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travel insurance

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  1. T

    Travel insurance - F/J flights

    In the next 12 months I've got a few F/J flights coming up and looking though the terms and conditions on a couple of policies it appeared that in the event of say a missed connection or illness all of them replaced the lost flights with economy. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a TI...
  2. wandering_fred

    USA travel insurance

    Well some of us have been fortunate (?) enough to have earned sufficient "quarters" of earnings to qualify for the hospitalization part of USA Medicare (for over 65s). And I believe there are some limitations on attempting to use other insurance to cover the hospital fees part of any patient...
  3. M

    Excess on some car types not covered by insurance

    hi Noticed an interesting non-inclusion in my travel insurance, which is through Insure And Go - they only cover the excess for bog standard cars. Their Section L excludes "expensive & exotic" cars. Which being a relative term, I asked them if a Ford Mustang in Hawaii is covered - they said no...
  4. W

    Anyone claimed anything on credit card travel insurance?

    Has your credit card insurance been just as good as any other travel insurance?
  5. C

    Amex free travel insurance

    Amex is offering free travel insurance for Gold Card holders -- it might be me --but I can only see under the Transport section covered "While riding as a passenger on, or transport to/from a Terminal on a Licensed Airplane, Ship or Bus • While in a departure or destination terminal " no...
  6. L

    Qantas Premier Credit Card changes in complementary travel insurance

    Just skimmed the ? changed conditions and my reading is that you must pay for the full fare or package to the $500 trigger +/- points whereas previously you only had to pay to the $500 trigger. Anyone else have a view ?
  7. B

    Question Part-trip travel insurance?

    My 15 year old is on an overseas school trip later this year, and on the return leg, is leaving the tour to join us for a holiday. The travel insurance his school provides ends of course when he leaves their tour, and I'm struggling to find travel insurance that will just cover him from the...
  8. Happy Dude

    Answered What does this clause mean? (ANZ premium card)

    I'm hiring a campervan in Australia and looking at insurance options. If I pay with my ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures visa card, I'll be covered for excess up to $5k, unless this: "We will not pay: 1. for the collision excess, where the full amount payable by you under the rental vehicle...
  9. F

    Answered Should I get a paid Travel insurance policy?

    Hi everyone I am going to Europe for 4 weeks in June and am contemplating getting a paid travel insurance policy. I have an ANZ travel adventures credit card and a Westpac Altitude credit card and have qualified for the free travel insurance on each of these cards. Would the combination of...
  10. K

    Help with Travel Insurance. I have a pre existing illness.

    I want to book a trip to the US, Canada, and a cruise to Alaska, but I am having trouble getting travel insurance because of a pre existing illness. I had a heart attack last November and now have a stent.
  11. G

    CPAP Machines and Travel Insurance

    Hi All, i have a 4.5 yo CPAP machine i have to take with me overseas. i believe it is almost completely depreciated out of existence - and thus not worth much. Do people, when taking out TI, take out any special coverage for their older machines, or just hope for the best and treat it as...
  12. M

    Booking Antarctic cruise 22 months in advance, and insurance?

    Dear AFF Forum Team, After much fantasising, research, more research and then some more research (and a lot done on this website), we are about to put down a deposit on a 16 day cruise to Antarctica - Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica - in January/February 2021 ! Yikes, I never thought I'd...
  13. S

    SCTI not valid if you have credit card insurance?

    I was looking at getting a SCTI policy for an upcoming trip, however was concerned to see in their PDS the following- “If all or part of any valid claim is covered by another source, including any travel, sickness, accident, health, or income protection insurance policies, banks and/or credit...
  14. D

    Answered Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

    I am concerned about the possible end of Jet Airways and therefore started to look at my travel insurance policy from Southern Cross. It explicitly states that failure of airline to provide service due to financial halt of airline is not covered. Can someone tell me what company in Australia...
  15. J

    Answered Boeing Max 8 - Australian Travel Insurance [Cover for choosing not to fly on it?]

    My family of 4 is going on an overseas trip in 14 days that involves a number of flights. One flight from Canada to Maui is on a Boeing Max 8. Neither Canada nor the USA have grounded the Max 8 - and despite 3 phone calls, Air Canada will not waive their flight cancellation policy (4 tickets...
  16. Q

    Annual travel insurance

    I need to renew my multi-trip annual travel insurance by the end of this month. I need cover for skiing, my family when they travel with me. I’m currently a QF gold flyer and have the AMEX platinum card. What are people’s views of best options.
  17. Quickstatus

    Answered Travel insurance - the process of changing itinerary due to injury

    Never made a claim on Travel insurance (TI) before Context: Travel party 5 Next travel sectors,: Shinkansen Nagano - Kyoto, Kyoto 3 nights, Shinkansen Kyoto - Tokyo and Tokyo -NRT Flights: NRT-KUL-SIN-SYD (20Feb) 1/5 in travel party - fractured tibia requiring plaster and crutches and surgery...
  18. G

    RACQ and MYTRAVEL Travel Insurance

    Hi All, Anyone had any recent experiences with wither RACQ or MYTRAVEL Travel Insurances ? I am looking at about 4 days in Penang; 6 days in Germany and then about 50 days in the UK and Ireland. Just looking mainly for existing medical and car rental excess cover. TIA for any assistance.
  19. T

    Insurance for France, DFAT travel advice

    Hi, I hope someone can advise me here. My 15 year old son will be going to France and Italy in September this year on a school excursion. I have been advised by the school to take out a policy with an insurer that will cover cancellation costs once DFAT advice level gets to 2. I have called...
  20. carls888

    Explorer travel insurance for the USA?

    Hi, we have been purchasing travel insurance for the last few years due to flying Singapore Air on KF miles, so none of our cc insurances have been activated. I have just purchased tickets on Virgin to the USA on the Explorer card and was wondering if anyone had used only this card's attached...