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  1. K

    International Saver (I) Business Award Availability for 2022?

    Hello, I'm planning to travel to Canada sometime in 2022 once the international borders reopen. Presently, I've got a J award booking with Aeroplan to bring me back there but thanks to you know what, the flight schedules keep changing and my rebooking options seem somewhat limited (either push...
  2. RooFlyer

    Qantas Business Rewards Survey

    Just got a 10 min survey on QBR. Thought it was 'funny' that no points offered (except at the end, if you gave them your details and possibly an hour of your time for a later remote consultation survey), contrasting with Qantas Red Planet where they give you some points for your survey time...
  3. T

    Business Classic Rewards showing as N/A?

    I'm looking at booking some travel PER-MEL in mid-August (after cancelling the flights I'd booked for early June) and while on PER-MEL there's some Business Classic Reward availability, on MEL-PER availability is all showing up as N/A, which is different to No seats. Does anyone know why this...
  4. M

    Business travel to UK?

    I'm vaccinated and I want to attend an annual industry recruitment fair in London in October this year. It's the main source of overseas workers for our business and certainly "essential" to my mind. However, I fear the government will deem it non-essential. How are other frequent international...
  5. Princess Fiona

    Qantas Business Rewards Double Status Credits (? Targeted)

    Got this in my inbox this morning 3 month booking period for all travel taken up until end of December.
  6. L

    Best uncapped card or similar for business

    Hey guys, this is my first post so I apologize if this is discussed somewhere else. I've tried to find the answer, but have not had any luck. I use my credit card for business spending (around 50k per month) and am looking for the best card to use to get the best points return. Most of my...
  7. Timsboot

    Singapore business class - what to do with the points potential

    Hi All. First post in a long time. I am about to take my first international flight in two and a half years. I am coming home to Australia from Bangkok for a visit. Flying on SQ. Paid ticket (return). What should I do with the miles I could earn? Pre-COVID I would put them on my Thai card...
  8. Mattg

    "Welcome on board to Qantas Business Rewards members"

    In the "welcome announcement" at the start of a Qantas flight, I've often heard the cabin crew welcoming back Qantas, Oneworld and Emirates frequent flyers. But on a QantasLink flight yesterday, I noticed the crew said "welcome back to our Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Business Rewards...
  9. Jamesaurus

    Booking J award to europe with Emirates during May2021

    I've been lucky enough to secure approval to travel for my business to LHR. I'm looking at Booking a J award to Europe with Emirates during May 2021 Any thoughts on probability of me getting bumped if I'm using a classic QF reward rather than paying for the ticket?
  10. Mattg

    QF AKL-OOL in J for NZD505 one-way

    I know this has already been discussed in the trans-Tamsan bubble thread, but this offer is good enough that I thought it would be worth starting a separate thread. As we all know, trans-Tasman fares (especially business class) are generally very expensive at the moment. But Qantas' new AKL-OOL...
  11. Matt_01

    BA seat selection in J

    It has been a long time since I have flown on BA, had a couple of sectors booked for 2020 and booked one the other day al these were F rewards. Today I added a couple of J sectors to another booking and then proceeded to find some seating. First thing I noticed was the 1-2-1 layout 'sweet', I...
  12. RooFlyer

    Some Tasmanian wilderness, going business class

    Where I live in eastern Tasmania is nice and peaceful ... except at Easter when the hordes arrive. So this year I upped stakes and did several touristy things in Tasmania that I haven't done before, namely the Abt Railway out of Queenstown and the Gordon River Cruise out of Strahan, both on the...
  13. R

    Splitting family J and Y

    Hi All Took a risk and booked 4 tickets heading to Auckland with the new borders announced. Booked parents in J and a seperate booking for the kids (aged 17 and 8 together) in Y. A330 so I’ve booked them into the two seats by themselves closest to the wing. They are experienced flyers. Anyone...
  14. M

    Split flights same business reward

    Hi guys, Is it possible to book a flight from Perth to Brisbane using FF on business rewards seat but the routing be PER-SYD then a day stopover then onwards to Brisbane?
  15. Humbaobao

    Bad experience with REX Business

    I wanted to share my experience on REX business on my flight from SYD-MEL. On 4/03/2021, I have booked my return SYD-MEL flight ZL121 scheduled to depart at 1430hrs. I arrived at the Sydney REX lounge at 1350hrs and the service staff manning at the reception denied my access. She has asked me to...
  16. Mattg

    Rex Business Class meals

    AFF already has threads where people can post photos and discuss the Business Class meals on Qantas & Virgin Australia. Since Rex now has a Business Class cabin on its Boeing 737 flights, I thought we could have a thread to discuss Rex Business class catering. I'll start... I flew on ZL102...
  17. prozac

    Westpac Appalling Business Behaviour -Warning! #Westpac

    WARNING TO MEMBERS ! I have been a Westpac borrower for over 40 years and a customer for longer than that. I am told by my Business Relationship Manager I am what is regarded as a preferred customer, never overdrawn, always repaying on time. In January Westpac established a new team, the...
  18. pauly7

    Qatar Airways / Business Class [bassinet seats?]

    Hi QR frequent travellers A question that is surprisingly hard to answer thanks to QR’s wonderful website! Does anyone know if QR’s A350’s have bassinet seats in J? Can’t seem to find the answer... seat guru also does not have any seats marked as bassinet seats. Thanks!
  19. lindyb

    Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card

    We have just had an offer for a Complimentary American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card. Has anybody else had this offer?
  20. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – New Opportunities to Buy Airline Miles in 2021

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Faced with plummeting passenger demand and...