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  1. RSVKanga

    China officially abolishes tariffs on Australian wine
  2. O

    Best wines to cellar <$50

    Hey all, I was thinking of topping up my cellar (cool room in the middle of the house so nothing crazy) after having enjoyed some early 2000's bottles. I'm looking to spend c.$1-2k on getting some decent red wines that will start to shine after having been aged for 5-10 years. Open to styles...
  3. wine_is_sublime

    1er Grand Vin

    I have a 1er Grand Vin Pichon-Longueville 12 Biles 1877 leather wine holder/case that I found at my grandparents house. I can't find anything about them online. From the peeling I would say it's synthetic, maybe a replica or fake? Any info or links would be great
  4. bussyboy

    Could Qantas wine offer duty free?

    Would there be a case for Qantas Wine to enhance their footprint with duty free click and collect onboard international flights - and would you use such a service?? Duty free options are pretty much monopolised at the airport duty free stores, limiting choice and competition - I think it could...
  5. cengceng01

    Anybody interested in free wine?

    Just letting you know, I've got a few extra boxes of Qantas wine lying around. My partner and I aren't big drinkers, so we thought we'd offer them up to anyone interested. If you fancy some free wine, just send me a private message. I'll organize to have it delivered to you at no cost. After...
  6. P

    Good Australian wines<$30

    We are getting family and friends visiting from Spain and Canada over the next few months and thought it be nice to get them to sample some good Australian wine while staying with us. The idea is to sample a diffrent variety of wines every night over dinner so they get a sense of good...
  7. 6

    Problem with Qantas Wine order

    Has anyone ever come across this issue before? On Wednesday I have attempted to purchase 6 x bottles of Pommery which is on sale currently (stacked with PCP discount) - card charged $410 but order did not get processed and website redirected me to the payment page I called them Thursday and...
  8. tinkybelle

    $50 wine vouchers

    a friend of mine had 2 x $50 vouchers so used to buy a mezcal $50 and a gin $35 so quite cheap free delivery
  9. K

    Dealing with Excessive Wine Stockpiles

    Just thought I’d start this thread as I am getting into the practice of buying expensive wine for cheap flights on Qantas Wine. Consequently between this and my stays at various Accor properties I am starting to build up a stockpile. One far larger than a bachelor or couple could consume...
  10. chaosboi

    Unable to find online presence of Grays auction wine

    I purchased some wine without much thought on grays online and then afterwards tried to find their online presence and can’t find any trace of the winery. As a new wine drinker I’m curious if this is normal? The grays auction listing has the wine listed as receiving a gold medal and a wine...
  11. K

    Qantas Wine Deal Tracker

    Apologies if this has been discussed in the forum, but thought I'd share this website which highlights the best deals from Qantas wine in terms of points per $$:
  12. CanadianJay

    Qantas Wine subscriptions

    Pretty good deals on the new qantas wine subs!
  13. JohnM

    Ciao Italia - a Qantas Wine mega-bonus!

    Come Sunday night, it’s on the EK bird PER-xDXB-FCO to start a brief trip to Italy. As those who regularly read the Qantas Wine latest offering thread would know, I was the winner of the Win a Trip to Italy competition back in April. When Deirdre, the Qantas Wine rep phoned (in an unbelievably...
  14. I

    Free wine? Or free flights with expensive wine?

    A little tip that hopefully others can find useful. I don't have many Qantas points, as all my credit cards and Flybuys are linked to Virgin Velocity. Need to get from near Canberra to Melbourne on Saturday 25 November to catch and Etihad flight to Dublin (thank you Virgin Velocity, although...
  15. devonindig

    Qantas wine satisfaction guarantee

    My partner purchased a dozen wines from Qantas wine this week and we both didn't like it (it also immediately caused my sinuses to clog). When I mentioned that I wanted to return it as per Qantas Wine satisfaction guarantee policy, my partner said that Qantas had made a big deal of saying their...
  16. P

    Auswine forums

    Inspired by a @Daver6 post... Does anyone here use The Auswine Forum - Index page Thoughts? Worth joining, etc.... [I just did to sticky nose around]...
  17. Natalie's Dad

    Bonus points from operators ending June 30?

    The Qantas wine operator I use told me the extra points they are allowed to add to your shopping total for reaching certain spend limits will cease at the end of this month. Can anyone confirm?
  18. W

    Issue with purchasing Qantas Wine

    Anyone else having a problem purchasing Qantas Wine online? Have never had any problems purchasing Qantas wine online until late March When I tried to pay for the order I received an error message advising the order had been declined But My credit card was charged, thinking it was a glitch I...
  19. Steady

    South African Wine Recommendations

    Work is taking me to South Africa for a few days In about a week, wine recommendations would be appreciated- brands / wineries to look out for on wine lists etc Cheers, Steady
  20. Q

    Wine Events e.g. Tastings, Dinners

    online Monday 21st May, 11am AEST: The Story of Alsace - free ADL Wednesday 31st May: Quintarelli Wine Dinner - $330 Tuesday 20th June: Dassai Sake Masterclass - $120 Wednesday 21st June: Sake Dinner - $175 BNE Saturday 27th May: Barossa. Be Consumed Wine Expo - $58.51...