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traveling with children

  1. L

    Taking baby into lounge with a free Credit card lounge pass

    So looking at using a credit card pass to get into the qantas domestic lounge, myself and a baby (1). Does qantas let you in with a baby as i saw somewhere you cant bring children on these passes?? Expecting a 1 year old to pay entry (or use a pass) seems rather harsh when its no like they...
  2. avante

    Travelling with wife and child- best seating options on QF400

    Happy Friday all! I’m flying QF400 Mel-Syd on the A330 and I’m taking my wife and toddler along as it’s a weeklong work trip. We are all flying business as it happens that only business reward seats were available. They’re in the middle seats on Row 7 - which seat would I be best in to be...
  3. W

    Help, we have a seating situation with baby

    We are doing our first flight with our new infant on Fri 23 Aug, AC38, Melbourne to Vancouver. Unfortunately all the infant bassinet seats were booked out except for 1 seat. So my husband has to sit somewhere else! We are very nervous about this situation. I already called the airline but they...
  4. Pushka

    Baby and an Award booking.

    Help please. I’m sure this has been answered but I’d like to check again. I’m making an Award booking for my DIL into Manchester for November in J. Her baby is due in August. So, how do I go about this. No gender nor name is known, well, not to me anyway. So help please? Maybe I should call and...
  5. D

    Car seats for kids - opinions

    Hi, folks, I'm after some opinions on whether or not it's worth dragging car seats onto the plane to use when flying with kids. We have 3yo (as of a couple of days ago) twins and are heading from Brisbane down to Melbourne & surrounds for a holiday at the end of the week. We're flying VA down...
  6. drron

    Baby dies on flight to Perth.

    A 2 month old baby died on Air Asia to Perth.
  7. Flying Fox

    Answered Kids Travel Different Class - When?

    Hello Brains Trust I have twins boys who are now 12 yrs old. They are well behaved (but do argue with each other as kids do) and have no problems with going out to dinner and behaving, traveling with us and behaving etc. They are polite and well mannered (I know that I'm starting to sound like...
  8. T

    Where is my child? Severe storms on the east coast of Australia has resulted in a Virgin Australia flight from SYD - BNE being diverted to Melbourne...
  9. D

    Plane turned around as mother forgets baby at boarding gate

    I'm sure I've forgotten things before flights before, and maybe I've accidentally left things behind, but a baby?! Luckily she quickly realised and the plane could turn around not too long after take off, but oops! Flight forced to turn around after mother forgets baby
  10. T

    Answered Children's meal on QF Domestic

    Does QF load (on request) children's meals for domestic flights? If the flight in question only offers a refreshment service, is there a children's version? BTW, I'm not expecting much and my toddler can tolerate (usually) an adult meal/snack in most cases... Thanks
  11. Mrmaxwell

    Seat Selection Blocked due to Bassinet

    I've had a few issues lately where international long haul QF flights have been fully booked and the only available seats (Y+ / J) have been bulkhead bassinet seats and 1 or 2 centre seats. I am told on a regular basis these seats are blocked until airport check in opens and cannot be released...
  12. V

    Answered Flying to Athens with young child

    Hi, My husband and I are taking my 4 yr old son to Athens and just looking for any hints and tips on flying with him. We are flying economy with Emirates from Brisbane (Qantas codeshare). Any suggestions? Is it worth joining a club for lounge access for Dubai stop over? Thanks, V.
  13. mrsterryn

    Flying babysuits umm clothes

    Having our first grandbaby born this morning just wondering if anyone has cute outfits for travel......well like the Qantas grosuit
  14. E

    A tale of two children (in J)

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... No this is not one of those periodic threads debating whether infants / children should be allowed in the J cabin (I think angel children should be allowed, monster babies sent to the cargo hold or, better, fly DHL*) But i was flying SQ...
  15. joffaa

    S7 Children Award seat redemption fees via QF , Exorbitant

    I recently booked a few flights Biz Class with S7 (Siberian airlines)using QF Points via Qantas website. to my shock the fees for Adults was 7 Pounds each whilst the kids fees were 52 pounds each. 2 adults and 2 kids was $220 in fees(II questioned this via chat on QF website and after waiting...
  16. JohnK

    Question LCC Booking with Child

    I had an issue recently where 3K allocated seats all over for a booking for myself, wife and 2 year old daughter. I thought we were sitting together but seats were automatically allocated apart. I've been looking at booking Air Asia CNX-DMK later this month and started booking the flight and...
  17. Denali

    VA approves new seating for children with disabilities

    Virgin Australia - Approval I was amazed to hear from Virgin Australia, who responded to my post and took it one step further and invited to fly myself and my family to their head office to discuss seating options ..... Virgin Australia for their approval of seating devices for infants and...
  18. H

    Refused guest child access to TBIT OW lounge when flying QF

    My SG colleague just returned from a family vacation to Disneyland and on the way home was looking forward to spending some time in the TBIT OW J lounge with his wife and two children. The lounge dragon refused entry for his children stating that the OW policy does not include children as...
  19. I

    Pram/stroller on child fare

    VA were great when flying with an infant, but I have an OOL-AKL flight with a now 2 yr old (child fare) and the website doesn't mention if the pram is a free checked item?
  20. L

    Travelled PER-BNE with a child

    Hey all, Wanted to share a recent experience I had with Qantas traveling with my almost 3 year old in Y. We did a trip PER-BNE, traveling there on Qantas and returning on Virgin. I normally travel solo or with the wife as I like the quiet / downtime in the air but it was time for a family...