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redeem points

  1. goldenhorn

    Have I over-capitalised on this J reward trip?

    I'm a relative newbie in the points game, so learning heaps and loving it so far. I would love some input from some of the more experienced members... I recently got the J class SIN-NRT-KUL on JAL so we can visit Japan for a couple of weeks in Jan 2020. All up it cost about AUD $1,640 through...
  2. P

    Expert Flyer does not show number of VA award seats available

    Hi I saw the webcast last night and tried Expert Flyer for the first time today searching for VA award flight availability. The results page just shows yes or no for availability but not the number of seats. Is this a peculiarity of VA searches or have I missed something? Matt's demo last night...
  3. B

    Interpreting the Thai Award chart

    As both Matt and Pointhacks suggest Thai could be a good destination for MR points that I am looking for a home for with the looming devaluation. Having trouble interpreting the Thai chart though. We have friends whose son is getting married just oustdie Chang Mai in January and 98K for return...
  4. I

    CGK - SYD Velocity redemption

    Hi people, looking to get an advice from the expert here, I am trying to redeem a business class from CGK to SYD, it is available if i look in a separate leg (CGK - SIN, SIN - SYD) but i cant seems to be able to do it, to book in a single ticket. do you think i can call velocity support to get...
  5. R

    Redeem for Suites on Singapore Airlines

    Hi all, I've been trying to spend some of my points balance with VA booking a codeshare in suites with Singapore Airlines to London and back. A couple of items keep frustrating my ability to redeem my points: 1. Manual Searching I cant submit an email request to have someone actually look in...
  6. ramboflyer

    Option to Switch from Altitude Rewards to Qantas Points

    Received an e-mail from Westpac outlining changes where a card holder can switch from Altitude Rewards to Qantas points and vice versa subject to terms and conditions. I don't know if this as another outcome of the banking royal commission but I would think it has to be a good thing if...
  7. Daver6

    Advice needed: award flight cancellation and knock on issues.

    Hi all, Would like input/advice/my rights on the following scenario. Last week I booked a One World Award for 2 pax in J with the following: PER - SYD QF SYD- DOH - HEL QR HEL - BGO AY 12 nights. 11 on the cruise and one in Bergen. BGO - HEL - LHR AY Managed to score a throne seat on the A330...
  8. D

    Question What's the best value reward seats - AUS to SIN?

    I'm not sure if I've stumbled upon a reasonable value for reward flights from Australia to Singapore or not. From what I can see, often the single biggest limiting factor with reward flights, is the AU to where ever redemption. Often I find open availability, on flying once out of Australia...
  9. F

    Qantas Frequent Flyer Reward availabilty

    Hi everyone, Just some thoughts re availability of reward seats through Qantas. I'm at present trying to organise a trip to Europe departing Perth in mid December 2019 returning end on January 2020. I have organised the outward leg Perth to Zurich (with Cathay) and am researching the return...
  10. B

    Oneworld rtw award vs star alliance rtw award

    Hi, I am early in my points earning with around 200k in VA and around 100k in qff and trying to work out which path is best to take as my goal is a rtw business trip for myself, wife and daughter. I have only silver va status and no qantas status anymore. With the cost of kris flyers...
  11. J

    citibank reward points converting to flybuys 1:1

    citibank have recently started allowing you to transfer reward points to flybuys Now you can transfer your Citi reward Points to flybuys points and redeem them in Australia’s favourite loyalty program.1 To kick things off, you’ll get 15% flybuys points bonus every time you transfer your Citi...
  12. stig_aus

    First Time Redeeming KF (MEL - SIN)

    Hi all, My wife and I have been madly saving up Velocity points to travel J to Europe in 2020/2021. With the recent devaluation we dumped our balance into KF and have approx. 400k points. Following a bit of a rough start to this year we are considering dashing over from MEL to SIN for 4 or 5...
  13. H

    Additional Award Release

    Looking for F/J on any routes to the US end of November and no seats released to this point. Flights look wide open on EF. Chances on seats being made available for classic award? If so, ~ how far out? I do have alerts set with EF already.
  14. Stevo.1702

    Qantas Rewards Store MEL

    Apologies if this has already been discussed but today arriving in MEL I saw that at the corner near gate 1 Qantas has obtained some retail space and setup a physical Qantas Rewards Store. Inside they have on display all the literal and figurative toasters than can be purchased with Qantas points.
  15. M

    Answered JAL Reward Booking on Qantas

    Not sure where to create this thread so hopefully this is the right place for my question. I am looking to book the following reward flight on JAL from Osaka to KL this coming November on the Qantas website. A few questions I have for people who may have done this in the past: 1) I read...
  16. Y

    Best use of Qantas points for non-flight redemption

    Hello fellow QFFs, So after churning a few Qantas bonus cards I have accumulated about a million points over the last few years. While I am aware that using points for upgrade or business class reward tickets are best, I don't have much use in that way. On the other hand you know the redemption...
  17. B

    Answered QF Award but please explain QR married segments.

    I have read all 325 pages of this thread and tried searching to no avail. Can someone please explain the QR married segment policy. I am hoping to book award flights Syd - DOH -IST And return ATH - DOH -SYD Depending on availability will consider flying in/out of MEL or ADL instead, but what...
  18. L

    Answered Cathay Pacific Lounge Access Hong Kong on Qantas J classic award Flight

    We are looking at booking J Classic Award flights Brisbane to Hong Kong & Hong Kong to Paris later in the year and the only flights coming up at the moment seem to be with Cathay Pacific. Would we have access to the Qantas lounge in Brisbane and the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong being...
  19. Dr Ralph

    20,000 Woolworths rewards points for a Woolworths Home & Contents Insurance policy

    Similar offering to this one: 20,000 Woolworths rewards points with a pet insurance policy Rewards Member Offer | Woolworths Home Insurance 'Protect your home and the things you love with a combined Woolworths Home & Contents Insurance policy. Plus for a limited time you’ll also earn 20,000...
  20. E

    Question Changing SQ redemption flight after travel

    One question for the SQ gurus here - I for the life of me cannot remember Are you allowed to change your inbound / return SQ redemption flight after departure - i.e. I'm happy to book my outbound but may need to change my inbound once my outbound has been taken