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inflight entertainment

For more information about Inflight Entertainment, see our Inflight Entertainment Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. T

    Why keep obsolete IFE boxes?

    On another QF 737 again the plane had been upgraded to Qantas entertainment but the old IFE boxes were still bolted on. The same seem to apply to their 330's with iPad's. Why would they still keep them as the seat back screens are long gone? Instead, the few extra centimetres of space for your...
  2. S

    Trip report : The bargain flights of a lifetime

    Chapter 1 : The bargain flights Mr Scubabe normally works from home In late 2017 he had to travel to the office for the first time in months He was sat in the car driving in and listening to Spotify This all happened 3 days before we got Spotify Premium, so sadly for his ears but luckily for...
  3. M

    The new QF iphone holder for IFE requirements

    I had someone sitting next to me on a 737 the other week. Sorted out having his Iphone mounted to watch the IFE. I can see a product need there....
  4. Points Pirate

    Qantas Assure Health and/or Life Insurance - 5,000 bonus (bonus) points

    You (and I) can earn 5,000 QFF points for using referral - details below. Referral bonus is in addition to normal sign-up bonus (see details here: Online Health & Travel Insurance Company | Qantas Insurance) However, for an additional 1,000 QFF points, first follow the health insurance...
  5. M

    Amex EziCover Life Insurance - Bonus 5k Points

    Just saw this offer on my Amex Plat account for signing up the EziCover insurance and receive 5k in bonus points on first month premium paid. I can't seem to find where the T&Cs are for this. Previously was 20k bonus points. I cancelled my cover after the minimum 6 months terms and unsure if...
  6. S

    Mileslife app earn 800 miles

    Mileslife is an app that lets you earn miles on your restaurant meals, spa visits, excursions etc. At the moment, Mileslife operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Changdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzen. However, it is possible to earn miles on excursions and...
  7. S

    Headphone adapters in SQ

    Does SQ economy give you the 1 to 2-prong adapter to use your own headphones with standard 3.5mm plug, or do you need to BYO?
  8. D

    that bassinet life (RTW with our 9 mth old)

    Hi all thought i'd throw together a few photos from our recent RTW trip. SYD-DFW QF J ORD-xFRA-ATH LH F/J LHR-SIN-SYD SQ suites/F plus some food and hotel photos thrown in for good measure
  9. dxwell

    I never receive Velocity email offers but my wife does

    Hi, is there some secret to getting the velocity bonus and offer emails? My wife gets them all - bonus points, double SC, BP offers, etc. In my preferences I have all checkboxes ticked for email correspondence. Can you shed any light on this?
  10. O

    My wife has to fly business for medical reasons

    Yes, I'm serious. Last year she was hit by a car while cycling. She underwent major back surgery and now sports a part-titanium spine. She's making a good recovery but she (and we) travel a fair bit for work and leisure overseas. I'm reaching out to the AFF community as a long term admirer of...
  11. juddles

    LTG Life Time Gold - who actually uses this?

    Hi all, there has always been much discussion surrounding this benefit / goal within QF's program. Many have attained it, still many more are actively seeking it. But who here actually uses it? What I am trying to understand is who has either dropped back to LTG and now enjoys using its...
  12. Forg

    Do all airlines (and specifically China Airlines) change IFE at month-start?

    I think the topic basically says it all ... is it a standard thing for all airlines to be changing In Flight Entertainment on the first of a month; or do some change it more often than that? Flying China Airlines again tomorrow, last time was the start of the same month (& I’m expecting the...
  13. rikkitikkitavi

    Life Silver Recognition? Nope accused of made up crime and threatened with arrest..

    So having reached life silver in six years of work travel I didn't have high hopes for the "perks", so when I was approached by a crew member after take off (SYD->PER) I thought, maybe I get a little pat on the head for my milestone? Not so, I was accused of filming the safety demonstration...
  14. L

    Lifetime silver to gold

    Just wondering if you are LTS which I am not far off, then do you only require 400 SC points to earn gold and 300 to maintain or do qantas make you earn 700 to get it and 600 to keep as per normal?
  15. B

    What happened to the in-flight entertainment? [content]

    I just got off a return trip SYD - OOL and the in flight entertainment on the app was woeful! The amount of content is drastically less than before, the quality was also lacking and there was almost no TV shows at all which are much better for a short flight when you can't fit a 2 hour movie in...
  16. juddles

    Consensus on points compo for failed IFE

    Hi there all, I just want to gauge what our members feel is correct compensation for a certain shortfall in service. I recently suffered the following: Cash Premium Economy ticket on QF longhaul. 12 hr flight. I am P1. My IFE system did not work for entire flight. Full flight so option of...
  17. chooms

    QF IFE down compensation question

  18. chooms

    QF IFE down compensation question

    Flew QF BNE-PER on a J award fare. Seat back IFE was down for the entire flight, but the Q streaming was operational for BYO devices in J. It meant I couldn’t do my planned work and ‘be entertained’ at the same time. I know, first world problem... but it did give a less than overwhelming...
  19. Geegeela


    The death of the seat-back screen: is this the end of in-flight entertainment as we know it?
  20. Hvr

    The seat has no IFE

    And I don't care, but let's tell the story. When checking in at the Airport Express station this afternoon I was asked to change my route home, I booked HKG-BNE-MEL, It will give me exactly enough SCs (with the HKG 50% extra SCs) to retain WP for another year. I refused to change the routing...