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  1. T

    JAL QF award - seats reserved for new bookings only?

    Hi there! Hoping to pick the brains of this community. Simply put - I have booked HND-SYD on JAL in PE as part of a OW RTW award (rest of the flights are in J / U class). I can see there are now J class seats available on NRT-MEL, so have been requesting to change to this flight. But QF keeps...
  2. M

    KF Star Alliance RTW price increased

    From 5 July 2022 onwards, the redemption award levels will be revised to 200,000 KrisFlyer miles in Economy Class, 280,000 KrisFlyer miles in Business Class and 405,000 KrisFlyer miles in First Class. -Singapore Airlines
  3. zylin

    What Star Alliance FF program to join (based on RTW itinerary)

    Hi all, New poster here, so appreciate any help I can get :) I've currently booked the following RTW itinerary via Star Alliance in Business class for some work travel. SYD -> SFO United (Z) SFO -> LAX United (Z) LAX -> EWR United (Z) EWR -> CDG United (Z) CDG -> FRA Lufthansa (Z) FRA -> LHR...
  4. T

    Thai airways awards booked using KrisFlyer and KrisFlyer and RTW help

    I’ve got a couple of questions I have signed up to velocity and Singapore airlines(I also have qantas) and have booked some domestic flights before with velocity which is easy but could someone help me out I have read pointshack My girlfriend parents live in Thailand and we would like to see...
  5. P

    Where to credit Lufthansa RTW Business class points

    Hi. My wife and I are both VA Platinum and have booked Lufthansa RTW Business class flights for October 2022. Routing is MEL-SIN on SQ with Swiss code share, SIN-ZUR-LHR on Swiss and DUB-FRA-ATL on LH (then award Delta ATL-ABQ) with UA from ABQ-SFO-MEL. Fare class is P and cost was ca $7000. We...
  6. D

    Visit to US in Nov, RTW flight options vs direct.

    Hi - seeking guidance from those more experienced than I am in travel to/from the US. I am joining a tour in the US later this year, dates should be around 7-21 Nov in-country. The tour commences in NYC and ends in Dallas. While I wait for exact start/finish dates I have been looking into...
  7. M

    CX and QR flights disappeared from MBB on OWA RTW classic rewards booking. Need urgent advice please!!

    Hi everyone, I need some assistance with my predicament please. I booked 2 PAX RTW in U class through qantas back in Sept for July22 and had been ticketed constantly after slight time changes up until March 10th. We had another notification of a CX flight time change by 20mins last Thursday...
  8. T

    QF Points/Credits Earn on Intra-US AA Flights Using Round The World Fare

    Hi all, I'm travelling on a DGLOB34 RTW fare from Australia-US-UK-Singapore-Australia - all flights booked in D (Business) class. I have received the expected points and status credits on international legs, but got rejected on a missing points claim travelling DEN-ORD-OMA in Business/First...
  9. G

    What options do we have.. OW RTW in Business (so over bloody Qantas)

    Back in October 2021 I managed to book 4 X OW RTW in Business flying from MEL-NRT-HEL-DUB flying Japan Airlines and Finnair flying June 25th returning July 27th. Japan Airlines then changed some of our flights so had to call Qantas to sort out new routes which I managed to sort after hours and...
  10. A

    QF RTW - Flight change (HND to NRT)

    I have a RTW ticket booked for 2 Pax incl. myself for June 2022. I have just checked bookings and have seen that the last leg from HEL-HND-SYD has been changed. Instead of Finnair from HEL-HND, they have moved both myself and partner to HEL-NRT whilst the HND-SYD (JAL) leg stays the same with a...
  11. R

    What is happening to Qantas award seats booked to transit through HKG?

    Hi all, First time posting a question, despite being a long time lurker, so hope I've done it right...! We booked Qantas RTW business tickets last year, for travel August 2022 SYD - MAN via HKG with Cathay. I understand we can't predict when travel transit through HKG will be opened up...
  12. auspal

    How soon can you book " round the world " flights ?

    I am planning on booking a " round the world " trip for August/September 2023, in August this year. The trip will be around 8 weeks in length. Will I have to wait until a year before the last flight of the trip before I can book ?
  13. P

    Seeking advice on RTW travel pl

    My partner and I have a RTW booked 28 February-20 March but are still a little confused about COVID-19 testing requirements. We are both triple (double plus booster) vaccinated. Part A is Melbourne-Sydney-San Francisco Melbourne: 0900 (28 March 2022) [QF 426] Sydney: 1025 Sydney: 1400 (28...
  14. J

    Planning Qantas RTW ticket - help

    Hello fellow members, We are planning on travelling in early 2023 and are hoping to book a RTW ticket. We are in our middle to late 50s and I guess that we are just unsure where to start. I have just over a 1M QFF points which will easily cover a RWT for two in business class. I will dot point...
  15. S

    UA kills RTW Business class redemptions for all Star Alliance

    UA has changed its award pricing model so that no longer have a business "saver" award, all flights are priced on a variable scale where the cheapest flight can be less than 25% of the most expensive. This means the other Star Alliance booking engines can no longer see a saver fare even if the...
  16. D

    Share your Oneworld Classic Flight Reward redemption routes 😁

    Hi Everyone, I never thought of accumulating QFF points before, and focusing on Velocity-Krisflyer isntead, thinking its much more doable. Anyway, after reading more about the One World RTW, i started to think that it’s worth a shot :) Been scouring the pages on the main OW RTW thread but...
  17. auspal

    Which route for RTW trip

    Towards the end of next year or the following year we are planning to do a RTW trip from Brisbane and would like to include the following stopovers - Tokyo, Hoi Ann, Nairobi, Cuba and Nashville. First question, is this even possible and secondly, which order should it be done in please ...
  18. N

    Booking separate segments RTW Freq Flyer points fares

    Hi there, long time stalker, 2nd time poster....I was hoping for some direction if at all possible. Like many people I had a RTW trip booked last year using FF points in J. I am now trying to re-book for March-April 2022 and due to the many hundreds (even thousands) of people in a similar...
  19. P

    Qantas classic flight RTW - partially flown, remaining flights cancelled. Options?

    My partner and I redeemed Qantas' Classic RTW reward in August 2019 for travel in December 2019 and March 2020. We purchased a 1 year travel insurance in August 2019. We have flown the legs for December 2019, and when coronavirus was looking to worsen and spread, we changed our March 2020 legs...
  20. G

    First & last legs of RTW cancelled, cause for refund?

    Have a RTW trip ticketed for Sep 2020 departure. Ticketing airline is LX. Trip was MEL-SIN QF, SIN-FRA-BHX-LH, BHX-ZRH-JFK-LX, LAX-MEL QF. Now that QF has cancelled international flights into Oct 2020 both the QF legs have disappeared from the booking. Surely that would be cause for a full...