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airline lounges

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  1. E

    Would Qantas close it lounge after the new government announcement?

    Hi all Do you think Qantas or Virgin will be forced to close the lounge as the government is banning indoor dining and bars?
  2. A

    Question Are Airline Lounges in Australia closing due to COVID-19 restrictions?

    While we see some lounges are being closed for commercial reasons, I'm wondering if the announcements on 22/3 mandate such action? To close them would seem consistent with the intent of the restrictions announced, but it's not clear if they are included. Edit - And I guess the same question...
  3. H

    Free Free QF lounge pass (late May 2020 expiry)

    Paying it forward after receiving a free one from TomYagher @TomYagher I know it’s unlikely anyone is travelling, but I’m offering a free lounge pass expiring late May.
  4. W

    Free 1 x Qantas lounge pass free (23/03 exp)

    First in I will give to.
  5. N

    Free [GONE] 2x Qantas General Lounge Pass (30/4 expiry!)

    Was supposed to be travelling to the UK this week, but trip now cancelled and passes will expire before we re-book. (Little people have sporting commitments for next 6 months...) Let me know how you want to use them. If the reason is good they're yours :) They are digital so QFF number and last...
  6. Duck

    Why do Airlines charge a joining fee for Lounge Memberships?

    Hi All, Why do Airlines charge a joining fee for Lounge Memberships? It also should not matter if its a personal or corporate membership it just discourages passengers from using that airline. You would think especially in these difficult times for airlines they would not charge this high fee...
  7. SQ1

    Lounge Access in Changi Airport

    Hi there, Arrive with SQ638 in J at 17:20pm and will continue next morning with SQ223 9:30am also J, would I have access to the KrisFlyer Lounge at arrival in Singapore?? Would be great for some food and shower!! Thanks you for your time. Cheers SQ1
  8. SeaWolf

    Centurion Lounge at LAX (TBIT) is now Open

    Looks like the new Centurion lounge in TBIT at LAX has opened up. Getting a bit spoilt for choice of excellent lounges in TBIT.
  9. O

    Qantas LAX Lounge Eligibility for QC Member?

    Ciao All! Had an interesting run-in with staff at the Qantas LAX lounge a few nights ago, hoping to get some advice. Travelling with my family (I'm QF Gold) + a work colleague who is a Qantas Club member. Flew in from MEL on QF95, arriving LAX at 18.10, then connecting to JFK on QF4784 (which...
  10. Beachypete

    Free One Qantas General lounge pass giveaway expires (14/03) PIF

    One Qantas General Lounge Pass giveaway PIF
  11. T

    Cheap or free virgin lounge membership.

    Hi all. How can we get cheap or free virgin lounge membership? As the price outright is quite high for you get. We will be travelling solely on VA flights Apr 2 BDB-BNE-SYD Apr6 SYD-MEL-HBA April 13 HBA-MEL April 17 MEL-BNE-BDB A would like access to lounge but without the hefty price tag.
  12. FrequentishFlyer

    Free 2x Qantas General Lounge Pass (24/3 expiry!)

    Not long left on these. Let me know how you want to use them. If the reason is good they're yours :) They're digital so QFF number and last name at the ready General – can be used at any Qantas Club domestic lounge, Qantas International Lounge or Qantas operated International Business Lounge...
  13. serfty

    Singapore First Lounge Menus

    I've started this thread but if one more appropriate exists I'll move the posts there. First time here and 60% of the area is set for formal dining. More interestingly the menus are laminated and have no seasonal description. Tea Smoked Duck with pickled cabbage and Chinese mustard. (I'm...
  14. K

    VA Lounge at OOL

    I had to call Velocity Customer Service today as I had not received my physical membership card. During the conversation about my next flight , I was informed that there is no VA lounge at Gold Coast Airport. Not sure how correct is that information. I have 3.5 hours layover and it will be sad...
  15. F

    Lounge Etiquette in the Age of Coronavirus

    Addressing this to all you intrepid travellers who are jetting off into the zombie apocalypse regardless and who have lounge access. I very much enjoy my pre flight lounge visits, including getting a feed and drink or two. Would it be rude to spray sanitiser on your plate and utensils? BYO...
  16. Simon Overall

    Question Lounge query [Lounge at LAX with showers?]

    Will be flying into LAX on Air NZ Business Class in June, connecting to Alaska Airlines First Class. Given the Alaska lounge doesn't have showers,any suggestions please of where I could get a shower in transit?
  17. auspal

    Where is the warm welcome ? Qantas Domestic Lounge.

    I recently visited the Qantas Domestic lounge at Melbourne airport and was disappointed at the welcome we received. I had the boarding passes in my hand and smiled and handed them to one of the two staff at the entrance. My partner's boarding pass ( silver member) was on top and mine...
  18. T

    Free [GONE] 1 x general QF lounge digital pass expire 4th April

    One general QF lounge digital pass expire 4th April this year. Winner is first in; at my discretion; and must have QFF number for me to transfer the pass. General lounge invitation – this can be used at any Qantas Club domestic lounge, Qantas International Lounge or Qantas operated...
  19. K

    Alice Springs Qantas Club lounge closed for 2 months ['until April2020]

    Very disappointed to arrive at the airport for my flight and find the lounge is closed for renovation for two months. That’s ok except couldn’t QF let members know prior? And is it a fair compensation to be offered a $15 voucher at the airport cafe as compensation? Is that all a visit is worth...
  20. T

    Free 4 x QF General lounge passes [2 Exp. Late May, 2 Exp. Late June]

    Seems I have more lounge passes than friends at the moment... 2 Expiring late May 2 Expiring late June Open to anyone, no minimum post requirement but let us know how you can use them. Enough there for a family trip to the QF lounge if that's your idea of fun ;) Notice: Lounge invitations...