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  1. Mattg

    What scares you about travel?

    By definition, travel takes you outside of your comfort zone. This is especially the case when travelling to unknown places where you've never been before, as well as to "high risk" destinations. While many people love travel, I'm fairly sure that most people would find certain aspects of it...
  2. P

    Lounge etiquette - sleeping in lounges

    I'm keen to hear what everyone's thoughts are on the etiquette surrounding sleeping in lounges, particularly when it comes to the fancier lounges such as the Qantas/oneworld first lounges in Melbourne, Sydney, LAX, Singapore and similar. Most (if not all) of these lounges don't offer any sort...
  3. Mattg

    Overuse of the flight attendant call bell

    I recently flew with Air India from Delhi to Singapore. It was an A320 and I was in the third (and last) row of business class. Throughout the flight, I was constantly hearing the chime of the flight attendant call button. Like, every few minutes. And most of the time, it seemed to be the guy...
  4. K

    Etiquette of getting a table at a restaurant

    So we're finally out of Australia after 2 years of lockdowns. Eating at a restaurant by the river at Lucerne, Switzerland, last night, I've noticed a phenomenon where tourists from other places, mostly Americans and Germans, would go straight to an empty table (as the restaurant was pretty...
  5. luxury-lizard

    Second rate experience on SYD-BNE-SYD

    Wow - QF now providing complimentary F&B - VIrgin is so far behind the 8-ball here - just returned from the above trip - full flights - beverage offered was a cup of warm water (or juice) and a small packet of nuts. Reason given for reduced service was of course Covid. Some FA's did not wear...
  6. T

    Public Transport etiquette in the COVID Era

    MEL is COVID free, and apparently road traffic is back to 90%+ of premorbid levels, so thought I might consider taking PT (bus/train/tram) again for work. During the depths of lockdown the cabins were rather empty, it appears there is great patronage I think. Yes, I see the signage on...
  7. F

    Lounge Etiquette in the Age of Coronavirus

    Addressing this to all you intrepid travellers who are jetting off into the zombie apocalypse regardless and who have lounge access. I very much enjoy my pre flight lounge visits, including getting a feed and drink or two. Would it be rude to spray sanitiser on your plate and utensils? BYO...
  8. Mattg

    Pet airport lounge hates

    Most airport lounges would be great... if it wasn't for the other passengers! If you're a frequent flyer, you've probably seen your fair share of antisocial behaviour in airline lounges. Passengers displaying a lack of lounge etiquette can seriously detract from the experience, yet few airlines...
  9. P

    Moving Seats Etiquette

    On QF7 last week in Y I had a curious situation arise, I wondered what people think. Light load, as usual for long haul Y either before or just after the seatbelt sign went off many pax moved around into vacant seats/rows. Lucky for me, I wss one of two people in the middle row of 4 on the...
  10. cosi

    The polite Japanese are finally getting sick of tourists

    My family has had a 50 year plus assoication with Japan This has been a major talking point within our family over the last several years and now its been reported in a major newspaper.
  11. F

    Dress standard in Business

    Hi all Sorry for the incorrect heading above it should read Dress standard in J. Can a mod please fix? I have just rebooked my return leg from Japan in J on Qantas. I have not flown J before. I know there are dress standards for the business lounge but is there a standard for when you are on...
  12. Forg

    Comfy dress vs Acceptable dress

    So I’ve got a not-for-work trip to the UK in a couple of months, and I’m not the frequent traveller in the family; my wife is. Thing is, she can get away with wearing the right type of trackie-dacks & she doesn’t look like a slob, whereas if I try the same I look either like a character from...
  13. Ms Carrington

    Etiquette in the Lounge - stick your earphones in pleeeeaasse!!!

    I'm sitting in the BA flounge at Heathrow and once again someone's having a phone conversation or skyping on loudspeaker...seriously put some earphones in!! Do people realise how far the scratchy AM radio sound actually transmits throughout this space? Most of us probably don't need or want to...
  14. D

    Row 3 rant [Feet on Bulkheads]

    On recent flights between SYD and MEL I have noticed on 2 occassions, people in row 3 putting their feet on the bulkhead dividing J and Y cabins. On the flight to MEL my neighbour in 3C decided to slip off his shoes (left socks on) and put both feet on there. On the flight back to SYD my...
  15. Renato1

    Attrociously Disrespectful Flight Attendants?

    In this article, Tim Blair has a shot at the Race Discrimination Commissioner's belief that Flight Attendants show him attrocious disrespect. No Cookies | Daily Telegraph Which of the two Tims do you think is correct? Regards, Renato
  16. maureeng

    Qantas international business lounge Sydney attitude.

    My daughter was traveling Bangkok on a Qantas reward ticket. I gave her a lounge pass to use so she got to the airport early to relax in the lounge. She was a bit anxious as it was her first overseas trip without her young children. She got to the lounge only to be told as it was a code share...
  17. leadman

    Feet on bulkheads, chewy on seat better!

    On todays flight BKK to DOH. I was wondering if QR actually feed their staff as this could have been reserve rations? On landing I was just imaging how the staff member who placed it there didn't think it was going to be spotted when they left their seat!
  18. Foreigner

    Qantas Guidelines for dress standards for pilots

    Unsure if this had already been posted elsewhere on forum... No moustaches, no backpacks whilst in uniform: Qantas pilots fuming over strict new uniform standards which ban handlebar moustaches | Daily Mail Online
  19. coyote25

    Seat Allocation Etiquette

    So boarding a flight today and I found a pax sitting in my seat exit row 13F. I politely said, excuse me I think that is my seat. Turns out they are allocated 12F so honest mistake at this point (I'm assuming). However at that point she said it doesn't matter I'm staying here you take 12F. I...
  20. gaz0303

    New AA campaign on flyer etiquette - lets hope it works

    AA are launching a new marketing campaign that doesn't focus on the cliche features and benefits. Can read about it at the NY Time here. I'd be happy to pay a bit more to fly with 'great fliers'.