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  1. Mattg

    Qantas Wine referral program - 5,000 bonus Qantas points each

    I had a chat with one of the Qantas Wine reps today, who informed me that they have a referral program. I wasn't aware of this so thought others may also be interested. Apparently, if you've never ordered from Qantas Wine before, spend at least $350 over the phone on your first order and quote...
  2. R

    Free $50 Qantas wine voucher

    Min spend $149
  3. A

    What's your drinking habit?

    I like drinking red wine but recently I felt I need to control myself a bit more. Usually I drink 1.5 bottles to 2 bottles a week but do you guys think it is too much? According to the Australian Guideline it is recommended for 10 standard drinks (150ml 14.5%al = 1.6 standard drink) per week...
  4. docjames

    Sell wine or be Green?

    Some irony in Qantas and it’s Green Tier approach, as well as multitude of “green” changes, to then receive today a Qantas wine glossy physical catalogue in the post (complete with non personalised “letter” addressed “Hello”….). Also arrives wrapped in thin, non-household recycling compatible...
  5. K

    Where's my Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium Membership?

    Hey Everyone, I recently became an Accor+Gold member having crossed the 30 night threshold earlier this week. It is my understanding that one of the perks of being Accor+Gold is that you get a free QF Wine Premium membership and voucher you can use towards a future purpose with them. Is that...
  6. D

    'Hopefully Wine' Recommendation

    Hi All, I am after recommendations for a 'hopefully' red wine up to the limit of approx $300. (Getting a good deal on a more expensive wine is a bonus!!) So what is a hopefully wine? At a previous workplace I was working closely with a colleague and we had a habit of saying 'hopefully xyz...
  7. A

    Looking to recall a particular wine in the domestic lounges

    I admit this is a rather strange request... I had a very short transit in SYD last week, and quickly poured a glass of white wine (I can't even remember the varietal). Maybe it was just super chilled, but it was very tasty indeed. I'm sure it's not a particularly expensive bottle, and it's...
  8. L

    Qantas wine $50 points club voucher - No promo code Box!

    Hey all, I can see I have a $50 QF wine club voucher. I’ve been attempting to use it at part payment of a $282 case. I’ve tried entering the code into the ‘promo code’ box but to no avail, I’ve got right to the end of the process but I can’t find a box to enter the voucher code into. Any ideas?
  9. P

    Qantas support call, wine, checked in baggage?

    My 2022 experience for support. 1. Told 1-2hr wait.... on hold 33 minutes then call disconnected? 2. On hold 5 minutes and answered but when question asked, disconnected? 3. On hold 1 minute and then disconnected on answering. 4. On hold 30 secs and questions answered....I think.... Informed...
  10. olympicwiz

    McLaren Vale recommendations - cellar doors and restaurants

    Hi gurus Visiting McLaren Vale for couple of days later this week and would love some cellar door and restaurants recommendations to visit while we are there. Many thanks in advance
  11. V

    Wine Suitcase, recommendations

    Ok, no doubt this will be the wrong area to post. I'm looking for recommendations for a "wiine" suit case. Does anyone have any expereinces. I first came across this concept with an international board, where the partner of the chair travelled with a wine suit case for their local purchases...
  12. NM

    Qantas Wine and QFF points timing

    What are member's current experience with points posting timing after Qantas Wine purchases? I seem to remember the points arriving into the QFF account before the wine arrived at the door. However, for my most recent purchase the points are still yet to be seen, even though the order...
  13. andye

    World's Most Admired Wine Brands 2022

    Plenty of familiar Australian names in this list by Drinks International.... but Yellowtail 🤔
  14. samh004

    Adelaide Wine Tour

    I thought I would put up this post now as I have been organising a little excursion to Adelaide for next week and as the week draws closer I now see I have a few spaces available if any AFF-er would like to join me. On Wednesday 16th March I have booked an 8-seater coach/van with a driver to...
  15. PineappleSkip

    Qantas wine enhanced cartons

    Just received a delivery from Qantas Wines, and noticed the carton it was packed in was a lot poorer than previous shipments I've received. Previously the cartons have been pretty sturdy and I haven't had any problems. This one was really flimsy and totally unsuited for a dozen bottles...
  16. Tindersinder


    Nicks's secret deal for today, - appears to be Pertaringa Over the Top - comes in at $19.99. I got it previously for this price on Vinomofo...
  17. I

    New markets to buy and sell whisky

    New markets are popping up in Australia to purchase whisky at true market value rather than what stores dictate to you for rare and hard to find spirits, whisky in particular. Similarly to whiskyauctioneer and scotchwhiskyauctions in the UK. Also new avenues to sell whisky legally as a private...
  18. RooFlyer

    Japanese whisky

    I have a friend with Japanese heritage who will enjoy a bottle of Japanese whiskey for Christmas. I'm clueless ... ahem ... about such things. Any reccomendations amongst this lot .. and why, please (ie excellent value for money ... very popular in Japan, etc)...
  19. drron

    Tamar v Barossa Wine dinner.

    Possibly of interest to some on Saturday 30/10 is an event put on by Josef Chromy Winery pitching their Pinot Noirs against Langmeil's shiraz. The JC pinot Noir will be their block 103.Details here -
  20. Cmjritchie

    Anyone seen this before??Etervin Wine Preservation

    Saw this pop up on Facebook. Any interesting concept. Would be interested to know the cost of this. Reckon it’d work but how long would the fancy contraption last? No doubt wear and tear would be a factor