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  1. P

    Dan Murphy's to stop Cashback

    It looks like Cashback is stopping at Dans... :( Source: Cashrewards
  2. Spongbob

    Dry riesling

    Does anyone have recommendations for "dry" riesling? Generally it is not a style of wine I would enjoy as a drink, but the style seems to match some food dishes extremely well.
  3. juddles

    Help me :) A different request from an AFF wine lover......

    Hi all, was pondering in which thread to post this, but decided it didn't really fit, and may be nonsensical, so easiest to create another thread, even if just to outweigh the pandemic of Corona things.... This is complicated - let me explain: I drink a lot of wine. Really, lots. (This is...
  4. J

    What to do with cheap wine?

    What do you do with 60 bottles of cheap wine? I have a few dozen of various cheap wines (eg maverick) that were good on purchase, that I bought a few years ago. They’re sitting in my cellar, but I always go for something nicer, so I’m probably now going to throw them out after only having a few...
  5. M

    Vineyard/cellar door to visit geographe WA

    Can anyone recommend a quality vineyard to visit in Geographe or Pemberton region, WA? Thank you
  6. juddles

    Dan Murphys "Decoded" - allowing us commoners :) to make easier choices!!

    Hi all, not sure if this thread/post will be of much interest here, as it seems the prolific AFF posters in the wine sub-forum are well above average in their general wine knowledge, but I wanted to share it as I think it is a really sensible idea by Dans. Confession - I spend way more time in...
  7. Mattg

    Free Qantas Wine Premium membership for QBR members

    Qantas Business Rewards members can now get premium Qantas Wine membership for free. Simply enter the code "QBRWINE" at the checkout when signing up for premium membership online. QBR members also...
  8. J

    Cellarmasters 6 * Perrier-jouet Grand Brut NV - 30% off + 18% cashback (~210) use code shopback for 30% off $360 reduces to $252 18% cashback from should provide $41.23 based off $252 less GST $252 - $41.23 = roughly $210 for 6 bottles or $35 a bottle seems...
  9. GladstoneTim

    QF CSM Gifting Wine

    Travelled with my wife and mother-in-law Iin Y earlier this week on QF....MEL-SYD-BNE. Had the same crew the whole way even with change of aircraft in SYD. The crew were great. The CSM showered the three of us with spare Lindt chocolates and palmed a J bottle of Shiraz to the M-I-L (a...
  10. baldman

    Anybody savvy about current Costco wine deals and / or selection ?

    Afternoon all ! Anyone have any tips/info on current Costco wine deals? I'm primarily interested in any quality imports they have at the moment. Last time I went through their range was about twelve months ago and the selection - at the Moorabbin Vic store - was mundane and a number of their...
  11. kookaburra75

    Tastes of Rutherglen (7 to 8 March 2020) - Anyone else going?

    Mrs K and I, along with three of our adult kids and their other halves are making the trek next year to the Tastes of Rutherglen. We're staying in Corowa and using the buses to get around on Sat and Sun. We have been a few times now; excellent wines and people, and it is always lots of fun...
  12. Sludge321

    More inane brand confusion: Velocity Wine Store

    Just received an email promoting the "Velocity Wine Store". Another Laithwaites reskin site offering the same 2ppd earn rate as the existing Laithwaites Virgin Wines site... The main point of difference I can see is that it's possible to redeem points for wine. But why they couldn't have just...
  13. B

    Doesnt deliver to my postcode

    So I was just about to purchase my first box of wine - got all the way to the delivery options and got an error that Qantas doesnt deliver to my post code - 2745. (suburb of Penrith) Will they deliver to a local post office?
  14. AisleSeat

    12 bottles of Bordeaux have been sent to the ISS The red Bordeaux wine will age for a year up there before returning to Earth. Researchers will study how weightlessness and space radiation affect the aging process. The goal is to develop...
  15. T

    Natural wine? Anyone else a fan?

    Hey all, Don't post a lot but read this forum often.... I recently travelled through France drinking excellent vin natural - or wine which is unfined, unfiltered and with no additives. Some have a funky smell on the nose, but it blows off to reveal stunning drops... Personally enjoyed the Jura...
  16. W

    Free Qantas Wine voucher $25

    Hi, Have a Qantas Wine voucher for $25 for any order over $100 for November only. First to PM will receive. Thanks.
  17. redbigot

    Online Liquor Retailer of the Year 2019

    Wine delivery service awarded Online Liquor Retailer of the Year - Winetitles Never heard of them before this. Good Pair Days | Discover Wines Paired To Your Tastes Interesting concept, but of no interest to me in terms of the "service" or wines offered.
  18. RooFlyer

    Rockford Stonewaller Lunch 2019

    Yes, its on again, tomorrow (Saturday). Its not an AFF event, but comprises AFFers, guests of Buzzard and RooFlyer to reach our maximum allowed 8 guests at the Rockford winery. I think this is our 4th year? Looking forward to meeting adventurous traveler @henleybeach . And @JohnM has finally...
  19. jmphoto

    Member Offers AFF Discount for Rymill Coonawarra at Campari House

    Rymill Coonawarra at Campari House Early Bird and AFF Discount - ends Sunday - $20, down from $35 use code 1890 at checkout. Join the team from Rymill Coonawarra in a private room at Campari House in Melbourne's CBD. Start with a glass of sparkling, and then be taken on a flight of Rymill...
  20. SleepyPolarBear

    6 * Pommery Brut Royal Champagne NV $22.50 / bottle QF wines

    Good deal on the Pommery. Right in time for Christmas :)