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freq flyer credit cards

  1. S

    David Jones credit card and previous closed amex

    Holding the David Jones Amex card can you still get the bonus 100k bonus points for the ultimate card? Also how do I find out what date I closed a previous Amex card to make sure I’m past the 18mth wait? Is the only way to contact them if I can find old statements?
  2. S

    Credit card approval for a sole trader

    Looking for some advice. Mrs SoftDraw is a soletrader and has been operating for nearly two years (earning good money). Would like to get her a credit card with bonus points but I know banks don’t look as favourably on sole traders. Can anyone recommend ome that is easier/less hassle for her to...
  3. M

    Q: Credit card for a temporary resident

    My sister (Aus & Can passports) lives in Canada but is now in Australia for 6 months. She wants to get an Australian credit card to use while living in Australia (eg internet payments), but finds it difficult to get anything - they want A$ income. Does anyone know if there is any bank /...
  4. Dr Ralph

    75,000 Flybuys points - Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card

    'Be rewarded with 75,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS when you apply for a Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card and spend $3,000 on it in the first 90 days from approval.That could take $375 off your Coles shop or make your next holiday easier on your wallet with flybuys travel. Plus, you can always count...
  5. P

    St George application denied - help/advice

    Hi all, Seeking your advice and/or to hear of similar experiences regarding a denial of consumer credit. I fully accept that this is a bit of a shot in the dark! My wife was recently declined for a St George Amplify credit card (limit $15K). This is the first time she (or I) have been declined...
  6. G

    Bonus points ato payment

    I owe the ato $5k I'm looking at this card. Qantas Credit Cards Australia | Qantas Money I just want the bonus points I can't find anything that says I won't earn the points with this payment. I've also seen the optus smart pay site how does that show on cc statement?
  7. R

    Answered Update to Hotel Collection Credit

    Hello! Apologies if this has been covered earlier, but I notice now that the hotel credit for "The Hotel Collection" is now at $100USD. I'm currently away on business, but I thought that the credit was $75USD when I initially acquired my Explorer card (so I can't check the. Is this a relatively...
  8. K

    [Rumour] DJ Amex cutting earn rates for new applicants

    Overheard someone saying Amex is reducing the earn rates for new applicants from next month. Will see if this is true or not.
  9. P

    Can I or should I convert my Amex Explorer card points?

    I have nearly 200,000 points on my Amex Explorer credit card. I'm wondering if I should join CX Asia miles and then be able to transfer my Amex points? I have an existing Q class booking on CX. I quoted my QF FF number but appreciate there's no earning capacity on CX Q class. If I join Asia...
  10. Mile hi Si

    Best non-amex business options

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of trying to find a replacement for my Altitude Business Visa with another non-Amex. Preferred option is Velocity as I have sufficient QF points for now, but I can't seem to find anything to sink my teeth into. Any chance someone could point me to any earlier posts...
  11. X

    Visa gift cards, is there anyway of turning them into cash ?

    Anyone know any loopholes where you can convert money in a Visa Gift Card into cash or money into a bank account. Could I be able to pay for something with the card and then ask for a refund in cash or bank deposit. Book something using a flexi rate/fare and then cancelling. Could I put money...
  12. J

    St George Amplify Signature - up to 200,000 Amplify points (PointHacks)

    Point Hacks have an exclusive deal for 200,000 bonus Amplify points with the St George Amplify Signature card. The bonus is spread out over two years. You get 100k points when you spend $12k in the first year and the same again in the second year. The first year annual fee is $0 and in the...
  13. big_RED

    Answered Any point having a USA Credit Card for AUS?

    Hey all, Has anyone every done the maths on if using an American based credit card is better value than using Australian credit cards in Australia? American credit cards have some great offers I feel and a lot also offer no international transaction fees compared to a lot of Australian cards...
  14. Isochronous

    Balance transfer promo codes

    Credit card balance transfer | Westpac Anyone know of any codes offering something better for existing cardholders?
  15. TonyHancock

    Points, Points, My Kingdom for Points (or not so much?)

    April 15th 2019, the day of The Great American Express Points Devaluation, or Devaluation Day as I am sure it will become known in the future, is actually a day I am looking forward to. :eek: You see, my devaluation day was the day Amex reduced the transfer rate to SPG/Marriott and after the...
  16. I

    CBA cards eligible for ApplePay from Wednesday 23/01/2019

    From this Wednesday 23 January you will be able to add your CBA Debit MasterCard, MasterCard/Visa credit card to your Apple Wallet and use ApplePay!
  17. J

    Answered How much out of pocket for Qantas Club with ANZ FF Black Card

    How much out of pocket do I need to pay to join Qantas Club with ANZ frequent flyer black card? It only says I can save up to $497. Can I join with my corporate rate and get $497 off it? Here is the t&c 4. Offers are only available to ANZ Frequent Flyer Black cardholders who are Australian...
  18. Dr Ralph

    StGeorge Amplify Signature - 80,000 QFF bonus points for $0 fee

    Been a number of StGeorge threads with updates to the deals but still old thread titles. Was becoming confusing I think so here's a new thread for the latest (updated) StGeorge offering. 80,000 QFF points for $0 (first year). Spend $4000 within first 90 days. 2 QFF lounge passes. Ends March...
  19. M

    Linking Amex to Emirates Rewards

    Hi Anyone had any luck linking their Ascent account to Emirates? I tried all different possible formats but keep getting wrong format error and need to transfer points across Thanks!
  20. Obi-run Kenobi

    Answered Better Cards Than Amex Post April 15?

    Is anyone considering switching to a non-Amex card for everyday spend, post April 15? As far as I can see, even with the devaluation in points earn and transfer rates, Amex still comes out marginally on top when compared to other banks. Even with the top tier cards from St. George, Westpac...