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  1. I

    Europe 22 strikes delays and cancellation information

    Given that this summer is expected to be he'll in Europe I thought it might be helpful if we post our collective knowledge of strikes, airport shut-downs etc in Europe and the UK this summer. @Admin would a wiki be a good idea?
  2. RSD

    Looks like an 8 hour delay in Dubai - does Emirates provide hotel rooms?

    Nearly three hour delay leaving Cairo means am looking at a likely missed connection in Dubai and an 8 hour wait for the next flight to Melbourne - do Emirates normally provide hotel tooms in those circumstances or am I going to be slumming it in the lounge...?
  3. goldenhorn

    How do I claim travel delay expenses?

    I recently flew PER-SYD-BNK and the PER VA flight was delayed so we missed the final flight to BNK for the day by 10 minutes. VA put us up in the airport hotel and airport staff said to save the taxi receipt to claim the cost of getting to the hotel. Does anyone know how I would submit this...
  4. B

    Malaysia Airlines Unacceptable Refund Delay

    Ok story short I bought two tickets on the 23rd of May 2022 for a total amount of $2850+ We specifically paid for Flexi tickets hence ended up paying quite a bit for our economy tickets. (Flexi tickets allow FULL REFUND) Unfortunately due to unforeseen last min changes we have to cancel our...
  5. justinbrett

    Honolulu Transit - QF to HA

    Has anyone tried a QF to HA (same ticket) transfer? It seems this is possible if booked through a travel agent (or expedia), as both airlines have signed up to through check and baggage connectivity. I would be flying to LAS and the idea of skipping LAX to get there is appealing, and the 5-6...
  6. M

    Pakistan Airways Delays/Cancellations

    PK was supposedly to begin a regular timetabled passenger-carrying service from Lahore to Sydney. On Sunday 3 April 2022, SYD's (airport) site shows outbound PK9809 to LHE as 'cancelled'. Apparently PK hasn't yet received CASA permission to fly into (and out of) Oz, so the airline's wish for...
  7. K

    Qantas re-issuing tickets for Emirates flights

    Hi all, Today I received emails regarding re-ticking by Qantas for flights on Emirates Airline. Basically, all the effected flights were booked as Qantas Classic Rewards. below is the text of the email. Information only - No action required Booking reference...
  8. FishFood

    First time flying Rex, 12 hour delay

    So for my first time flying Rex (from PER to ALH) I was due to leave at 7:10 PM, about an hour after it was due to depart we were informed the flight would be rescheduled to 7:30 AM the following day due to the inbound plane breaking down and having to bring a standby plane into operation...
  9. Revenge

    Trying to get delay compensation from JQ

    Anyone been successful at getting compensation for JQ for a delay? The Jetstar compensation policy states: Source: https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/help/articles/compensation-and-refunds We had a recent flight where we were delayed 3 hours and 19 minutes. No meal vouchers were offered by JQ at...
  10. J

    Jetstar Cancels Flight

    Last week I had to attend a funeral in BNE with just a few days notice. It was my first flight in over 2 years. The usual CNS to BNE Qantas 6am flight was not available...seems this is the one they always cancel...so booked a 7am Jetstar which would arrive in time, thinking at least I can go to...
  11. C

    delay between booking and issuing ticket

    I made an online booking that used a flight credit and I had to pay the fare difference which was only about $70. I used an Amex card which for some reason didn't seem to go through because I did not receive the ticket - no charge was showing in my Amex account. So I called and payed the $70 by...
  12. N

    Qantas Classic Reward Ticketing Delays

    Finally, a travel question! I’ve got SYD-HND-LHR booked as a J classic award for November. It’s been over 2 days now and it still hasn’t ticketed. No response from QF on social media and two calls now where I have up at 2 hours and 4 and a half hours on hold. No offer of a callback. How...
  13. H

    Virgin thrown a lifeline for delayed launch of Tokyo-Haneda flights

    Not that surprised, but will they be able to source some second-hand 787s for lease as Bain previously floated? https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/virgin-australia-thrown-a-lifeline-for-delayed-launch-of-tokyo-flights
  14. A

    VA1435 16 June [diverted to Katherine]

    Any ideas why VA1435 PER-DRW today 16 June diverted to Katherine/RAAF Tindal of all places? I happen to be in Katherine and drove out to the terminal just to tick it off my list an hour before the diversion.
  15. bpeteb

    Classic reward ticket issue delay

    How long should I wait before contacting QF to ask where the ticket is for a classic reward flight that I booked yesterday? Fees have landed on my amex and booking in my app straight away but 24 hours later points not debited and ticket not issued.
  16. M

    Gulf Air Delays/Cancellations

    GF is not a regularly timetabled 'own metal' airline to and from Australia but during COVID-19, iut's been here at least once IIRC. On Sunday 7 February 2021, GF259, a proposed 1445 hours SYD - BAH has been cancelled.
  17. T

    Delay with confirmed eStores credit

    I got confirmation emails last Friday for three bundled eBay purchases in early December, which had been pending for the preceding month as normal. As of today, six days later, the points still haven't arrived in my Velocity account. In the past, it's never been more than one or two business...
  18. N

    Amex annual fee refund delay

    Hi all, was just wondering, how long does it usually take for Amex to refund an annual fee? Card was cancelled October, and they said remaining balance of annual fee would be refunded. No response/refund for a few months - online chat at end of December, said they would follow up. To this day...
  19. M

    Myanmar National Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    Not a post one thought would ever be written, but during coronavirus, a number of unusual airlines (for Australia) have called in. On Saturday 16 January 2021, UB9802 from SYD to KOE (which I had to look up - Kupang (West Timor, Indonesia) was the 1000 hours that departed at 1104 so it may be...
  20. M

    Bamboo Airways Delays/Cancellations

    On Friday 13 November 2020, QH97, the 1455 hours mid afternoon SYD to HAN has been cancelled.