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airline lounges

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  1. Mattg

    City Hill Coffee at CBR Airport joins Priority Pass

    Looks like the City Hill Coffee shop at Canberra Airport is now participating in Priority Pass. So if you have a Priority Pass membership, or a free membership with a non-Amex credit card, you can get a $36 food & beverage credit...
  2. J

    Lounge access two fold question.

    Hi all, another (probably daft) question. I have booked flights for next year (probably get cancelled but wanted to be prepared just in case). I have booked Classic reward flights using my QFF. I am flying ADE to LHR and the flights are with Cathay Pacific. I am premium economy out and business...
  3. Mattg

    Velocity cuts points, lounge access & upgrades on some partner airlines

    Velocity Frequent Flyer has issued a "program update" relating to airline partners. Bizarrely, the page states "effective September 2020" even though these changes were only announced on 14 October...
  4. G

    Priority Pass No1 lounge changes

    Just got an email saying that No1 lounge is no longer part of the priority pass network, I wonder whether that's only the first of many to come. Do you think we will see priority pass remain in its current format post-covid?
  5. AustraliaPoochie

    Answered Anyone in the know heard when the SYD QFi F lounge is going to reopen

    EK F flights starting their liaison with QFi again, and I have the itch to fly F again, SYD - CHC, assuming our int borders will open to those flying across the ditch in July next year. Did have a quick look around Google, but no listing of QFi lounges in Aust int airports opening. Ta.
  6. D

    Which Emirates lounge in DUBAI as QF Platinum

    Hi, I've just received my new QF Platinum membership and after reading the important information section it says that I will have access to the business lounge in Dubai. Has this always been the case and are you not able to enter the first lounge as QF Plat?
  7. J

    Answered Virgin lounge

    Hi, Has anyone heard if Virgin Australia is planning to maintain their lounge program, or are they reducing it? Thanks
  8. M

    Entering a QF lounge with QR WP and then changing to your QF FF #

    My background, VA WP, which i status matched to QR WP, starting to send my business to QF since VA wont refund my USA flights. Im QFF NB All my work trips are within Qld only. So this week, i flew QF BNE-TSV, with my QR WP #, BNE lounge, scanned BP, then once inside, changed my FF# to QF, so...
  9. R

    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    Hi, I am travelling Adel/Bris tomorrow. Weeks ago I requested a business upgrade with points. But as I havent heard I decided to link a lounge pass anyway - as the next one expires on Sep 4 I figure I have nothing to lose. However when I tried to to this my flight does not show on the lounge...
  10. Mattg

    Answered Qantas lounge access when flying Jetstar during covid

    Just wondering if anyone (with Qantas Club or Gold+ status) has tried to access a Qantas lounge when flying with Jetstar since the QF lounges reopened last month? I can't see any specific exemption for Jetstar passengers, but I realise that Qantas is being a bit more restrictive with access at...
  11. Snowman

    Headphone trial in BA First lounge

    Going to test memories here- but this is bugging me!! About two years ago, there was a marketing company allowing passengers to demo high end headsets in the BA first lounge at T5. I absolutely loved them- and would equally love to know what they were and look out for a pair if I can ever...
  12. eric2011

    Executive Lounge opening

    Does anyone know when EL's will start to open in NSW. I'm interested in especially the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park.
  13. J

    Accessing qantas domestic lounges on arrival

    It’s nice to have more flights starting up and heading around a bit with work. But man I miss the lounge, I’m not sure why the smaller regional ones haven’t opened. So when they do kick off again, I wouldn’t mind making the most of it, by which I mean accessing the lounge on arrival rather than...
  14. Mattg

    LoungePair - bid for airport lounge access

    A start-up website is now offering airline passengers the opportunity to bid for airport lounge access. The site claims to partner with airport lounges including the Qantas First Lounge in Melbourne. It seems to work a bit like PlusGrade, where you can bid for an upgrade to business class. The...
  15. Mattg

    Skytrax World Airport Awards 2020

    Skytrax has published a list of the best airports of 2020. Here's the top 10: SIN HND DOH ICN MUC HKG NRT NGO AMS KIX No surprise really that 4 of the top 10 airports are in Japan, and 8/10 in Asia! MEL won best airport in Australia/Pacific, coming it at 17th place overall, and ADL won best...
  16. E

    Would Qantas close it lounge after the new government announcement?

    Hi all Do you think Qantas or Virgin will be forced to close the lounge as the government is banning indoor dining and bars?
  17. A

    Are Airline Lounges in Australia closing due to COVID-19 restrictions?

    While we see some lounges are being closed for commercial reasons, I'm wondering if the announcements on 22/3 mandate such action? To close them would seem consistent with the intent of the restrictions announced, but it's not clear if they are included. Edit - And I guess the same question...
  18. H

    Free Free QF lounge pass (late May 2020 expiry)

    Paying it forward after receiving a free one from TomYagher @TomYagher I know it’s unlikely anyone is travelling, but I’m offering a free lounge pass expiring late May.
  19. W

    Free 1 x Qantas lounge pass free (23/03 exp)

    First in I will give to.
  20. N

    Free [GONE] 2x Qantas General Lounge Pass (30/4 expiry!)

    Was supposed to be travelling to the UK this week, but trip now cancelled and passes will expire before we re-book. (Little people have sporting commitments for next 6 months...) Let me know how you want to use them. If the reason is good they're yours :) They are digital so QFF number and last...