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  1. M

    Qantas fails to reticket Oneworld RTW reward flight

    Currently on a Oneworld RTW reward booking and a few legs have been flown. Made some date changes to onward legs, which Qantas took payment for. No e-ticket issued after multiple follow up calls. Latest call the agent said cannot reissue as the date changes were not allowed??? Now no onward...
  2. urbancowboy

    RTW Points Allocation Dilemma

    Greetings everyone, I am hoping someone would kindly assist me with some advice on points allocation for a RTW Star Alliance trip, especially which FF Program I should link to the trip? I am travelling Turkish, Lufthansa, Air Canada and United (in this order) and have been told all are in D...
  3. F

    PLEASE help me to find US to SIN to complete RTW for 5 pax around mid july

    Hi FFs, I managed to reserve a month long RTW for 5pax (2 adults + 3 kids). My booking is currently holding as the last leg LAX-SIN don't have availability in Business Saver. My current bookings which is yet to be confirmed are SIN-FRA-FCO VCE-CDG MAN-IAH-MCO EWR-LAX-SIN Please help me if you...
  4. encryptededdy

    oneworld RTW products - same city surface sectors

    I've struggled to find an answer for this online or in the oneworld clue sheet, and I was wondering if anyone here knows. Maybe this is common knowledge to how these terms are defined that I just don't know. I currently have a DGLOB34 booked for March, and I'm looking to make some changes to...
  5. C

    Turkish RTW Business - allocate points where?

    Overwhelmed on which airline to nominate for ff points on RWT. I have just flown Qatar from Brisbane Doha Madrid and return - economy and allocated Qatar Avios points as can be used for qantas. Have now booked RTW Business with Turkish airlines from Bris Singapore Istanbul Vancouver and return...
  6. Atleastonce

    RTW first on Star Alliance

    I am researching the star alliance RTW fares (not leaving until Feb 2025) and understand if I book in first class and have to do J when first is not available then it is all first class pricing (points) regardless. My question is if anyone has done the first class RTW, had to do some sectors in...
  7. inline64

    RTW Classic Rewards adding flights

    Hi Brains Trust, I have booked a RTW Business Class Classic Reward Flight (not the 1st time), when I made the booking it was capped at 318,000 per person, now that I want to add some additional flights and now Qantas want to charge me a additional 540,000 points plus fees and taxes. Is this...
  8. K

    RTW Revenue Tickets

    Hi Experts , We are planning to buy the RTW business class tickets for Sep/Oct 2024. We have checked different options from Australia and the price for pax is around 13K AUD. Are there any nearby destinations/ports where we could commence the RTW journey to reduce the price. Any...
  9. W

    Baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines as the last airline on a RTW flight

    Hi AFF. My wife and I are two thirds through our RTW holiday and have come across a stumbling block with Singapore Airline's baggage policy. We have booked a Lufthansa business class RTW ticket but our last flight is an SQ ticketed flight (but part of the RTW flights) from SIN to BNE and it...
  10. D

    RTW with KF points - fill in a form

    I've just tried to book a 2 RTW business class tickets at the SQ call centre. I'd built an itinerary on the Star Alliance website and checked that all selected flights had points availability with UA MileagePlus. All seemed fine. After going through all the details with the call centre guy...
  11. I

    Overseas year long trip - round the world booking windows

    I've been looking through to see if other threads cover this but unfortunately haven't been successful. Looking at a RTW itinerary for departure in mid 2024 (may) for a year long trip through Europe UK Caribbean USA and Canada - what is the best plan for booking RTW revenue tickets as the 2nd...
  12. M

    AY ex AU RTW Business Class booking codes

    Hi there. Does anyone know what the correct business class booking codes (fare buckets) and Fare Basis Codes (rules) are for the above Finnair fare? QF between AU/Asia:---- AY between Asia/HEL/USA: ----UA Between USA/AU Thanks in advance:) PS: I'll also be looking for similar info on the...
  13. S

    Planning a Qantas/One World RTW trip

    Im planning a Business Class RTW trip through Qantas/One World. At this stage I dont know when I will return, do I need to book my return date when making the initial booking?
  14. skylabsea

    My DONE4 (oneworld RTW) booking experience

    Long time lurker here, wanted to share the process of planning and booking a oneworld round the world ticket to help others as it can be complex. The background is I'm moving to HKG soon, and yearly HKG-MEL-HKG trips back home is going to be on the table. After a bit of research here and on...
  15. M

    points, status, club and rtw

    hi gang, ok here is my situation, 2.5m pts points club plus for a few years low status AIM: would like to take my family RTW on points in business. questions: what is the best way to book ? is it worth a status run and becoming silver before booking? is it worth engaging a service to do it...
  16. zylin

    Skipping the last leg of multi city itinerary

    My partner and I are doing a month long RTW (oneworld award) itinerary in November. The trip starts in Sydney and the final flight is from JFK to SYD via AKL on QF4/QF142. We have an event in Auckland the day after we arrive back in Sydney so ideally we would just get off in AKL and skip the...
  17. rechoboam

    RTW in premium economy

    Not sure which forum this goes in sorry...looking for RTW in PE (or mostly PE) in January. not many stops. One on each continent would be fine. Trying to get to Oaxaca, Mexico in particular. I am Gold on SQ til October only, nothing else useful apart from a few Emirates points but wanting status...
  18. B

    Advice on RTW booking

    I am planning a RTW trip booking using Classic Reward points. I want to start the booking process for next year in April. I plan to be away for 2 months. Can I book the first couple of segments and wait until the latter flights become available. Do I have to book all at once? Thanks,
  19. J

    Best RTW business class fares from Perth

    Interested in the best RTW fares in BC from Perth or Sydney
  20. Himeno

    DONE3 planning suggestions/comments

    Other then a one week trip to Singapore last September (which was booked prior to Qantas saying they were removing the booking requirement for last years status extension), I haven't been able to travel anywhere since my last holiday in late 2019. So I now have around 15 weeks of annual leave...