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freq flyer credit cards

For more information about Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, see our Frequent Flyer Credit Card Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. B

    Card Promotions Additional Card Holder / Eligibility for bonus points?

    Hi all, I have gone through previous threads but cannot find the exact answer I'm looking for. I have just signed up to a cc promotion, spend $3,000 in 60 days. - 100,000 bonus points. (NAB) I have my card, and also an additional card for my mother - this card comes with a different account...
  2. Mattg

    Thai Royal Orchid Plus suspends Star Alliance awards

    The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus program is suspending redemptions on Star Alliance flights, as well as hotel and lifestyle awards, until further notice. It's been less than a year since the...
  3. O

    How long before cancelled Card Gets Removed from Credit history

    Hi, I have cancelled my Qantas Woolworths CC Visa ( part of Macquarie group) - only 50% QFF points and annual fee too much. I am looking for a replacement and prefer one with a big signup bonus. I assume that any new card provider may be on the lookout for someone who is just swapping cards for...
  4. D

    NAB QF Rewards Signature card application questions

    Hello guys, I am interested in applying for the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature credit card. I noticed that NAB does not state the minimum income requirements for this card. How do banks normally assess the application if they don't state the minimum income requirements ? And can you cancel a...
  5. V

    Xero Bank feeds and Qantas Credit Cards

    Hoping any one with a Qantas Credit Card who uses bank feeds with Xero as I'm thinking of signing up for one. (In particular, a qantas premier platinum or titanium) I understand these can have high annual fees but I figured I could make up for it by cancelling my Amex credit cards and...
  6. Mattg

    NAB Qantas Rewards & NAB Rewards Classic cards withdrawn

    Looks like the NAB Qantas Rewards credit card (the lowest of the NAB QF Rewards card range with a $95 fee) is no longer available to new customers. The NAB Rewards Classic card (also $95/year) is also...
  7. Mattg

    Citi Prestige Qantas card withdrawn?

    Since the start of this month, Citibank seems to have removed information about the Citi Prestige Qantas card from its website. You now get a 404 error when trying to view the page - Citi Australia Has this card been withdrawn?
  8. TahoeSkier

    Card Promotions Constant error when applying for NAB CC?

    Hi all Anybody else having issues applying for NAB CCs lately? I've made numerous attempts to apply for the QF Signature Card over the last couple weeks, and each time, I get to the 'Submit' stage, and get a 'System Currently Unavailable' error. Any advice appreciated. I assume this is due to...
  9. J

    Qantas money constantly unavailable?

    Has anyone else had trouble getting onto Qantas Money this week? I have tried 3-4 times over the past few days, during business hours, and get "Qantas Money Unavailable" after I login, at any time of day. I have tried with both the iPhone app and the web site with the same effect.
  10. Dr Ralph

    Card Promotions ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum: 75,000 QFF points. $0 fee.

    This appears to be a point hack exclusive offer, so make sure that you use the correct link to get the benefit. Some things of note: 1) Spend $2,500 in the first 3 months to get the 75,000 QFF points 2) 0.75 QFF points per $1 spend, up to $3000 per statement period. 0.5 QFF points after that...
  11. W

    Card Promotions Refunds to cancelled cards after sign up bonus has been received.

    I am a regular card churner. I also regularly cruise or travel and plan card application in oder to book cruises with my new card to quickly meet minimum spend, receive bonus points and churn. All has been going well and we have managed to fly many times in J to reach or return from our...
  12. Renato1

    Qantas Premier Everyday Credit Card Waives Annual Fee.

    Hi Everyone, I just got the following email from the Qantas Money team waiving my annual fee ($49). Which was very nice of them, as I hadn't asked for it. It's nice to be appreciated. Cheers, Renato " Dear Renato, The annual fee for your Qantas Premier Everyday credit card ending in XXXX...
  13. J

    Card Promotions 150,000 Qantas Points with Amex Qantas Business Rewards card (for businesses)

    This is a whopper of a bonus for business owners. 150k Qantas Points with a $3k min spend in first two months. Currently scheduled to end on 11 March 2020. Annual fee is $450 (tax deductible?). This card also comes with triple points for flights and 2 QC lounge passes...
  14. Dr Ralph

    Card Promotions AMEX Qantas Ultimate Card - 100,00 QFF points - $3,000 min spend - Expires April 22, 2020

    Another generous AMEX card offer is upon us. This time around it's the Qantas Ultimate Card. Spend $3000 within the first 3 months to trigger the 100,000 QFF points. This is a popular card because: You get a $450 Qantas travel credit each year (for eligible international or domestic Qantas...
  15. C

    Question Credit cards, mortgages & offsets

    Hi, Just a quick one - Mrs Calgarychris and I have churned cards in the past however we've sat out for a year while searching for a new house, which was bought in September. Our current financial situation is solid - we have an admittedly large mortgage, with a correspondingly large offset...
  16. J

    Card Promotions Amex Plat Charge - Up to 150k points via The High Life (ends 11 Feb!)

    Just saw this pop up on Facebook - note it ends next Tues 11 Feb. The High Life has a 150k bonus offer for Amex Plat Charge - 50k points per month for first three months ($1500 spend each month). This isn't available by going to Amex directly (I checked, the bonus there is 80k points). Most...
  17. Dr Ralph

    Card Promotions Commonwealth Bank (Ultimate Awards Card) 100K award points – potentially fee free

    100,000 Bonus Awards Points when you apply for a new CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card by 30 May 2020 and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days from activation. What you’ll get Earn up to 3 Awards points for every dollar spent up to $10,000 in a statement...
  18. M

    Card Promotions Westpac Altitude Black (80,000 Velocity, $4000 min spend)

    One condition in the above offer concerns me. Not only are 'BPay' transactions excluded, but 'BPay equivalent transactions' are also not counted towards the minimum required spend in the first 90 days. The latter term isn't defined. Does this mean if one pays a utility or local government...
  19. T

    Bank of Melbourne approval times - Amplify Visa Signature Card

    I applied for this card back in October and was conditionally approved. I am still waiting. I was asked to provide bank statements which I did. I was then told to go to a branch and have them call the the approval team and for me to not leave until everything was ok. I did...twice. Every time I...
  20. T

    Question Qantas Premier Platinum - Statement period dates?

    A really simple question: what's the statement period for Qantas Premier Platinum, please? Would that be from the 1st of the month, N'th business day of the month (as many cards are) or by the card anniversary date? I'm attempting to prepare the spend timed accordingly so I get all six months...