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qantas club

  1. C

    Qantas Club

    Hi all I am new to this too! Seeking feedback from collective experiences from this group. I have another 6 months of paid Qantas Club membership but now achieved Lifetime Gold. My question is how or is it worthwhile to transfer club subscription to a family member, or get a credit etc as it...
  2. L

    Question Need help on booking flights through amex or KF points and using qantas lounge

    Hi Guys, I have a bit of a conundrum, I was planning on getting around to using my Kris Flyer points, i still have a couple of years to use them but i have a decent amount of them too. But I also have my amex travel credit to use which expires in Feb and a qantas lounge pass which also expires...
  3. R

    OOL Qantas Club access for Jetstar flights

    Is the OOL QP ever open for the evening Jetstar flights? The last time I flew out about 6 weeks ago, it was closed when I arrived about 1630 with a note saying something about Qantas flights only. The Gold Coast Airport website says "The Qantas Club is available to Qantas Club and Partner...
  4. M

    Difficulties accessing Qantas Club with e-passes - Rude Staff

    Hi all, I've been a reader for some time but not posted before, but I wanted to bring to light a pretty abysmal experience I had recently at the Qantas Club in Sydney recently. NOTE: I already sent this info to Qantas Customer Service - they didn't even see fit to respond in the last 3 weeks...
  5. J


    Hi All, New to this community. I have a question I am a Qantas Club member and want to know as a member can I use the Westjet lounge in LA?
  6. C

    Free 1x Qantas lounge invite, expires 02 July 2019

    I have an invite available free to whoever wants it, on a first come basis. Expires Tuesday, so you'd need to be travelling soon. It's a "general" invite - ie. domestic Qantas Club, or international business lounges operated by Qantas (except LAX). Edit: The invite is online, and also I just...
  7. B

    Qantas Club Lifetime Membership Benefits Removal

    Hello folks, I am hoping someone can help me. I purchase a Qantas Club Lifetime Membership around 2001. At the time, the benefits included priority baggage. The last three times I have travelled domestically and internationally I did not get priority baggage. When I contacted the airline...
  8. S

    Special promotion to join QF Club.

    Received an email from QF Club offering discounted membership for $725 for 1 year, $994 for 2 years and $1349 for 4 years. Seems even a better deal than getting one with corporate rates which I currently have.
  9. LadyC

    Free 2 X Qantas Club Lounge passes

    I have 2 Qantas Club invitations that expire 30 June 2019 that I cannot use. Happy to give to an AFF member who has been a member for more than 1 year and has at least 100 posts. First PM to meet the criteria can have them. As per the back of the invitation "This invitation is valid for a...
  10. Admin

    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Background to this thread We have noticed an increase in the posting of questions regarding what Airport Lounges are available at specific airports when travelling on specific airlines. While one can be assured of access at the airline lounge when travelling on that airline (provided you have...
  11. albatross710

    Current AFF Qantas Club renewal offer

    Can some one point me in the direction of the current price for a AFF price for an existing Qantas Club membership renewal. The links I can find have 2016 prices.
  12. S

    Perth qantas club access when flying into Perth cx J and out of Perth Domestic Y

    My daughter has a reward J ticket from HKG to ADL with a transit in Perth. She has a J ticket with CX HKG-PER and then a QF Y ticket PER-ADL. Will she be able to access the domestic Perth Qantas Club if she shows her incoming CX J boarding pass?
  13. Lynda2475

    Qantas Club Suspension during Gold

    My corporate Qantas Club membership (which is a discounted rate that I can salary sacrifice) is due for renewal at start of May and my FF Year ends at end of July. Barring any sudden change in work travel or failure for DSC to credit properly for my PER-LEA flights, I will qualify for Gold on...
  14. R

    Qantas Club Membership and Other Lounges

    I don't understand. If you are a Qantas Club Member and fly Business Class internationally. What Star Alliance lounges are available without charge?
  15. J

    Free [Taken] 2 x Qantas Club lounge passes (exp Wed 27 Mar 2019)

    I have 2 x Qantas Club digital lounge passes, expiring in about 2.5 weeks. If you would like them both, first to respond below will get them. Also then PM me your membership number and last name, and I'll transfer them.
  16. J

    Answered How much out of pocket for Qantas Club with ANZ FF Black Card

    How much out of pocket do I need to pay to join Qantas Club with ANZ frequent flyer black card? It only says I can save up to $497. Can I join with my corporate rate and get $497 off it? Here is the t&c 4. Offers are only available to ANZ Frequent Flyer Black cardholders who are Australian...
  17. D

    Answered ANZ Corporate Scheme number

    When renewing Qantas Club that was joined using the ANZ Black Credit card it is now asking for my Corporate scheme number. Does anyone know what the ANZ Corporate scheme number is to renew?? Cheers
  18. S

    2 x Qantas Club Invitations (Physical Invites) - expire End Feb 2019

    Hi, I've got 2 lounge passes that expire at the end of February 2019. Only members that have been around for more than a month and already have their tickets booked. Let me know where you are travelling and for what purpose. I will decide who gets the tickets and I post to them. Cheers.
  19. J

    Answered Does Qantas Club work for me [value wise]

    I am thinking of joining the Qantas Club with the discounted joining fee and 1st year fee with my ANZ frequent flyer black card. Instead of paying relugar $399+$540=$939, I am paying $442. After one year, I will be on an employee rate, which is around $400 per year(can’t remember the exact...
  20. Danger

    Giveaway: One Qantas Club pass

    One Qantas Club pass with expiry 31 December 2018. If you'd like it, please post. You must have been a member of AFF for at least three months and have at least 30 posts.