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  1. sudoer

    Broken IFE reports & compensation

    Two of my last four Qantas International J flights have had IFE issues so I'm wondering how widespread these problems are, and thought it would be worth sharing experiences & compensation offered. Apologies if this thread already exists, I looked but couldn't find. Date: 27JUN22 Flight number...
  2. henrus

    Jetstar to launch domestic IFE ‘Jetstar TV’

    It seems JQ is very close to launching "Jetstar Entertainment +" The recent survey asked questions about it however the key points were: - Not app based instead via browser ( once onboard). - $6 to $10 for access based on flight length. - Ability to order food/drinks through the...
  3. Mattg

    What happened to IFE on the QantasLink 717s?

    When QantasLink first rolled out its two-class Boeing 717s, in-flight entertainment was provided to all passengers in the form of an iPad in the seat pocket with streaming entertainment. At some point the iPads disappeared from the 717s, but you could still stream IFE content to your own...
  4. SJF211

    Qantas reintroduces entertainment

    Have just been looking through the “temporary inflight services,” and noticed it now says that entertainment including the entertainment app are available on selected flights. I haven’t heard anywhere of that. Can anyone confirm that it is available now?
  5. T

    Streaming IFE?

    I have some VA flights this weekend and I got an email to help prepare. They recommended ensuring I had the up-to-date IFE app. Is the streaming IFE running now?
  6. Mattg

    Air NZ relaunches Kia Ora magazine

    Air New Zealand's in-flight magazine is back from this month, both in aircraft seat pockets and online. The previous edition was in April 2020 and celebrated the airline's 80th birthday.
  7. Mattg

    QantasLink Spirit magazine suspended

    Publication of the QantasLink Spirit magazine has been temporarily suspended until at least 2021 due to COVID-19. Most airlines including Qantas & Virgin have already removed magazines from aircraft seat pockets due to the pandemic, but Qantas has still been printing its magazine each month and...
  8. C

    Inflight entertainment options on short-haul International flights

    On short-haul international flights in business class, what are the requirements for accessing the inflight entertainment system? Is it still only provided through the Virgin Entertainment app on your own device for which you need to use your own headset?
  9. Tropic

    Whats typical QF points compensation for having broken no IFE

    Flew QF475 (VH-EBS) yesterday and IFE was on but frozen. No attempt at reset and CSM advised IFE was broken (VH-EBS not having good run lately with gear retraction issues etc). After having to endure the 737 redeye QF46 earlier due to cancellation of QF44, 5 hours in the lounge and then sitting...
  10. B

    Virgin Entertainment available on Alliance operated flights

    Haven’t seen anyone else comment. Was on an Alliance operated F100 for VA and they announced the VA entertainment was available via WiFi. Unsure how many aircraft have it, but definitely trying to keep the experience similar.
  11. ChrisCunard

    New A380 Business Class on Singapore Airlines

    SQ308 I was lucky enough recently to fly on SQ 308 from Singapore to London. This November flight was originally scheduled to be on an A380 with the original interior but about a month out from the flight the aircraft was swapped to the newer interior A380. Video of this flight: I was in...
  12. M

    Entertainment in overseas lounges

    Hi all. I fly between MEL and LAX fairly frequently and while trying to watch Warner get his double century I was told by the staff in the First Lounge (LAX) that they cant access the cricket. Qantas is an Australian airline. All they have is basketball and gridion on the TV in the LAX lounge...
  13. Forg

    QF not publishing their IFE online anymore?

    Dropping the better-half off at the airport for a Thursday night QF flight, wanted to check the movies (eg. I might want to watch something at home she’s watching in the air! :) ) ... and couldn’t find them. Have they stopped publishing it, or is it just impossible to find now? Are they...
  14. jjonnboy

    Samsungs are gone

    VA938 this morning and the Samsungs are gone. I get way too many emails from Virgin/Velocity but must have missed this memo. Supposedly withdrawn from 1 October but commenced the cost cutting early it seems. Has anyone managed to get Silverlight running on their Mac? I run a windows VMware...
  15. N

    Compensation for no IFE in J Syd to HNL

    Recently flew from Sydney to Honolulu on a J classic reward. Two of our seats had no IFE throughout the entire flight (it's a night flight). Cabin staff behaved well, but still very disappointed by the lack of any IFE! Cabin manager provided 10K points (for both seats) as 'compensation' during...
  16. C

    Could airlines spy on us through in-flight entertainment systems?

    Article from NZ Herald Could airlines spy on us through in-flight entertainment systems? Does anyone know if these systems are used by any airline or government? /(tin foil hat)/
  17. B

    Dreamliner to LAX on-board entertainment/seat

    Hi First of all i don't no why my preview thread was taken down since it was related to Qantas questions. Oh though the questions i recently i ask was never answered and it's there for why i ask here because it's always good to know things. So apologies if something went wrong. But i highly...
  18. T

    Why keep obsolete IFE boxes?

    On another QF 737 again the plane had been upgraded to Qantas entertainment but the old IFE boxes were still bolted on. The same seem to apply to their 330's with iPad's. Why would they still keep them as the seat back screens are long gone? Instead, the few extra centimetres of space for your...
  19. S

    Trip report : The bargain flights of a lifetime

    Chapter 1 : The bargain flights Mr Scubabe normally works from home In late 2017 he had to travel to the office for the first time in months He was sat in the car driving in and listening to Spotify This all happened 3 days before we got Spotify Premium, so sadly for his ears but luckily for...
  20. B

    Orchestral music song name - IFE

    Hi fellow frequent flyers. I have an unusual request from our Director. When travelling recently he really enjoyed a song which was played on one of the IFE audio channels. The only information I have is that the song is approx 13 minutes long and plays on repeat , and is a recording of an...