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  1. F

    QFF redemption BA Premium Econ SIN-SYD worth?

    Hey All, Recently started redeeming QFF points for the first time, I am planning my trip to Asia next Jan-Feb, as I have family in Malaysia. I redeemed MEL-KUL MAS business class. For the return, only BA had Premium Econ SIN-SYD, whereas all partner airlines only had economy. I went ahead and...
  2. M

    Chances of changing redemption booking for points that have expired

    My situation is that last June had booked a redemption booking in J from Brisbane to New Delhi on 16 May 2024 for myself and wife. We had booked a Silver Seas cruise that was departing Mumbai on 23 May 2024 to Athens. Silver Seas only cancelled the cruise last Thursday (frustrating as other...
  3. W

    Does anyone knows what the "Affiliated member" in Asiamiles is?

    I noticed that in the Asiamiles Redemption Group section, there is a place to enter "Affiliated Member". Does anyone know what it is?
  4. V

    Can you redeem Qatar Avios for a friend?

    I would like to redeem some Qatar Avios for 2 friends not travelling with me, is it possible if they are not family ? If yes , how to do it ?
  5. K

    Best program to redeem AF/KLM flights

    Need to fly from Canada to AMS or CDG. Flights available are Air France or KLM but using QF points to book this cost me an arm, leg and a few fingers on tax charged. What other reward program can I use with a lower tax? Example - booking through QF YYZ to CDG cost around $1110AUD on Air...
  6. vivekseshan

    Redeem Velocity Points to upgrade on United Airlines

    I am a Velocity Gold member and recently booked on UA to fly SYD-IAH-LGA AND MCO-SYD through work's travel desk. I asked for my Velocity membership to be added to the booking and also have enrolled into UA's MileagePlus program. Is it possible to: 1. Transfer points out of Velocity into UA and...
  7. M

    Classic Reward Redemption on JQ Domestic - do you get $10 food voucher

    Hi I booked a classic reward redemption on JQ domestic in Spt 2023 for travel last week. I expected it will be seat plus one checked bag and no food. My first flight had a time change of 4 hours and i accepted the change and got reticketed in October. When I was on the first flight the flight...
  8. S


    Hi, I need to get a flights for 2 adults and 1 child PER -HKG return Wanting to depart any date between the 8th and 11th of Dec, returning to Perth between the 3rd and 7th of Jan 2025. I have enough points for 1 adult return. There doesn’t look to be any availability. If I booked 3 premium...
  9. Mattg

    Velocity rewards in Air Canada Premium Economy?

    I noticed that the Velocity website states that Premium Economy reward seats are available to book on Air Canada: However, I have never actually seen one available. Even when Premium Economy awards are available to book through Aeroplan at the lowest points level, Velocity (and all other Air...
  10. goldenhorn

    Can't select seats on Avios redemption

    I booked a reward flight on AA via British Airways EC, ORD-PUJ last weekend. It went through smoothly and I got the e-ticket confirmation. I've tried to manage the booking on AA to select our seats multiple times, but I just get an error message. I've tried with the booking reference and the...
  11. J

    QF redemption EK metal (SIN/MEL) - how do they calculate Taxes/Levies/Surcharges??

    Looking at SIN/MEL, I noticed that J rewards are 75,000 QF points (vs 68,000 on QF metal). Ok maybe EK (and BA) are more 'expensive'. But what's going on with taxes? QF redemption on EK404 SIN-MEL is 75,000 points + SGD 84.40 whereas EK405 MEL-SIN is 75,000 points + AUD1,217.67 !! Does...
  12. T

    Checking baggage through from Velocity redemption with QR onto domestic QF?

    Hi team, might be asking a bit much of airlines and airport staff, but worth asking you all. Snagged a Velocity reward seat on QR in J from Europe to ADL next year. Issue is, I live in MEL (there were no awards available the day I wanted). So, I’ll need to tack on a domestic flight home. I...
  13. D

    Qantas redemption booking woes

    For my planned trip next year, the rarest of miracles has happened: Qantas has a classic J redemption available on the day I wish to travel! Praise the Lord! Unfortunately, things never work out perfectly. There is only a redemption available flying out of BNE-LAX rather than my home town of...
  14. Mattg

    Transfer points from Virgin Australia Business Flyer with 20% bonus until 17/12/23

    Received this email from Virgin Australia Business Flyer: Of course, I just transferred most of the points out of my account last week 🥹
  15. P

    Telstra Plus Try Redeem points 🤬

    First attempt!!!!! Was seeking Pixel 8 Pro 512Gb for best price..... Telstra had their Telstra Plus points and pay option that BF price started a week early and did not change Black Friday and I don't believe will change for Cyber Monday but ends Monday midnight. Rang Telstra Thursday and...
  16. Mattg

    Qatar Airways now partners with JetBlue

    Looks like Qatar Airways and JetBlue launched a new partnership earlier this month which includes reciprocal award redemptions. This could be an interesting new option for people with Avios (or Amex points that can be converted to Avios) to book JetBlue flights, especially their trans-Atlantic...
  17. P

    Qantas international use points calculator for multisector

    Other than making a dummy reservation, is there an online calculator to compute QF points required to book an international multi-sector route on QF and partner airlines?
  18. Caversham04

    Strange Qantas economy / business redemption pricing

    Bit of a strange one while doing some flight research. Male (Maldives) > Colombo > Melbourne on Sri Lankan Airlines is 100,000 pts +$247 in Economy or 86,200 points and $341 in Business. Wouldn't be a difficult decision if I was in a position to make a firm booking right now!
  19. G

    Seat Selection for BA flight (booked as QFF redemption) separate bookings

    So I've just booked a flight on BA (with QFF points) in business class (rewards) on which I was able to select seats quite easily (QF Gold / OW Sapphire). Turns out that I had to make another booking for a family member on the same flight, and unfortunately they had no status so wasn't able to...
  20. M

    SQ Redemption Flight Change - No ticket number?

    Hi all, looking for some advice. My Velocity redemption for SQ SIN-MEL was moved forward by 10 minutes, and this tiny change is leading to some unfortunate consequences. The current situation is: - I’ve noticed in the SQ online Manage Flight portal that there’s a banner saying I’m not ticketed...