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  1. S

    Brisbane international transit experience.

    Can anyone speak to the transit experience in Brisbane for international travel. I am arriving in Brisbane from PNG, then taking a flight to Dubai. I have a layover of 12 hours, which is outside the 8 hours I am allowed to remain in the departure lounges. Apparently, I need to therefore...
  2. Michaael

    Covid Travel on Qatar

    Does anyone know how far in advance does Qatar lock in its passenger schedule for flights into Australia? 1 week in advance, 2 weeks...... I guess what I am asking, generally, how far in advance will I get confirmation my flight is going ahead or if I will have been bumped to another flight???
  3. lovetravellingoz

    Hotel Quarantine for COVID 19

    A new thread specifically for Hotel Quarantine for COVID 19 Topics Anything from international arrival caps, to types of facilities....... to double standards. Victoria recruits more hotels for quarantine ahead of expected boost to arrivals cap By Michael Fowler January 22, 2021 — 11.45pm...
  4. PineappleSkip

    COVID-19 and East Africa reprise

    11 months, almost to the day, after my last journey into COVID chaos, I'm off to work again, so let's compare and contrast with last time. Booking. It took a long time to get there, but things are much more organised than the crazy first day of compulsory quarantine. Home Affairs has guidelines...
  5. Saanch

    Entry restrictions and fortified quarantine systems when entering Japan

    In response to the spread of mutated strains of coronavirus and the declaration of a state of emergency, the Japanese Government is fortifying border controls and quarantine measures for people entering Japan. Entry restrictions and quarantine systems when entering Japan Thank you for...
  6. kamchatsky

    Would you agree more support to tourism sector by the Government in all of year 2021?

    Given that the international borders will be closed for another year, would you support additional subsidies by the government for another year? I am in 2 minds about this, whilst I felt...
  7. I

    What type of transport can I take back to Syd airport after quaratine??

    Greetings all, Just wondering what type of transport I am allowed to take back to Sydney Airport once I have completed my quarantine? Can I take an Uber? Thank you in advance.
  8. K

    My Cruises (Ignite Travel)

    Has anyone had to deal with these guys? Have had a partial refund but they're now saying the remainder of the money is a cruise line credit with company they use. According to the link they provide you when booking, nothing was ever booked in our names. Have been chasing this a year now & have...
  9. MikeG

    Travel to WA

    Its been too long since I've flown and I'm contemplating a long weekend trip to Perth from CBR to soak up the sun on a beach/resort-style stay. The clincher is my partner works in aged care so can't afford to be located in a hotspot. By the look of things Perth is about as remote as it gets...
  10. RooFlyer

    Cover-More and new Covid policies

    Story in the Australian will be pay-walled, but worthwhile googling the headline and having a read, about their post Covid policies etc. Covid brings change to insurance, says Cover-More boss Cara Morton A few bits: Cover-More, which has some 40 per cent of the Australian travel insurance...
  11. M

    JQ's COVID-19 minimal network schedule

    On Friday 8 January 2021, an incredible 41 JQd flights look to be cancelled from Sydney Airport. It appears that only five JQd flights are operating from SYD today: two to BNK, and one each to ADL, BNE and MEL. I have gone into far more details in the Jetstar thread under airline...
  12. D

    Best chance of getting on a flight back to OZ?

    Hi all, I'm in Hawaii and hoping to get a flight back home. My options are really limited to flying home on JAL via Tokyo, or on United via California. I would really like to avoid domestic flights in the US, especially into California. However, JAL doesn't give me availabilities until later in...
  13. D

    Award tickets back to Australia

    Hi all, My wife is about to fly from Sydney to Amsterdam for compassionate reasons and will stay in the Netherlands for 3 months. I’ve booked her on a number of of one-way frequent flyer award business class tickets (Emirates, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines) leaving around 16 January...
  14. Seat0B

    International Travel Ban Illegal?

    This Guardian Australia article (not pay-walled) reports that a think tank called LibertyWorks has commenced a legal challenge in the Federal Court against the international travel ban. The case approach is that the Biosecurity Act does not give the Minister the right to ban all Australians...
  15. sudoer

    Refund of card payment fees on involuntary Covid-19 cancellations

    There was some discussion in a recent thread about card payment fees and Qantas not including these with refunds due to Covid-19 cancellations. The fee to pay with a credit card is slightly more than 1%, capped at $22 for domestic/NZ bookings and $120 for international bookings. In the case...
  16. ozstamps

    SHAME Virgin -- Memo to the brass - COVID is still out there. [Wear Masks!]

    Not one staffer at check-in or gates in SYD and ADL this week when I took flights were wearing masks in the midst of this pandemic, (see my photo nearby) and when asked why, was told “the company says it is not compulsory for us”. We were wearing masks, as of course anyone sensible right now...
  17. RooFlyer

    Sweden [Herd Immunity?]

    I guess most of us have heard/read about the approach to COVID in Sweden ('light touch / herd immunity / sensible society). Many arguments for and against it. Looks like their own 'jury' has come in: Coronavirus: Medical chiefs failed us with light touch, says Swedish leader Sweden’s health...
  18. R

    What's the latest?

    Folks, apologies if I'm late to the party (so to speak). I'm just about to start making some travel arrangements for 2021 for flights/hotels/hire cars. Any specific advice i.e. what to watch out for when making the bookings - I'll be travelling to Perth at the end of January with Qantas, staying...
  19. M

    Airlines offering free covid insurance

    Japan Airlines has joined the list of airlines offering free travel insurance if you test positive with covid while travelling. Thought it might be worth putting a list of these in one place, in case anyone finds them useful. Booking dates vary - for example JAL covers departures to 30 June...