traveling with children

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  1. E

    Booking a return ticket for a child (under 6) with different parent - is this possible?

    Hi all - this is an odd one and I expect the answer to be no. But just checking anyway. I want to book a return ticket for my son SIN - SYD. He is under 6 years old. The idea is that on the way SIN - SYD, I fly down with him. But on the way back, SYD - SIN, his mom will accompany him. At the...
  2. tassie6

    Anyone used a car seat for child on SQ? PE & J

    Hi All, Has anyone used a car seat for their child on SQ recently (when purchased their own seat, he is over 2 but under 3)? Our little fella is pretty busy, and being able to have him in a seat he uses all the time will be really helpful, plus I think he will sleep better in it. I have...
  3. tassie6

    Virgin Atlantic Rewards Booking with Child

    Hey All, Might be a trap that could only be fixed by calling, detailed below. Was booking an intra-european Virgin Atlantic reward seat on KLM metal in euro- business (9000pts + ~€29) per person for 2 adults and 1x child (>2yrs, in seat). Checked and triple checked seats available before...
  4. S

    Max children per room

    I am looking at a holiday with my 3 children (wife will be at home working). She is in a new job and not able to take leave, and it's easier sometimes to entertain the children on a holiday rather than at home. Some Accor properties have a max children per room of 2, despite a room capacity of...
  5. R

    Is $7600 AUD good value to upgrade Emirates Premium Economy to Business.....

    Is $7600 AUD good value to upgrade Emirates Premium Economy to Business, for SYD - LHR, for 3 adults & 1 child? It seems to me to be good value, at least compared to the same upgrade on the return leg (Athens to Sydney) which is over $19K AUD.... These are the prices quoted on the Emirates...
  6. blackcat20

    The TomCat Family's Luxury Escape

    It's been a long time between Luxury Escapes and I need a distraction so I'm starting this thread super early. No sneaky baby announcements this time, but we do now have the two kids instead of just one 😂 This trip has been quite the saga. It started as a 2020 booking at The Westin Hapuna...
  7. LostRedditor

    Child case for iPad

    Just bought a 10th Gen iPad to keep my 16 month old busy on some very long flights. Looking to get a case for it that can withstand some serious beatings (this boy is nuts) and easy to hold for small hands. There are a number of options on Amazon and they may all be as good as each other. Just...
  8. D

    Booking a flight for an unborn baby

    Hi, my partner and I are expecting our first child in a few months and have tentative plans to visit family in the UK (from Brisbane) around Easter next year. Ideally we will have enough points for two (or is that 2.5) business class reward seats. I hope to have enough points to book flights...
  9. C

    Complementy Lounge passes and childrewn

    Hi All So I recently saw in a qantas facebook group, a person was complaining that the attendant at a Qantas Club lounge was requesting that her infant needed to have a complementary qantas lounge pass assigned to the child. I saw this and thought that is really stupid, and it is not what I...
  10. Lord_Lenny

    Child Restraints on VA

    So I've done a bit of searching about this, but couldn't find anything specific or recent that addressed it. Lady Lenny and I have been planning to attend my cousins wedding in Brisbane in May, that was meant to be no kids, but she has ended up inviting all 3 of us, which is great!! But it does...
  11. S

    ANA seating children

    Hi - flying to SYD with ANA next week and looking at whether to pre-purchase seats for the family on what looks like a busy flight (JYN 2,500 each). We have a 11 yr old and a 12 yr old - does anyone know if ANA would seat them with one of the adults, or if they would assign them random seats...
  12. E

    Adding a child to a KF redemption booking / book for a child standalone?

    Hi everyone - a bit of a weird one that I could not figure out online as well as call centre waiting times for SQ are shocking. Does anyone have any view or even experience whether a child (paid) can be added to a redemption ticket booked for myself? I have enough KF for my own ticket but not...
  13. LadyC

    Points Club member - child

    I was pondering whether any AFF members had children (under 18) who were Points Club members. Obviously credit card earning is not possible but there are other ways to earn points, with some hard graft, that could potentially mean entry to Points Club. The key benefit I am looking for from it...
  14. Michael Smith

    Pram - no accompanying children

    Hi, Random question. We are gifting a pram to someone. I’m flying to their city domestically for work. I know of course you allowed a pram with an accompanying child. I’m SG and will have a checked in luggage with baby clothes and toys too. I think I would be able too. Thanks
  15. C

    Qantas Heathrow Lounge T3 - high chair?

    Does anyone know if the Qantas lounge at Heathrow T3 have highchairs available?
  16. S

    Child stroller and carrier carry on luggage

    We will be flying oversreas with our 2.5 year old for the first time (Sydney to Queenstown NZ, via Jetstar). Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - are we allowed to take a small stroller and child backpack carrier on-board, as part of our carry-on luggage? Stroller: 87 x 42 x 98...
  17. M

    Help - bassinet seat booking Qantas/AA. Anyone have any idea?

    Hi there, I'm new here but have seen lots of helpful advice as a viewer. Hoping someone may be able to help with my situation! I'm trying to: Pre-book seats for my family, including purchasing a bassinet seat on Qantas flights. But: The flights were booked through American Airlines, so I...
  18. F

    Singapore Airlines lounges access - child

    Hi, I'm a VA gold and I will be travelling BNE-SIN return on SQ with my partner and a 5 year old child. The VA website states that I'm allowed 1 guest (inclusive of children). My partner doesn't have any status. What is recent your experience of travelling with children? Are the lounge staff...
  19. R

    Bassinet questions J A330-300

    Hello, We have our first o/s trip with our 7-month-old coming up. Flying QF25/26 in J and have some questions about the bassinets. In the few pictures I can find, the Qantas J bassinets look somewhat like torture chambers! We have a dream baby who is a great sleeper however I am wondering if...
  20. R

    Child Guest in J Lounge Singapore

    Hi All I was reading the rules regarding guests in the J lounge for Singapore. Just wondering if you can bring a child (9years old) into the lounge? The child is flying economy with another sibling on the same flights. Thanks