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airline lounges

  1. A

    Question Access to 1st Class Lounge Abu Dhabi

    Planning a trip to Spain next year. There are plenty of first class award seats available using AAdvantage points. Just wondering about lounge access at Abu Dhabi as the flight to Madrid will be in business, SYD to AUH in first. Anybody got information? We do not have status with any airline. Ross
  2. NZflygirl

    AMEX acquires lounge buddy

    AMEX acquires lounge buddy. Closed the deal April this year. They already have priority pass membership associated so it's intriguing they've acquired this.
  3. mrsterryn

    Qantas Lounge London

    Gave a friend a business lounge entry. She is flying home today from London Unfortunately she didn't link the invitation nor could she remember her pin. She didn't get in However I rang her and spoke to the Qantas staff member and she was trying to hard to get my friend in the lounge. She...
  4. J

    Answered QC access to Fiji Airways Nadi Lounge

    Hi all. I'm looking to book a Qantas Codeshare flight from Nadi - Sydney - Adelaide. The Qantas Club page shows access to the Fiji Airways Lounge for QC members on Qantas Flight numbers. The Fiji Airways Lounge sight states only for Qantas Gold/Platinum. Qantas started flying to Nadi direct...
  5. J

    Question What are my lounge options

    Hi - I'm Qantas platinum and booked on a business Emirates flight (NOT a code share with Q - pure Emirates). What are my lounge options in the following cities: MEL - departure Dubai - departure Delhi - departure Dubai - layover (and I will really want to shower and am concerned that if I...
  6. Tacce73

    Answered VA v Singapore Air

    Hi, we are flying one way from Adelaide to Singapore in Nov (cruise back). I am Silver VFF atm but hope to become gold in mid June, if I've done my calculations right. Flying direct out of Adelaide we have two choices Singapore or Virgin, but essentially only one as it is a codeshare flight...
  7. K

    Oneworld J Lounge Planning

    Hi Guys, I have tried to research it myself but some of the info is getting outdated and there is SO much to chose/learn about them all for me to pick one for each destination. I am trying to compile a list of lounges the Ms and I should be visiting on our upcoming oneworld award booking. It...
  8. A

    Free [TAKEN] 2 x Qantas Lounge Passes (Digital) - Expires 11 May 2019

    Have 2 x Qantas Lounge Passes I received from another member here. Unfortunately travel has been delayed by a couple weeks so forwarding these on to someone who can use them before they expire. First to respond will get them. Just need to PM me with QFF number and surname. Cheers.
  9. N

    Revised International Lounge Access Page

    Has anyone noticed Velocity have revised the International Lounge Access page - International Lounge Access | Virgin Australia It previously listed each lounge accessible for their partner airlines - it now links to the airline's website with lounge listing. A bit more effort and hunting to...
  10. I

    Lounge access - JAL

    Hi all I have booked a business class flight out of Mel with JAL... their website directs me to Marhaba Lounge but I was wondering if I could use the Qantas lounge as they’re both part of one world?? Thanks all in advance!
  11. R

    CX Business lounge at MEL

    Hi all. Am flying to NZ in J on QF, am i eligible to enter this lounge? What's it like?
  12. mrsterryn

    Answered QF lounge meet ups - How to answer the offers?

    Just wondering if people do answer the offers of 'I am in the lounge " ? I have offered a couple of times but no success. Sadly also no one else in the lounge comments they are there
  13. Hvr

    QF bars religious leaders from Chairman's Lounge Further in the article it mentions that QF has been cutting numbers for four years. I wonder if any other groups are losing membership?
  14. T

    Answered Qantas lounge pass for friend thailand to bali?

    Just wondering if this is possible. I have a friend travelling from thaialnd to bali with a long stopover in Singapore (10hrs) I have a qantas digital lounge pass. Am i able to link this pass to their booking so they access to the lounge there?
  15. R

    Question Regarding lounge use in Melbourne (Intl) and Auckland (Intl)

    Hi all, I apologise if this has been covered but I have a had a poke around here and can't seem to find any concrete information. I am travelling Qantas this tuesday 30th April in Business class from Melbourne to Auckland, returning Friday 3rd May also flying Business class on Qantas. What...
  16. S

    Answered Qatar J redemption ticket and Doha lounge access

    Hi all, Have just been lucky to find 2 J reward seats from Asia to Europe. I've heard how tricky Qatar tends to be with J lounge access. If I have J on both legs, will I still be able to get Al Mourjan J class? or am I stuck at the one world class lounge? From what I'm looking, we will have a...
  17. get me outta here

    Arriving HKG BA J connecting to QF Y to SYD need a HKG lounge with locker

    Friends have about 9 hours in HKG and asked me if there’s a QF Y lounge with a luggage locker available for their HLO. I have seen them in the Pier, but don’t know about Y lounges. Any advice plse? I should mention they’re planning to use 2 QF lounge passes. Will that work?
  18. auskiwiflyer

    Auckland QF J lounge is disgustingly filthy, worn out, and with s*^t food. Get it remodelled now Qantas!

    Was in the Auckland QF lounge last week - I will just let these pictures do the talking.. How is this in any way acceptable???
  19. Beachypete

    Akl Emirates lounge Access when returning to Bne on Qantas in J Class

    I’m trying to find out if I can access The Emirates lounge in Auckland rather than the Qantas lounge on a return flight to Bne in J class Though I’m getting mixed messages from different ppl. I had a chat session with Emirates and they say no though the way I read their terms and conditions on...
  20. M

    As traveller numbers rise, what strategies do airlines employ re increasing the size or number of lounges?

    Real estate at airports is valuable because of high income and high fare paying travellers. In the last few years, airlines seem to have adopted three strategies to deal with increased numbers of travellers who are eligible to use coveted airline lounges prior to, or less frequently after...