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  1. Daver6

    Points Club Plus lounge benefit

    The QP membership that one gets with PC+ is a little redundant if you're already gold or higher. The inability to gift it is poor. Question though. If someone is gold (which allows them one guest into the QP), if they're also PC+ could they then guest two people into the QP?
  2. Jacques Vert

    Free Lounge Pass expiring 2 Oct '21

    Just realised I have a few lounge passes I can't use (as QF keep cancelling my flights). This one expires in a few weeks. Happy to transfer it to anyone who can make use of it but preference will be given to the first applicant/member who has made more than 100 posts. Send me a private...
  3. Mattg

    Free Name the airports & win a Qantas lounge pass

    I have 4 Qantas lounge invitations to give away which expire on 16 & 22 October 2021, respectively. If you're in an Australian state/territory which is not currently locked down and you'll have an opportunity to use 1 or 2 Qantas Club lounge invitations by next month, read on to find out how...
  4. Mrmrbagley

    Free 2x QANTAS lounge passes - expiring 14 November 21

    2x QF Lounge Passes expiring 14 Nov 21 that have repeatedly fallen victim to the battle of the boarders. Free to a good home that is not locked down. Please indicate your interest below. Please note: Flights must be QF or JQ number and operated, see QF rules You will need to provide me with...
  5. dairyfloss

    Qantas to permanently close QF HKG lounge

    Executive Traveller reporting that "Qantas' Hong Kong airport lounge will remain permanently closed after the airline resumes flying to the Asian financial hub in February 2022." More here:
  6. R

    Qantas lounge invites expiry

    Hi, I have a lounge invite that expires tomorrow - am assuming this is last day or will it expire at end of tomorrow. But I just tried to link it to an upcoming flight in later August - but that one did not show up when I clicked the box to select. A thought that maybe if it was linked before...
  7. T

    Experiences with Qantas Complimentary Lounge Invitations

    Hi all, my family are jetting off tomorrow. I linked single-entry Qantas passes to their Economy flight before online check-in opened, and have confirmation emails. However, on their digital boarding passes, I can't see a 'LPAC' code that indicates that lounge access has been attached to the...
  8. J

    Complimentary Lounge Invites

    Got several lounge invites but I notice that I cannot link them to my upcoming- Per-Bris; or Syd-Per ; or Per-Melb. But i can link to Mel-Syd. Any ideas why not? Also I have Amex lounge access at Melb and Syd, never been into these, are they comparable to the Qantas lounges? Thanks
  9. MikeG

    Free 2x virgin lounge passes exp 26July

    Free to a good home.
  10. K

    QF Lounge Closures

    Just a heads up that many domestic QF lounges have closed due to the ongoing nonsense caused by you know what. Per the QF Service update website the following lounges are now closed: The closure of the SYD domestic lounge is obvious a clear loss for yours truly, as a quick jump down to SYD to...
  11. V

    MEL intl first lounge, reopening?

    Flying EK F on July 14, and wondering what the odds are on the QF first lounge in Melbourne reopening by then. My understanding is that they reopened it for the NZ green flights, which have been paused for now (although theoretically resuming next week) Tips?
  12. JessicaTam

    I am in the NZ lounge

    As the trans-Tasman bubble settles down, a few AFFers are likely to find themselves on an Air New Zealand flight. Posts here if you are passing through.
  13. Z

    Virgin Lounge Passes on ebay?

    Hi guys, I have a couple of single-use lounge passes from a credit card offer which I want to post on ebay as the lounge in Cairns is now closed so I can't use them. There are usually a fair few passes for sale on there, but there haven't been any at all for the last few weeks. I'm just...
  14. Nat Z

    Joining VA lounge

    Apologies if this has already been posted here but I've searched and not found the answer to this question. Is VA currently accepting new members to join the VA lounge? Last time I checked they weren't. This time I can't seem to find an answer. I have Qantas Platinum membership however I will...
  15. K

    Lounge Pass to First Class Lounge

    Guys, I have a two complimentary lounge invitation which I want to use. I'm planning to fly to NZ early August and I know right now the business class lounge is not open. Will the complimentary lounge pass get me in to the first class lounge..I don't have any status. Deciding to fly Qantas...
  16. R

    Sydney IC and Club Lounge

    Can anybody provide details about the Sydney IC Club Lounge experience, post COVID ( Well, yes, it's not exactly over yet !! ). I just note, no apparent Club Rooms available, when checking through some dates .....
  17. M

    Access to Sydney QF lounge - SYD-LST

    Hi everyone, I had to recently change my flight to Tasmania from Perth and now I am travelling through Sydney. First leg is on Jetstar (rough!) and then opted Sydney to Launceston in Business class with Qantas. Do I get access to the business class lounge if I booked using points? I have a 6...
  18. R

    [Gone] 1 x QF Lounge Pass expires 26 June

    I have 1 x QF lounge pass that another member gave me which I can no longer use (due to lockdown). Expires 26 June. First to respond please then PM me your details.
  19. opusman

    2 x QF LOUNGE PASSES - expiry 16 Jun 2021

    I have no use for these, so first in best dressed. Please say if you want one or both.
  20. C

    Free 2 x QANTAS lounge passes - expiring on 26 May 2021

    2 passes expiring on 26 May, would prefer a swap as we travel mid June but open to just a giveaway. Hope someone can make use of them :)