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visas & immigration

  1. X

    Problems swiping Velocity card at BP, it does an unwanted Visa transaction.

    I have had it happen twice now. I go to swipe my Velocity at BP and when I swipe it the Pay Pass sensor picks up the Visa chip in my Global Wallet and it ended up taking the money to pay out of my Global Wallet Visa account and not giving me any Velocity points. The first time it happened it...
  2. D

    Virgin High Flyer Visa Eligible Transactions?

    Hi Can someone help with clarifying the very vague description of what are eligible transactions to earn points on the virgin high flyer credit card. The T&C's state: So utilities such as water and electricity companies which are not government related or semi government, they are private...
  3. D

    Police check for USA Visa interview?

    Hi, First time poster here. I wanted to ask some questions about my upcoming visa interview. My girlfriend surprised me a few weeks ago with a cheap trip to Hawaii in late October so I was looking into the ESTA or visa. Almost exactly 20 years ago now I was arrested and fined for theft. Now...
  4. Mattg

    Brazil removing visa requirement for Australians

    Great news for anyone travelling to Brazil from 17 June this year. You'll no longer need to apply for a visa in advance. It's not that long ago that Brazil introduced e-visas for Australians, and now even applying for that is no longer necessary. Perfect timing for me as my next trip to Brazil...
  5. RB

    Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

    Couldn't find anything on the forum re this and there doesn't seem to be any coverage in the general press when I do a google search. This is an article from the Colombo Gazette Multiple countries get visa free entry to Sri Lanka for six months | Colombo Gazette
  6. Limewood

    Shanghai Visa

    Our flight arrives Shanghai 22st Aug. 7pm, depart by ship 26th for Korea so 96 hours total in port, is this a transit Visa completed on arrival.
  7. R

    Vietnam evisa pages required

    Hey guys and gals, anyone know whether the new evisa system for Vietnam requires full blank pages? I've got almost 3 pages worth of empty space but no fully blank pages. I'm on my 8th year and I'm hoping I don't have to renew before my 9th year. There's nothing mentioned on the offical...
  8. James @ ThePointsPro

    Answered Immigration fast track at Denpasar airport?

    Hi there - a few years ago Indonesia stopped the paid fast track immigration service on arrival to Denpasar airport in Bali. The villa that we're staying at has offered this - is it legal again? Has anyone paid for immigration fast track at Denpasar recently?
  9. Y

    Answered AUS PR Pending, US Visa Once Rejected

    Hi all, My family and I have been living in Australia for almost 3 years now. We were originally on a 457 but have now submitted a PR application. The PR application has finally moved into an assessment stage. I am starting to worry a bit though because almost 10 years ago I paid a small fine...
  10. A

    Smartgate not working after Passport renewal

    I renewed my passport (Malaysian Passport with a Resident Return Visa) early December and had issues with my Visa not being attached to my new Passport number and couldn't use the smart gate. I then filled in the correct form and fixed it with Dept. Home Affairs. About 2 days after I got the...
  11. SeatBackForward

    USA outbound Immigration checks soon?

    Things may be changing regarding USA immigration. When queing up to board my flight out of San Diego last month, a CPB agent approached me and asked if I didn't mind a few minutes with don't argue with the CPB agents I said yes. He had a hand held device that he used to...
  12. Isochronous

    Burma: e-visa experiences

    For those who have been through the process: 1) how long does it take for the e-visa to be approved? 2) does Burma have any peculiar requirements for your passport to contain a whole blank page (I have run out of completely blank pages). Many thanks!
  13. H

    Decorative [Inoperative] passport machines at LAX TBIT

    The last few times I’ve been through LAX TBIT, all the electronic passport machines are switched off and replaced with a 9 layer deep snake of queuing passengers serviced by a handful of immigration officers. I’m sure those machines were working at some point. Why do they make it so difficult?
  14. ajd

    Answered Express Path outbound passes - does airline matter?

    I've got an outbound Express Path card from an EK flight a few months ago which I didn't use in SYD. I've got an upcoming QF flight from MEL where it might be useful if the airport happens to be busy. I've never used Express Path before - do they care about whether the airline issuing your...
  15. JohnM

    Has anyone used a visa-processing agency?

    I am considering a trip to a rather, err make that very, unusual destination next year. I will need a visa which I don't expect to be problematic in being granted. However, it will not be very practical for me to do the application and handling myself so I'll need to use a visa-processing...
  16. Renato1

    Passport Renewal Hits A Snag

    Yesterday my wife couldn't progress with her Passport Renewal at the Post Office. The Post Office couldn't scan the QR Code box at the top right hand side of the printed-out Application form, and the Passport people told the Post Office that the Renewal process could only proceed by scanning...
  17. OZDUCK

    Bali 'crackdown' on damaged passports

    Ok it is by Geoffrey Thomas, but it does seem to be a legitimate matter affecting people.
  18. Quickstatus

    Passport Stickers

    I got this exiting SYD. The auto passport kiosk did not let me through, so I had to go through secondary. Attached by immigration agent at secondary
  19. F

    Concurrent passports and renewal

    Hi, I just received my first aus concurrent passport, valid for 3 yrs. Was forced to as I have 11 pages left but need 12 or 13 at min for africa and usa among others nxt yr. Embassy in Doha wouldn't renew my current, so was best option. Sidenote, if requesting concurrent passport os, the local...
  20. yohy?!

    TPE Arrivals now support Australian Biometric Passport

    Just in TPE, Taiwan this week and noticed signage at immigration confirming that Australian passports could now use the e-gates on arrival. An online arrivals cards needs be completed which can be accessed by QR code nearby also. Quite handy, also available on departure now too. TPE has come a...