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  1. S

    Flew Etihad business, what is this metal plate for?

    Flew Etihad business. They gave me this plate of metal that was cold with the bread, butter, olive/balsamic oil mix before the first course arrives. I had no idea what to do with it. I asked a crew member. She said "it's just there for anything." I'm not satisfied by this answer, unless it's...
  2. P

    Qatar or Emirates as QFF for Sydney - Europe Business Class?

    Hi Brains Trust. Choosing between Qatar and Emirates (booked as QF flight number) for business class to Europe this December/January (into FCO, out from BCN). Price is effectively the same for both. Qatar is not using the Q Suites as it's on the A380, so it's their standard Business Class...
  3. M

    Partner wants to get to MEL 4 hours early for a J flight to Bangkok (TG466). Overkill?

    My girlfriend flies out of MEL tomorrow on TG466 at 1000hrs She’s going business She wants me to drive her to the airport so she arrives 4 hours early because she’s heard all about these delays with security etc. Am I correct in saying this is overkill? Anyone travelled recently and got a good...
  4. S

    Waiting a week before flying for international business reward seats to be released?

    A week ago, I booked a return trip to Spain trying to get business reward where possible. I'm a little flexible on dates (depart 17/8/22 returning 30/8/22). Route is SYD - AUH - MAD. Of the 4 flights I could only get AUH to MAD in business, MAD to AUH economy reward, paid SYD - AUH on a...
  5. P

    Classic business reward seat on waitlist

    Sorry for the long post. I was happy when I managed to book the last available classic business award seat from SYD-TPE via Brisbane for myself and my infant daughter to travel in mid Dec this year. I got an email from China airline last week and said my Brisbane to taipei flight has been...
  6. P

    Qantas Lounge Changi AFTER Business Flight

    I have an upcoming flight MEL-SIN in Qantas Biz and I have an onward flight with T'Way to Korea 6 hours after. Does anybody know if Qantas will give me access to the lounge post-flight or no? I'm a Gold FF.
  7. C

    Business Class Award to Singapore using VA

    I was looking to book a business class ticket to SIN using my UA miles when I noticed that going via DPS was 15,000 miles less than direct (40,000 vs 55,000). So I booked SYD-DPS (VA) + DPS-SIN (SQ 789), with an overnight stopover. I wasn't in a great hurry to get to SIN, and I thought it would...
  8. N

    Operating hours for MEL Intl Business Lounge

    Has anyone been through MEL lately and can confirm the operating hours for the intl business lounge? The website lists flights that it serves and based on that it would be closed between about 3 and 5pm (so missing the two DPS flights and the afternoon AKL). Seems a bit odd to close when there...
  9. Fyrd

    Booking Mel to JFK business saver reward with stopover manually

    Hi friends, TLDR: I'm looking at the best way to spend my points, my wife and I would like to go away somewhere and we have a trip planned to NY next year for my 30th birthday. Could I book an OW Melbourn to JFK with the stopover for 145k if I call SQ up directly? I just need to be in NYC by...
  10. BensAdventures

    EK & QR: CRK/MNL to Europe (with Qatar Stopover) Business for $3.5K AUD up

    So I was needing to get to Europe (UK & Central/Eastern Europe) but start in the Philippines, so started playing with dates. I'm flying our later this month, and back 2.5 weeks later. I ended up flying from CRK and back to CRK, as the savings compared to MNL were significant on certain days...
  11. C

    BYO Eye Mask and Ear Plugs in SQ Business ?

    Recently flew FCO-SIN-MEL with SQ in J and was more than a little disappointed not to be offered an amenity kit of any description - especially as the first sector was 12 hours overnight. Retrospectively, I've read the Penhaligon’s amenity kit is 'on request' and fair enough if they're looking...
  12. ANstar

    QF (and NZ) AU>NZ from $999 return in business

    Bookable until 5th August. QF Trans Tasman sale $1099 return inc taxes in business class. Looks likeNZ have also matched. SYD/MEL/BNE - CHC $999 SYD /MEL/BNE - AKL/WLG $1099
  13. R

    Is it even possible to get classic awards in business internationally anymore?

    I'm gold ff so should be able to see flights out to 353 days. I've just been looking for ex Adelaide to many destinations and there is nothing in premium cabins. Do you just have to be superfast the moment it opens? Has Covid reduced capacity? I remember previously there was a fair bit on code...
  14. MJHoops

    Business classic reward to New York return (side trip to Martha’s Vineyard)

    Journey is underway In The House lounge at MEL
  15. K

    On SC Earn on MH Business?

    Hi All, This must have been observed/discussed before, but am I right in understanding that I will not earn any SC flying Business Class with Malaysian Airlines MEL-KUL? SC Earn is only available on Y fares? Seems odd for a Oneworld Member....
  16. I

    EK Business Lounge SYD. Is there use of another Lounge?

    Just found out EK Bus. Lounge still closed tomorrow 18/7. 6am departure 😩. Are Business Class passengers accommodated in another Lounge?
  17. M

    SQ Business Class Lounge - Guests?

    Travelling Business Class ex Sydney on SQ; can a passenger travelling in PE on the same flight be taken as a guest of the J/CL passenger?
  18. beeroob

    Qantas changed my classic reward seat from business to economy

    Hi all, Not even sure where to start here, I’m still shocked and upset myself! I’m heading to London for my nans memorial later this year, the memorial date was changed to slightly before my original business class classic reward QF1 ticket was due to fly out, so I found another available...
  19. MJHoops

    How to fix Qantas classic reward after partner airline schedule change

    Since 14 June 2022 I have been trying to get Qantas to ticket me on alternative flights due to a schedule change by Japan Airlines. Today, 8 July 2022, I got my e-ticket. I am still waiting on my wife’s (we booked separately as she was a chance to cancel her booking). This was a classic reward...
  20. AussieBird

    Jetstar Business Max bundle

    I have booked a Business Class seat on Jetstar but did not choose the Max bundle. Can I add it on after I have purchased the flight?