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complaints & resolution

  1. W

    Question What is reasonable compensation for a broken Qantas seat?

    Hi, What is a fair amount of compensation for the following? I flew from Melbourne to Bali via Sydney return on a Airbus A330. I paid full fare for my seat. Going over had no issues. On the way back as I was at the gate I was told by a member of staff as they were checking my ticket that the...
  2. K

    European flight delay compensation

    Seeking clarification on the usage of this. I recently had a flight on Icelandair from IAD-KEF. We boarded, sat on the tarmac for 2 hours, then told of a mechanical issue which could not be resolved. We we're put up in an airport hotel overnight then boarding essentially the same flight...
  3. I

    Answered Is this an airline safety complaint?

    Firstly I am not naming airline type of route age or gender of person etc but suffice to say on domestic flight. This is not a rant email but I am really unsure as to whether I make a complaint or not. A person, with a prosthetic leg was sitting in an exit row seat. I also observed them having...
  4. B

    Amex Dispute Resolution Address

    Does anyone know an email or address for this?. My local supermarket has stopped paying 3ppd on Edge transactions, when I contacted Amex they said that's because its categorised as a grocery. I pointed out to them that their T&C's specifically stated Harris Farm under their major supermarkets...
  5. ethernet

    Cebu Pacific - Unable to complain

    Cebu Pacific has a very poor consumer affairs raiting and plenty of upmost serious warnings. Does anyone know CebuPacifics internal complaint email address? <<< Their booking centre is unable to accept 'complaints' I can see a $160 fare being flushed down the toilet. Some might be tempted to...
  6. C

    Complaints with SQ and Handling

    So I Submitted a complaint through their online feedback. Long story short - I was on one of their flights in J, and noticed that 3 of the crew members were quite sick/had a cold and constantly sniffing wiping their noses. Which I personally found disgusting since they are handling your food...
  7. B

    Answered What to do before approaching the ACA

    So I had a bad experience over the weekend with the airline not delivering my baggage. I traveled, on a Friday, for a sporting event and had all the uniforms and equipment in my luggage. For an undisclosed reason, the airline did not send the baggage with the passengers. A form was filled out...
  8. J

    VA complaint about unserviceable J seat - what's reasonable?

    Hi folks, I recently travelled PER-SYD on VA VA0556 , on fully flexible Y ticket. I requested and was granted an upgrade to J using 9900 points - my first ever time requesting an upgrade, as most of my status/miles has come from SQ flights, so I tend to use VA points elsewhere. I am SG...
  9. get me outta here

    The FOS will be replaced by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Before you lodge a dispute Important information From 1 November 2018, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) will be replaced by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA will deal with all new financial services complaints from this date, and manage...
  10. D

    Answered Downgraded on El Al - Compensation

    Hi all, I booked y+ with QF points on a flight from TLV-HKG (11hrs) on El Al. The flight was oversold in premium classes and from what I can tell a number of pax got bumped down a class, myself and a friend included. I was advised upon check in that I was downgraded and that a new ticket for...
  11. C

    Answered Can I open a case [VA on EY not crediting]

    I'm in London at the moment having flown here on a paid business class ticket issued by Virgin Australia, sold to me by American Express on VA flight numbers operated by Etihad. I was correctly credited for my connecting flight from AUH to LHR but nothing for my SYD-AUH flight. I've submitted a...
  12. Dr Paris

    Virgin Australia overcharged me $4500

    Virgin Australia charged my credit card twice for a large amount of money without my permission: 29 August 2018: $2,690 AUD 06 September 2018: $2,620 AUD After the first charge, I thought this was a completely mysterious error, and complained as such online (via Twitter) and over the phone...
  13. eosphoros

    Is QF deliberately hanging up on me? AONE ticketing dispute

    I recently had an AONE4 ticket re-issued by QF and they quoted me an additional $1074.20 AUD in taxes/fees/carrier charges. This seemed to me an incorrect calculation, since I had already paid $1511.08 AUD in taxes for this ticket. (My new ticket has far fewer sectors and countries, and the only...
  14. Avidflyer

    Jetstar complaints contact details

    Can anyone please provide me with a Jetstar complaints contact number. A family member had a bad experience today on a flight from Cairns to Melbourne. I’m just seeking the contact number so she can deal with the matter and not have it publicly discussed here. Thanks
  15. Legoman

    Just lodged my first case with the ACA

    After suffering a QF flight cancellation (for "operational reasons" meaning they didn't reach the required load factor threshold for profitability), then rescheduling to another destination in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go, then birdstrike on landing and being stranded in a city...
  16. P

    First name and middle initial merged on United reward ticket, Problem?

    Hi all, I have a reward flight booked BNE - BKK on TG then BKK - JFK via TPE on BR. I am a bit worried that the name on my e-ticket is Paula Gibson, not Paul A Gibson. Anyone had this problem before? If I was flying United metal I wouldn't mind so much as they issued the ticket. Thanks.
  17. vetrade

    IB Express flight not ticketed - Problem?

    Hi all. I'm a bit concerned that IB Express hasn't ticketed our flight yet,10 weeks after I bought and paid for it. As I haven't dealt with IB Express previously I'd be interested in others' experiences /comments as to whether I just need to be patient or if I need to take action. One problem...
  18. K

    should do i bother to complain to qantas

    I recently has a flight for four in J tsv - mel my question is do I bother to take it up with Qantas for some token compensation or just leave it and fly virgin from here on out our flight was delayed in Townsville ( I knew it was going to be a bad trip as soon as I went into the lounge in...
  19. serfty

    Answered Resolved: Double the Qantas Points you earn on the ground (up to 15,000 bonus points)

    24th August - Crediting for promotion - approx 12K point less than expected. Decided to wait 30 days. 23rd September - My Initial Query 25th September - Reply from Qantas Loyalty asking for e-tickets 25th September - My response regarding the promotion and how e-tickets are not relevant. 6th...
  20. D

    How to escalate dispute with QFF program?

    I’m having a terrible time chasing DSC credits from the September promo and the QFF phone staff have been totally useless (and told outright untruths in some cases). Does anyone know what the best way to escalate this to someone who actually knows what they are talking about is?