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  1. M

    International departure at Melbourne - how long to allow

    I'm flying out of Melbourne airport with Qatar (in J) in early September. Does anyone have experience with how long to allow to get through all the formalities at the moment? I will fly from Canberra with QANTAS. I am trying to work out how long I will actually need and the risk of cancelled...
  2. M

    How busy (or not) is it in winter holiday spots cut off from half the country right now?

    So… even though it’s under the Covid thread.. I want to ask fellow travellers who live in places like FNQ/Broome/Darwin etc what do you see is different (or not) right now. What prompted me was when I cancelled all future travel plans (Broome/Lizard) there rooms are still booked for months and...
  3. fletchando1981

    Original madison painting and more

    Hi, does any one know were I can sell a old Qantas collection, old silver ware, Madison original painting
  4. Berlin

    Moving back to Australia right in the middle of the pandemic- potential traps/ concerns?

    Hi guys- I just found out that I will be finally moving back to Sydney after an almost 3 year long stint in New Zealand. I'd usually be super excited about the move and my new job in Australia and all this but relocating right in the middle of a pandemic is a bit of a bummer. Myself and my...
  5. sjk

    COVID-19 at the Tokyo Olympics

    The organizing committee has been publishing data on Olympics-related COVID-19 cases since July 1. Residents of Japan got off to a very strong start by taking a 16-0 lead, but Non-residents of Japan are now staging a...
  6. P

    Getting back to Australia on points

    I’m hoping that more knowledgeable minds than mine may be able to help me here – my husband and I are in the strange situation of currently being in the UK on business class oneworld Qantas classic flights – due to a family emergency. We are fully vaccinated. We’re booked to return to Australia...
  7. F

    Is a credit possible on a points and pay fare?

    Booded a points and pay fare for my wife on a return trip from Canberra to Brisbane a while ago. At the time had get tested and wait for restrictions to be lifted in Brisbane before we could leave Canberra. Had to purchase a new flight for my wife and upgrade my flight due to the price...
  8. O

    Qantas changed NZ flight 'time' to different date

    We were booked on a Qantas flight leaving Sydney to Queenstown on 15 July which we obviously knew would be cancelled because of the travel bubble pause. We just received a text from Qantas saying the flight time had been changed which we thought was puzzling, but when we checked the booking, it...
  9. PineappleSkip

    Choice (ACA) survey and petition on travel cancellations

    Australian Consumers Association (Choice) have released the results of their survey into travel cancellation experiences. Travel cancellations leave thousands out-of-pocket and out of patience The full report is here (1.2mb PDF). there is a "sign the petition" link but it's not entirely clear...
  10. D

    Qantas charging extra for flights booked with a credit voucher

    When trying to use a credit voucher you have to use the link on the email they send for the cancellation credit. However when you use the link the prices offered are higher than those available if making a normal flight booking. As an example PER>HBA 23/7/21 the Red e-Deal for the bookinbg using...
  11. R

    Compassionate refunds from Air NZ?

    Not sure of this post belongs in this (Refunds & Travel Insurance) forum or if it should be in the Air New Zealand forum. Has anyone had any luck with the compassionate refund scheme to get their cancelled covid flights refunded by Air NZ? Any idea on how long they take to assess? I am trying...
  12. Mattg

    Where to get a pre-flight COVID-19 test?

    As discussed in the New Zealand travel bubble thread, the NZ government will soon require a pre-flight COVID-19 PCR or RT-PCR test within 72 hours before flying from Australia to New Zealand. Many other countries also mandate COVID-19 tests within a certain amount of time prior to departing...
  13. K

    Perth-Peel lockdown and getting to airport query

    I live outside Perth-Peel region (in Wheatbelt) and am wondering what would happen with accessing Perth airport to get on a domestic flight during this 4 day Perth lockdown - I heard someone say if you don't get out of your car till you get to Perth airport you are not deemed to have entered the...
  14. oz_mark

    Travel Vouchers for the vaccinated

    Luxuyr Escapes are out of the blocks, offering a $200 voucher towards an international Luxury Escape offer....Good luck with that!
  15. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – International Travel During COVID-19

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Since the beginning of the pandemic...
  16. A

    Virgin Australia MEL-QLD flights

    I'm currently booked on a MEL-OOL flight on 18/06. It was originally booked for last week and that flight was cancelled because of the border restrictions, so I called VA and got myself rebooked on this flight at no extra cost. However, the same border restrictions still remain, so it looks like...
  17. W

    Pionair Flying WTB to SYD

    Qantas paused flights between Toowoomba West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) and Sydney Airport (SYD) last year due to COVID, but haven't resumed the flights yet, despite the demand. So Pionair has stepped in and is flying between WTB and SYD most likely on VH-SAZ a BAe 146-200 (80 seats). Departing...
  18. S

    How can i retrieve my Velocity username?

    How can i retrieve my Velocity username? Like everyone else, I gave up on the Phone number so tried to log in to Velocity. I have a member number & password but I can't retrieve my username.
  19. H

    Cancelled Qantas Holiday Package

    I booked a Qantas Holiday package to Melbourne which included the hotel deal stay 3 nights pay for 2. Cancelled o/a recent Covid outbreak, no problem they refunded the hotel content and gave me an air credit for the flights. Tried to re-book today through Qantas Holidays ( Manage my booking...
  20. Seat0B

    Arrangements for return of overseas students announced NSW Treasurer has just announced that overseas students will start to return to NSW from July this year in a pilot program. They will arrive on chartered flights and quarantine in...