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  • Hi, my name is James and I was looking for a way of getting in touch with an admin in regards to getting myself approved - if you need context on this please look into my post history. Thanks
    QF WP
    QF WP
    Hi James, I have passed on your post to Admin (as well as Support) and he/they should be in contact soon. Regards, QF WP
    Yak Pay | Payment Logic
    Yak Pay | Payment Logic
    Thanks so much :)
    Hi Lindsay,
    I haven't been around this site much for a few months, my partner Dan was diagnosed with an aggressive type of bone-cancer in his femur and has been having equally aggressive treatment. It's been most unpleasant for all concerned, especially poor Dan. We seem to be on top of it now; the pathology from his surgery showed that the chemo had killed about 99% of the cancer-cells, which is a good thing, but we still have a ways to go.
    Anyhoo, I might not be back for a while, so take care, and I'll let you know when the flying starts again.

    Never been skiing in South America before - the last frontier after Europe & NZ for me.

    August in Sydney, I can arrange that with no problem.

    Hi Lindsay,

    Unfortunately we'll be skiing in Argentina whilst you are in Paris. It's a shame, as I've never met a fellow AFFer.

    We'll be in Sydney in August, perhaps then?


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