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  1. Jean Prouvaire

    Healthy Life promo - collect up to 9000 (now 1800) points with healthylife's programs

    Got this email from Woolies: T&Cs from the Healthylife website are: It looks - on the surface at least - like you do not have to spend any money, just fill out some surveys in order to get your (maximum of) 9000 points.
  2. AisleSeat

    Healthylife promo - 5000 points for $40.

    Healthylife is doing a promo: 5000 points for $40 spend (until 19 September). Free shipping.
  3. J

    Bonus 1,000 Qantas points, 15 status credits or $20 flight voucher if fully vaccinated against COVID-19

    Just opened my Qantas app and noticed the following offer for anyone that is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. However offer is coming soon as clicking on "Get Reward" has the following message "Watch this space! Vaccination rewards are coming for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19'
  4. sudoer

    50 SC for signing up to Qantas Health Insurance

    For five days only, you could earn up to 140,000 Qantas Points* AND 50 bonus Status Credits^ for joining Qantas Health Insurance. Plus, we’ll waive the 2 and 6 month waiting periods on Extras when you take out combined Hospital and Extras cover.~ Hurry, join by 13 July – an offer this good can’t...
  5. M

    Qantas health insurance

    Currently serving half time in prison hotel quarantine, plenty of time on hand to prepare for a new life outside 😂 after release. Hubby has been thinking of private health insurance. We had it for at least 6 years (before our wanderlust to the UK) with a small health fund called Phoenix, and...
  6. luxury-lizard

    Customer led vaccine revolution

    I'm hopping mad about the cause of the current Greater Sydney Covid outbreak and lockdown and now a Virgin flight attendant has tested positive. So I'm trying to figure out how to start a customer led "revolution" - I plan to tell QF and other airlines that my selection criteria when looking...
  7. oz_mark

    Travel Vouchers for the vaccinated

    Luxuyr Escapes are out of the blocks, offering a $200 voucher towards an international Luxury Escape offer....Good luck with that!
  8. J

    Qantas proposal to reward people who vaccinate with flight credits/points

    Now this is awesome! Like Christmas for AFF members ;) It makes sense they do run Australia’s alternate currency. ——— Qantas Dangles Free Flights for People Who’ve Been Vaccinated Qantas is considering giving free flight vouchers or to people who’ve had Covid-19 shots, joining a growing list...
  9. M

    How long till vaccine passports?

    I wonder how long it will be till there are vaccine passports or similar measures? In just over a week's time everyone over 50 will be able to go and get the vaccine (of course limited supply will mean that not everyone can get it straight away). Surely once there's been enough time for...
  10. get me outta here

    CBR Autumn get together 06 April 2021 to hopefully celebrate the vaccine roll out, if they get their act together

    Let's do a CBR steakathon again to celebrate whatever modicum of good news we can find. And, the return of the squirrel who will not be telling us what he's been up to on behalf of the gubment, (and that's not at their leisure). :cool: At The Kingo in Maddies at 1800 on 06 April 2021. New...
  11. kiwitripper64

    So you have the vaccine, now what?

    Vaccine rollout is underway in many countries. Australia and NZ have plans to vaccinate a large % of the population by the end of 2021. International travel is just around the corner. The QF F lounges in MEL and SYD must be stocking up on champers. My question is, what will the governments...
  12. Mattg

    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    The first person in Australia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, whose name is Jane Malysiak, has now been vaccinated in Sydney with the Pfizer vaccine. The Prime Minister will also receive the vaccine shortly...
  13. M

    Vaccine - Booked in (UK)

    Our local GP clinic here in London has called us to make appointments for the 1st dose jab. So hubby is having his this Thursday and I will have mine this Friday - both at a health centre (not local GP clinic). They said the 2nd dose will be 12 weeks later. Hope Australia will start vaccines soon.
  14. luxury-lizard

    Second rate experience on SYD-BNE-SYD

    Wow - QF now providing complimentary F&B - VIrgin is so far behind the 8-ball here - just returned from the above trip - full flights - beverage offered was a cup of warm water (or juice) and a small packet of nuts. Reason given for reduced service was of course Covid. Some FA's did not wear...
  15. Pushka

    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    Pfizer vaccine has landed in Australia. 142,000 doses to be commenced on 22nd Feb.
  16. Pushka

    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    Just wondering if there is any interest in a specific thread outlining the various aspects of the Vaccine rollout in Australia now that it is likely to commence at end of February, and people posting, if they care to, if they have commenced the process, their experience, and which type they have...
  17. Mattg

    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    Qantas has started offering "care packs" for home delivery to clear excess stock of business class pyjamas, amenity kits and other goodies. Each pack contains: 1 Qantas Business Class sleeper suit L/XL (suitable for most shapes and sizes) 1 Qantas Curates Business Class amenity kit featuring...
  18. Mattg

    Hotel quarantine experience when returning to Australia

    Just wondering if anyone has returned to Australia from overseas since mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine was introduced in late March. If so, what was the experience like? I'd be interested to know things like... What was the procedure when you arrived at the airport? What hotel did you end up...
  19. CityRail

    Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available?

    According to reports, coronavirus vaccine is entering its final phase of testing and very soon we will have millions of coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out, hopefully from September. By then, should a coronavirus vaccine is available, will you vaccinate it? Personally speaking, as a 30 year...
  20. Mattg

    Who covers the cost of missed flights if a pax is sick?

    At the moment, all airlines are encouraging customers to stay home and not fly if they have any flu-like symptoms. Some are even taking temperature tests when passengers check in. Now, this is entirely fair enough. But what happens to a customer's ticket if they choose not to fly due to feeling...