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  1. Airlinedealschris

    Changes to ANZ Platinum/Black Travel Insurance

    ANZ PLATINUM CREDIT CARD INSURANCE- a note on my recent credit card statement says they are reducing the benefits from 7 June 2024. I found an faq document on the internet which contains very limited information...
  2. K

    Annual travel insurance help please

    Good morning , in the past I have purchased a mix of annual travel insurance and single trip, depending on what is happening each year . This year I need to purchase an annual policy. I have pre existing medical conditions, so not all policies work for me , we also need it to cover 60+ day...
  3. Dr Ralph

    10,000 Woolworths rewards points for a travel insurance policy.

    If you take out a travel insurance policy with Woolworths you can get 10,000 bonus points. A few things to note: 1) This offer runs between 19/1/2024 and 17/2/2024. 2) You have to enter your Everyday Rewards number and then select the 10,000 point offer for this to be valid (you can also...
  4. chaosbaby110

    Overseas travel insurance for visitors to Australia

    My in-laws hold visitors visa and we are scheduled to travel on a cruise next week to the south pacifics. I have been trying to find a travel insurance which would cover non-Australian resident on overseas trips but I haven't been able to find any. They already hold visitors insurance which...
  5. kelvedon

    Travel Insurance Discount Codes

    There‘s a plethora of Discount Codes available for on line Travel Insurance Companies but I couldn’t find a thread on AFF that wasn’t company specific. Hopefully this thread will allow members to share their codes with others, and it’s chronological order will help us use them. I’ll start with...
  6. D

    Tick Insurance sold by Insureandgo

    ... is a scam I collapsed in Bali on 31 Oct 2023. Claim refused no customer service. Cost me 15k AUD I travel frequently so this time I took out travel insurance online with Tick Insurance sold by Insureandgo. This has been a nightmare I have attempted to recoup my medical bills after a hellish...
  7. SeaWolf

    Changes to Travel Insurance Activation

    Looks like changes are coming to the activation requirements for the travel insurance on Commbank cards.
  8. albatross710

    Qantas Travel Insurance Tax Invoice

    I want to obtain a tax invoice for my annual travel insurance policy. The best I can get from Qantas Insurance call centre and online is the confirmation Tax Invoice which has the words "(includes applicable GST/Stamp Duty)". There is no breakdown as to how much GST or how much stamp duty. My...
  9. kiwitripper64

    who takes out travel insurance for trans Tasman or domestic travel

    Reading Karens story about a couple dropped in WLG instead of CHC leads me to ask, who takes out travel insurance for a domestic or trans-Tasman flight. I know some people have a year long multi use policy. But we have never bothered with this insurance. We think that the cost of any unexpected...
  10. A

    Qantas Premier Everyday Complimentary Travel Insurance

    Hi, Hopefully I can ask this question in here. I am travelling to Malaysia next week (for 2 weeks) and I have the Qantas Premier Everyday card which has the complimentary travel insurance. As this is my second time overseas I was wondering if this would suffice. I'm not looking to do anything...
  11. E

    Travel insurance and allergies

    Hi. Anyone have any recommendations on Travel Insurance for pre existing allergies? Anaphylactic. Credit card TI doesn't cover it, so now have to look at taking out another cover. Thanks
  12. P

    Which travel insurance not paying out?

    Just heard about this guy: So which Travel insurance not paying out? Major or credit card? Seriously needing go fund me to get home? Comments?
  13. O

    St George Travel Insurance

    Hi all Will be travelling with my family to Bali and Thailand. I have the St George Travel insurance complimentary with my card which I've activated. I believe it is through Allianz Travel Insurance. Is the general consesus that Complimentary card insurance is fine? or should I be...
  14. J

    Travel Insurance Eligiblity - Qantas Ultimate

    Hello, I have a Qantas American Express Ultimate Card. The PDS for the travel insurance is here: I am flying on an OWA with my partner; purchased with Qantas points through my QFF...
  15. G

    Travel Insurance that doesn't require starting from Australia

    I am currently in Europe and looking to buy a travel insurance to cover travel to Egypt and the USA, I see that some travel insurance requires you to buy the insurance while you are in Australia, are there any travel insurance that doesn't have this requirement? Our permanent home is in...
  16. LostRedditor

    Travel Insurance

    I have a mess of an itinerary, flying to Norway and back on several airlines, a few different bookings, most with points and all taxes/fees paid with MasterCard. I've always just rested on having travel insurance by virtue of having paid with MC, but this time I'm traveling on reward seats for...
  17. B

    Travel insurance eligibility with Paypal

    I have a Citi Premier Card. The travel insurance policy says it applies when "charging the cost of the overseas travel ticket to the account holder’s card account". Would this apply if I purchased the ticket using Paypal (using the Citi card in Paypal). (Qatar has discounts if using Paypal).
  18. PaulyB

    QANTAS Travel Insurance over 80's

    My wife and I are embarking on our first long trip (OWA) in August for 3 months. As I am 66 and she is 82 (turning 83) during the trip) travel insurance costs have always been of keen interest. Individually, her premium is well over double mine, and no health issues! Healthier than many...
  19. Tiki

    Scooter hire, major gotcha for travel insurance

    We are going to Raro in a few weeks. In the past, my husband who is a Cook Islander has always hired a scooter and gets the Cook Island license at the police station like any tourist. He does not have a car or motorbike license in Australia. We never used to worry about insurance for Cook...
  20. The black sheep

    Travel insurance for Norfolk Island trip

    Hi all, am now a long term lurker :) I need some travel advice regarding insurance. Today I took advantage of a Qantas awards promo thing - essentially less points for domestic travel - and have booked a family trip to Norfolk Island for mid-year. Have never been there, but when booking...