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business class

For more information about Business Class, see our Business Class Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. Jake77

    Question Velocity Award on Etihad - Is my Booking Safe?

    If Virgin collapse are my Business seats Sept 2020 with Etihad using points via Virgin site safe??? I have Etihad booking reference code/numbers I will change booking to next year anyway.
  2. luxury-lizard

    No credit for business class flight on South African Airways

    I flew CPT-JNB-PER on SA in business class - and credited to my LM account - the CPT-JNB sector posted but the JNB-PER did not. After sending a claim for missing miles to LM - I finally received a response (> 2 weeks later) which said this sector was in "P" class which is "not defined" in their...
  3. M

    What is the ONE thing that QF could do to get you back in the air more regularly post COVID-19?

    At the risk of being preemptive, I was chatting with a colleague earlier today about what life might look like AFTER we get through COVID-19. I know we are mainly focusing on just getting through the outbreak, and maybe we are optimistic in thinking of QF surviving (could they really close?)...
  4. A

    How to score a cheaper business flight (during this covid period)?

    Hey all Is this the best time to score a cheaper business class ticket? I’m not on any alliance or airline rewards. I’m in Singapore until next Tuesday (i know I have to self quarantine when I head home). Question is, is it possible to score a cheaper business class ticket in this climate...
  5. P

    I have booked a flight to Sri Lanka in business using300,000 points and $2700 cash on my credit card. Does anyone know if any of this is refundable?

    I have booked a flight in business to Sri Lanka in a fortnight using 300,000 points and $2500 on credit card. Does anyone know if any of this refundable? Thks for yr help
  6. T

    Question Thai long-haul First and Business

    I'm looking to book a family trip to Europe around Easter 2021, to use up some miles I had to move to KrisFlyer before the Amex deval. I have, with the clock ticking until 2022ish: ~350k KrisFlyer (3x one-way J Aust <-> Europe) in my name ~110k KrisFlyer (1x one-way J Aust <-> Europe) in wife's...
  7. C

    swap economy/business passenger

    if i'm in business but have a friend in economy - can we swap seats?
  8. quadflyer

    Booked first FF business flight, will I be able to access the Mel business lounge?

    Hi, I’ve just booked my first business class Qantas flights using points. I’m flying Brisbane-Melbourne-Devonport. However Melbourne-Devonport is all economy because it’s a Dash 8. The first flight leaves Brisbane at 6:10 AM. Then the second from Melbourne at 3:30 PM. Will I be able to access...
  9. Gold Member

    Vietnam Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR) from $1,968 USD

    Spotted availability throughout the year. 787 biz on the long haul seems decent.
  10. J

    150,000 Qantas Points with Amex Qantas Business Rewards card (for businesses)

    This is a whopper of a bonus for business owners. 150k Qantas Points with a $3k min spend in first two months. Currently scheduled to end on 11 March 2020. Annual fee is $450 (tax deductible?). This card also comes with triple points for flights and 2 QC lounge passes...
  11. P

    BP Plus + Qantas Business Rewards (Earn up to 100,000 Qantas points)

    This Just arrived via email We’re excited to announce that BP Plus will soon be a Qantas Business Rewards partner. From 1 February,≈ the BP Plus fuel card will be the only fuel card in the market that offers you Qantas Points for your business when you pay your invoice.* To...
  12. D

    Qatar Business Class - Where to Credit Miles/Status?

    Hi all, Hoping to seek some advice from the great minds here at AFF. My partner and I have booked paid business class (R) flights from Clark - Rome - Istanbul - Manila flying Qatar later this year (a bargain at $2300 each!). This is a rarity for me as we normally use points and reward seats...
  13. StevePER

    Finnair OSL-SIN return in J $2154, can combine with economy fares from Australia

    Finnair business class OSL-HEL-SIN return from $2154, books in I class. Must depart from Oslo on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This fare can be combined with economy fares from Australia on a half-round trip basis, for example PER-MUC in economy, and OSL-SIN in business for $1578...
  14. Tropic

    Best (cheapest) OW business class RTW currently?

    Been waiting for another AY Business RTW sale but being pointed towards LX as alternative. Current uncertainty aside, wondering what is best OW business class RTW option ex PER but avoiding transiting asia.
  15. P

    Qantas Business Class QF 93 / QF 94

    My Husband and I recently flew Melb - Lax return. Now on the way over the dividing screen between our two seats was stuck in the down position. Not such big deal as I was with Mr Pippi ( may have been if travelling solo) .....However, I still like to put the screen up, especially when sleeping...
  16. K

    Dirty Business Class seats

    Just completed two flights QF35 (MEL-SIN) and QF38 (SIN-MEL) in business. Both flights had dirty seats. First flight QF35 had crumbs everywhere which a FA then helped clean when we pointed it out and asked for a cleaning cloths. Second flight QF38 was also dirty, this time I came prepared with...
  17. N

    Has anyone found a better business orientated VISA payments platform than YakPay?

    Since EBP went from charging 0.8% to 1.3% for VISA payments early last year we trudged on until YakPay came to fruition - it was nice to see a rate similar to what we were used to previously (1% exc. GST). In regards to cash flow and earning points it's been really solid thus far, especially...
  18. M

    Churning business credit cards

    I was wondering if there were any fellow small business owners who have tried churning business credit cards? Based on my research so far, there appears to be a few advantages in doing this including lower credit limits and being able to have two cards with the one bank. For example, I...
  19. V

    Question Do Thai Airways have waist size restrictions for Business Class seats on their B787 Dreamliner?

    Interesting article on waist size restriction for flying business class: Wonder if other airlines have similar conditions for Business Class seats!!!
  20. boomy

    China Airlines (Taiwan) Sydney to Europe return business $3,715 AUD

    Decent offer, good airline. Credit to LoyaltyLobby