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  1. oz_ally

    Upgraded to VA Platinum from Gold before actually Qualifying

    Good morning everyone. No doubt you'd remember someone else posted a little while ago about receiving an upgrade to Gold in the mail. Well a couple of hours ago I just got a similar offer upgrading me from Gold to Platinum - via email. I only hit Gold for the first time (since taking up an...
  2. G

    Is it possible to upgrade some but not all legs of a journey to PE ?

    Currently, MEL to SIN flights don't offer PE. The system won't let you book Economy for MEL to SIN leg then PE on leg to Europe. (Crazy) So if book 100% Economy with a view to then trying to upgrade using points - can you select which specific legs you want to upgrade to PE ? Or have to do all ?
  3. K

    VA Gold upgrade

    Did anyone else receive one of these Gold upgrades in the mail? Quite a lovely surprise for sure!
  4. M

    Bid now to upgrade refund

    I was prevented from traveling to Darwin on 24 April this year due to a government lockdown. Qantas previously contacted me direct for a bid now upgrade which I was successful. I paid in points and cash direct to Qantas and in this transaction I am their customer. They are trying to tell me...
  5. S

    VA Status Upgrade Bag Tags

    Are VA still sending out bag tags when you earn the next status level up? eg Red to Silver, Silver to Gold etc ...? If so, does anyone have any idea what their time-frame on this is like?
  6. cqtiger

    Virgin complimentary business upgrade

    precovid you were able to do these upgrades as soon as you book the correct economy fare. I have tried to do this on the past 3 flights and told by virgin the business seats haven’t been released yet and try within 24 hours prior to the flight. Did this then told try at the lounge By then...
  7. S

    Points upgrade on a domestic economy ticket.

    I’ve booked a domestic economy flight Red E-deal N. There are business seats showing to be booked with points. I have requested an upgrade. I thought this was done fairly quickly in the past but now QF told me over the phone that they will let me know within 7 days of the flight which is next...
  8. T

    Bid for upgrade question

    I just tried to bid for upgrade with an Elevate fare and it was deemed ineligible. I’ve never had any fare not eligible for a bid for upgrade with Virgin before. Is there some new policy that only Freedom fares are eligible? This is for a flight from KNX-PER.
  9. Alexandraadventuretime

    QF - GC To AKL Frustrations - Keep Getting Bumped, Way to negotiate an upgrade?

    I booked a few weeks in to the announcement of the border bubble with New Zealand and Australia which to me seems mostly successful and booked Qantas flights with preferred times coordinated around my 1 year old. I have already had two cancelled flights and bumped to new flights either on...
  10. R

    Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards

    Hi All Bronze Q Club member with a question re: Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards. It says via the QF website that Platinum One, Platinum, Gold and Qantas Club members with a paid and confirmed ticket can request a Domestic On Departure Upgrade Reward at Australian domestic Qantas Club...
  11. Danger

    Free One AA systemwide upgrade

    I have one American Airlines systemwide upgrade to give away. It's been that long since I used one that I sadly can't really remember the ins and outs of the benefit. From what I remember, though, one SWU is good for a one cabin upgrade on up to four AA-marketed and operated flight segments in...
  12. H

    Platinum Complimentary Flight upgrades showing in account

    So checking my account this morning I am showing 8 of 8 available. Not sure how they have accumulated so if I can use them would be great. Has anybody else have more than 4 showing available. Maybe the recent 18 month extension has something to do with it.
  13. R

    Immediate upgrade paying with cash vs points booking?

    I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the upgrade process. In the past I’ve booked a domestic flight payed with cash and was able to immediately upgrade with points. I’ve made a recent domestic booking with points for economy but have been waitlisted for an upgrade. Is it as simple as...
  14. T

    New Qantas upgrade option via app

    As Per Exec Traveller Qantas app will soon include upgrade alerts within hours of a flight Thoughts ? Comments? Would this only be an option once all waitlisted upgrades are cleared? Not sure how many upgrades this will clear - I guess will give people the opportunity to snag an upgrade who...
  15. T

    Are Velocity Complimentary Upgrades able to be used over different bookings?

    In the past, I recall that you could use Velocity Platinum Upgrades for someone travelling on a different itinerary/booking reference, as long as they were on the same flight as the one you were upgrading. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case? With Virgin's lines being so busy, I don't...
  16. S

    Virgin Lounge upgrade thread

    Thought keep all rolling updates in one spot, with the statement that Virgin will convert all lounges to the new livery. I have not flown and stepped inside a airport since December of 2019! I’m not sure what lounges are currently in the progress of conversion to the new livery. Adelaide ✅...
  17. F

    Unable to upgrade with Velocity Points / Future Flight Credit Fare

    Hi All, I have just attempted to upgrade a couple of flights I have booked with my future flight credits (elevate fares) and it says that they are not eligible for an upgrade. I find it odd that VA would restrict this. Regards _flyer
  18. D

    Upgrade offer on car rentals at checkin...

    Just curious about what peoples understanding is when offered an upgrade for $ when picking up your rental car. Last week at the Coast i was offered an upgrade to a brand new Merc GLC for $30 per day. My original rental was $221.00 for 4 days including charges. When i got my invoice my cost...
  19. R

    Points Club Plus Avis Upgrade?

    Hi All I'm heading to Exmouth next week and I've booked car hire for a few days. PC+ says you are entitled to an Avis one class free vehicle upgrade. Has anyone had this offered to them or asked and received the upgrade? It doesn't mention it anywhere on the booking I've received. Thanks in...
  20. Happy Trails

    QFF Classic Upgrade Priority - T&Cs Changed

    Kind of academic just now, but the QFF T&Cs have been quietly changed, viz. Old version: 16.3.3 Classic Upgrade Rewards will be awarded to Members according to their Qantas Frequent Flyer status levels in the following order: Platinum One Members first, then Platinum Members, then Gold Members...