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  1. Q

    Wine Reviews, Articles, Blogs & Other Resources

    primary sources Gourmet Traveller Wine (incognito/private browsing) The Wine Front (subscription required) Jeremy Oliver (free trial) The Real Review (ratings @ Corkscore) new releases Australian Wine Review (Andrew Graham) Vino Notebook (Regan Drew) Winepilot (reviews) The Vinsomniac (Stuart...
  2. RooFlyer

    On the water then on the wine

    Local tourist entrepreneur Rob Pennicott has built a small and successful empire running 'wilderness' tours via fast boats around southern Tasmanian waters: A couple of good friends gave me a voucher for 3 for one of their tours, and of course I chose them...
  3. boomy

    Yarra Valley recommendations

    Planing to take my +1 for day trip early March. Been a while since my last visit so was hoping for some insight about recommended cellar doors and nice restaurant for lunch. My plan is to book 3 premium tastings plus lunch. One cellar door I’m keen to visit is Yarra Yering since I’m big fan of...
  4. boomy

    Hunter Valley recommendations

    Planing 3-day trip in February. My last visit was too many years ago so I’ll need some fresh cellar door and restaurants (preferably BYO or with good wine list) recommendations. Any other interesting things to do/see tips will also be much appreciated.
  5. A

    Is Kalimna Club worth it?

    I am going to by some Penfolds wine and wondering if I should buy it to qualify for the Kalimna Club or simply source the best price. What value does the Penfolds Kalimna Club bring?
  6. serfty

    Premium Qantas Wine membership Extended 'til 2022

    My last purchase was in June with just two cases purchased in the last year.
  7. kamchatsky

    Business and First Class Experience at Home

    Not sure if already had a thread on it. Please merge if it is. I just saw in Qantas Wine that they are selling Qantas amenities with Wine Packs. Business class pack for $99 (sale from $139), First Class pack is $279/$379 with 10000 bonus points: Business Class At Home CR...
  8. drron

    Best White Wine in the World.

    Goes to Tasmania.Tolpuddle Chardy from the Coal Valley. And the best red wine was from Georgia.
  9. Y

    Wines from the USA

    Hi All Just a general question. I very rarely see any wines from the USA available for sale in Australia. Does anybody know of a retailer that does have a good selection? If not does anyone know why we don’t get many to choose from here? Is it just too expensive to import or is there a general...
  10. D

    Which wine goes well with pecorino cheese?

    Hey guys, have brought some pecorino cheese from cheesery. Wondering which wine goes well with it. 1. Chardonnay 2. Merlot 3. Cabernet Sauvignon 4. Pinot Noir 5. Other. Thanks.
  11. Gold Member

    Cellarmasters - 40.00% Cashback ( Capped at $50.00 )

    I’ve never shopped there myself but I’m sure some of you have could make this cash back work combined with some of their clearance items. The terms don’t specify a start or end time/date but it appears to be for today only just going by some of the language. If you’re new to the cashback game...
  12. support

    TWE CellarDoor Discussion & Invites

    For the ongoing discussion of all things by TWE CellarDoor, including invites* when they become active, please post in this thread. *An invite to CellarDoor is not viewed in the same light as a referral as there is no direct benefit gained by the referrer in signing up all their friends.
  13. BrockF

    Qantas Wine Issues

    Has anybody else been experiencing repeated failures from Qantas Wine lately? I placed an order on the 20th of September for a 6 pack of wine that was not delivered. Tracking indicated it had been delivered and claim was raised with Auspost and emails sent to Qantas Wine Customer Service...
  14. P

    Selling am expensive bottle of plonk?

    Mod; No response in general wine news thread so posting a thread to hopefully get an answer... Hi all, Is there an existing thread on Selling expensive bottles of wine? ie. How, where and when.... commissions..... I would like to know the process if I am in the position to sell a "considered"...
  15. HokitikaGold

    The bottle thread......

    Aloha all :) Still learning this site, so please be gentle. I used to be an avid flyer, but COVID has killed that for now. I know that this forum has many wine people. I am an unskilled wine aficionado, but amongst my quirks is admiration of the bottles themselves. Does anyone else have strong...
  16. Y

    Anyone used the Coravin Model 3?

    I do not have a coravin yet but am going to buy either a model 2 or a model 3. I know the model 3 is only new but before I bit the bullet and ordered one was curious if anyone had used one or could compare it to the Model 2. Thanks
  17. RooFlyer

    Stalin's Wine Cellar

    Has anyone read this? Featured in the Weekend Oz's magazine
  18. Doctore1003

    Card Promotions Qantas Amex Ultimate: 80k Qantas Points & $100 wine credit (until 3/9/20)

    Receive 80,000 bonus Qantas Points and get $100 back when you spend $150 or more at Qantas Wine when you apply for this card by 3 September 2020, are approved and spend $3,000 or more on the card within the first 3 months (new Card Members only). Annual fee: $450 (you get that back as a $450...
  19. CaptJCool

    What’s in a bottle? Mystery

    Ok everyone Had this inherited Vintage Port to which I can’t find any references aside it’s a defunct McLaren Vale winery bought by Torresan Estate. About Us | Torresan Estate Which dares it some 45 plus years.... Label photo attached... Any info appreciated
  20. RooFlyer

    How many of this global top 50 vineyards have you visited?

    World's best vineyards 2020. (Just ignore that its sponsored by Sonoma vineyards ;) ) Good to see Valle de Uco up there ...@JohnM will like that! 6 for me: Robert Mondavi (5) Opus One (20) Bodegas Salentein (23) Penfolds (24) Henschke (25) d'Arenburg (34)