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For more information about wine, you can also read our Wine tips and tricks articles.
  1. RooFlyer

    Not water into wine, but still pretty clever

    Well done:
  2. get me outta here

    Considering first and one off Virgin Wines Order.

    Can I just sign up for only one delivery and then cancel? Do they still have gift vouchers, if so would anyone have one? there’s a 3000 VA points for $99. I would consider it with a gift voucher if one is around. Thanks
  3. E

    Sour Beers

    This might not be a thread for everyone, but have recently acquired the sour beers as of recent. Anyone else here enjoy the taste? I'm really liking the stuff that colonial brewing co. produces... whats everyones favorites here? Would love to explore different brands
  4. Daver6

    QF wine are hopeless

    How is QF wine ever profitable?! They constantly stuff up orders. Either send the wrong wine or deliveries just don't turn up. A few times they wine never turns up and then when it comes to replacing it they're inevitably out of stock, which is super annoying. I know I'm not the only one to...
  5. jmphoto

    Member Offers Rymill Coonawarra - Exclusive AFF 25% Off EOFY Sale - FLYER

    Don't let the tax-man and your accountant have all the fun at the end of June. Use code FLYER at checkout on our End of Financial Year collection wines, and save a minimum of 25%. Biggest bargain is the 2012 Classic Shiraz, RRP of $32, on sale at $28, plus 25% off is just $22.40, 2014 Classic...
  6. S

    Can anyone recommend a hot wine for cellaring?

    I know you can spend $100 now for a good wine, cellar it and in 10 years it will be a magnificent wine. Are there any far cheaper wines say $30 that after years of cellaring will be absolutely out of this world?
  7. K

    James Halliday collection auction: Domaine de la Romanée-Conti 252 bottles of his finest. Anyone bidding?
  8. SleepyPolarBear

    2019 The Best Deals

    Today, I finish up the last of the Pommery which has merrily seen me through Covid (Hats off to Qantas!) And as we go through this drought of spectacular online wine deals, I reminisce to the best purchases gotten last year. In hoping EOFY brings in something juicy, here are some of mine: Of...
  9. AisleSeat

    Answered Can anyone recommend a 2010 vintage?

    It's our 10th wedding anniversary later this year, and I thought a bottle from 2010 would be something nice to share. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. R

    Fox Hat

    Sippify have Fox Hat Metric ipa and their red pelt out for $80 at the moment. Free post with “SHIPBEER” coupon. The red pelt isn’t just up there as one of my favourite reds, it’s in my top beers full stop. I only stumbled across these guys when they had the xpa our cheap, and now keep an eye on...
  11. RooFlyer

    Henschke premium reslease

    Come and get it ...
  12. Daver6

    Question QF wine bonus poins for QBR members not posting?

    According to Qantas Wine | Qantas Business Rewards QBR members should get two points per dollar to their QBR account when making purchases from QF wine. Has anyone had these points post successfully? I made a purchase in mid Feb and have raised a complaint about the points not posting. I've...
  13. SYD

    Question Do QF Wine purchases qualify for Bonus CC Points?

    I can’t see this asked previously but I’ve made several QF Wine purchases with my NAB VISA Signature card. The card normally gives 1pt/$ plus 1 bonus point for QF. The purchases appear as QANTAS airways but two months in a row, zip bonus points For QF Wine. Anyone getting bonus points?
  14. RooFlyer

    Henschke virtual tasting

    I got a Henschke wine club member invitation to attend a virtual tasting with Stephen and Pru Henschke 'at home'. To register, you need a Facebook account. So that's me out.
  15. F

    Anyone else been faced with a “Price Match guarantee” brush off by Dan Murphy’s staff?

    Executive summary of my recent experience – a store manager and two contact people on the DM customer support phone line tried to brush me off on a policy that DM make a major sales point of – the “Price match guarantee” . They all claimed the price matching "only applies to bricks and mortar...
  16. P

    Dan Murphy's to stop Cashback

    It looks like Cashback is stopping at Dans... :( Source: Cashrewards
  17. Spongbob

    Dry riesling

    Does anyone have recommendations for "dry" riesling? Generally it is not a style of wine I would enjoy as a drink, but the style seems to match some food dishes extremely well.
  18. juddles

    Help me :) A different request from an AFF wine lover......

    Hi all, was pondering in which thread to post this, but decided it didn't really fit, and may be nonsensical, so easiest to create another thread, even if just to outweigh the pandemic of Corona things.... This is complicated - let me explain: I drink a lot of wine. Really, lots. (This is...
  19. J

    What to do with cheap wine?

    What do you do with 60 bottles of cheap wine? I have a few dozen of various cheap wines (eg maverick) that were good on purchase, that I bought a few years ago. They’re sitting in my cellar, but I always go for something nicer, so I’m probably now going to throw them out after only having a few...
  20. M

    Vineyard/cellar door to visit geographe WA

    Can anyone recommend a quality vineyard to visit in Geographe or Pemberton region, WA? Thank you