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  1. P

    Velocity redemption discounts

    Earlier this year Velocity was offering 30% off redemption bookings and I got a great deal booking flights. Does anyone know whether Velocity do this on a regular or semi-regular basis and if so roughly how often? TIA
  2. S

    Whats the most expensive Redemption using points possible?

    Whats the most expensive single item/category on any airline program redemption available? Im not privvy to the programs the bill gates of the world have access to but Obviously excluding cashbacks/credits, and has to be a single item, not 10,000 movie tickets The most expensive i've seen is...
  3. D

    Hertz redemption saga

    Hi All, I want to share my experience with a Hertz points redemption in Honolulu, Hawaii. Essentially, I was looking for a free hire car when planning a trip. I booked a car for a week on points, then cancelled. Booked again for another week, then a week or so later cancelled, about 75% of my...
  4. L

    Virgin Atlantic - Redeem for Air NZ Awards

    Follow up to the recent AFF article citing some decent Air NZ award availability in Business from MEL-AKL on the 787 and 777 (here: Unusual Air New Zealand Award Availability) I can see the awards in KrisFlyer and they appear real enough. I can't see them in the United search and Virgin...
  5. Frequent Flyer Solutions

    FF Solutions Webinar – KrisFlyer for Aussies

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. With all major Australian credit card...
  6. FromTheRail

    Getting earlier flight DOH-LHR on AA redemption

    I've got a DOH-LHR flight coming up soon, it's QR7 QR3 leaves an hour earlier I'm on AA redemption tickets which aren't showing QR3 as available, but on Expert Flyer I can see there are plenty of seats left (9+ in J) Do you think it's possible to get the earlier flight, or even worth the...
  7. P

    Infant seat on VA using Krisflyer points

    Hi team, I am doing a domestic flight in a couple of weeks with my family, VA metal using Krisflyer points to book. We have a 1yo who is turning 2 a couple of weeks after we travel, and really needs his own seat as he sits still for around 5 seconds. When I booked there was no option to book a...
  8. MJHoops

    How to fix Qantas classic reward after partner airline schedule change

    Since 14 June 2022 I have been trying to get Qantas to ticket me on alternative flights due to a schedule change by Japan Airlines. Today, 8 July 2022, I got my e-ticket. I am still waiting on my wife’s (we booked separately as she was a chance to cancel her booking). This was a classic reward...
  9. A

    KrisFlyer Redemption Booking - Removing One PAX Query

    Hoping someone can help please. I have 2 x Saver J redemptions booked SYD-SIN-LHR in Sept on the same ticket for 2 listed pax, booked via my KrisFlyer account with my points. Does anyone know if I can cancel the booking for the other pax with those points refunded and if KrisFlyer would still...
  10. zoom&boom

    CX Redemption Flights

    Try as I may I am unable to find any CX (CX metal) redemptions in J class. I’ve searched multiple routes and dates at 360 days out etc. Other airlines are available but no CX redemptions. Has anyone else seen this or is it finger trouble on my part?
  11. D

    Mel - Sin Business Class redemption seats on Qantas for next 8 months - none

    been searching fruitlessly an d the only one I found was on via Darwin where they then dump you on Jetstar Asia economy ..
  12. M

    Redemption on HA

    I now have plenty of velocity points thanks to sign up bonuses of late and would love to book a coveted HA flight in Business Class with my Kids (four seats). I called Velocity this morning and did a search in April 2023 to find only two economy seats for the entire month! I felt motivated after...
  13. F

    Qatar redemption availabilities in J

    Hey All, I've been looking at best uses of my AMEX points for business class redemption fares to Europe for this time 2023. I've got a bunch of AVIOS in my Qatar account from some flying i've done over the last year and was thinking I could do Qatar Heathrow to Sydney in J. Their redemption...
  14. Scr77

    KrisFlyer redemption rates increasing [from 5/7/22]

    Hot off the press, redemption rates are increasing. New charts are here Upgrade charts are also increasing and...
  15. B

    Redeem Bank of Melbourne Amplify Rewards to different person's Krisflyer Account

    Hi, My wife is about 45,000 points short of a flight redemption via Krisflyer. Is it possible for me to redeem my Bank of Melbourne Amplify Rewards points into her Krisflyer account so that she can make the redemption? Thanks in advance
  16. T

    How to book a Classic Reward over a few months

    Hi All, I was hoping to get your collective knowledge on how best to book a Qantas Classic Rewards business class fare to USA, Asia and return, for mid May/June 2023. We would like to go for about 4-5 weeks, but I know reward seats (especially on some of the USA routes) fill up pretty darn...
  17. G

    QF Flight Credits - Change fee being levied at redemption?

    Stumbled across this thread on ozb and found it interesting - it looks like passenger initiated flight credits are subject to a change fee when redeeming for new flights. The wording on the QF site ( seems to...
  18. AFF Editor

    30% off Qantas Points to Regional Australia (book 9-15 May 2022)

    Qantas Frequent Flyer is giving 30% off the points required for Classic Flight Rewards on 33 regional routes, for travel from 1 June until 30 November 2022. This discount is available when booking by 15 May 2022. In addition, all Economy Class seats on these 33 routes are available to book as...
  19. magicpies

    Redemption on Air Canada - booking reference error

    Hi folks, I booked a couple of J reward tickets with Air Canada, however my e-ticket has been exchanged 3 or 4 times since booking as the departure times keep changing. The problem however is that my Air Canada booking reference is still linked(?) to the original e-ticket number and despite...
  20. P

    Pooling with spouse

    Hi all, I've searched high and low and can't seem to find the answer to this question My wife and I are looking to visit Singapore in August. We have managed to book two business seats Syd-Sing via BA on points QFF (given no availability on Qantas). For our return leg, we were looking to use...