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    Allianz charged with making false advertising claims for Travel Insurance

    There is an article today about ASIC's case against Allianz and its underwriter. I guess tis would back up a lot of suspicions people have about the travel insurance industry. Allianz charged over insurance advertising
  2. D

    Which is the best travel insurance to take.

    we are booked on a tour in July to Darwin and top end and would like to know the best travel insurance to take out
  3. P

    Vivid and credit card international travel insurance!

    Be interested if anyone has had any luck at all claiming cancelled international flights and flight replacement costs from their travel insurance? (Flights purchased with Citibank credit card.) Thoughts please 🤔☹️
  4. T

    Travel insurance for November 2020

    Hello, I received an exemption from the Australian government travel ban for essential work travel to Europe next month (November 2020). Is anyone aware of companies currently selling travel insurance to Australian travellers? I don't expect COVID cover, but there are of course other issues to...
  5. A

    Credit Card Travel Insurance

    Which of the QANTAS credit cards offers free travel insurance? Paid for an annual policy last year and it has proved useless. Any recommendations? Friends previously satisfied with NAB.
  6. D

    Travel Insurance and Emergency Expenses

    First of all this is not COVID related. I read through all the threads and couldn't really find someone with a similar experience so interested to know if any one has experience with type of situation. It relates to a flight I had cancelled, booked with rewards points, due to Typhoon Hagibis in...
  7. VPS

    Domestic Travel insurance - is anyone offering it?

    I've just been onto a few websites looking to get annual domestic travel just to cover things like hire car excess and if I lose anything and can't seem to find anyone offering it. Does anyone have any experience of getting this and any suggestions on brokers or similar who might be able to...
  8. jbman

    Columbus Direct suspend sales of travel insurance products indefinitely.

    I got an email from Columbus direct today since I have a multi trip with them. “Given the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and its unprecedented impact across the world, we have made the difficult decision to suspend sales of our travel insurance products indefinitely.” “We are writing as we note...
  9. Mattg

    Up to 150,000 points with Qantas Insurance (until 8 May 2020)

    Qantas is offering up to 150k QF points with new health insurance policies until 8 May. Earn up to 125,000 points in the first year, and 25,000 more points for renewing the policy for a second year. I think the full amount of points only comes with the top (i.e. most expensive) policies. Anyone...
  10. E

    Centurion travel insurance 2020

    Like many, my overseas trip won't be happening for the European summer. Unable to get an answer from my RM or insurance directly, i'm reaching out to other members. I have both flights and accomodation, which at this stage are not offering full refunds, and I don't see value in flight /...
  11. N

    Westpac Amex black - no Covid19 travel insurance cover on Allianz insurance? Anyone else in this boat that goes no where?

    I have read carefully the Westpac Trael insurance PDS that comes with the Amex Black card. I find no reference in it to pandemic exclusions. But there website and phone message declares they offer no cover for anything related to Covid 19 as it is a pandemic and pandemics are excluded. I note...
  12. J

    NIB Travel Insurance Cancellation

    Hi there, Just cancelled my travel in July with Qantas and they refunded my points back. However I used points for my travel insurance and I called up NIB and they are providing misleading information on their web site as well as with their call centre. So initially they offered a 12 month...
  13. Seat0B

    COVID-19 Travel Insurance Claims: Success or Not?

    I'm really interested to know the specific details of the travel insurance companies that are paying claims for cancellations and for health issues related to COVID-19. I have been a long standing user of Defence Health Travel Insurance, mainly because of their reasonable approach and minimal...
  14. G

    Amex Travel Insurance, is this allowed?

    I am looking to lodge a claim with the Amex Travel Insurance and I saw this line in the Q&A about the coronavirus: We will not settle costs where the airline, hotel or excursion provider have a policy in place to provide a refund or credit for future use. Obviously this makes sense for a...
  15. N

    Amex travel credit & travel insurance

    Hi guys Hopefully this question has a quick answer. I couldn't find anything else about it. I booked a hotel using my $400 Amex travel credit for this weekend in Melbourne (I'm in Sydney). The event I was attending has been postponed to an unknown date over the weekend due to the ban on 500+...
  16. R

    Damaged Suitcase on Qantas Domestic leg - Worth the $200 Excess for claim?

    Hi All, I have read a few other older posts on this but no direct comparison. I was travelling SYD-MEL with Qantas exactly 1 week ago. This leg was the final one of my MEL-SYD-AKL-SYD-MEL trip (All with QF.) I have a Samsonite suitcase (have been to the website and can't seem to find exactly...
  17. H

    Travel Insurance in the UK Help

    Hi All, I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere! I've moved to the UK (on a 3 year work visa) from Australia and will be going to the US in a couple of days (for 1 week). I have now been in the UK for 1 month, have registered with a GP and have a UK address. I can't find a single...
  18. T

    Travel Insurance with pre existing conditions -

    I have had Triple Bypass surgery 14 years with annual assessment by a cardiologist, and there no issues. Any hints as to Travel Insurance cover that will not break the bank - I only need Medical cover as I am covered for everything else by my Credit cards insurance. I am happy to provide full...
  19. B

    Travel insurance - for people coming TO Australia

    Hi AFF, I'm helping with an event that is happening in August - we have sent out invites to a few international guests. A few of them have asked for us to provide them with Travel Insurance while in Australia - I'm wondering if there are any good suggestions from you all. Note: We usually end...
  20. prozac

    What Travel Insurance discount offers are available 2020?

    I am looking for travel insurance company suggestions and any discount offers for daugther who will be traveling for 3 months soon.