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travel insurance

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  1. S

    COVID-19 Travel Insurance Claims: Success or Not?

    I'm really interested to know the specific details of the travel insurance companies that are paying claims for cancellations and for health issues related to COVID-19. I have been a long standing user of Defence Health Travel Insurance, mainly because of their reasonable approach and minimal...
  2. G

    Amex Travel Insurance, is this allowed?

    I am looking to lodge a claim with the Amex Travel Insurance and I saw this line in the Q&A about the coronavirus: We will not settle costs where the airline, hotel or excursion provider have a policy in place to provide a refund or credit for future use. Obviously this makes sense for a...
  3. N

    Answered Amex travel credit & travel insurance

    Hi guys Hopefully this question has a quick answer. I couldn't find anything else about it. I booked a hotel using my $400 Amex travel credit for this weekend in Melbourne (I'm in Sydney). The event I was attending has been postponed to an unknown date over the weekend due to the ban on 500+...
  4. R

    Question Damaged Suitcase on Qantas Domestic leg - Worth the $200 Excess for claim?

    Hi All, I have read a few other older posts on this but no direct comparison. I was travelling SYD-MEL with Qantas exactly 1 week ago. This leg was the final one of my MEL-SYD-AKL-SYD-MEL trip (All with QF.) I have a Samsonite suitcase (have been to the website and can't seem to find exactly...
  5. H

    Travel Insurance in the UK Help

    Hi All, I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere! I've moved to the UK (on a 3 year work visa) from Australia and will be going to the US in a couple of days (for 1 week). I have now been in the UK for 1 month, have registered with a GP and have a UK address. I can't find a single...
  6. T

    Question Travel Insurance with pre existing conditions -

    I have had Triple Bypass surgery 14 years with annual assessment by a cardiologist, and there no issues. Any hints as to Travel Insurance cover that will not break the bank - I only need Medical cover as I am covered for everything else by my Credit cards insurance. I am happy to provide full...
  7. B

    Question Travel insurance - for people coming TO Australia

    Hi AFF, I'm helping with an event that is happening in August - we have sent out invites to a few international guests. A few of them have asked for us to provide them with Travel Insurance while in Australia - I'm wondering if there are any good suggestions from you all. Note: We usually end...
  8. prozac

    Question What Travel Insurance discount offers are available 2020?

    I am looking for travel insurance company suggestions and any discount offers for daugther who will be traveling for 3 months soon.
  9. laudemhirjan

    Any Affordable Travel Insurance that Includes Missed Connection?

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have an upcoming flight on 15 Feb with the following itinerary: MNL to SIN with SQ | 0735 to 1120 SIN to PER with QF | 1915 to 0030 +1 I have a self-transfer flight and I know that I have enough time to do it but for some reason I fear that my MNL to SIN might be...
  10. H

    Travel Insurance to cover motorbike

    On checking my CC insurance are aren't covered due to the bike size. Looking for recommendations for insurance that will cover rider and pillion in the USA on a large bike. (other countries on trip - Sinagpore, Japan, Hong Kong, Fiji we will not be riding in) Thanks
  11. whole-lotta-moxie

    Question Has anyone been impacted by the Coronavirus? Will travel insurance cover the costs if we wanted to cancel? Especially if the flights are with points.

    Has anyone been impacted by the Coronavirus? Will travel insurance cover the costs if we wanted to cancel? Especially if the flights are with points.
  12. A

    Would travel insurance generally cover cancelled OWA segments?

    Condition 14.3 .9 of the QFF Terms and Conditions states that: If a Member fails to board a Flight Segment of a Classic Award Itinerary, the remaining Segments will be cancelled. Does anyone know what the rationale behind this is? If I were to miss a flight (due to external issues) but manage...
  13. V

    Question QF Signature Visa - Travel Insurance when buying flights with points

    So I've recently bought a return flight using QF points (~125k QF points) and paid the tax with my CItibank QF Signature card. Citibank recently rewarded me with 100k QF points for their recent sign-up promotion. Does anyone know if I will still be eligible for travel insurance? Link to...
  14. Q

    AMEX Travel Insurance - Cancelled Card

    Interesting read:
  15. L

    Travel insurance USA War?

    Given the current situation,I am after a travel insurance for the USA that will cover cancellation etc. if there is war or acts of terrorism . What is the best option here..
  16. p--and--t

    Question Group Travel Insurance

    Just wondering if the brains trust can help with some suggestions. A relative is organising a trip to the US for 7 adults and 8 "children" aged 7-14. Expressed differently three families plus an adult. Trip length approx 40 days. Any suggestions on the best way to organise insurance? One...
  17. luxury-lizard

    Interesting experience with claim on travel insurance from CC's

    Way back in June while travelling in Europe our holiday unit in Split, Croatia was broken into (I posted the long sad story on another forum at the time). Well we have now finalised the insurance claim(s) as follows:- AmEx (underwritten by Chubb) - paid out for the following:- Emergency...
  18. WWTFC

    Travel Insurance query

    In 2020 we will be doing 2 trips o/seas. Jan/February - Adelaide - Auckland - B/Aires - Antarctica Cruise - Adelaide. 30 days June/ July Adelaide - Portugal - UK - Adelaide 45 days. Should Mrs D and I get a one year multi-trip travel insurance given likely to be a couple of domestic, or get 2...
  19. L

    Travel Insurance Recommendation - Scandinavian Winter Activities etc.

    Hi all, Just a quick question as I am seeking travel insurance provider recommendations for myself and the wife – travelling Scandinavia through Feb-March 2020 on the Qantas Oneworld Award flight (280k points for business class RTW). Just wondering what recommendations prior travellers using...
  20. C

    Free Credit Card Travel Insurance - coverage for missed connections due to late incoming?

    Hi Does your free credit card travel insurance (FCCTI) buy you an airfare when you miss a connection due to late arrival of the preceding flight, when traveling on separate itineraries? I was travelling on MH from KUL to BKK on Itinerary A, and connecting to EK418 (rest in peace...) from BKK...