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earn points

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  1. Obi-run Kenobi

    Virgin Flyer Visa - Earning Points on Government Spend (Rates, ATO etc)

    Has anyone had success earning points on Government Charges on the Virgin Flyer Visa through services like B2Bpay or Reward Pay? T&Cs say you can't use the card for ATO or council rates, so I'd love to know if anyone has found a workaround for this. I have a bunch of council rates and ATO...
  2. JennyMG

    If BPAY is 'not an eligible purchase' to earn points, how do you pay your bills? Bankwest World & Amplify

    Checking the fineprint of the St. George Amplify Visa, and the BankWest World Mastercard, both state that BPay payments are not 'eligible purchases', to go towards the Qantas points. So how to pay bills and still have it eligible, to go toward the $6000 for Bankwest World or $4000 for Visa...
  3. A

    Question Change from Oneworld FF program to QFF to earn miles/credit

    I have a flight coming up in Qantas discount economy. There are no miles or status credits awarded to my Oneworld program, but I would like to use my status to get lounge access, priority luggage and so on. What's the best way to earn Qantas FF but keep my benefits? Ask post check-in to switch...
  4. N

    Qantas denies double points due to definition of "booking"

    Well, it's not the first time Qantas have done me out of points, but it's the last time I'm taking it lying down. After registering on May 8 2019 for Double Points, I booked flights on May 13, departed on May 14 and off I went on a work trip to Chile. Curiously, the double points were not...
  5. global_nomad

    Switching earn from QFF to AA

    Hello all, It looks as though I will be (sadly) moving from amazing Australia back to the USA later this year. And one of the things I'm trying to figure out is the transition from QFF back to AA, since I'll be doing most of my flying with AA once I'm back there. I've just qualified for...
  6. B

    Sydney to Japan - Earn Velocity Points?

    Planning on going to Japan in February and want to take advantage of earning SC's for the trip. Looking over the flights through Virgin partners, Singapore Airlines looks like the only viable option. Does anyone have any other creative routes i could look at to maximise SC earn potential?
  7. Mattg

    Velocity ending OpenTable partnership

    You'll no longer be able to earn 300 Velocity points per restaurant booking made on OpenTable after 20 July 2019. https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/member-support/media-centre/2019/Wilsonparking-partnership-update11
  8. G

    Best Velocity Credit Card Earn rate

    It used to be the AMX Velocity card at 1.5 which is now 1.25 and the Virgin Money High flyer which was 1.25 and is now 1 were the best earn rates - the AMx Explorer Card is now 1 so no advanatge here. For max earn with some return via benefits are there other cards out there for Velocity...
  9. K

    Rockpool group no longer offering QFF points from 15th August 2019

    Manager at El Camino Cantina informed me that the businesses have split ways as of two weeks ago and you can no longer earn QFF points on purchases. I guess it was always "subject to terms and conditions" however this may be a sign of things to come. Anyone else experienced something similar?
  10. D

    20,000 extra Qantas Points for first-time cardholders

    Just saw this promo on the Qantas site. 20000 extra Qantas Points for first-time cardholders This offer probably won’t apply to most since it needs to be the first time getting a Qantas credit card. I thought I would still try registering to see if I still get the bonus especially after...
  11. L

    Delay on points from qantas epiqure..

    Hi All, I purchase 2 x case of wine from Qantas epiqure 2 weeks ago, but still yet to receive points. Last month when I purchased through qantas epiqure, points got credited on my account instantly.. How soon do we normally receive points for this, and whats the best way to chase for points...
  12. M

    What "lessons" will VA learn from today's changes to QF's FF program?

    My cynicism about frequent flyer programs may be shared by some other AFFers. An airline has all the power; you and I have none, and it can change the rules at any time. What, if any, lessons will VA and its Velocity program learn from the 20 June 2019 "enhancements" to QF's FF scheme? In...
  13. S

    Points Club speculation

    So Qantas announces the Points Club with two tiers and entry level starting at 150k points. Want to speculate what this means? Status credits for certain points earn/transfer Free lounge passes upon reaching the first tier J lounge for the second tier? Will not include equivalent oneworld tier...
  14. Mattg

    Westpac Altitude Black bundle - 120,000 Velocity points + 75 status credits

    Westpac has a new range of bonus point offers out now, including this one with the Altitude Black MasterCard/Amex bundle. You can choose to earn Altitude points, Qantas points or Velocity points. If you opt in to Altitude Velocity rewards (which costs $50/year) you can receive 120,000 Velocity...
  15. kelvedon

    1000 QF points for first Deliveroo order

    Did anyone else get this offer? Download Deliveroo app and receive 1000 QFF points on your first order.
  16. C

    Question Qantas' refusal to award Starter Plus FF points on Jetstar flights Can anyone provide advice please?

    My wife and I made two ADL/SYD return flights with Starter Plus bundle fares on Jetstar in January and March of this year. On all four sectors my wife's FF points were not awarded so missing points claims were registered on the Qantas Website. After several missing points claims were lodged...
  17. ramboflyer

    Earning QFF points with Kayo

    In the June Qantas points balance e-mail there is a promotion for earning points by signing up to Kayo. You can get 1500 bonus points for signing up and then up to 150 points a month thereafter. It is for new customers only. This annoys me. I have been with Kayo since inception so I'll get...
  18. AisleSeat

    QF Mall EOFY bonus points

    Valid until 30 June Full list: https://shopping.qantas.com/offers/mid-year-sales#shop-all-bonus-offers Compared to Velocity: Less points for Microsoft Less points for Catch Less points for Onsport Less points for Dell Less points for Bing Lee Less points for Zanui
  19. AisleSeat

    Velocity EOFY bonus points

    Valid until 30 June Autobarn: 4 points/$ (targeted email. You may be offered more) Onsport: 30 points/$ eStore: Bonus points with select retailers. Full list: Bonus Points. Compared to QF Mall: More points for Microsoft More points for Catch More points for Onsport More points for Dell More...
  20. H

    Qantas FF - Poor earn for Malayasian airlines Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur

    Qantas only credited me with Flexible Economy points and Status credits, despite me buying and flying Business. One section of their web site calculator will only allow either discount economy or Flexible Economy, but further down it shows the below table. Does anyone know why I am only the...