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  1. Mattg

    Air Canada finally giving refunds

    Air Canada has been extremely stingy with (not) offering refunds over the past year. But it's now saying you can apply for a refund until 12 June 2021 if you were given a travel credit that you don't want. If you had a flight cancelled with Air Canada, you might want to have a look into it...
  2. A

    How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2021

    Start by inviting your child to talk about the issue. Find out how much they already know and follow their lead. If they are particularly young and haven’t already heard about the outbreak, you may not need to raise the issue – just take the chance to remind them about good hygiene practices...
  3. Mattg

    Two-way Trans-Tasman Bubble starting 19 April 2021

    I thought I'd start a dedicated thread about the start of a two-way trans-Tasman bubble, which will launch at 11.59pm on 18 April 2021. Qantas, Jetstar and Air New Zealand are all subsequently ramping up flights between Australia and New Zealand from 19 April. Great news, although New Zealand's...
  4. AisleSeat

    IATA Covid-19 digital travel pass

    IATA has provided an update on its digital travel pass: IATA Travel Pass Initiative Full story: You'll Soon Be Able to Use a Covid-19 Digital Travel Pass App to Fly
  5. Seat0B

    Follow up re border restriction breach story from last year

    I can't find the relevant thread now, but here is the follow up from the two young women from Queensland's Logan area who lied about their trip to Melbourne mid last year to avoid having to go into hotel quarantine. ABC News is reporting that they have both been found guilty of failing to...
  6. A

    Travel from Norfolk Island to Sydney requiring quarantine?

    I have a trip booked from Sydney to Norfolk Island next week, returning to Sydney on the following week. On the Qantas website I was asked to fill in a Department of Home Affairs form - I guess because Norfolk Island is a semi-international destination. After filling in the form I received an...
  7. J

    Qantas to more than double repatriation flights to 20 per month

    Numbers really getting up there now... Also, amazing pick of the 789! ---- QANTAS TO MORE THAN DOUBLE REPATRIATION FLIGHTS TO 20 PER MONTH Qantas is set to increase its monthly repatriations flights from eight to 20 per month, Australian Aviation can reveal. The expansion, set to roll out...
  8. NM

    More repatriation flights planned

    The full story from Australian Aviation is available here: Qantas to double repatriation flights to 20 per month I did not realise how many repatriation flights had already operated. Since the publicity of the first wave of flights, they are now well below the radar with mainstream reporting.
  9. VPS

    annual domestic multi trip insurance (post covid)

    Has anyone purchased any lately - the few I've looked at seem ridiculously expensive. I'd be looking at under $300 for annual multi trip with no excess
  10. kamchatsky

    Australia Singapore Travel Bubble by July

    Well there is hope for us to go and enjoy Singapore Sling or Chilli Crab sooner than expected: Time to burn your KF points?
  11. N

    Agoda reschedule and subsequent voucher request (good service)

    I had booked accommodation in Singapore for August 2020 - non refundable via Agoda. Rescheduling to April 2021 was straight forward, two emails and it was done. More recently I’ve had some pretty bad news on the health front, and with the travel ban still in place, contacted Agoda via their...
  12. L

    Additional Booking for November, cancel October for free?

    Hi Everyone! I'm booked to fly to Hawaii from mid Sept. I booked it when the dates opened up using points. With the flexibility they are providing on international flights could I book rewards flights for Nov now and just cancel (without penelties) if the Sept trip goes ahead? Thanks!
  13. Mattg

    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    The first person in Australia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, whose name is Jane Malysiak, has now been vaccinated in Sydney with the Pfizer vaccine. The Prime Minister will also receive the vaccine shortly...
  14. M

    Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Discussion)

    The Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 guide is available at the following link: This thread is available for members who wish to discuss the content in the guide, have questions...
  15. T

    KrisFlyer cancel/redeposit in the time of COVID

    [cross-posted from FlyerTalk] I have Saver award bookings CDG-xSIN-MEL for four pax in J, in April. Although the flights are still scheduled, we can't get out of Australia and certainly European vacations aren't a credible option yet. I'm looking to rebook for September/October (and I realise I...
  16. M

    Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Guide)

    Podcast #54: How to Fly to Australia Without Getting "Bumped" Check back periodically for expanded information and updates. Last Updated: 21 FEB 2021 Guide Contents Planning and booking your trip to...
  17. J

    Qantas opens up 50% more classic award seats in 2021 / extends flexible cancellation

    I'm sure most people have been getting the emails, but QF have opened up 50% more award seats for redemption across the domestic network + NZ (LOL pls Jacinda let us in). With some domestic routes the redemption is actually not that bad. Fee free cancellation extended as well until end of Jan...
  18. robtemt

    First time cruiser, long term covid shut-in ;)

    Good evening everyone. After a long break from AFF, I decided to start cruising (pun intended) the forums to reignite my hopes for travelling. It has been just a couple of years shy of the date when we had to pack our bags midway through our Costa Rica holiday to return to Sydney before the...
  19. N

    Returning to Bungendore with Vic in lockdown

    I had thoroscopic pleurodesis and pericardialcentesis (I dont know if that is the correct term) on Wednesday at Royal Melbourne and my sister came down from Bungendore through ACT the night before, so I could be discharged home (as opposed to a house with two toddler in day care). Sister is...
  20. G

    Booking international flights in J

    I need to book a J MEL-LHR flight in July/August using SQ or Alaska points, did anyone have experience as to how airlines will accommodate passengers booked using points when there's flight cancellation? Will they book you on revenue seats in a replacement flight or will they cancel your ticket...