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  1. J

    Adelaide Qantas Club not open

    Really disappointed to arrive at the Qantas Club in Adelaide about half past 3 on a Sat to find it shut down (despite a sign outside saying “Open from 7am”). No notice on their website about them being closed despite scheduled flights still happening. Bit of a scam having a Qantas Club...
  2. S

    Qantas Club Access - JL Flight

    If a I book a flight (using QF points) to Japan through the Qantas Website and it's a JL flight. Will I be able to access the lounge with my Qantas club membership in Sydney and Haneda?
  3. ChrisFlyer

    Paying for Qantas Club renewal while Gold?

    Has anyone here paid to renew their Qantas Club membership while they were already Gold - and did it create any havoc with your membership or status? As a quick bit of background - I was a QC member on a four-year membership, but qualified for Gold about half way through that, so still have...
  4. M

    Qantas Club Access

    Are the rules for Qantas Club access the same as before now that Qantas are using the First Class lounge (i.e. can someone who is travelling with a Qantas Club member access the lounge). Also would the same apply to the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland?
  5. L

    New member - looking for benefits

    First post so be gentle please. Motivated by the offer to join and get discount on my Qantas Club membership I have joined as a Free member. Since I have become self employed and lost my corporate discount the prospect of renewing my pass is weighing heavy. I am disappointed a twenty year...
  6. N

    Renew Qantas Club Membership

    HI guess today when I log on to my account I saw this message what does that???? Does mean I have to pay for renewwel? IF I don't renew what happens? DO I loose my qantas points ??? ON Qantas club it say's I can enjoy benefits untill April 2022 ??? I am confused??? wondering If I can get some...
  7. Mattg

    Qantas Club memberships extended another 3 months

    Qantas is extending paid Qantas Club memberships and some complimentary lounge invitations for a further 3 months. This is for existing memberships that are active as at 23 March 2021, which is exactly six months after the last six-month extension...
  8. Mattg

    Perth Qantas Club closed?

    On the Qantas website, it now lists the Qantas Club in Perth as one of the temporarily closed airport lounges. I thought this lounge had reopened. Did it close again? (I assume affected passengers are being redirected to the Business Lounge.)
  9. Stevo.1702

    Free 2 x Qantas Club Invitations. Expire 20th March

    Hi, I have two Qantas club invitations that were planned to be gifted to family. They are no longer travelling and I'm hoping that they may find a new home here. Prefer to gift to someone who is traveling in a pair and can enjoy some pre-flight amenities together. I'm sorry that there isn't...
  10. J

    Qantas premium check in access with Points Club Plus Qantas Club membership?

    I was wondering if anybody had tried, or knew the definite rules about using the Qantas Premium Check in if you have the Qantas Club digital membership as a result of being a Points Club Plus member? I know paid Qantas Club members can use the Premium check in, but I haven't found any definitive...
  11. Mattg

    Qantas closes all airport meeting rooms & some valet parking locations

    Qantas recently made a (very) quiet change to its website to mention that: and
  12. SydneySara

    First experience in QF J lounge with no service desk

    Well - we called it & now I’ve experienced it. In the QF business lounge in MEL as we speak. - no service desk staff (unsure if they were the first to go or whether they may be back before the official closure.) - lounge check in staff couldn’t process an on departure upgrade request. -...
  13. AstroBBoy

    Flaw in Qantas Points Club Calculations

    I keep all my qantas point transactions in a spreadsheet (I'm a nerd). And in doing so, I noticed there is a major flaw in the way that Qantas Club points are calculated. When purchasing an item through the qantas mall, the Frequent Flyer points are sometimes not allocated for a few months...
  14. J

    Accessing qantas domestic lounges on arrival

    It’s nice to have more flights starting up and heading around a bit with work. But man I miss the lounge, I’m not sure why the smaller regional ones haven’t opened. So when they do kick off again, I wouldn’t mind making the most of it, by which I mean accessing the lounge on arrival rather than...
  15. P

    Qantas Club access for Silver FF

    I am frustrated to learn that my Qantas Silver Lifetime Frequent Flyer membership does not include access to the Qantas Club. I bought Lifetime Silver Frequent Flyer membership in 1995 at considerable cost. I am now retired and generally travel to Europe each year. Since I bought the membership...
  16. P

    Qantas Club access for Silver FF

    I am frustrated to learn that my Qantas Silver Lifetime Frequent Flyer membership does not include access to the Qantas Club. I bought Lifetime Silver Frequent Flyer membership in 1995 at considerable cost. I am now retired and generally travel to Europe each year. Since I bought the...
  17. Traveller_Dude

    Qantas Status Run refund/postpone/re-ticket

    Hi Sexy People I Booked my FIRST Status run (yay) at the end of July during the status run promo earlier this year, It was through Flight Centre who have now spoken with Qantas FF team about my situation. If Qantas reissue the ticket outside the "promo period" then it will be deemed a normal...
  18. J

    Qantas need to change travel credit (refund) rules on flights they are cancelling

    Hi I expect there are others like me whose overseas 2020 flights are being systematically cancelled and Qantas flight credits being issued through Qantas and/or Travel Agents. All my trips were for overseas personal travel and date specific events in 2020 - wedding vow renewal, birthday...
  19. Lynnelanne

    Qantas Club Paid membership in time of COVID19

    Ok, so this is absolutely a MINOR problem compared with almost everything but perhaps I’m not the only one wondering. Just a few weeks ago I paid around $450 to renew my Qantas Club membership, and now I can’t use it at all. Qantas have bigger things to worry about but has anyone heard anything...
  20. P

    Number Qantas Club Lifetime Members without lifetime FF GOLD

    I have asked Qantas this questions and they refuse to answer. When I joined there were only 60 (92). and seen my benefits diminish in value.