I have no elite status directly with AA, though I can get access to AA miles through purchasing...
  12. K

    Upgrade using points

    I have an upcoming booking from MEL - CNS and return. The fare class booked was elevate . When I logon to Velocity portal and try to bid for upgrade using points , it says my booking is not eligible for points upgrade. As it is a domestic flight , not sure why my booking is not eligible for...
  13. J

    are instant upgrade fares still available with AA

    Been googling and can't find anything recent about the AA instant UP fares. Tried looking on the AA.COM site doing an advanced search but don't see anything to look for an upgradeable fare.
  14. albatross710

    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough?

    I recently updated my Qantas marketing preferences. I'm surprised that for a return BNE-SYD that I would receive 9 emails over 7 days. Regardless of how many offers the minimum bid of $120 still doesn't get me for a < one hour flight. I guess I'll get at least another one to make an even...
  15. C

    Problems with upgrade list for delta as a Velocity Silver member

    Hi all, Am currently VA Silver and flying to USA next month on VA to LAX and DL to JFK. I have the Delta app and have tried to add myself to the upgrade list for my DL flights however once selecting the flight, the list is blank and I cannot add/select anything to be placed in the list. Has...
  16. L

    Where is the Upgrade Loadings help desk?

    I am not sure how or where to post a message to the AFF help desk with regard to my chances of an upgrade? i often find it difficult on this site as to how to post. Any help is appreciated please?
  17. F

    Velocity Gold Upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus

    Hi all Wondering about the reliability of getting a Comfort Plus upgrade on Delta if you’re Velocity Gold? Looking at booking flights direct with Delta. Main is Euro 487, Comfort + Euro 757, but when I get to finish booking Main, Comfort + is available for Euro 28 extra. Don’t want to pay extra...
  18. chooms

    Help... EK F+Y or chance of upgrade to QF J (Italy-BNE)

    Decisions.... decisions... Both Mrs Chooms and I have a QF credit voucher to use by end of April, so we're biting the bullet and heading of to Greek Islands and Northern Italy for a couple of weeks. We have settled on EK Y BNE-DXB-ATH on the way over, but on the way back, we have a couple of...
  19. R

    Upgrade chances Premium Economy classic reward vs cash fare?

    Apologies if this has been answered previously - I'm FF Gold (soon to be Platinum) and looking to travel SYD - SFO in May in Premium Economy with the view to do a points upgrade to J. Just wondering if I have a better chance of an upgrade in booking a Premium Economy cash fare vs Premium...
  20. M

    Requesting an upgrade - is it better by a Gold status?

    hi I'm about to do an upgrade request for my wife & myself SYD - NYC return. She has fewer points than me but is Gold, whereas I have many more points but am Bronze. Any suggestions who has more likelihood of success when requesting the upgrade? I would assume the higher status, but then...