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freq flyer credit cards

For more information about Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, see our Frequent Flyer Credit Card Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. Mattg

    20% bonus Asia Miles on NAB Rewards transfers

    You can currently earn 20% bonus CX Asia Miles when transferring at least 3,000 points from NAB Rewards. Offer ends 8 September 2019.
  2. J

    Amex Velocity Platinum - up to 100k until 12 Aug 2019 (PointHacks)

    If anyone missed the recent 'up to 100k' Amex Velocity Platinum Card offer, PointHacks have an exclusive until 12 August. The min spend is a bit different this time: "Receive 85,000 Velocity points when you spend $1,500 or more within the first 3 months, then earn an additional 5,000 Velocity...
  3. J

    CBA World Debit Mastercard invitation

    I logged into my netbank this afternoon and a popup invitation asked of i wanted to register for an upgrade to a World Debit Mastercard. Part of the benefits was accesss to lounges in the Loungekey network. Although i didn't see of this was limited or not. Has anyone else received this?
  4. fantasy86dj

    Coles Platinum MasterCard

    Good evening, Just a few questions about this card. I have had this card for about 4 months now as my main credit card. I also have DJ's Platinum ($6400 limit) but hardly ever use that. I am making about 73k a year but that includes 12k or so of overtime. I am looking at maybe getting a limit...
  5. Mattg

    Hilton Gold status shortcut for Visa Signature/Infinite cardholders

    Hilton Honors is currently running a promotion in conjunction with Visa, for Visa Infinite and Visa Signature credit card holders living in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand). By registering on the Visa website you can get instant Hilton Honors Gold status after 2...
  6. Happy Dude

    Answered What does this clause mean? (ANZ premium card)

    I'm hiring a campervan in Australia and looking at insurance options. If I pay with my ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures visa card, I'll be covered for excess up to $5k, unless this: "We will not pay: 1. for the collision excess, where the full amount payable by you under the rental vehicle...
  7. Mattg

    How much would you pay for status credits?

    This is just a hypothetical question, but how much would you be prepared to pay to buy status credits from Qantas outright? I recently received an offer from United (who I have gold status with) offering to sell me PQMs for USD150 per thousand (up to a maximum of 15,000 PQMs). To put that into...
  8. MolyBDenum

    Answered Qantas Flight Credit [voucher] tips

    Hi all, been a member for a while but casual peruser only - finally need some advice from experienced heads. Have a QF flight credit for around $600 expiring early Jun 19 - no upcoming necessary travel or leave to utilise it. Any tricks on how to recoup this “cash”? Is booking a fully flexible...
  9. luxury-lizard

    Caution on crediting *A fights to LM

    I recently flew a number of paid short sectors on *A airlines (LH, LX) within Europe and put my LM number on the bookings - not that I expected many points but wanted to reset the expiry date. Now I find out that LM does not award any points for such Y flights - of course I should have checked...
  10. F

    Double delight Virgin Credit Card promotion

    Received this promotion in my inbox in November and activated it straightaway. The 'bonus' points were supposed to be awarded by 16 Feb. I've chased Virgin Money (which is really Citibank) and they say they are 'investigating' as none have been posted. They also said that the issue has been...
  11. L

    Status credits and using points

    Hi Guys, I have some status credits that are about to expire end of this month. If I was going to book some business or first class seats through KF points for a flight several months out, will that give me extra status credits / add onto my current status credits and let me move up a tier...
  12. P

    Status credits

    Hi,new to this. I am booking a multi city flights all with Qantas through Skyscanner (Expedia) they are all Qantas ticketed but flights are with Emirate’s. Will I still receive status credits ? Sorry if I’m posting this in wrong section
  13. E

    Answered New to FF - First with CX and then QF Y flights - Where to credit?

    This may be relevant here. I don't have any status with QFF or Alaskan but have a couple of F flights coming up with CX and then Y flights with QFF later in the year. I also don't have status with AA but, I'm about halfway to a million miles and have about 300K miles with them. Any ideas on...
  14. A

    Explorer Travel Credit - pay more to use it?

    I've been looking to book a London Hotel for a couple of nights, but am consistently finding the AMEX Travel site is more expensive than other alternatives. This of course diminishes the benefit of the $400 travel credit - in some cases by ~$20 per night, in others up to ~$100 per night - and...
  15. J

    Answered Credit Card in AU to earn maximum Singapore Airlines points? Recommmendations?

    Hi there, Looking for a credit card in AU to earn maximum Singapore Airlines points. Any recommmendations? Thanks
  16. M

    Flight redirected at check-in. Extra status credits?

    I took a flight ASP-BNE on Sunday and just before check-in was notified of changes to the flight. Got to the counter and they were able to tell me the flight was now going via AYQ due to the need to drop off an engineer to fix a stranded plane. Must've been an urgent job since he wouldn't have...
  17. M@rcoPolo

    AMEX Explorer Credit Card - 60,000 points referral bonus - NEW from 15 April 2019

    AMEX EXPLORER CREDIT CARD - 60,000 points referral bonus - NEW from 15 April 2019 (This offer replaces the previous bonus points offer that expired on 14/4/2019) Annual fee: $395 Apply here: Explorer HIGHLIGHTS Receive 60,000 Membership Rewards points when you apply online, are approved...
  18. C

    Looking for advice to redeem a credit voucher

    I'm looking for some guidance with a flight itinerary I'm looking for, and using a credit voucher to do this. Late last week I was offered double status credits by Qantas for any bookings made by the 19th April 2019. The catch is the itinerary has to be international and only Saver or Flex...
  19. A

    Cheap Qantas status credits with Jetstar club sale

    Jetstar is running some very cheap club fare tickets, eg $19 SYD-AVV one way that's 20 SCs with the $85 bundle, $5.2/sc. I just booked a 2-day return trip in August SYD-TSV $59+85 one way for 30 SCs, paid $258+$30 voucher from recent auto-renewal offer for 60 SCs, which is $4.3/sc. Quite good...
  20. A

    Answered Family pool status credits - family living overseas

    Dear AFF folks, I've got a question on family pooling of status credits. I live in Australia and my parents live in India. My parents visit me once every year and I visit them 2-3 times each year. I'm QF Gold ATM and on my way to become QF Platinum this year. I'd like to have *A Gold as...