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  1. C

    USA White wine advice

    Hi experts! I am off to the USA this weekend and while I won't get to any cellar doors this trip (too much time visiting the in-laws) I'm sure I'll be drinking plenty of the local wines. As it is going to be stinking hot most places, we'll primarily be drinking whites (a few reds over dinners...
  2. M

    Penfolds 2019 Release

    With the up and coming Penfolds release, which wines are you looking at buying? I am yet to see any reviews or ratings, any idea which one is "the one to buy"? The release includes 2015 Grange 2017 Yattarna Chardonnay 2017 RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017 Magill Estate Shiraz 2016 St Henri...
  3. Simsy85

    Francesco Wines - Limited deal

    A vineyard I've been following for sometime now has decided to put up some insane prices for their wine. I've mentioned them on here a number of times, We did our entire wedding with them and it was a screaming hit. Their whites are good to go now, but their reds have aged incredibly well...
  4. B

    Can you suggest a $50 wine better than Penfolds RWT?

    Seriously, I was getting RWT at $30-35 ten years ago, inflation has not tripled prices. Each to their own but I can think of wines $30-$50 better than RWT. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice wine but what it isn't is a great wine and that's what I want for close to $100.
  5. Admin

    Sponsored Some great wine deals available right now!

    Did you know that some of the best wine deals available online is from Get Wine Direct. Over 40 million bottles of wine have been sold by this company - a pioneer in the Australian online wine industry. Check out their website for some of the best wine and wine deals available right now. (This...
  6. Tassieoptom

    Hobart Wine, Food and Gin tasting trip 2020

    New thread in response to the great interest recently expressed in my last Hobart Wine tasting/Craft beer/Whiskey/Cider/Gin tour of 2018. Proposed dates so far 1. Australia Day weekend 2. 20/21/22 March to coincide with Aust vs NZ one day international 3. Easter but there are often family...
  7. K

    English sparkling wine

    Have loved the stuff ever since we tried a complimentary bottle of Nyetimber at the h club in London, and pleased to find out that Dan Murphy's now stocks Digby. Not one for idle quaffing however - at a touch over $50, you can get some great traditional method Aussie sparkling for way less...
  8. tinkybelle

    Qantas Wines promo discount codes.

    Thought maybe should start an ongoing thread for discount codes for Qantas wines. this $50 discount is one per member( but I just bought thru other family accounts) VOUCHER5004 expires 31 july 2019 happy quaffing oh if anyone gets any promos for free wine membership feel free to post.
  9. diamondlimo

    Question Which place is best for wine tours?

    Anyone can suggest which is best place to have wine tours in Australia?
  10. C

    Freycinet wineries

    Hi everyone – I am heading to Tasmania for about a week and thought I would check in with the experts for recommendations about wineries near Freycinet. I know of Springvale, so will definitely be heading there, but of the others in the area, I don’t know them well. With thanks to @Steady ...
  11. PaulyB

    An Average Qantas Wine Batch

    Hi all, I have been purchasing Qantas Wine for a year or more now with really good results. However, the last batch has been a problem. One bottle was literally undrinkable and the rest have been average to say the least. Remember the days of milk being left in the sun? The first two...
  12. tinkybelle

    Question Any new free Qantas Wine premium signups?

    I remember a few years ago there were always free signups to premium I havent seen on here for a while, does anyone know of any?I am QFFplat but not plat one so that doesnt work
  13. Atleastonce

    Virgin Wine IT issues

    I have my own virgin wine account. My email address and residential address linked to my velocity account. I have my own wine preferences in the cellar preferences. My wife has her own virgin wine account which she started when the recent Christmas promotion was on. She did this to link to...
  14. docjames

    Bargain (not) from Qantas wine

    Wow save 3 points or pay the regular price for cash
  15. T

    Wine purchasing for 100-150 person function

    I have been tasked with purchasing wine/beer for several functions, one a private do for 100 people, and another for 30-50 people. Aiming for mid tier booze about $30-$50 a bottle. Any suggestions about how to go about it? Thanks TM
  16. Buzzard

    April Wine Tour - The Elder Tour to Rockford

    Ruby and I are now in the process of organising our annual wine tour. It's in the early stages so I can't give a costing or full details just yet. What I can say is that the date is Sunday 7th April and we will be having a tasting and lunch at ELDERTON Usually reserved for members only, I have...
  17. eddie 73

    Qantas Wine... I smell a rat

    Ordered a mixed dozen on 19th Dec, 10,000 bonus points, plus around 800 for the purchase via Q Amex. Not a bad deal, as usual. Anyhow, a month and few days later, still waiting for points to post. So today I phoned, and the pleasant helpful operator was apologetic for delay and stated that due...
  18. Cruiser Elite

    Getting Wine from A to B

    Well getting Wine from Melbourne to Noosa actually - youngest sister has moved to Noosa and will be alone for XMAS so the Ette and Moi decided best we go keep her company for 5 days over XMAS. I am seriously allergic to paying grossly inflated prices for Wine / Champs when it can be acquired at...
  19. J

    Answered Please help me to find this wine.

    Hi, I have a very blurred picture of a wine and I want to find out what this wine is. Does anyone know what this wine might be? Thanks, Jay
  20. Y

    Answered Can anyone recommend where to sell high end wine (Domaine de la Romanee-Conti)?

    I know there are a few auction options but I have never actually sold any wine before and was hoping to get some advice on who is best to use. Thanks