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business class

  1. mrsterryn

    Free 2 business class amenities kit Qantas

    Must be a member of more than six months and at least 50 posts No need to pay postage but would appreciate a $10 donation to a charity
  2. Mattg

    Emirates' new unbundled business class fares

    Emirates is introducing "business special" fares which will not include lounge access, chauffeur drive service, seat selection (until online check-in opens) or the ability to upgrade using Skywards miles. The cheaper fares will also earn fewer Skywards miles. The business special fares book into...
  3. T

    Best way to get Business rewards flights Melbourne to Montreal/Toronto

    Hi, Has anyone got any suggestions as to the best itinerary to get Business classic reward seats between Melbourne and Toronto/Montreal? I'm trying to avoid going through the USA just due to the hassle but will if that's the best. I know seats through LAX can be a little difficult also. Trip...
  4. F

    Best Business to LAX?

    I'm redeeming points for MEL - LAX and have found availability is not as bad as I expected! I'm looking to book ASAP and wanted your opinions: what's the best business option out of: VA 23 - direct DL 1 - stop in SYD VA 1 - stop in SYD Direct seems best, unless the Delta product is...
  5. H

    Hi fellow members.

    I have a huge amount to pay the ATO. I was going to use REWARDPAY through my AMEX QANTAS BUSINESS CARD. I rang their customer services and it just rang out several times. I then connected after several attempts. The operator told me that there was no one to answer my query and someone would...
  6. J

    Recommendation for non-amex business credit card

    Hi all, any recommendations for a non-amex business credit card with good rewards on airline points(can be direct or in-direct)? I don't mind for QF, VA or KF, CX points. Business spend is less than 10k per month. Thanks
  7. L

    Business class return SYD-CPT (or JNB) ~ $4100 on VA/SA

    Saw this fare on Google/Flights - many dates available - open jaw to CPT // ex-JNB works too - it's VA to PER then SA - I noted on the dates I search March/April 2020 the VA flight to PER was not flat-beds but still the price is good (it was flat-beds on the return to SYD). I was about to...
  8. T

    Qantas Business Fare Classes

    Just wondering if anyone can elaborate on the various QF Business class fares. I regularly travel PER>BNE>POM return and book Business Flex fares on the QF website. Sometimes as would be expected I have to change these flights due to unexpected events. Occasionally I get a refund, quite often...
  9. N

    Question 1st time in business, guidance please !

    Hi guys, Im flying Mel to Syd next friday night and its my first business class flight , Im after a little advice so I can avoid any silly mistakes, if there are any , basically things that regular business class guys see and 'tut' :) , obviously this is light hearted too , but any great advise...
  10. O

    Oh dear.....23 passengers (4 of them in Business)

    Coming back on VA52 (HIR-BNE) recently there were only 23 of us. I support Virgin on this route despite being only Tuesday and Thursday, as it would become an effective monopoly without them. Another passenger said that they are subsidised to keep the flight going, and I did notice that there...
  11. B

    Mum spoke to Travel Agent. Said she can book Syd to London Return Business for 280k points. How?!

    Hi all, As the title asks. My mum is travelling to Europe in mid-September 2019 and went to a travel agent to book flights. The travel agent said she can book mum Sydney to London, return, all in Business class, for only 280k points. How is this possible? I myself have quite a few points but...
  12. The Flying Brick

    Where have all the VA Business Saver seats gone?

    Checking for flights from MEL to SYD and MEL to PER last night for various months I noticed that not a single flight for any time of the day have any VA Business Saver seats for sale. This of course particularly impacts on the ability to upgrade an Economy ticket to Business as well as pushing...
  13. M

    Hi Fellow Freakquent Flyers!

    Looking forward to joining AFF. Cheers John - Father of 3, Business owner, Golden Retriever lover!
  14. Duffa

    Cathay new business class menu

    Haven't flown Cathay for 2 years or more - always try to fly Singapore if I can, service and food being my main reasons. Just completed MEL - Hong Kong - Newark in J. The new menu, which has been promised for Oz very soon, is already operational on the USA leg. And very good it was! Fancy new...
  15. N

    Question Classic Award Business seats Redemption and Membership Level

    Hoping for some advice please... Have dropped to Silver Status, and trying to decide if its worth it for us to spend the money on doing a Status Run (from Perth) to achieve Gold again. Our aim is to try get 3-4 Award Seats in Business Class to Europe for next year (pref France/Italy), which we...
  16. R

    Baggage drop Haneda. Qantas flt 26

    is there any way to drop bags earlier than 3 hours when completed on line check in and travelling business class qantas
  17. S

    Delta one seating choice

    Good morning, I'm flying SYD-LAX-JFK, then JFK-LAX-SYD. VA1 in J, then DL metal for the remaining three flights. Does anybody have advice about seat selection in the DL flights? LAX-JFK is in an A330. So is the return. LAX-SYD is obviously a B777 (I presume 772?). I know I want a window...
  18. J

    Booked Business Class on all Y flight, got Economy SCs

    Currently visiting my Dad in NSW - booked flights HBA-MEL-CBR return on a great full J sale fare, worked out cheaper than Freedom fares and giving me a higher SC earn in a attempt to claw my way back to Gold! (recently dropped back to Silver :(. ) . Also meant I’d still get lounge access...
  19. M

    SpiceJet (India) now offering business class

    Got an email today, but the information doesn't seem to be repicated on their website. Anyway... SpiceJet is now offering business class on selected routes: - dedicated 2X2 cabin - gourmet meals & beverages - lounge access and priority services Fares aren't cheap... DEL-BOM lead-in fares...
  20. captainroma

    Answered Is this true or a myth? checking in late may give you a free Business class upgrade?

    Hey guys, Someone told me the other day that if you don't check-in online and go to the airport an hour before flight and check-in at the counter, the airline may have ended up over allocating economy seats and then have to give you a free business upgrade, he told me he's done a few times...