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  1. W

    Escalating a complaint with Air NZ

    I was recently in New Zealand and during my stay received a text message from Air New Zealand which said, clearly referring to my domestic NZ flight, "If you're up for a change, we're also offering booking flexibility, to allow you to move to another flight of the same route over the next few...
  2. Mattg

    Warning about LATAM flexible/refundable fares

    I recently booked a flight within South America on LATAM and chose the "Premium Economy" option, which allows fee-free changes (fare difference is still payable) or a full refund. I booked this on the Australian version of the LATAM website. For some reason, when you do this, it processes your...
  3. A

    Does the Qantas Specialist Team really exist?

    Is “referred to the Specialist Team” really Qantas Customer Service speak for consigning my complaint to the rubbish bin? The response to my complaint in October was that it had been referred to the Specialist Team. Have followed up twice since and each time have been assured that my issue has...
  4. B

    Compensation due to cancellation?

    Hi Team, hoping to get some guidance about the potential for compensation due to a cancellation on an international Qantas rewards fare. In January 2023, we were fortunate enough to get 2 business class Qantas rewards fares at relative short notice from Sydney to Paris via Shanghai with China...
  5. RSVKanga

    Missed out on new status due to agent incompetence

    Let me explain this situation; I currently have 250/300 status credits required to attain silver after a recent Qantas/AA trip to the USA, booked independently (my credits cycle expires Feb 29). However last year I took two group trips to London on Emirates (one in May one in August) and I...
  6. M

    First complaint in years

    Hi All, My complaint may seem like a first world problem, and yes it is, but when QF charges ludicrous prices, decent service is expected by crew, as is a policy and environment to help produce it by management. I haven’t made a complaint in years and have had worse experiences and tend to...
  7. C

    Any suggestions on a good commercial lawyer for dispute with airline?

    Would anyone have a suggestion regarding the name of a commercial solicitor to provide advice on an airline frequent flyer contract?
  8. D

    Singapore redemption saga, no resolution - help!

    I regret to have to moan about a not-so-good predicament I now find myself in regarding my SQ redemption booking. This is a prolonged saga so I will get on with getting down the details. 1. Originally I booked an F redemption from MEL-HKG-SFO for June of this year about 11 months in advance...
  9. RooFlyer

    QR and Airbus reported as settling A350 dispute

    Good news! From the Oz on-line Airbus and Qatar end bitter dispute over A350 surface issues (probably paywalled, try 12ft – Hop any paywall Some extracts:
  10. J

    How long to wait before going to the Airline Customer Advocate?

    I submitted a complaint to Qantas over 3 months ago. I want to refer my complaint to the Airline Customer Advocate but it says on their website to wait for the time stipulated on Qantas’ customer charter. I’ve read their charter and they don’t specify a time they take to respond to your...
  11. J

    Submitted complaint to QF

    Hi all I submitted a complaint to Qantas on the 21st of April and still haven’t heard back from them. I’m guessing that’s normal thesedays but does anyone else have any examples of the time it’s taken for qantas to get back to them from complaints they’ve made recently?
  12. There'sOnlyOneJimmy

    Help - QF customer service not ticketing properly - lost award seats

    As it says in the title, I’m suffering from another Qantas System Failure. I have already phoned the call centre many times, I have filed a Customer Care form via the QF website, and I have sent an email to Stephanie Tully (or at least an email address with her name on it that probably goes to...
  13. P

    Flight delayed, missed connection and abandoned by Qantas

    So this happend to me and about 30 other passengers on Friday travelling to Europe. We had a Qantas ticketed flight from Sydney to various european destinations on Qatar Airways via Brisbane. First leg was Syd to Bne on Qantas. Flight was meant to leave Sydney at 16:50 with connection on Qatar...
  14. Mattg

    Has Qantas lost your business due to its failure to provide customer service?

    There are now almost 2,000 posts in the Qantas Call Centre Long Wait Times thread, and it seems almost daily there are new threads popping up on AFF with people sharing their nightmares of trying and failing to get basic customer service from Qantas. I met with some friends yesterday in the...
  15. 0

    Platinum application rejected due previous paid (before due) 'unsuccessful payments'

    Hi all, I just had a platinum charge card application rejected, saying I did not comply with payment terms before on one of my cards... While I just had one unsuccessful payment due to a bank issue on one Amex credit card, which is paid in full later before due... and I check with the account...
  16. B

    Oman Air - has anyone received a refund?

    Has anyone received a refund from Oman Air for a cancelled reservation? I was told my refund would be processed in late Jan (6 months after the cancellation of my reservation) and 12 months after booking. I've now been told that the refund has been "authorised" and would be "another few weeks...
  17. A

    CoverMore kudos - successful claim

    I posted here about a successful TID Claim TID - successful outcome after me delaying the claim Glad to report that CoverMore came to the party on a second claim for an immediately subsequent trip that was also affected. I wasn't expecting a result on this one, as the claim was limited to a...
  18. Mattg

    Do we have a right to complain about poor travel experiences during the pandemic?

    It's obvious to anyone that's travelled during the COVID-19 pandemic that things aren't the same as they used to be. Obviously there are increased hygiene measures in place - which makes complete sense - but there's also a lot of cost-cutting going on. Airlines, hotels and many other businesses...
  19. Seat0B

    Any experiences with TripADeal cancellations and getting a refund?

    My 90 yo Father in Law has had his European holiday (incl river cruise) booked and paid in full last year for travel August 2020 cancelled by TripADeal. Cost over $13,000. He took insurance as part of the TripADeal package, with their insurer, who of course has a "no claims in pandemics"...
  20. MH_fan

    MH's dirty tactics regarding COVID-affected flights

    I've been hearing a lot about Malaysia Airlines' obstructive and underhanded methods in dealing with passengers with COVID-affected flights, so I wanted to share my experience and, hopefully, provide some advice to others who are in the same situation. I had two sets of flights to South-East...