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round the world

  1. P

    Disc Biz RTW - waitlisted on a QF sector help

    Hi. I'm doing a Discount Biz RTW with Swiss/Lufthansa and all sectors are fine except travelling HNL-SYD on QF. There is currently only one seat available, and we need 2. They won't let us take the one seat and the other person fly economy for that sector (still paying full biz RTW fare), so...
  2. B

    Oneworld rtw award vs star alliance rtw award

    Hi, I am early in my points earning with around 200k in VA and around 100k in qff and trying to work out which path is best to take as my goal is a rtw business trip for myself, wife and daughter. I have only silver va status and no qantas status anymore. With the cost of kris flyers...
  3. L

    RTW for 4 in J with 1,000,000 QF points

    So I'm sure many of you saw this article in the SMH traveller section: Round-the-world in luxury: What 1 million frequent flyer points will get you I'm really wondering how in the world a lowly QF member found 4 J seats on all those QF and OW flights - I certainly can (almost) never find even 2...
  4. BenAlexander

    Booking RTW (QFF reward redemption) AND a simple return (cash) 18+ months in advance

    We need to be in Canada in October and current prices appear to be close to $3k each in Y. We have hundreds of thousands of points in QFF, Krisflyer and Virgin reward programs so I started looking into RTW trips and think I could find something that also gets me a Euro holiday the following...
  5. D

    Answered RTW ticketed as LH which Rewards programme?

    Hi All, - Have just booked the family of 4 (all adult fares) a J class RTW airfare. First and last flight is QF so will accrue QF Status and points i am told, but the rest of the trip is UA (cross Coast in the US) and the rest is LH. I am currently Velocity GOld and have been told i can have...
  6. S

    Answered RTW - Velocity to Krisflyer and partner award seats

    My husband and I are aiming for RTW J class in the next year or so. With the devaluation of VA to SQ just want to make sure that we are doing some transfers the most effective way. He has 450k velocity, I have 65k which we will be moving over to Krisflyer before the end of the year (we would...
  7. M

    VA / VS RTW Points Redemption

    Similar to the great combined VA / VS RTW ticket offered last year, does Velocity provide an opportunity to redeem points similar to *A & OW RTW package opposed to full redemptions per sector? Would be interested to know the redemption pricing for SYD-HKG-LHR-JFK-LAX (Open Jaw) - SYD.
  8. T

    Go for platinum??? [Just 5 SC short before begiining RTW]

    Hi People Ok here’s the question. At the end of this trip I will have 1395 SCs.. 5 short of platinum! I head off on a RTW on 9 Dec. is it worthwhile to spend $280 for a bne> Rockhampton return to get 20SCs?? ie will platinum make a difference compared to gold. Obviously I would go play after...
  9. MathNerd

    *A RTW Redemption in F(/R) using KF

    Hey guys, Trying to plan a RTW Redemption in F (and/or R), using a *A award and KF points. Been collecting AmEx Ascent points for the past 2 years religiously, using whatever methods available to accelerate the earning of this valuabkv "currency", using the bulletproof Platinum Edge/Explorer...
  10. kyml

    Answered Looking for Lounge advice on Around The World trip?

    Hi All, I've been out of touch for a while as I had to cancel the "big" trip 2 years ago, but in the new year I'm off on a "One World" Around The World Business Class Trip (or I think it's now called Spend The Kids Inheritance) & I'd like some suggestions on Airport Lounges. At LAX I imagine the...
  11. O

    How to continue western direction RTW from Europe?

    Sorry, it's probably silly question, but this is new to me. We are looking at a Oneworld award RTW booking, using the oneworld site. The first part is easy, heading via Asia to Lisbon. We then want to return to Brisbane via Osaka, but the site will only accept that if I put in a stop at (say)...
  12. Lynda2475

    Multi City significantly less expensive than RTW

    I'm wanting to fly SYD-SIN-LHR-JFK-SYD next June, stopover in Singapore, London and New York, wanting to use Qantas metal to ensure Lounge Access wherever possible (and not interested in going via ME). There were no business reward seats that I could see (best use of points). Economy classic...
  13. Himeno

    Win a Round the World trip from WWR!

    I thought this was a staff only offer when I saw it yesterday, but an email I just got confirms otherwise. Contest with a major prize of two Superior Plus Class tickets (Economy window/alise seat with blocked middle next to you) on the Constellation Journeys RTW trip on QF 747 next year. Open...
  14. P

    Problems with a CX sector on a Oneworld around the world award booking

    I've got an upcoming round the world Oneworld 140,000 point award booking (made through Qantas in December 2017). One of the sectors (a Cathay Pacific flight [CX288 from Frankfurt to Hong Kong]) apparently "fell out" of the system even though my Qantas E ticket and receipt says everything is...
  15. B

    One question for redeem around the world reward ticket

    Hi all a quick question for around the world reward ticket -- there is one rule: you can’t return to the country of origin until the end But does it matter or not I return to the starting country or not?
  16. D

    that bassinet life (RTW with our 9 mth old)

    Hi all thought i'd throw together a few photos from our recent RTW trip. SYD-DFW QF J ORD-xFRA-ATH LH F/J LHR-SIN-SYD SQ suites/F plus some food and hotel photos thrown in for good measure
  17. K

    First Class Oneworld RTW Award - your experience? was it worth it?

    Hi guys, I am thinking of doing a RTW Oneworld in First Class rather than Business Class. I am keen to hear if this has been worth it to any members who have done it before? And if so what were the highlights? Which lounges, which airlines were fantastic in First on Oneworld?
  18. davidj

    Inconsistencies in airport security around the world

    I've just come back from another trip around the world and I'm partially fascinated and partially concerned with the varying ways each airport and jurisdiction processes pax from landside to airside to aircraft. It makes me wonder that some processes are essentially a hindrance (it doesn't need...
  19. JohnM

    A high and dry, wild and wet, majestic history medley – RTW 2018

    The time has almost come for this year’s DONE5. Come Saturday morning I'm out of PER for 10 weeks mixing it up across the globe. The main targets when planning the trip were: Bolivia, Brazil (in particular the Pantanal – hoping to spot a (non-automotive) jaguar or two - and Iguassu Falls)...
  20. D

    Feedback on my *A RTW plan using KF points

    I'm hoping for some guidance with regards to a planned *A RTW award booking in J using KF points. I'm hoping to have enough points for two tickets for a booking for the end of 2019. I know I'm well ahead of myself, but I also know it is important to plan so I'm not caught out. Obviously I'll...