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  1. Q

    Yellow fever certificate and passport changes

    Does anyone know the process for updating yellow fever vaccination certificate/Travel Vaccination 'passport' when your regular passport number has changed? My yellow fever cert has the old number. In the past, the few agents on entry who even knew about the vaccination book gave it a cursory...
  2. Mattg

    Aust govt removes outbound travel ban exemption for overseas residents

    The Australian government will remove the automatic exemption from the outbound travel ban for Australian citizens & permanent residents who normally live overseas. This change will take effect from 11 August 2021. From 11 August, Australians who normally live overseas will now have to apply...
  3. Matt_01

    Have passport will travel - DPRSA to DPRWA

    I am heading the DPRWA today and after reading @oz_mark comments Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted I have ensured my travel plans are in order: Passport – check, ICV – check, Cross border visa – check G2G App – check SafeWA App – check Negative Covid PCR test...
  4. prozac

    Passport Renewal Notice

    Who has received a passport renewal notice recently? I did today. My initial reaction is it is a bit cheeky. We have not been allowed to travel, yes I know essential services travelers can, for 12 months now, and we know we cannot fly before 21 June 2021. I know it pays to be prepared but as I...
  5. Mattg

    International arrival caps & getting back to Australia

    A friend of mine (who is an Australian citizen) has been working in Switzerland for the past few years, but would like to return home to Perth next February or March. He hasn't seen his family in Australia for several years now. He's booked an economy class ticket on Qatar Airways, but is...
  6. calmelb

    Tony Abbott's passport number revealed after Instagram Post

    Just saw this and thought it would be an interesting read for a lot of us, we all know about protecting the PNR but Tony Abbott shared it publicly leading to the possible disclosure of his passport number. Interesting that notes on your booking were viewable in the QF MMB When you browse...
  7. Mattg

    Hotel quarantine experience when returning to Australia

    Just wondering if anyone has returned to Australia from overseas since mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine was introduced in late March. If so, what was the experience like? I'd be interested to know things like... What was the procedure when you arrived at the airport? What hotel did you end up...
  8. K

    Passport Extension?

    This is a tongue in cheek question but surely all passports expiry date should be extended for the period of the travel ban imposed by the government?
  9. Flashback

    UK mulls over changes for Hong Kong citizens The UK is looking at expanding the privileges for residents of HKG, depending on what happens with the upcoming elections. As a former stronghold for the poms, it's good to see they've not completely abandoned them since they've left.
  10. MikeG

    ESTA for cancelled travel

    Does anyone know what happens with the ESTA US VIsa applications one puts in if your travel is cancelled? Can the ESTA be cancelled or deferred to a future travel date? I think the ESTA lasts for two years right?
  11. RSD

    Bali - immigration form no longer required?

    I vaguely recollect seeing an email a couple of months ago saying that Aussies no longer need to fill out Indonesian immigration forms on the plane enroute to Bali - is this true or was I dreaming? If true have they put e-gates in or ...?
  12. large

    UK Passport question

    Hi everyone, Just found mums (deceased) UK passport after going through some old stuff. Mum was Aussie born and bred. Father, my grandad, was born in Cornwall UK, migrated to Australia at age 3. Mum travelled to the UK and Ireland in the mid 90's, mum obtained a UK passport on the back of her...
  13. V

    Australian Passport Ranked #9 by Henley Passport Index based on IATA data

    Henley Passport Index Ranking using IATA data in January 2020 has Australia Ranked @ #9 with access to 183 countries without prior visa. Japan is ranked #1 with access to 191 countries without prior visa What are your thoughts on this matter...
  14. K

    Passport Validity - 6 month calculation

    Can i still use my passport which expires 27/10/2020 for my upcoming trip in April - May? Please correct me if i am wrong, I'm just lazy to apply for a new one. Passport exp: 27/10/2020 Flying out 31/03/2020 Heading to: Singapore, Copenhagen, Iceland, USA and Taiwan Arrive back 12 May
  15. E

    Urgent help needed only 2 months left on passport

    My son and German daughter in lawyer due to fly out tonight on and Emirates flight via Dubai to Frankfurt. She only has 2 months left on her German passport. Her new one is waiting for her to collect in Germany. Last night they tried to check in online and an error came up. They will only be...
  16. A

    Can 13yr old Australian e-passport holder use e-gates at LHR

    Hi, husband and I along with our 13 year old are travelling to LHR in a fortnight. We all hold Australian e-passports and can use the e-gates here in Oz. Can anyone advise whether the 13yr old can use the e-gates at LHR? I know we adults can, but cannot find any information on under 18s...
  17. N

    APEC not updated with new passport

    Can you still travel to China using APEC card and new passport for Australian citizens? The APEC card is not yet updated with the new passport details.
  18. baldman

    Is it worth paying for "VIP" customs and immigration clearance at HKT ?

    Hoping some learned fellow members can assist with this; We are flying SQ Biz class into HKT late afternoon on December 29th. Will SQ issue us with any "priority" C & I clearance "vouchers", and if not, should we expect the wait time at immigration to be lengthy. I have just checked the...
  19. VPS

    Passport applications

    I've just applied for a new passport and obviously forgotten that they cancel your current one once you apply for a new one. That must be a pain for frequent travellers. It says I can track my passport application using the application number but I am stumped trying to find the site to do the...
  20. drron

    New Russian e visas.

    Unfortunately not for Aussies.But hopefully in the future.