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  1. E

    Booking a QFF reward ticket on Emirates for an adult and then add a child paying with cash?

    Hi everyone I tried to answer my question using both, the QF website and the EK website, but I did not find an answer and call center waiting times are stellar again. Question is: If I have enough QFF points to redeem a return ticket on Emirates metal to Europe for myself but not enough to...
  2. T

    Delta child fares?

    I'm looking at a booking in J (Delta One), one-way DUB-xJFK-DEN with two adults and two kids (10 and 8, so not lap infants). The fare conditions say that a child fare is available at 75% the base fare, which is pretty standard for international bookings where child discounts are available. Of...
  3. A

    How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2021

    Start by inviting your child to talk about the issue. Find out how much they already know and follow their lead. If they are particularly young and haven’t already heard about the outbreak, you may not need to raise the issue – just take the chance to remind them about good hygiene practices...
  4. W

    Booking child on a separate booking

    Just seeing if anyone knows how to book my child and myself on separate bookings? Have a virgin flight credit to use, but not enough for my child also, so want to fly together with my child booked on an award booking, me booked using virgin travel bank?
  5. T

    How to prevent children FF points expiring

    Hello, my children have points expiring in June, but not enough to do a family transfer. What activity can I do to stop them expiring? Res Plan surveys have to be 18+ and seems similar with most things my FF is linked to. Thanks.
  6. P

    Infant booked as child

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the easiest way of booking a child as infant on a reward seat....I rang Qantas and got the overseas call centre who told me it's impossible to book someone under 2 their own seat on any ticket let alone a reward (know this info is untrue for paid...
  7. L

    Do they always charge for 2 year olds?

    Hello, Got some mates from regional WA who were on holidays over east and got stuck due to Covid for the last 3 months :( During this time they had a toddler turn 2. Flight prices are now double the price of the tickets they had to return previously (adding in the extra ticket for a 2YO...
  8. Matt_01

    Hong Kong and China with a child – An Ocean Park, Science, another Disney and a very crowded China

    I am still playing catch up on some trip reports and this time it was Hong Kong and then Beijing. This written post trip and we were not in Hong Kong during the recent events. As this report is belated I have cut it down to some of the main parts of the trip. Additionally although not planned as...
  9. B

    Child Safety Harness

    Hi there Any members flown in Premium Economy with SIA with a child under 3 ? I appreciate that a CARES harness is required but I’m curious as to how it’s fitted with a Premium Economy seat. Appreciate your help Cheers
  10. F

    Qantas Melbourne First Lounge Access for Wife and Child

    Hi all, I see lots of people have posted questions about access to the Qantas first lounge in the past but I was hoping someone might have experience with this. This is my first time travelling First with Qantas and my wife and I are taking turns. I'm flying Melbourne to Singapore in First...
  11. mrsterryn

    Sydney pick up with child seat

    Looking for a service to pick up son Dil and grandson from Sydney international. Husband and I usually use the blue Mercedes :) Thanks :)
  12. F

    Bassinet Questions

    First time VA flyer, first time parent. Flying is second nature (1M+ BIS miles); parenting is not. My wife and I might be insane, but we're taking our then-to-be 8 1/2 month old to Melbourne for Christmas, flying VA LAX-MEL in Premium Economy. It's a 777. We have confirmed bulkhead seats, and...
  13. X

    Portable child booster seats for hire car and on the plane

    We have a 6 and 2 year old kids, and wil be travelling to Hawaii, Sydney and Malaysia soon. We will be hiring a car and taking taxis for most places. What did others do for child / booster seats for the hire car and on the plane? Also I heard we cannot take normal taxis in Sydney? I was...
  14. futaris

    Virgin Australia 50% off Kids Sale

    Virgin Australia On Sale
  15. F

    Unaccompanied minors on QF International

    I was wondering if anyone had experience in sending children unaccompanied overseas on an international flight? I've read all about the QF policy and requirements but was keen to hear anyone's personal experiences about the whole process. Thanks!
  16. Matt_01

    Singapore with a child and a Mother-in-Law – Zoos, Science, Super Trees and an Island (Belated)

    This time we are off to SIN and once again main focus is on traveling with children. Somewhere in the planning my mother-in-law got included with the cost coming from us. The journey started from 2 different locations, I went from MEL on EK and the others flew the following day from ADL on SQ...
  17. Lynda2475

    JAL Introduces Child Icon on Seat map

    So JAL will for flights booked directly with them indicate on the seat map where a child is sitting to allow those without kids to potentially avoid sitting next to a screaming baby or toddler...
  18. Matt_01

    The US and CA with a child – history, waterfalls, big cities, woods, jail and another Disney (belated)

    This time to Boston, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, NYC, San Francisco and LA. Tea parties, kids museums, waterfalls, snow, aquariums, parks, American Girl, American Girl, and more American Girl, Beverly Hills, and another Disney checked off the list. Again this report will have a focus on...
  19. Matt_01

    Japan with a child - Disney, robots, zoos, miniature cities, samurai parks, and a festival (belated)

    On the back of this thread Writing your trip reports I have decided to finally post some old trip reports. They will be focused on travelling with kid(s) and providing a few photos of kids activities, aircraft travel and hotels. As these are family trips and wherever possible have tried to cut...
  20. B

    AA Award Flight on Qantas - Cost of Infant ticket 10%

    Hi, I have booked an American award ticket on Qantas business from MEL->SIN in Jan 2020. Now I need to add an infant ticket to the booking. Using their SMS service Qantas was happy to add the infant lap ticket to the booking but wanted to charge me 10% of the business fare. Does this sound...