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  1. eastwest101

    Looks like both Virgin and Rex online payments portals are offline as of 10th Aug

    Just tried to make booking on both Rex and on Virgin, after calling Rex I can confirm that their online payment portal is totally down so tried to book on VA, looks like they cannot accept credit card payments either so possibly a more widespread systematic Telco or bank/server problem? Have...
  2. 4

    Mask Mandates on Aircraft?

    What's the latest on mask mandates folks? I'm doing PER xADL to MEL thursday and am not up to speed on the current impositions. Thanks
  3. kpc

    Flying now in the (post) Covid era

    Friend's work sent him from Syd to Bos at short notice....not many options available but got a fare on Delta at $17.5K for J return from Sydney!! Coming back his Bos-Lax flight got cancelled so would miss the Lax-Syd flight was in 3 days but his work wanted him back in Sydney...
  4. P

    COVID 🙄 Travel Insurance for Antartica cruise.

    Suggestions re: travel insurance, 'covering Covid' please? I have Citibank credit card ins that covers everything else and am going on an Antartica cruise. Concerned about confinement to cabin and all that money down the drain and/or canx if (please no🙏) I have it prior.
  5. QF029

    Insurance For Older (75+) Travellers

    Mum is 77 and is in excellent health. Now the world has opened up she's like to do a couple of trips to visit relatives in the US and UK. For a 3 week trip to the US Covermore quoted around $1500. Any suggestions for other companies to try? I think TID don't cover 75+.
  6. Cruiser Elite

    Where have all the WORKERS gone?

    Couldn't get heading to work but I can here - Where have all the flowers WORKERS gone? Post Covid that is. No International backpackers? No International students? Long Covid sufferers? Those just realising more to life than work? Other reasons? It's not only Australia - it is world wide - I...
  7. albatross710

    Ending iso one day, departing EK the next

    A friend is currently in the Qld 7 day isolation period and after 3 days is asymptomatic. Their isolation period ends on Wednesday. They are booked to depart on an EK flight to Dubai the next day. From what we read on the EK website and dubai entry, they meet the Vaccination criteria and are...
  8. blurg64

    Tips for registering Aussie Issued Intl Vaccine Cert for Malaysia

    Has anyone had any luck registering their Australian Gov issued International Vaccine certificate within the Malaysian MySafe Travel site. Every time I try to upload the certificate QR code and verify there is a discrepancy with the name. I've tried matching the certificate Surname, Firstname...
  9. danglebears

    Airport experience recently in SIN/BKK/CDG/BCN

    Traveling through these airports for international flights over the next three weeks, any of you lovely travelers been at their airports recently? How was the experience, particularly in regards to time. TIA Aussie passport traveller. Andrew
  10. M

    A QF Aberration or New Leaf ?

    In the last two weeks I have had to contact Qantas on three occasions regarding separate issues with an upcoming return trip to NZ. The calls were 6 to 7 days apart and made between 0800 and 1000 AEST. After the standard pre-recorded prompts and messages I was , on each occasion , connected to...
  11. P

    DPD - QF2

    Hi all, Im travelling QF2 later this week - London-Sydney with a 2hr stop in Singapore. Although they are technically 2 flights, they come under 1 flight number, therefore, I put London-Sydney in my DPD as one flight. Is this the right thing to do? Do I need to mention Singapore at any point...
  12. M

    NAB introduces COVID-19 cover as part of 'free' credit card travel insurance

    NAB has sent an email advising that from 30 June 2022, cover for some COVID-19 instances will be included as part of existing 'free' credit card travel insurance. However it has yet to update the policy available online, as it's dated 31 March 2021. Today's email suggests referring to Part D...
  13. Mattg

    US ends pre-departure COVID testing requirement

    Travellers to the United States will no longer need a pre-departure COVID-19 test within one calendar day before departure with the US government scrapping this requirements as of midnight on 12 June 2022.
  14. J

    Is COVID app check-in still required at VA lounges?

    I had a look on the VA website but couldn't find anything referring to this, so please forgive me if I've missed it - I'll be flying HBA-MEL-CBR later this week, and the return trip a week later, and will be using the CBR and MEL lounges. I haven't flown since August last year, and whilst I had...
  15. A

    COVID 19 testing Arlanda airport

    Hi contributors, we are travelling from Stockholm Arlanda airport with a transit at Helsinki then to Los Angeles in July. Can someone advise us on a testing facility at the airport and the cost or is it better to have the test in Stockholm before travelling to the hotel near the airport? Thanks...
  16. M

    Philippines scraps testing/travel insurance requirements

    Philippines has just announced that from 30 May 2022, it's scrapping mandatory travel insurance and pre-departure tests for travellers. The only requirement for the latter to apply is that one must have had a 'course' of vaccines plus a booster shot, so the effect is that Australians who've...
  17. QF029

    Travel Insurance Covering Covid & Award Flights

    I'm heading off overseas next week with a RTW ticket on points. I know there are a few policies out there covering Covid. Is anyone aware of one that would cover my itinerary coming to a halt if I missed a flight due to Covid?
  18. M

    Is a RAT test done at a pharmac_ accepted by US Borders?

    Hi everyone hoping you can give me some clarity. We are off to Honolulu in 2 weeks is a RAT test done at a pharmac_ accepted by US Borders?
  19. W

    How to document COVID infection for insurance claim?

    Hi all, has anyone submitted a claim for their travel insurance related to a COVID-19 infection and what documentation did you submit? Here in WA you are required to self report a positive RAT test and you receive various text messages to confirm, however not sure if this is sufficient for an...
  20. W

    Hotel in US are so expensive post Covid

    Ok it is arguable if if it post Covid but hotel prices are so much more expensive than 2019 in the 4 cities I am visiting over the next 3 weeks: Palo Alto, LA, Philadelphia and NYC. I have booked all but NYC hotel and trying hard to find something decent at a reasonable price. Courtyard Times...