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  1. RooFlyer

    Some Tasmanian wilderness, going business class

    Where I live in eastern Tasmania is nice and peaceful ... except at Easter when the hordes arrive. So this year I upped stakes and did several touristy things in Tasmania that I haven't done before, namely the Abt Railway out of Queenstown and the Gordon River Cruise out of Strahan, both on the...
  2. M

    Split flights same business reward

    Hi guys, Is it possible to book a flight from Perth to Brisbane using FF on business rewards seat but the routing be PER-SYD then a day stopover then onwards to Brisbane?
  3. Humbaobao

    Bad experience with REX Business

    I wanted to share my experience on REX business on my flight from SYD-MEL. On 4/03/2021, I have booked my return SYD-MEL flight ZL121 scheduled to depart at 1430hrs. I arrived at the Sydney REX lounge at 1350hrs and the service staff manning at the reception denied my access. She has asked me to...
  4. Mattg

    Rex Business Class meals

    AFF already has threads where people can post photos and discuss the Business Class meals on Qantas & Virgin Australia. Since Rex now has a Business Class cabin on its Boeing 737 flights, I thought we could have a thread to discuss Rex Business class catering. I'll start... I flew on ZL102...
  5. prozac

    Westpac Appalling Business Behaviour -Warning! #Westpac

    WARNING TO MEMBERS ! I have been a Westpac borrower for over 40 years and a customer for longer than that. I am told by my Business Relationship Manager I am what is regarded as a preferred customer, never overdrawn, always repaying on time. In January Westpac established a new team, the...
  6. pauly7

    Qatar Airways / Business Class [bassinet seats?]

    Hi QR frequent travellers A question that is surprisingly hard to answer thanks to QR’s wonderful website! Does anyone know if QR’s A350’s have bassinet seats in J? Can’t seem to find the answer... seat guru also does not have any seats marked as bassinet seats. Thanks!
  7. lindyb

    Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card

    We have just had an offer for a Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card. Has anybody else had this offer?
  8. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – New Opportunities to Buy Airline Miles in 2021

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Faced with plummeting passenger demand and...
  9. C

    Using Qantas Business lounge if you have One World Emerald status

    Hi All, Does anyone know if I am a one world emerald status (Platinum on Qatar) - but Gold on Qantas, can I use the Sydney domestic business lounge? I've booked the flight via Qantas (Syd-Mel) so my one-world will not be on the boarding pass, but I do have my Qantas digital card to show...
  10. S

    Seat selection on Business seat QF domestic

    We‘ve just had a change of time on a flight Brisbane to Broome. The booking is in U ( award business flights) . We had confirmed seats on original booking. Now with the new time we cannot select says that selecting seats is not possible on this flight. We are lifetime silver. Is this...
  11. P

    Travelling with Qantas on Christmas eve.

    Hours Domestic Qantas Club – The lounge is open one hour prior to the first Qantas service until the last Qantas departure. Qantas for Christmas for its loyal customers, please. Travelling from Perth to Canberra via Brisbane on 24/12/20. Sitting at Brisbane business lounge waiting for 19.00...
  12. J

    Qantas swoops on FedEx, poaching contract from embattled Virgin

    FedEx signs huge new freight deal with Qantas instead of Virgin Australia Qantas’ freight business has secured a huge new deal with a major shipping service that used to hold the agreement with rival airline Virgin Australia. Qantas has a signed a new deal with global courier service FedEx...
  13. kamchatsky

    Business and First Class Experience at Home

    Not sure if already had a thread on it. Please merge if it is. I just saw in Qantas Wine that they are selling Qantas amenities with Wine Packs. Business class pack for $99 (sale from $139), First Class pack is $279/$379 with 10000 bonus points: Business Class At Home CR...
  14. T

    Virgin Business Class late 2020

    I have recently foolishly flown Virgin business class on a couple of occasions. Virgin is treating business flyers with derision. In so far as it blames the virus for its service I simply don't accept it. The food is insultingly inedible and the wine is served in plastic glasses. I have been a...
  15. SydneySara

    First experience in QF J lounge with no service desk

    Well - we called it & now I’ve experienced it. In the QF business lounge in MEL as we speak. - no service desk staff (unsure if they were the first to go or whether they may be back before the official closure.) - lounge check in staff couldn’t process an on departure upgrade request. -...
  16. Mattg

    VA Business Class under review: What changes would you like to see?

    Virgin Australia announced today, among other things, that it is conducting a review of its domestic Business Class product. The media release says: The media release also makes reference to "creating a more accessible Business Class offering to better align to the expectations of the cabin’s...
  17. Humbaobao

    When will the Melbourne domestic business lounge open?

    Given that Sydney is opening up their border to Victorian from 23rd Nov 2020, I was wondering when will they going to open back their business lounge. I have a trip booked on 24th Nov, hope I can visit the lounge again.
  18. Mattg

    Qatar Airways unbundling business class "R" fares

    Qatar Airways is removing lounge access and seat selection from "R" class sale fares marketed as "Business Classic". Presumably you'll continue to have advance seat selection and access to a lounge with Oneworld status - although in Doha that may be the inferior lounge for status pax flying Y...
  19. T

    Domestic J Business Class Classic Reward?

    Simple question...How do I search for business class classic reward seats? They used to show up alongside revenue fares and economy, but they are missing. It is not an availability issue as shows the seats. What am I doing wrong?
  20. J

    Amex Business Platinum no longer offering comp Australian Financial Review subscription?

    Just received an email from the AFR saying "the subscription offering is no longer valid"? Don't think I have heard anything from Amex about this although that doesn't surprise me. There is another $600+ of benefit down the drain for the high annual fee they charge. Throw this into them reducing...