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  1. A

    Qantas trying to confuse passengers with delay messages? QF1 30 March

    Flying 30 MAR QF1 SIN-LHR, just received a sequence of 3 messages from Qantas via SMS: 1. Flight delayed until 14:35 31 MAR but arriving 31 MAR on time at 07:15 1 minute later 2. Flight delayed until 23:25 on 31 MAR (24 hour departure delay) but arriving 31 MAR with just a 20 minute delay at...
  2. M

    Pay On Delay

    Is/was being debated in parliament. Have Bridget McKenzie and Dean Smith been kicked out of the Chairman's Lounge yet? 😜
  3. J

    QF51 Brisbane to Singapore

    Does anyone know why QF51 Brisbane to Singapore is always delayed or even cancelled? I've been following it recently and although I don't fly for a number of weeks I'm getting concerned about whether I will make the connecting flights in Singapore. Recently delays have been up to 4 hours and...
  4. H

    Iberian Airlines

    Wow...just wow!! Yesterday I caught an Iberian Airlines flight LHR-MAD, and then another MAD-LPA (Canary Islands). The first flight was 3 minutes late pushing back, but then was held on the apron and then in line to depart for about half an hour in total. Today I got this email (thx Google...
  5. K

    Is my flight going to be cancelled?

    Hi, I have a multi city trip booked with QF april, per-syd, bri-per, and it is all confirmed and looks ok in my online account, but out of interest (to check if prices had gone up) I tried to recreate the same booking today and my flight home QF941 april 8 18.45 is not listed as an option. I...
  6. EestiTiger

    Melbourne Airport layover | check luggage in early off international flight?

    Hi team - apoligies for the basic question but being BNE based I haven't arrived into MEL from overseas for a long time. Later this year I arrive into MEL from HKG on QF. It is an early morning arrival. I have a QF flight back to BNE late afternoon on a DIFFERENT Ticket. I realise I'll have to...
  7. S

    Vietnam Airlines cancelled flight and rebooked, options?

    Hi All, travelling with Vietnam Airlines MEL - SGN - HND in April. Carrier has cancelled the return leg from HND to SGN. Was departing 3:30pm, rebooked on 9:30am flight. Do we have any rights, due to the change we have to change our itinerary significantly. We were returning from Sendai via...
  8. docjames

    CNS closed for TC Jasper

    CNS closed from 2000hrs this evening. Closed tomorrow. Potentially longer as TC Jasper meanders along coastline. Hopefully all those up north stay safe. Last flight out appears to have been VA1298 to MEL. A number of cancellations in and out this afternoon. A QLink DHC8-400 direct to BNE...
  9. cosi

    Qantas to finally move to main Perth Airport hub

    Being reported in WA Today https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/qantas-to-finally-move-to-main-perth-airport-hub-20231017-p5ed29.html (May be paywalled)
  10. RB

    ATC Strikes in Europe

    We have an internal flight booked for our trip to Europe next year. It was interesting that Mrs RB got an email asking her to support action by way of a petition "So far in 2023, there has been 64 days of ATC strikes (12 times more than all of 2022) inhibiting millions of EU citizens' Freedom of...
  11. M

    Where is Melburnian1?

    Does anyone know where Melburnian1 is as I miss his flight delay reports?
  12. tmdl

    Virgin Australia Flight Delay Compensation

    I had a flight from Launceston to Melbourne 2 weeks ago and it was delayed by 4-5hrs due to engineering issues We did get $8.00 food vouchers at the airport but they were freely given out Has anyone received any compensation in either cash, points or SC's? I am also VA platinum
  13. S

    Cancellation Compensation

    Sorry if this has been covered in detail before but I am confused after reading numerous cancellation threads. A few weeks back Qantas cancelled our flight from Melbourne to SIngapore with 2 hours before departure. We were at the airport. We had a Qantas ticket from Melbourne/Singapore/Ko Samui...
  14. A

    Transiting through LAX On Separate Tickets

    Hi to all, I understand it is a topic which has been repeatedly covered here in the past, however I am just seeking a more 'current' update please: Early next year I am flying from SYD to Mexico via LAX. In order to travel 'on the cheap' I have already booked my Australia-LAX return tickets...
  15. A

    QF6 delay - was 31/08 dep. now pushed to 01/09

    My FCO-PER-SYD flight is delayed due to mechanical problems. Now leaving 21 hours later. I’ve been informed I am to submit a claim for incurred hotel and meal expenses. Has anyone been there, done that? What are the thresholds? call centre in Switzerland wasn’t able to prove me any indications.
  16. K

    NY JFK - DFW - MEL connection

    Hi AFF, new member here As the title suggests, has anyone tried the connection between NY JFK and Melbourne through Dallas Fort Worth? If yes what was your experience? How long did it take to make the connection and what were the steps/checks/lines involved? I have booked a Qantas flight...
  17. R

    Qantas lies to a full-fare paying J-class pax and downgrades to Y-class

    Venting here! Back in March, during the double status credits offer, I purchased a rtn J-class fare MEL-CNS via BNE for mid July. The day before outbound travel I receive a call from Qantas saying the aircraft had been downgraded and there was no longer a J-class and that I would be put in...
  18. W

    JFK Terminal 1 - When to Check in

    Hi, I will be departing JFK at 2030 on a weekday evening from terminal 1. What would be a reasonable time to get to the airport without having to stress about having enough time but not sitting round wondering how to kill time after check in? Travelling in J class on Royal Air Maroc, I think...
  19. J

    Qantas Baggage Services Melbourne Airport

    Does anyone know how to contact Qantas Baggage Services in Terminal 1 at Melbourne Airport directly? I had a bag go missing on an Air Canada flight on 23 June between Montreal and Toronto. Lodged a claim with AC and they found the bag and forwarded it to Melbourne with Qantas handling the last...
  20. M

    A decade of delays and cancellations on 'AFF'

    Today marks 10 years since the delays/cancellations threads on 'AFF' were commenced. While 'Ask The Pilot' is clearly AFF's number one drawcard with its three million views (deservedly so), the delays and cancellations threads evoke interest, with almost a million views of the Qantas...