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airline lounges

  1. N

    Free Free to good home - 2 x Qantas Lounge pass Expires 16th Aug

    Hi all, I have 2 spare Electronic Qantas lounge passes expires 16th of August - If anyone can use please PM me your surname and QFF number and I'll send it across.
  2. W

    Priority Pass Double Up

    Does anyone know if I can use my two priority passes at Movida in Syd on the same day. ie. get a meal for myself, and another for my partner and pay for them seperatley, using my Priority Pass for both? or will it be limited to one per airport per day?
  3. L

    Question Need help on booking flights through amex or KF points and using qantas lounge

    Hi Guys, I have a bit of a conundrum, I was planning on getting around to using my Kris Flyer points, i still have a couple of years to use them but i have a decent amount of them too. But I also have my amex travel credit to use which expires in Feb and a qantas lounge pass which also expires...
  4. C

    New QF lounge access guidelines website

    Hi all, Just a thing I noticed with the new website change all mentions of WP/P1 getting same day lounge access in the Domestic Lounges seem to have disappeared from the lounge access chart. Only in the status benefits is it listed, the distinction between QFFF's and OW FFs now seem to look...
  5. G

    Question KUL Lounge? [SG/sapphire lounge options]

    Hi All, Next month I'm coming back from Europe and have an overnight stop at KUL (Sama Sama hotel). Just wondering what the lounge options are like for the morning departure. I leave at 0920 on Malaysian in J and am currently QF Gold. There seem to be multiple lounges at KUL, keen for any...
  6. M

    Tokyo Narita T2 oneworld (plus EK) lounge reviews

    Hi guys, Thought I would share my experience/opinions with regard to the Oneworld Lounges at Tokyo Narita Terminal 2. Yesterday, due to me arriving at the airport fairly early, combined with the delayed departure of my flight, I was able to leisurely make my way around all 8 of the lounges...
  7. L

    Taking baby into lounge with a free Credit card lounge pass

    So looking at using a credit card pass to get into the qantas domestic lounge, myself and a baby (1). Does qantas let you in with a baby as i saw somewhere you cant bring children on these passes?? Expecting a 1 year old to pay entry (or use a pass) seems rather harsh when its no like they...
  8. Ansett

    Question KL Lounge a few questions please.

    A Friend and I are off to Phuket for a boys week away riding motor bikes and sight seeing and are looking at flying MH via KL with me as a WP, my friend as an NB and have the following questions if people could assist would be much appreciated, 1) Can I Guest him into the First Lounge we are...
  9. W

    Qantas London Lounge not accepting complimentary invitations

    Not sure if this is something new but I was just looking at the complimentary invitation page on the Qantas website. Alongside the usuals of Singapore and Perth, it now mentions that you can't use the invitations for the London Lounge. Not sure how new this is but I used a few in London last...
  10. NBS

    Answered Jetstar lounge bangkok to singapore

    Hi. Im trying to find out about lounge access. Flying Bangkok to singapore with jetstar. Qantas Platinum One. Can anybody give me some advice if i can use any lounge in Bangkok. Thanks
  11. Matt_01

    Free 10th “free stuff” 2019 – x4 QF Lounge Passes.

    On offer x4 QF Lounge Passes - expiry x2 is 12 Jan 20 and x2 24 Jul 20. These are standard lounge passes and cannot be used at domestic J lounges or TBIT, preference given to: Active members with 25+ posts, preferably with NB or PS status. Please do not send PM, I will not respond just indicate...
  12. Mattg

    CNS Reef Lounge closing

    The Reef Lounge in Cairns is apparently closing on 1 August. The lounge is a Prioirity Pass option and currently used by CX, which is also pulling out of CNS from October.
  13. clod

    Platinum access to Business lounge post flight - Baggage storage?

    AFFers, I have a domestic work trip coming up and will be travelling in company with some colleagues. I understand that I can access the Business lounge post flight and guest two of them for a "meeting". We will all be travelling fairly heavy, so I was wondering what happens to our checked...
  14. Mattg

    SQ refurbishing KrisFlyer Gold lounge in SIN

    Singapore Airlines announced today that it will renovate its horrible KrisFlyer Gold Lounge at SIN. (That's the lounge you get access to if you have status on VA or Star Alliance and are flying SQ in Y.) The new lounge will have toilets, showers, work stations and double the number of seats...
  15. sbor90

    New QFF lounge eligibility page - changes to elites guesting pax on other OW flights?

    Qantas have updated their lounge info pages and moved eligibility info to a single page for ALL lounges. Two things to note: - They have doubled down on QFF elites flying QF metal not being allowed to guest pax on different oneworld flights (which should be permitted as per oneworld rules -...
  16. J


    Hi All, New to this community. I have a question I am a Qantas Club member and want to know as a member can I use the Westjet lounge in LA?
  17. B

    Velocity members now get 20% off lounge entries with No1 Lounges "As well as the 20% discount, Velocity members will earn Velocity Points with every booking. Red members will earn 3 points per $1 spent, Silver members will earn...
  18. Tamerton

    Free Two Qantas lounge passes available.

    I have 2 Qantas Lounge passes to give away which expire on the 5 July if anyone can use them. For domestic or international. First in best dressed. I will need your details to transfer them to you.
  19. J

    Lounge confusion at LAX [Mistakenly sent to EY lounge before VA flight]

    Last night at LAX the checkin lady sent us to 'The House' (Etihad) lounge which was closed. The Emirates lounge had a VA sign outside, and we were welcomed in. Perfectly good it is too, has showers. My question is, what are the regular arrangements at LAX - The House or Emirates? Bummed out we...
  20. I

    Multiple credit cards with Priority Pass

    Hi I have 2 credit cards that have 2 free PP visits. Do I need to create 2 seperate PP accounts (if you are allowed to do this) or just use 2 visits then open up a new account. Thanks