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complaints & resolution

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  1. Mattg

    Do we have a right to complain about poor travel experiences during the pandemic?

    It's obvious to anyone that's travelled during the COVID-19 pandemic that things aren't the same as they used to be. Obviously there are increased hygiene measures in place - which makes complete sense - but there's also a lot of cost-cutting going on. Airlines, hotels and many other businesses...
  2. Mattg

    Etihad to give full refunds for cancelled flights bought in Australia

    The ACCC put out a press release this morning saying that Etihad had agreed to give full refunds to all passengers that bought tickets in Australia whose flights were cancelled due to COVID-19. This includes passengers that have already accepted travel credits...
  3. Mattg

    Slater and Gordon class action against travel vouchers

    Slater and Gordon is apparently preparing a class action against airlines and travel companies that have unlawfully refused refunds, instead pushing customers to accept a travel voucher. https://www.slatergordon.com.au/media/travel-vouchers-shouldnt-fly-s-g-prepares-class-actions-for-take-off...
  4. Legoman

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    As brief as I can this is what happened. Regular weekly silver QFF flyer for work - charter flights. Arrive at airport 45mins before departure (as per recommendation) same as always - done this many, many times. Step up to the bag drop (QFF bag tags) to check single bag and machine can't read...
  5. R

    QF Luggage Comp Claim -

    Hello All, I recently flew QF DFW-SYD via an AA Award Ticket and one of my bags was damaged. I submitted a claim at SYD and was put in contact with QF Customer Support, they offered a replacement bag or $ compensation for the bag that is not repairable. So far so good in terms of customer...
  6. N


    Great conpany
  7. K

    Qantas cancelled my booking, no notice, no refund made

    Hi all, advice sought. I am due to fly home from Rome in a few days, ticket purchased in March using classic rewards. Last night I went to check my seat, and the return flight no longer existed. It said ‘trip completed’ I phoned Qantas. What occurred was, I booked my flight in March... I’m...
  8. Dr Ralph

    Would you complain if Qantas took your 75K points after the 18 month expiry date?

    Usual hyperbole in this article on the Daily Mail site. But the brief synopsis is that a customer was upset that their 75,000 QFF points was taken after account inactivity of more than 18 months. I understand that Qantas had contacted the person and that this was all as per the terms of QFF...
  9. bpeteb

    Ticket issued with first name duplicated

    So I made a booking on the weekend for our first Virgin flight in many years and for some reason my first name has duplicated on the booking/e-ticket. I didn't notice it until today when I went to add my partner's velocity number to the booking. Flight is to Vanuatu. Just called and told it will...
  10. T

    Answered Compensation for broken laptop during travel

    Asking for a friend: Flying VA domestic this year. My carry-on bag with my personal laptop inside was just over 10KG during boarding, so cabin crew checked it in under the aircraft. Upon receiving it after the flight my laptop was completely smashed. Virgin Australia are not claiming...
  11. melbkate

    Qantas digital lounge invitations and access issues

    Hi all I'd like to express my frustration at the Qantas Lounge changes to digital and also the way they are limited and inflexible and wondering if other people have had similar issues. I fly MEL-SYD return at least once a month. I only bother to use my lounge passes if my flight is delayed or...
  12. R

    Help with Jetstar cancellation issue

    I think Jetstar are going to refuse me a refund after downgrading me to economy and leaving me potentially stranded - any knowledge about complaint escalation? On 1 August Jetstar cancelled their Melbourne to Bangkok service. I was booked in business. Text at 4:22 said I was being transferred to...
  13. AustraliaPoochie

    Flybuys to VFF transfers, anyone else having problems trying to do a tranfer of late?

    I have been doing a lot of FBs to VFF transfers, not sure how many now, for those of you who have tranferred a lot, up to 69 times (not sure is it a annual cycle/or our velocity 12 months cycle), does the system tell you you have gotten to your maximum? Or does FB just stop, and will not allow...
  14. W

    Answered What is reasonable compensation for a broken Qantas seat?

    Hi, What is a fair amount of compensation for the following? I flew from Melbourne to Bali via Sydney return on a Airbus A330. I paid full fare for my seat. Going over had no issues. On the way back as I was at the gate I was told by a member of staff as they were checking my ticket that the...
  15. M

    Issue with booking internal USA domestic flights through qantas

    Hi everyone, first post in ages so please go easy. Travelling to the USA next year and flights include internal USA domestic flights (Louisville - Miami 07/05/2020, Miami - Las Vegas 16/05/2020). I know AA has direct flights for these, as I can see them on the AA website. But when I try to...
  16. K

    European flight delay compensation

    Seeking clarification on the usage of this. I recently had a flight on Icelandair from IAD-KEF. We boarded, sat on the tarmac for 2 hours, then told of a mechanical issue which could not be resolved. We we're put up in an airport hotel overnight then boarding essentially the same flight...
  17. I

    Answered Is this an airline safety complaint?

    Firstly I am not naming airline type of route age or gender of person etc but suffice to say on domestic flight. This is not a rant email but I am really unsure as to whether I make a complaint or not. A person, with a prosthetic leg was sitting in an exit row seat. I also observed them having...
  18. B

    Amex Dispute Resolution Address

    Does anyone know an email or address for this?. My local supermarket has stopped paying 3ppd on Edge transactions, when I contacted Amex they said that's because its categorised as a grocery. I pointed out to them that their T&C's specifically stated Harris Farm under their major supermarkets...
  19. ethernet

    Cebu Pacific - Unable to complain

    Cebu Pacific has a very poor consumer affairs raiting and plenty of upmost serious warnings. Does anyone know CebuPacifics internal complaint email address? <<< Their booking centre is unable to accept 'complaints' I can see a $160 fare being flushed down the toilet. Some might be tempted to...
  20. G

    Answered Overbooking on BA experince

    I experienced a similar situation last month on a BA flight from Newark to London but was happy with the outcome. No status on BA so couldn't allocate a seat in J for free until 24 hours before the flight. This was on an award booking for 2 passengers. For a few days before check in, I...