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  1. auspal

    Which route for RTW trip

    Towards the end of next year or the following year we are planning to do a RTW trip from Brisbane and would like to include the following stopovers - Tokyo, Hoi Ann, Nairobi, Cuba and Nashville. First question, is this even possible and secondly, which order should it be done in please ...
  2. N

    Booking separate segments RTW Freq Flyer points fares

    Hi there, long time stalker, 2nd time poster....I was hoping for some direction if at all possible. Like many people I had a RTW trip booked last year using FF points in J. I am now trying to re-book for March-April 2022 and due to the many hundreds (even thousands) of people in a similar...
  3. P

    Qantas classic flight RTW - partially flown, remaining flights cancelled. Options?

    My partner and I redeemed Qantas' Classic RTW reward in August 2019 for travel in December 2019 and March 2020. We purchased a 1 year travel insurance in August 2019. We have flown the legs for December 2019, and when coronavirus was looking to worsen and spread, we changed our March 2020 legs...
  4. G

    First & last legs of RTW cancelled, cause for refund?

    Have a RTW trip ticketed for Sep 2020 departure. Ticketing airline is LX. Trip was MEL-SIN QF, SIN-FRA-BHX-LH, BHX-ZRH-JFK-LX, LAX-MEL QF. Now that QF has cancelled international flights into Oct 2020 both the QF legs have disappeared from the booking. Surely that would be cause for a full...
  5. Jamesaurus

    Half way through a oneworld explorer J!

    Currently half way through a ticket, with a return leg back from Europe (Brussels-London-Tokyo-Melbourne-Canberra) still to come , which I extended 12 months last year. The departure flight from brussels is due 19th June. Anyone had any luck getting any funds/points/voucher back in similar...
  6. RooFlyer

    RTW to no-where in particular

    This OneWorld RTW is going to be an odd one. When people ask me where I'm going, I've found myself saying 'nowhere in particular'. Its going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of some favourites re-visited (New York, Paris, Istanbul), some quick stops to get some history that I have been meaning to...
  7. Tropic

    Best (cheapest) OW business class RTW currently?

    Been waiting for another AY Business RTW sale but being pointed towards LX as alternative. Current uncertainty aside, wondering what is best OW business class RTW option ex PER but avoiding transiting asia.
  8. B

    Currently travelling RTW Business Award Oneworld, Coronavirus outbreak causing flight cancellations with some destinations inaccessible upon arrival.

    Hi all, I've just joined but have been lurking the forums for some time learning from all of the lovely people here. Currently I find myself travelling RTW and feel the need to pay forward my experience travelling with the outbreak. Hopefully this will give anyone in the same boat some...
  9. B

    Hello, I am currently travelling RTW (during Coronavirus outbreak) and wish to pay it forward

    Hi all, I embarked on a journey RTW using Q-points accumulated and wanted to share my experience so far with rerouting due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I'm unfortunately unable to share any details in any other areas just yet, so it seems saying hello first! Look forward to helping out where...
  10. D

    RTW or 2 one way tickets

    Hi, Getting a cruise across the Atlantic later in the year, so need to fly into Amsterdam and then fly home from somewhere in the US (east coast) or maybe Totonto. Have been researching RTW tickets and some would allow this, but others don't allow this missing leg (cruise across Atlantic). Am I...
  11. R

    Infrequent flyer these day - frequent points program user

    We have been collecting points for a number of years - originally flying for work and more recently some trips and a lot of building points through rewards programs. Nonetheless - have managed to get back to Qantas Silver status and over the years have used points for Classic Awards, Upgrades...
  12. Carlton3

    1st B/C Round The World Trip on Points

    Many thanks to all at AFF, I have recently completed my 1st RTW QF Business Class booking on QF frequent Flyer Points. I found out so much from the forums. Inc. You don't have to actually go round the world, you can backtrack. I was lucky enough booking only 6 months out to get three (yes 3)...
  13. Mattg

    Melbourne to Vienna (via South Africa, Namibia & India)

    Earlier in the year, I wrote about the first half of my Oneworld Award which started in Europe. After a long stopover in Australia, I completed the second half of the trip in November. The final stop of this trip was Vienna, where I am now living for the next year. This is what the itinerary...
  14. V

    USA Embargo and Oneworld Flights to Cuba

    Given the current USA embargo on flights to Cuba, How would it be possible to include Havana Stopover as part of Oneworld RTW Flights in 2020 using QFF points.
  15. S

    Gday - Oneworld RTW question

    Hi All, Got a newbie question just wanted to confirm if my understanding is correct. For the Qantas oneworld Classic Flight Reward is the availability the same as the availability of the individual flight segments when searching on Qantas website for classic reward seats? Pretty much everyone...
  16. N

    RTW Business Class FF points

    After much hunting and gathering....Just booked RTW Business class flight for self and partner using points on Q and BA in August/September 2020. Keen to get peoples thoughts about flying the Perth to London leg in business. Hoping its a dream....hell of a long flight....hoping to keep it much...
  17. J

    Hi everyone, planning a RTW business flight for myself and 3 family memers oct and nov 2020

    Looking to book 4 rtw business flights for travel oct nov 2020. Seems like Finnair offer good deals around feb. Cant book just yet as not all dates released. Itinerary will be adelaide singapore paris or london malaga barcelona then cruise to miami las vegas los angeles then back to Oz. Any tips...
  18. A

    Business RTW - maximise points

    Hi there - first post :) My partner and I are embarking on a Lufthansa RTW in Business Class early next year. We are flying a combo of QF (domestic), UA, LH and SQ. I am wondering which frequent flyer number would be best to note on this booking to maximise points / benefit? I currently...
  19. dragonman

    RTW in the age of a weak dollar.

    I have been buying DONE 4 trips for years now. The weakness of the AUD and the cost of repositioning have me thinking I might have to buy this one out of Australia and let Qantas manage it. Has anyone had experience with QF managing the fare? Do they charge for date changes? Is it worth trying...
  20. MikeG

    Teenagers!!? Changing One World Reward (RTW) travel plans.

    As some of you might know, alot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) were spent booking RTW tickets for our family to go to the states to visit our 19yo son at college - I provided him with the itinerary when we were done, and nearly a month later he tells us he is coming home for Summer...