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For more information about COVID-19, read our Coronavirus and Travel articles.
  1. avlawyer82

    Domestic demand is palpable...

    Just saw this article in the Guardian, with the demand clearly there for travel with even the slightest lifting of border restrictions and so there is some positive news despite the ongoing COVID challenges: Guardian Article I know there is a typo in the article however that gave me cause for...
  2. M

    Daughter in Finland

    Hi all, I currently have my 16 yr old in Finland on student exchange. She departed 7 Jan with a return date of 7 Nov. Her return flight with Emirates has been cancelled or she has been bumped (depending who you speak to) We are trying via the consular to have her reinstated with little luck so...
  3. Danger

    Qantas cuts corporate sponsorships

    This is concerning.
  4. M

    Growing evidence covid 19 can be transmitted on flights

    The US CDC has released three reports which seem to confirm, or mark as 'highly probable' that mass infections have occurred on commercial flights:
  5. snabbu

    Stuck overseas, how to obtain the four squiggles during COVID?

    I'm wondering how ex pats living abroad will be able to achieve the required four QF numbered flights with all the current travel restrictions and quarantine regulations? With the international fleet grounded and no firm date for the resumption of services (specifically transpacific) how are QF...
  6. R

    Answered Which international airlines currently flying pax services to BNE?

    Hi team My wife and I are working on getting my mother in law an exception to come and visit us from Canada. Ideally (assuming we manage to get permission for her to come) we would like her to fly into Brisbane rather than Sydney as her port of entry. I am having trouble figuring out which...
  7. I

    Question Catering in J on Qantaslink flights during COVID

    Any recent experiences in catering on QantasLink link flights in J. Mainline Qantas seems to be back to normalish, but QantasLink have always done things a bit differently. Bne to Cns is the route.
  8. M

    When is Qantas going to cancel November flights?

    Qantas has still only cancelled its international flights until the end of October 2020. We have flight bookings in early November that we're unable to use, but we need to wait until Qantas cancels them, otherwise we will be charged cancellation fees. We find it strange that Qantas is not...
  9. R

    More negative press for Q on not processing refunds

    More negative press for Q on not processing refunds. Still hard to understand why with 20,000 staff stood down they cannot process refunds as fast as overseas airlines have for Austalians, unless the cash shortage is near terminal...
  10. R

    COVID-19 and Aged Care in Australia

    Still waiting on Scott Morrison's promise made back in March - for a National Aged Care Industry Covid-19 plan - made just after Dorothy Henderson Lodge made the news. review of dorothy henderson lodge (dhl) covid-19 outbreak › system › files › CT... PDF Dorothy...
  11. mrsterryn

    Excess Points

    My excess Points is relevant to Qantas but I suspect many have other points that are languishing there Has anyone thought of spending on non flights ? Having had some flights cancelled and our usual (flights excluded ) points I am wondering what to do especially with no end in sight of borders...
  12. Seat0B

    What are the new travel services for the COVID Travel Era?

    Prompted by a comment from @drron in another thread, I started thinking about new services that could be offered by travel businesses in the COVID Travel Era. For example, if we adopted @drron's idea of pre-paying for quarantine on return, before leaving the country, then a maybe business could...
  13. I

    BYOJet credit voucher instead of refund

    Today I've received an email message from BYOJet with a credit voucher. I requested a refund. The email says the voucher is valid until 31 December 2021, and a refund will be issued after that date if I wish! Like Hell. Will they even exist in 18 months time? Of course, there are not contact...
  14. get me outta here

    CBR Spring get together, 16 September ‘20 to hopefully celebrate 2 months clear of Covid.

    We haven’t been able to get together since March. So looking forward to catching up with a few people. And share a birthday with one of our group. If you are a CBR or local resident or are only travelling to other places with very little spread, please come and join us at the Kingo at 6pm...
  15. P

    ABC podcast: Australians stranded overseas

    A recent ABC podcasts entitled "Stranded Australians" was very interesting: Worth a listen?
  16. L

    returning to Australia from Indonesia without cancellation

    Dear Aff members, has anyone successful applied for an exemption and flown to Bali and returned on their booked return in the last month? I would be applying on compassionate grounds for the exemption due to not being able to see my wife for almost a year but worried the arrival limit cap my...
  17. P

    Pepper Squid Withdrawal Syndrome

    Ever since I got my first big job which allowed me to travel Business and First Class on a regular basis, I have been truly addicted to the salt and pepper squid from the first bite I took into that glorious dish at the Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney. With banned and skeleton services not...
  18. MikeG

    Transit in Brisbane airport - can I stay at a hotel?

    Does Brisbane have hotels setup for transit use only? Or are people expected to sleep on the seats in the airport? Considering a status run.
  19. Seat0B

    What's happening in your supermarket?

    Last week I shopped in my local Woolworths in the south of Canberra. It's a few weeks since Woolworths made an announcement that they wanted all shoppers and staff to wear masks. I can confirm that on my visit that day, the sum total of people in the shop wearing masks was - zero. People at...
  20. S

    Scoot: Covid requirement notification for a past flight

    More, a funny error I assume I flew scoot from singapore to taiwan last year Just got this email, its got the correct reference number, but reference to entering mainland China, so I dont know whats going on with the number being correct etc. surely they dont recycle booking references...