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  1. A

    Premium Economy not available between Australia and Singapore?

    Hi all. We are trying to book PE Y flights to/from Europe in Feb 2023. Only options are “mixed class” with the BNE-SIN and return legs in Y. This for all dates searched, and same from SYD. And same for a straight BNE-SIN return booking - only Economy available. I presume these seats have...
  2. bigbadbyrnes

    Best way to fly to USA in Premium Economy with United?

    Hi all, It's been years since I've had to research this. Is there a clear best way to fly on Virgin/United to USA nowadays? I want to fly premium economy. I understand this cannot be booked through Virgin Australia anymore. What is the best way to do this? Any tricks? Or threads I should...
  3. Mattg

    SQ Premium Economy KUL to Europe from ~$1,130 return

    From LoyaltyLobby: A good deal on Singapore Airlines premium economy fares from Kuala Lumpur to Paris via Singapore. I had a look and it looks like this deal...
  4. DrAndyC

    Finnair Premium Economy Crediting?

    Has anyone applied for Finnair premium economy crediting to Qantas Frequent Flyer. It is often T class, which currently does not appear to credit? Would be interested in anyones experience...
  5. W

    JAL Premium Economy for transpacific flights

    I am trying to get from Asia to the US in Oct. I did my previous trip last month (May 2022) with Qatar in J. It was great but just took too long and it was expensive (US$7k). Looking at JAL Premium Economy and seems to be a good option as it is less than US$1.6k ex KUL. However as I...
  6. MikeG

    UK Premium Economy - upgrading to Business

    My father gets free Premium Economy flights return to the UK paid for by the UK government, and I'll be traveling with him. I have Gold Qantas QFF status and Gold Virgin FF status, my father has no FF status... My father suggested paying the difference to get Business Class, and I was...
  7. C

    Redeem Qantas Voucher

    Hello, We would like to redeem a Qantas voucher issued 2020 for Premium Economy itinerary from Germany via London to Sydney. Qantas office told us we can only book economy class flights with that voucher. Economy tariff 2022 for the same itinerary as 2020 is lower than voucher value. Premium Eco...
  8. M

    SQ - Which routes have Premium Economy?

    I've even called them and they have told me that for when I plan to fly in April, there will be premium economy, but on their website it states it's a mixed class fare. Anyone know how to check this? This site is a bit out of date what with covid flight changes. Premium Economy seats by route...
  9. M

    A premium cabin to FL via HNL

    Hello AFF Community, RE: Points strategy for travel to Florida with a stopover in Hawaii. I need some help (and clarity) with my strategy around booking my next family holiday to the US at the end of 2022. Given I have two young kids (three and six) I'd like to travel as direct as possible...
  10. justinbrett

    Upgrading: does electing for Y+ reduce your chances of getting upgraded to J?

    Does anyone know if, when flying Y, electing for Y+ reduces your chances of getting upgraded to J? I guess that would never be made public. I think I'd rather throw my hat in the ring for J if electing Y+ even remotely reduced my chances.
  11. B

    Can't change Economy X online any more?

    Anyone else seen this? Can't change an Economy X seat online? VA Platinum. Booked through CTM, auto-allocated 3D and 3C - which I'd normally be happy about, but preference in these COVID times is 3A or 3F - both of which are free. Try to change online - shows me 3A is free, allows me to...
  12. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – New Opportunities to Buy Airline Miles in 2021

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Faced with plummeting passenger demand and...
  13. M

    New EK Premium Economy photos released

    More photos on Instagram @emirates
  14. scoobs214

    BA Premium Economy Cheap Fares

    Hey everyone, just a heads up (and of course assuming international travel is back to some normality)- I was looking at premium economy fares on BA to LHR ex SYD in late November and you can get return flights for under AUD$3200.00. Thought that was a pretty good deal. Has anyone flown BA...
  15. R

    Upgrade chances Premium Economy classic reward vs cash fare?

    Apologies if this has been answered previously - I'm FF Gold (soon to be Platinum) and looking to travel SYD - SFO in May in Premium Economy with the view to do a points upgrade to J. Just wondering if I have a better chance of an upgrade in booking a Premium Economy cash fare vs Premium...
  16. Stealthflyer

    VA premium economy to USA - what is the fare type for AU domestic connections?

    I’m thinking of booking a premium economy ticket to JFK with the intention of waitlisting for a J points upgrade on the Au to LAX leg. However, because I fly from Hobart I will have a domestic connection that doesn’t have premium economy seats. Does anyone know what fare code these domestic legs...
  17. R

    Anyone flown PE on QF A380 Refurbed birds?

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone flown on the refurbed A380s and more specifically, has anyone been seated in 31A/B/J/K. I know these seats don't have the great extra legroom feature as 24A/B/J/K (which in 12 months time will be phased out,) but according to, Row 31 is...
  18. cqtiger


    Had a booking from awhile ago and paid for econX and will be platinum before the flight(hence free econX) and was hoping for a refund. I know I will have to ring customer service but was wondering if any one had any experience with this before I do.
  19. I

    Loss of economy x seat at check in

    Hi all, My partner and I are both platinum (with a 9 month old infant) and make use of the economy x seats. 2 weeks ago, check in for flight syd-cns and our seats have been moved (still economy x) so didn't think much of it. This morning, have checked in for cns-syd departing tomorrow, and we...
  20. J

    Qantas premium Brisbane - international flight connections?

    G’day! I have an upcoming flight from Brisbane to Sydney in Business (qantas) with a connection to the US (qantas) with a connection in the US (aa) - all on one ticket. Does anyone know if the Qantas Domestic Premium Lounge Entry has the ability to check in my bags given I have a connection? Or...