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travel insurance

  1. K

    Help with Travel Insurance. I have a pre existing illness.

    I want to book a trip to the US, Canada, and a cruise to Alaska, but I am having trouble getting travel insurance because of a pre existing illness. I had a heart attack last November and now have a stent.
  2. Quickstatus

    Answered Travel insurance - the process of changing itinerary due to injury

    Never made a claim on Travel insurance (TI) before Context: Travel party 5 Next travel sectors,: Shinkansen Nagano - Kyoto, Kyoto 3 nights, Shinkansen Kyoto - Tokyo and Tokyo -NRT Flights: NRT-KUL-SIN-SYD (20Feb) 1/5 in travel party - fractured tibia requiring plaster and crutches and surgery...
  3. G

    RACQ and MYTRAVEL Travel Insurance

    Hi All, Anyone had any recent experiences with wither RACQ or MYTRAVEL Travel Insurances ? I am looking at about 4 days in Penang; 6 days in Germany and then about 50 days in the UK and Ireland. Just looking mainly for existing medical and car rental excess cover. TIA for any assistance.
  4. T

    Insurance for France, DFAT travel advice

    Hi, I hope someone can advise me here. My 15 year old son will be going to France and Italy in September this year on a school excursion. I have been advised by the school to take out a policy with an insurer that will cover cancellation costs once DFAT advice level gets to 2. I have called...
  5. carls888

    Explorer travel insurance for the USA?

    Hi, we have been purchasing travel insurance for the last few years due to flying Singapore Air on KF miles, so none of our cc insurances have been activated. I have just purchased tickets on Virgin to the USA on the Explorer card and was wondering if anyone had used only this card's attached...
  6. M

    Amex Platinum Charge Card Travel Insurance

    Interested to see if people rely solely on the Platinum Charge Travel Insurance.
  7. M

    Activation of amex platinum charge rental car insurance & travel insurance.

    Hi AFF Members, My upcoming trip: Sydney -> Perth -> Singapore -> Sydney, I have paid airfare by points and paied for additional charges and taxes by my Amex charge card. Just want to confirm that I have activated my amex charge travel insurance cover. Secondly, I have paid all rental car...
  8. L

    Answered Travel Insurance after a non-travel related DVT & PE

    Just wondering if any one here has some advice on Travel Insurance. In May 2017 purchased annual travel policy with QBE to cover some small trips and European Cruise and travel for July/August 2018. In Sep 2017 i had a DVT (Clot in my leg) which broke apart and travelled to my Lungs (PE -...
  9. O

    Answered Travel Insurance [Credit Card] Query

    Hi, We want to travel overseas next year and pay for the trip with our credit card. Is travel insurance included if we do this? Specifically, cancellation insurance? I'm mainly concerned if my mother gets ill or dies and we have to cancel our trip is this covered? Many Thanks, Owen.
  10. Glider_

    Answered Travel insurance for Bali including volcano cover?

    Hi all, Nabbed a great Jetstar deal to Bali this time next year, and am looking at insurance. Our usual go-to is TID, but they won't cover volcano related claims (apparently both Mt Agung and ALL volcanoes generally evermore since last year?). Can anyone recommend another insurer who has...
  11. H

    Travel Insurance for Cancer

    Hi, Family member has cancer and is undergoing treatment with longer term maintenance drugs (over a period of 1yr +). This means that I have to tick the "still receiving treatment" box when I apply for travel insurance. This means that most TI providers refuse the cover automatically. Any...
  12. Quickstatus

    Please take out Travel Insurance

    Please get travel insurance before you need it... Husband finds Sydney bride unconscious after stroke on US honeymoon
  13. W

    CC Travel Insurance restrictions

    Hi, I've noticed that both my ANZ and Amex CC travel insurance require purchase of return tickets from Australia which I hadn't previously realised as I routinely buy one way tickets as my returns are very open-ended. Does anyone know of other credit cards that don't require this? What about...
  14. Points Pirate

    Qantas Assure Health and/or Life Insurance - 5,000 bonus (bonus) points

    You (and I) can earn 5,000 QFF points for using referral - details below. Referral bonus is in addition to normal sign-up bonus (see details here: Online Health & Travel Insurance Company | Qantas Insurance) However, for an additional 1,000 QFF points, first follow the health insurance...
  15. Lynda2475

    Qantas Ultimate Amex Travel Insurance

    Hi AFF brains trust, I've always purchased travel insurance for international trips (usually TID, although their coverage seem to have weakened recently) even though I have multiple cards that include travel insurance. I just booked a QF itinerary using my Qantas Ultimate Amex card which...
  16. M

    Amex EziCover Life Insurance - Bonus 5k Points

    Just saw this offer on my Amex Plat account for signing up the EziCover insurance and receive 5k in bonus points on first month premium paid. I can't seem to find where the T&Cs are for this. Previously was 20k bonus points. I cancelled my cover after the minimum 6 months terms and unsure if...
  17. B

    Complementary travel insurance (after closing ANZ Black account)

    Hi all, I recently (and stupidly) closed my ANZ Rewards Black card, having spent $250+ on it while booking an upcoming trip. I then opened at ANZ Qantas FF Black card (which I still have open). I qualified for coverage at the time of booking, does anybody know if that coverage is still in...
  18. M

    Travel Insurance for 81 year old

    Travelling with my 81 year old mother to Fiji in September. Finding it difficult to get travel insurance through my usual sources. Any recommendations for older travellers? TIA
  19. W

    Need travel insurance that covers award bookings across multiple programs

    Amex advised me that my Qantas Ultimate and Platinum Edge travel insurance will not cover bookings if points were not redeemed from their programs - fair enough, no arguments there. I made several J award bookings (and hotel stays) outside of Amex points redemptions. Can anyone suggest paid...
  20. B

    Answered Travel Insurance for expensive jewellery?

    Anyone know of any companies that cover expensive jewellery? If your engagement ring for example is worth around $20k do you have to leave it at home and insure it under contents, or is there someone who will cover for travel? Im amazed from what I can see so far most only seem to cover up to...