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premium economy

  1. A

    AirNZ 777 Premium Economy

    Hi All, I'm booked on SYD-LAX via AKL on AirNZ - 777 PE There doesn't seem to be too many flight reviews of this product so i'm hoping to get some insight into how the product actually is How is the recline on this product? Is it possible to get a good rest? How is the service on AirNZ...
  2. RooFlyer

    Answered Premium economy to London

    Some rellies of mine are planning a very rare overseas trip; they would normally be economy travellers but want to go Premium Economy this time; can't afford Business (but I will search for a cheap Biz sale ... Finnair?? and give them the option :) ) As I've not done PE, I'd appreciate any...
  3. L

    Gold Points Upgrade Chances - Business vs Premium Economy

    I have gold status and am flying to the US in a few months in economy. I can be added to the waiting list to upgrade for a business or premium economy upgrade, but have to choose one. Do you think there is a higher probability of getting one over the other? Thanks!
  4. goldenhorn

    What's your experience of Cathay Premium Economy?

    I'm curious for those that have experienced CX PE, if you think it's worth the additional cost instead of travelling Y? My mother has had a number of health issues recently and is very nervous about travelling to visit my brother in the US (ORD). Last trip she went with EY and briefly passed...
  5. bigjobs

    QF vs CX Premium Economy

    hi there, not sure if this is the correct place to ask as some of the categories seem to have changed ... anyway ... lets see. I am interested to know about the comparison between the premium economy products on offer at QF and CX. also interested to know if I can get lounge access etc...
  6. T

    Finnair Economy Comfort - Ease of obtaining

    When there's a nice anecdote to share, let's do it. I had a rather efficient experience with Finnair Customer Services through their online chat function to purchase Economy Comfort seats for a long-haul flight. It's one of those nice combinations where no airline will touch it through their...
  7. J

    Premium passengers using economy check in

    I recently checked in for a QF flight to Australia. I wasn't surprised to see that only one check in counter was allocated to business and around five to economy. There was however the same amount of people in the business and economy queues so there must have been a few passengers with status...
  8. K

    Economy X Row 3 - what is so good about it?

    Now that I have been upgraded to platinum, I can selected Economy X seats for my upcoming flights. I see that nearly all of you prefer to pick row 3. Why is that? I would imagine the leg room for all three rows to be the same? When I travel for more than 1 night, I usually have a backpack plus...
  9. davidj

    Premium Economy Baggage Allowance

    I'm trying to book 1 ticket DOM x INT (eg. SYD-BNE-HKG, same day) on premium economy and the booking engine supposedly suggests I have a 30kg baggage allowance. Elsewhere on the Qantas site, I'm led to believe I receive 40kg, as I've "purchased international and domestic flights and these are...
  10. C

    CX Premium Economy award codes

    Hi, Setting up alerts on EF but they don't show which are awards and which are revenue classes. PE has E, R and W, does anyone know which is the award bucket? Thanks for any help. Cheers, CM
  11. S

    VA8 EconomyX vs PE on QF12? Thoughts?

    Merry Xmas all - I'd like some advice on any experiences in VA EconX vs QF PE. Specifically: At the moment I've got 23A (EconomyX) on VA8 (LAX-SYD 777-300ER), 38" pitch, decent reviews on SeatGuru. It's a standalone one-way points booking, so I can cancel without any significant penalty...
  12. L

    Free EconomyX seat on long haul for WP?

    Has anyone experienced getting a free EconomyX seat on flight to LA with platinum status? I'm flying there over the holidays, in economy, and EconomyX seats are $219 each way. Not sure I want to pay that price so was wondering if I should ask when I get to the airport.
  13. H

    Economy X (complimentary upgrade)

    I know that platinum get free upgrade to economy X on domestic flights if they are available but was wondering if you are gold and request it in the lounge before the flight do they have the ability to approve it? Just wondering because today on my flight there was almost no one sitting in the...
  14. J

    OPINION- likelihood of premium economy reward seats BNE-LAX

    Hi guys I am tossing up at the moment whether to just purchase using cash economy seats for our family of 3 (+ an infant) or whether I gamble on premium economy reward seats coming up close to departure and book economy reward seats which I then cancel if PE rewards come up (or better yet...
  15. aamslfc

    Question SQ Premium Economy Status Earn

    Hi all, not sure if this has been raised before, but I noticed over the weekend that SQ recently changed their PE fare buckets again. They've added a new category called Premium Economy Lite on certain routes, to go with their PE Standard and Flexi fares. PE Standard is coded as P, Flexi is...
  16. T

    Answered Best ways to get bumped up to business with Qantas?

    Hi all I'd love to get some thoughts on what are the best strategies on getting a gate upgrade from Economy to Business. What has the group tried - what worked, what didnt?
  17. S

    A380 Y+ vs 787 Y+

    I need to go from Melbourne to Washington-Dulles and it looks like I might be able to get the client to pay for Y+. It looks like the 787 has better Y+ but I've heard poor reviews of the seat pitch. Options are: MEL-LAX-IAD MEL-SYD-DFW-IAD MEL-BNE-LAX-IAD First option is quickest but involves...
  18. mrsterryn

    Comfort seat versus premium economy

    Planning a quick trip to London Feb flying QF1 Missed all the good sales (maybe boxing day ?) Pondering would I be better off having comfort seat or premium economy? Do all the arms rests go up on A380 for Qantas? Also then wondering chances of upgrade to business Thanks for the advice
  19. ozjuice

    SQ Premium Economy Food & Service

    Not a rant but wanted to share my disappointment. I'm quite a fan of the SQ product and fly them as much as possible. However, my recent flight SIN - BNE was a PE flight that landed in BNE at approx 7AM. Once boarded we had no bottled water (We did on the way out) and the dinner served was...
  20. S

    Qantas selling PY on QF9/10 dom legs

    Just doing some searches for Mel-Per trip and noticed PY product is saleable now on the Dom legs of QF9/10.I was aware you could do redemptions and points upgrades but don’t recall the PY product saleable on the Dom tags. The fare conditions drop down doesn’t show points or status earned yet.The...