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flight delays

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  1. M

    Bamboo Airways Delays/Cancellations

    On Friday 13 November 2020, QH97, the 1455 hours mid afternoon SYD to HAN has been cancelled.
  2. S

    Finnair Fiasco from 2016

    Just received this email and not sure what to think. I had long since given up. Hi, I ask both of you to respond to this email individually, thank you. This email concerns the flight delay reimbursement that IfDelayed has taken care of for you. Attached you can find the judgement given in...
  3. M

    Bamboo Airways Delays/Cancellations

    Can't be certain, but QH89 on Wednesday 23 September 2020 may have been the first time Vietnamese carrier Bamboo Airways has taken off from Australia., in its case from MEL. The flight to SYD and on to VCA (which I had to look up, but it's in southern Vietnam) was the 0925 hours that did not...
  4. M

    Alliance Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    During coronavirus on Monday 27 July 2020, QQ4031, an early bird 0535 hours BNE down to SYD was cancelled, as was QQ4307 at a proposed 1440 hours on the same southbound route. I haven't previously noticed Alliance Airlines operating on this route (although elsewhere, despite being about 20 per...
  5. M

    Miscellaneous Airline Delays/Cancellations

    The special repatriation flight from Uruguay's MVD on Saturday 11 April 2020 to MEL took off at 0137 hours. While not shown publicly as far as I can see, my guess for arrival at Tulla is around 0600 on Easter Sunday 12 April 2020. This flight is 5M751, operated by A343 9H-SUN. It has...
  6. M

    Nauru Airlines delays

    Only small numbers of international flights are operating to and from Oz during coronavirus, and the way the Prime Minister, Premiers and health advisers are talking, this could be further minimised given the almost blanket prohibition on Australians departing our shores. On Friday 3 April...
  7. L

    Thai long delay

    Hi all, flying return to Europe on Thai in April/May originally on the flight home we had a 3 hour stop. Just got an email today saying the flight has been changed and its now a 26 hour stop! Wondering if anyone has any idea on what our options are? Could we hit the airline up for a hotel...
  8. W

    2-factor login: delay receiving SMS when logging in from home PC

    I have 2-factor login enabled on my Qantas account. I enter my login details and pin, then receive an SMS code to verify my login; however, when I login on my home windows 10 PC, the SMS is delayed by up to 6 hours, and am also not required to enter the SMS code to access my account In...
  9. F

    Delay in Points Posting?

    Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster. Is anyone experiencing a delay in getting their VA points posted? My points from my flight on Sunday is yet to be posted. Thanks.
  10. mrsterryn

    Delayed flight - what happens ?

    I am due to go on QF25 in a week or so. It appears to , unfortunately, have delays on occasions I am curious what happens when a significant delay occurs . For example tonight's QF 25 appears to be now leaving tomorrow . Are the passengers escorted out of airside ? Told to go home/put up at a...
  11. M

    Domestic airline punctuality and cancellations September 2019

    Timekeeping crashed in September 2019 with almost one in four donestic flights 15 minutes or more late arriving, a shocking deterioration of six percentage points from Sept 2018. Cancellations also rose according to this BITRE report. Overall cancellations on the MEL - SYD and return route, by...
  12. T

    Townsville Security

    At Townsville airport it is necessary to remove an ipad or similar pad from one's carry on luggage and place it in a tray as one would do with a computer. I have never experienced such a requirement at any other airport in Australia nor indeed any where else in the world. Has anyone else ever...
  13. exceladdict

    MasterCard Flight Delay Pass 2019

    First seen on OzB with a 28 degrees link, but now generic: https://flightdelaypass.mastercard.com/ Free lounge access if your flight is delayed. Have been unable to register my non-28 degrees cards though. Has anyone else had more luck?
  14. S

    Hong Kong - likelihood of delays

    Posting on Sept 18 2019 - I am flying to the UK on October 10 and can take Air China via Peking or Cathay via Hong Kong. The latter is preferable IF there is no chance of delays or cancellations; I have a family event I have timed perfectly assuming no delays. SO, what is the current situation...
  15. parsonstrish

    Does SIN lounge stay open for delayed Qantas Flights?

    I’m flying Syd-lhr 17/10, following with interest delayed qf1 transit n Singapore. Does the qf lounge stay open if flight leaves later than originally planned?
  16. M

    Thai AirAsiaX Delays/Cancellations

    On Wednesday 11 September 2019, XJ311, the 1250 hours lunchtime from BNE to Bangkok's now secondary DMK took off at 1406 with A333 HS-XTE. Arrival is expected at 2020 hours mid evening, 70 minutes tardy.
  17. C

    Above and beyond solution to delayed flight

    Flt to SYD from OOL delayed, would miss ASP connection, and there’s only one flight per day. The flt to MEL would be too late to make that ASP flt, so Qantas have put me in a cab with a voucher to BNE to catch their flt to ASP. Gets in 90 mins late, but better than not at all! They opened the...
  18. P

    QF7 huge delay

    QF7 from SYD- DFW is delayed by almost 10 hours. I’m in Dallas waiting to take QF8 to SYD and it’s delayed by at least 2 hours. This whole mess with flights cancelled out of LAX is having a wider impact. They have one A380 out of service for refurbishment and then some mechanical issues on...
  19. O

    Qantas major delays at LAX

    seems QF having major issues with A380s at present. https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/company-news/hundreds-of-young-travellers-stranded-halfway-around-the-world-when-qantas-cancelled-multiple-flights/ar-AAFp4NW?ocid=spartandhp Wonder if QF put any pax on FJ/NZ/AA/VA/DL/UA ? They probably...
  20. A

    Heathrow LHR possible delay disruption 5 & 6 August 2019

    I'm flying DUB-LHR arriving 4 pm ahead of an LHR-SIN-SYD at 10 pm. Aer Lingus have advised me "we intend to fly" however expect likely delays and disruptions. They offer a flight change for free however a look online at the booking system is telling - no availability at all on EI for 5 or 6...