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  1. W

    Card Promotions Take your Aussie phone o/s if using this card

    Hi, when using my Westpac Altitude Platinum Mastercard in Europe this year, I sometimes triggered the need for a SMS verification when shopping on-line. I did not have my Aussie mobile phone with me, so could not receive the needed code. Ditto using my Qantas Visa card. Both Visa and Mastercard...
  2. Mattg

    Card Promotions Platinum Edge offer: 30,000 Amex points + $200 Amazon credit (expires 27/7/22)

    As per the thread title, there's a new limited-time sign-up bonus available on the Amex Platinum Edge card until 27 July 2022. This card earns 3 Amex points (equivalent to 1.5 Velocity points/KrisFlyer miles/etc.) at supermarkets and petrol stations. Annual fee is $195 and you also get a $200...
  3. H

    Maximise points on Business Expenses -

    Hey guys, I run a beauty salon and currently spend around 300k points. I came across this website whereby i can earn points on my expenses and put majority of my expenses through a credit card. They also let me earn points on bank transfers so i can technically double dip on points...
  4. Mattg

    ANZ home loan offer - 300,000 bonus Qantas points until 19/8/22 ANZ is giving 300,000 Qantas points to customers who apply or switch to an eligible new home loan by 19 August 2022 and settle by 31 January 2023. The bonus points are available on loans of at least $300,000 with a loan to value...
  5. Mattg

    Jetstar credit cards withdrawn

    Looks like the Jetstar credit cards are being withdrawn and existing accounts will be closed in a few months. Not a great loss IMHO. The cards were issued by Macquarie but they hadn't been accepting new applications for these cards since 2020 due to COVID...
  6. B

    Problem with getting to 1 millions QANTAS points balance

    Two months ago, I was watching my QANTAS frequent flyer points (QFFP), as I had 950k QANTAS frequent flyer points. I was waiting for my credit card bonus points to land so that I could crack the 1 million mark. At the beginning of March, I was notified that the points had hit my account. When...
  7. K

    Card Promotions St George Amplify Qantas Platinum (60k QFF, $0 AF first year) / Signature (90k QFF, $139 AF first year) - existing customers, until 30/6/22

    This is for existing customers who apply through internet banking. Log in to Internet Banking, then select the "Products" link before selecting the credit card you are after. Looks like it's been around since October last year, couldn't see a mention of it here. The current public site offers...
  8. ksthommo

    Qantas American Express Ultimate Card 110,000 Qantas points for $3,000 spend!

    110,000 Qantas Points for you, 50,000 points for myself if approved by 9 March 2022. Annual Fee $450, includes $450 Qantas Travel Credit. Thanks in Advance. Referral Link
  9. A

    Card Promotions What is the best credit card for Krisflyer credits ?

    post Covid and with Velocity still not transfering - just wondering if there is a better strategy Thanks in advance
  10. B

    Card Promotions New ANZ Frequent Flyer Black 130,000 points & $255 back

    ANZ have released a new offering for their ANZ QFF Black card with improved bonus point and cash back to the previous version. There is a good overview posted on Point Hacks.
  11. Mattg

    Westpac & St George cap points on Qantas credit cards from 1/1/22

    Noticed this in the fine print on the St George Frequent Flyer Credit Cards page: This also affects the equivalent Bank SA & Bank of Melbourne cards. Qantas points remain uncapped until the end of 2021. St George Amplify...
  12. Mr H

    Card Promotions 180k Altitude Points for Black Mastercard - only received 150k

    So I signed up for a black Attitude Mastercard on the promise of 180k points. Just need to spend $6k. Great - lined up nicely with the KF 15% promotion. I received the card, spent the 6k, but only got 150k Attitude points. Bummer. I have requested immediate closure of the card - if Westpac can't...
  13. Mattg

    Does Diners Club still offer personal cards in Australia?

    I've just been having a look at the Diners Club website, and none of the personal cards appear to be advertised. If you click on the "individual" tab, which used to bring up the Frequent Flyer Diners Club cards (linked to Qantas) and Diners Club cards (which...
  14. Ztaj

    Constant credit card turnover for points

    Does anyone know what the drawbacks are for the process of signing up for a new credit card, earning the sign-up FF points bonus, then cancelling the card and applying for a new credit card (with FF points sign-up bonus) at a new bank? To my mind this would mean applying for a new card and...
  15. M

    Card Promotions AMEX Explorer - 240,000 bonus points w/$3k spend, $395 p/a, $400 travel credit

    Per the title. Spend must be within first 3 months and offer ends 30 November. Link to AMEX website; Pity I literally 6 hours ago applied for the QF Ultimate AMEX...
  16. Mattg

    Card Promotions Citi Rewards sign-up deal: 150,000 bonus Velocity points over 2 years

    The previous 100k bonus Velocity points offer for the Citi Rewards credit card has ended. It's been replaced by a new offer: Spend at least $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days to earn 80,000 Velocity points Renew the card for a second year to get a further 70,000 bonus Velocity points...
  17. Mattg

    Card Promotions Amex Qantas Business Rewards card: 120k Qantas points + no annual fee in first year

    Seems like a reasonable offer if you have an eligible business - no annual card fee in the first year (normally $450) and 120,000 bonus Qantas points. Does anyone know if this card earns Qantas...
  18. Pikame

    Card Promotions 150,000 Bonus Points - Amex Explorer Card, $395 annual fee returned as statement credit using ‘the champagne mile’ link

    I’m looking to get my first Amex CC, currently using the ANZ Rewards Black card to get the 180k points. I was browsing the web and stumbled across ‘the champagne mile’ which offers the 150,000 bonus points in addition to $395 as statement credit thus offsetting the annual fee for the first year...
  19. Mattg

    Card Promotions 300,000 Amex MR points with Amex Platinum Charge (expires 31/8/21)

    Amex is giving 300,000 bonus Membership Rewards Ascent Premium points (worth 150,000 airline miles) with new Amex Platinum charge card applications. Have to spend $6,000 within first 3 months to get the bonus points. These points can be transferred to Qantas Frequent Flyer and/or a bunch of...

    Card Promotions American Express Velocity Platinum Card 120K VFF Points & 120 SC

    Received the following email from Velocity last week - juicy offer of 120K points and 120SC on $3K spend within first three months. Normally the AMEX special offers have a condition that you've not held an AMEX for the past 18 months (which I'm unfortunately in) however I've not seen anything in...