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round the world

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  1. MikeG

    My experience booking four round the world OneWorld reward flights with Qantas Reservations

    OK, so I had the paid help from Award Flight Assist, which was great - Matt was very helpful and insightful, coming up with a great combo of flights for 2x Business and 2x economy RTW tickets for Mid-2020. I gave Qantas Reservations a call to get help, and it was a living hell over three days...
  2. R

    RTW trip - booking in advance help

    Hi guys, We are planning on a RTW trip (economy 140k FF points each) leaving August 2020 but we plan on going for 8-12 weeks. Do I have to wait until the final return date becomes available to book the full trip or can you book it partially as the flights become available?? I've locked down...
  3. 4

    PER DFW ret/rtw? x1 pax

    Hello folks. I'm eyeing a week in Dallas, ideally in October. Have heaps of QF miles & WP. Would favour QF7/8 J or F, could buy Y for cash if points upgrade realistically achievable. Maybe even look at one of those RTW jaunts, but I'd be hoping for some good connections. While I'm happy to pay...
  4. MikeG

    RTWx4 economy

    Can I get some ideas for booking RTW reward flights for four with the following destinations? starting/finishing: CBR at earliest 14th Dec, ideally 20th Dec, return home after 3-5 weeks. visiting: Iola, KS over Christmas (3 options for airports) visiting the following destinations in no...
  5. M

    Member Offers oneworld award Surcharges / Taxes Check

    [Moderator Comment] We are aware this is a very kind offer from @madrooster. However, it is better if this thread is kept tidy. Please refrain from making any posts that are not specific requests for a check of your surcharges and taxes. Posts that are not in relation to a request for a check...
  6. JohnM

    Gallivanting the globe 2019 - RTW and then some

    Come Wednesday, it’s on the bird PER-SYD for sector 1 of this year’s DONE4, for 17 weeks of varied travel, returning mid-October. On top of the core DONE4, I have a slew of side flights for a total of 30 sectors and 60,591 miles. This is my 15th successive annual DONEx (that does include an...
  7. W

    What is a stopover on an International Qantas Award redemption?

    Sorry for the big write up but I’m very frustrated and would very much appreciate some help: I’ve spent the past few weekends putting together a RTW itinerary from my honeymoon, which we’ve been credit card churning for, for the past few years. I booked the first half 2 weeks ago and have spent...
  8. T

    rtw staralliance with krisflyer miles

    Hi just wanted some feedback for an itinery i tried to book last night with SQ the route is in J from adl-lax via sin lax-yyz yyz-mia mia-lis lis-lhr lhr-sin sin-adl the lady on the phone quoted me 1832000 kf miles for 4pax im not sure if she's done it as individual segments or as a rtw fare, i...
  9. N

    Question Finnair Sale for 2020?

    I am writing to you from YZF in northern Canada. My family of four is embarking on a 6 month round the world trip from approximately April 1 to September 30, 2020. I realize that the current RTW sale for Finnair is ending today and is not for my intended time period. I notice that they have...
  10. Gold Member

    Round the World Sale Where in the world are you dreaming of? Right now you can travel bigger, better and brighter with great savings on round-the-world fares, from Qantas and oneworld®. Choose from over 6 continents, 160 countries and 1100 destinations. Simply go from one...
  11. Mattg

    VA/VS RTW from $1414

    After reading this post, I've done some research and found that the Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic round-the-world sale seems to be back from $1,414 in economy, including taxes. This is departing from Sydney or Melbourne - there is a small surcharge if leaving from other Australian cities...
  12. K

    Question Trying to include Vietnam in round the world itinerary.

    Hi I am trying to include Vietnam in my round the world itinerary using Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic Flight Rewards. I wish to fly from Madrid to Vietnam then onto Melbourne. Regardless of which airport I select in Vietnam I get the response that it is not available on the Classic Flight...
  13. B

    Singapore Airlines rtw luggage allowance

    I have booked a RTW redemption booking in business class through Singapore Airlines and it has been ticketed. On it, it states my luggage allowance is 2 pieces per person but no kg limit. I called the Singapore Airlines number and the agent was very unsure but thought it was only up to 30kg per...
  14. P

    Round the world ticket: Star Alliance

    In August, I'm booked on a round-the-world ticket (Star Alliance) Melbourne-Los Angeles (United) Los Angeles-Boston (United) Boston-Zurich (Swiss) Zurich-Frankfurt (surface: own arrangements) Frankfurt-Seoul (Lufthansa) Seoul-Sydney (Asiana) Sydney-Melbourne (Qantas) I booked quite some time...
  15. S

    RTW award flights itinerary questions

    Looking for some advise and help from AFF who have managed to snaffle the elusive J flights using Krisflyer points RTW. Having finally saved up the 240k points each to fly RTW in J my husband and I are now at the planning stage and to be honest it's not as fun as I thought it might have been...
  16. D

    How do I book a OneWorld RTW trip with QFF points

    In 2014 I booked a seven month RTW trip using Qantas FF points and oneworld alliance airlines. It was relatively straightforward to look up flights with eligible seats with the tools provided. I'm about to do this. again but find when I click on classic rewards flights only I get taken to a one...
  17. B

    One World J "RTW" Award seat selection?

    So I've just managed to get myself and Mrs BD onto 2 x 280000 J awards via the QF Multi city tool. I can select seats for all the BA flights but I have QR, AY, CX and IB legs that I can't do it with via QF. Can I select if I go to the individual airline websites using QF's PNR? If not then...
  18. Matt_01

    Question RTW *A in F - Need the advice thoughts of the *A Brains Trust

    Question for the *A experts, we are currently planning for a F rewards trip next year with the main destinations being UK, NYC and CA. Not fussed if we travel east or west however west is looking like a better option. After stumbling across this thread what do you look forward to more the flight...
  19. D

    Canada, Mexico, Europe, oh my! RTW here we go.

    It was many years in the making. I read and researched and read some more and weighed up options. In the end I decided *A would be the best suited based on future travel plans and what airlines flew where. We signed up with KrisFlyer in particular as they had announced they would fly from...
  20. P

    Disc Biz RTW - waitlisted on a QF sector help

    Hi. I'm doing a Discount Biz RTW with Swiss/Lufthansa and all sectors are fine except travelling HNL-SYD on QF. There is currently only one seat available, and we need 2. They won't let us take the one seat and the other person fly economy for that sector (still paying full biz RTW fare), so...