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earn points

  1. S

    Qantas Tier Status Bonus ("75% more Qantas Points") Never appears

    Hey everyone! First time posting here and I would appreciate knowing if anyone else has the same issue I have discovered. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what Qantas' Tier Status Bonus applies to? From their website the criteria are: Qantas flights. I am gold so would have...
  2. Tacce73

    Answered VA v Singapore Air

    Hi, we are flying one way from Adelaide to Singapore in Nov (cruise back). I am Silver VFF atm but hope to become gold in mid June, if I've done my calculations right. Flying direct out of Adelaide we have two choices Singapore or Virgin, but essentially only one as it is a codeshare flight...
  3. NZflygirl

    Earning Avios with hotels.com AND free award night

    I was just scoping out BA Avios and learned if you book through the BA website to hotel.com here you can still earn your rewards night after every 10 nights (which I value highly for personal stays in non-chain places) but you can earn Avios as well. Thinking about accruing a few Avios as I...
  4. J

    Answered Credit Card in AU to earn maximum Singapore Airlines points? Recommmendations?

    Hi there, Looking for a credit card in AU to earn maximum Singapore Airlines points. Any recommmendations? Thanks
  5. M

    Bankwest reducing points earn

    Bankwest are reducing earn rates from 22nd May 2019: Earning Qantas Points This will vary depending on the type of card you have. Bankwest Qantas Classic Mastercard The earn rate will change from 0.5 to 0.3 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases. The annual Qantas Points Cap of...
  6. Daver6

    Fly to New Zealand and earn 25% more Status Credits (targeted?)

    This arrived in my inbox...
  7. T

    Based on your 2018 travels, you've earned (downgraded) to Silver

    Hi all, I just received an email from the Honors program that as of 1 April I will downgraded from Gold to Silver. I am confused - I have previously (thought I) had a 1 January review. I was just short in # stays / nights to achieve Gold through 2018, but the system said that 2018 nights...
  8. Denali

    What to do with Icelandair points earn?

    Hi and wondering if anyone has advise on what to do with the points earn for our Icelandair flights? Even if I can put them to a program and then donate them would be better than them expiring as I doubt we will fly them again anytime soon. thanks,
  9. B

    Air Canada Status Credit Earn

    Hi All, My partner and I are travelling over to Vancouver in May to visit friends. The plan is to utilise Virgin’s current sale to fly into LAX and then use Air Canada to fly from LAX to YVR. Reasoning is that the price comes to around $1250 AUD return doing it this way and we plan to spend a...
  10. J

    Answered Does in-direct booking earn points and nights

    Hi guys, my last stay was booked with amex credit on amex travel website. Does this also give me points and status nights for my HH account?
  11. wendlle

    Earning Velocity Points with phone plan

    I currently still have a Virgin Mobile phone plan and so does Hubby. I know we have to stop this soon as Virgin Mobile will no longer exist. I'm holding out because I'm still earning points by having the plan. Can anyone tell me if any other service providers have the ability to earn Velocity...
  12. B

    Answered How many Status Credits will I earn?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to figure out how many status credits my family will earn on our family holiday. I think I have figured out the return to trip from Adelaide to LA (getaway fare) (via Brisbane their via Melbourne back) should earn me 50 status credits each way...
  13. S

    CNS - SYD to earn maximun status credits

    Hi, Will be flying biz CNS-SYD in the coming week. Need to maximize status credits. I have looked at CNS-BNE-SYD and CNS-MEL-SYD but both come to 100 credits (60 + 40). Cost - $950 I have also looked at CNS - TSV/HMI - MEL - SYD but that does not fare much better, considering price-points...
  14. R

    Answered QF flight cancellation resulting in less SC earning

    Hi all, I was due to fly out this morning on QF(I can't remember what)1130AM MEL-SYD (DE) 10 Status Credits and SYD-CNS (DE) 15 Status Credits I was informed literally an hour ago that MEL-SYD flight was cancelled and now as a result I have to catch QF614 at 11:10AM MEL-BNE and QF1754 BNE-CNS...
  15. Himeno

    Qantas hotel point earn voucher

    Qantas sends out discounts and vouchers to QFF members with birthdays that month. Just got one this morning. Almost every time I get one of these things, either the discounts offered or the timing involved means they are useless. This time however, I have a trip in a couple of weeks with one...
  16. A

    Answered Earn Asia miles with qantas flights

    Hi all, Probably a simple question here but I don't seem to get an answer on Google or here. I'm about to book a qantas flight which should give me 7800 qantas points. My question is, if I choose to put down my Asia miles membership number for this booking, does it give me the same 7800 in Asia...
  17. K

    [Rumour] DJ Amex cutting earn rates for new applicants

    Overheard someone saying Amex is reducing the earn rates for new applicants from next month. Will see if this is true or not.
  18. L

    Velocity Referral - 2,000 points after first 50 points earned

    Hi Just got an email through from velocity for new referral promo. If anyone left on this forum who is not currently a member of Velociity - Join velocity via the following link https://www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/content/JoinVelocity/index.html?CHANNELNAME=MGM&PROMOCODE=MGM9ce94207f9...
  19. Caito

    Answered How to earn Qantas Points Quickly?

    Hi All, Been lurking an reading for a while but I've got that travel bug again. Looking at using my points to redeem Award flights to LAX. Problem is for the 2 of us, I'm about 10k short on points. Looking for solutions on how to quickly acquire these points. I use my Qantas linked Amex for...
  20. V

    Wrong SC earn for HKG-MEL on CX?

    I recently flew ADL-HKG on CX in PE, which netted 50 SC. The return trip was HKG-MEL - which is around 200 miles greater distance - but QF only provided 30 SC for that leg.