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  1. D

    Current time for immigration and customs clearance at LHR

    Does anyone have recent experience with immigration and customs clearance times at LHR Terminal 3? I'm trying to book transport from the airport for my family of 4 including 1 child and have no idea how long this process is taking at the moment.
  2. mrsterryn

    Esta, new passport and USA quick trip

    USA does have Australia on the "you don't need six months on your passport " . I have checked on the updated Jan 2024 list from USA . This is just a question about what happens antedocally not what is supposed to happen . Has anyone been denied at Sydney airport with less than six months on...
  3. C

    Newbie Passport question

    Hi there I am travelling overseas in June and just had a look at my passport and realised that a piece of the green stitch towards the back has come loose, do I need to replace my passport?
  4. C

    Australian Passport question

    Hi there I am travelling overseas in June and just had a look at my passport and realised that a piece of the green stitch towards the back has come loose, do I need to replace my passport?
  5. W

    Passport damage

    Hi All I am new here. I have a question that I hope someone can assist with. I am leaving Perth tomorrow on a holiday and I stupidly put my passport and itinerary on the kitchen table my 8 year old son has done dot to dot on my passport perforated number I caught him at one page but it's the...
  6. F

    AmEx requiring certified copies of driver's licence or passport of supplementary card members now?

    Anyone else receive something similar? or am I the only lucky one? Seems like they are pushing hard to get rid of me as a customer.
  7. yuanne11

    Will I have problems with handwriting on the passport?

    Hello All, We are currently overseas and my son wrote on two pages of his passport - where it says “SECURITY INFORMATION” and “THE GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA…” - the info pages and not the stamps or photo pages. the page on the back of it is the photo page, but thankfully the ink didn’t bleed...
  8. SeatBackForward

    USA Entry - CBP Mobile Passport control app [MPC]

    Has anyone on AFF been using the CBP MPC app for entry into the USA? More details about this app here: Mobile Passport Control (MPC) The wording is a bit vague as it suggests "The MPC mobile app, is available to U.S. citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents, Canadian B1/B2 citizen visitors...
  9. Flashback

    Faulty passport chip

    My last few entries to the UK my passport hasn't worked at the e-Gate machines. I had a really helpful agent on the weekend who told me the chip doesn't work, basically...
  10. dylarr

    Leaving (and re-entering) international terminal after clearing immigration

    Last night, I encountered a situation where someone left something important at home, enough to justify a trip to the airport to drop it off but not something that would have prevented travel. However, they had already cleared immigration and were airside in the international terminal when they...
  11. AisleSeat

    Man charged after flying CPH-LAX with no ticket or passport.

    A Russian man has been charged in the USA for flying from CPH to LAX with no ticket or passport. Serious security breach at CPH.
  12. exceladdict

    Passport Holders, Neck Pouches, Money Belts and Shoulder Bags

    A question for the AFF Brains Trust; what’s your preferred method of carrying around your passport, valuables or other things you prefer not to leave behind in a hotel safe or otherwise? Except in some contexts, I usually like to keep my passport on my person when travelling. However the design...
  13. k_sheep

    Oman - conflicting advice re visas

    Has anyone transited MCT recently? The internet is full of conflicting advice as to whether I need a visa or not - one is just a quick overnight then a longer 4 day stay. Smartraveller says you need a visa, other places don't. Here's something stolen from flyertalk about USA passports...
  14. RooFlyer

    Can't go through immigration until flight opens - c4 hours prior to departure

    A new one for me. Passport got rejected at SmartGate at MEL,, so I had to go to the manual counter and wait. Very puzzeled migration officer took a little while to figure out why it wouldn’t accept me, and then said that I couldn’t proceed through immigration until the flight was 'open'. I had...
  15. S

    Have you actually lost your passport before while travelling?

    Excluding having your passport stolen, luggage stolen , damaged I was recently on a trip and I have my passport in a cover, and I dont like having to remove my passport from cover each time, i put the naked passport in the side pocket, and there was a hole in in it and it slid into the main...
  16. serfty

    Singapore's Changi Airport Departures To Go Passport Free
  17. Mattg

    Bhutan reduces daily tourist charge

    Bhutan is one of the more difficult countries in Asia to visit because it requires tourists to spend a minimum amount per day on a tour package in order to get a visa. But most reports from those who've been are that it's totally worth it, with happy people and great nature. The daily tourism...
  18. M

    LATE INDIAN TRAVEL VISA - A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Calamity

    Hi all this is a post for anyone that finds themselves in the same boat as me and is panicking. It's alright! TLDR If you are heading to India and forgot to apply for your visa until less than 4 days until you travel: Apply for your visa straight away. Choose the soonest arrival date possible...
  19. SydneySwan

    Vietnam Entry; Date Calculation on 6 months UK Passport Validity?

    For trips less than 15 days, citizens of the United Kingdom can enter Vietnam without a visa. Upon their arrival, visa requirements state that a British traveler must have their UK passport on hand, and their passport must be valid for six months after their arrival date. I have a UK passport...
  20. AustraliaPoochie

    Passport swiping/scanning after OLCI (QFi)

    My red eye dep MEL 23.25 12Jul. OLCI will open in 24 hours prior, I know that much. These days, unless it says OLCI is not available, please checkin at the airport, which might happen to me... If I am able to do OLCI for my QFi flight MEL - AKL, do I still need to go to the check in desk at MEL...