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low cost carriers

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  1. J

    Jetstar Issue: Credit Issuance for Max Bundle

    Is anyone else experienced this ? I had several bookings that I paid for the Max Bundle for flexibility on a credit. The conditions were a credit could be issued with a $10 fee deduction. I cancel and converted the bookings to a credit online – value online of the pending credit was confirmed...
  2. Mattg

    Tigerair farewell email

    With so many months since Tigerair stopped flying, I'd completely forgotten that I was subscribed to the Tigerair email list. But tonight I received a final "Tigermail". It wasn't promoting any cheap flights - those days are long gone - but rather a poignant "thank you and farewell".
  3. zoom&boom

    Baggage Allowance on QFF booking on Jetstar

    Have just booked a QFF flight SYD-ADL on Jetstar as QF aren’t flying the route direct. When I checked the 9600 + $30 fare it states includes baggage. Great I thought as I wouldn’t have to get involved in the “bundles”. When the email ticket arrived it said baggage was 0 x 20kg cabin baggage with...
  4. AIRwin

    How was Jetstar?

    I did fly Jetstar yesterday but who is Jenny Armor and is she related to Jess?
  5. Mattg

    Answered Qantas lounge access when flying Jetstar during covid

    Just wondering if anyone (with Qantas Club or Gold+ status) has tried to access a Qantas lounge when flying with Jetstar since the QF lounges reopened last month? I can't see any specific exemption for Jetstar passengers, but I realise that Qantas is being a bit more restrictive with access at...
  6. M

    Jetstar Pacific no more and vouchers cancelled

    Jetstar Pacific has been “transitioned” to be part of Vietnam Airlines and all and any vouchers issued by them under their Jetstar brand have been “transitioned” to them as well. Which means that the voucher we got for 3 people for internal Vietnam flights will now barely cover 2 people - if we...
  7. Mattg

    Jetstar's strong recovery in NZ

    Jetstar says that its New Zealand domestic flight schedules are almost back to pre-pandemic levels, with very high load factors as well. Promising stuff from across the ditch! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12352484 I've been told that CHC-WLG is now the...
  8. S

    Stranded in Noosa.

    We grabbed some return flights from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast during the recent sale. We flew up on Monday, and are staying in Noosa. Lovely. After the qld/nsw border closure was announced yesterday, we checked our return booking for Saturday. Cancelled. In fact, every flight after Friday is...
  9. Mattg

    10,000 Jetstar domestic flights for $19

    Jetstar is launching a sale from 9am today with 10,000 seats available for $19, and various other sale fares. The $19 flights will be available on routes including MEL-SYD, SYD-OOL, MEL-BNK, BNE-PPP and ADL-CNS. Available until Monday or sold out...
  10. A

    Qantas details for Jetstar flight inaccurate

    Whilst trying to make a booking for Sydney to Townsville using the Qantas Frequent Flyer web site I came across a number of inaccuracies. One example is: Sydney to Townsville on Saturday June 11, flight number JQ912. On the Qantas web site it has it as departing Sydney at 10:55am On the Jetstar...
  11. T

    Jetstar vouchers

    We received Jetstar vouchers for flights Jetstar have cancelled to Bali. I got them to break the vouchers down to $660 each but this is still a lot of money for Jetstar flights. It says that the vouchers can only be used once and any unused portion will be forfeited. Is this still the case and...
  12. T

    Jetstar vouchers

    I just received my Jetstar voucher for travel cancelled for June and was stunned to read that my voucher for nearly $3000 can only be used once. I think Jetstar should be called out on this. I was happy to take a voucher so the airline could retain the funds to keep running but i had expected...
  13. ethernet

    Jetstar stranding passengers with misinformation

    As soon as flights were on the chopping block in Vietnam (16/3/20), my friend rang Jetstar to get out on the first available flight. He was due to fly out on the very last flight on the 31st but that has now been cancelled, even though his status was 'Confirmed'. On 20/3/20, Eagle eyed he...
  14. B

    Answered Unable to cancel booking using Jetstar website

    I have two flights (Jetstar Max) booked for April that I am trying to cancel. Following Jetstar's instructions I end up in an impossible loop. What should be a simple click to cancel takes me to: "Your options Chat with us to request reimbursement. If you need to contact us for help, please...
  15. S

    Jetstar NZ flights reduced

    Looks like Jetstar has zeroed out NZ domestic flights from Monday 23 March until Sunday 31 May.
  16. S

    Free 1X free jetstar $25 hotel voucher

    I have one jetstar hotel $25 available and expiring tomorrow. Please PM if you need it.
  17. Duck

    Free 5 x Free Jetstar $25 Hotel Vouchers

    Hi All, Not sure if the vouchers will be suitable to anyone in the current climate but PM me if you would like one. Need to be used in a booking by midday Tuesday 17th of March.
  18. fantasy86dj

    Earning Qantas Points on Jetstar

    Good morning everyone, Just a little bit of confusion I am hoping that someone can assist me with. I have checked the earning Qantas points calculator, but unable to get some information on this. I am travelling JQ SYD to MEL in Business Max on JQ035. But I am unable to see how many Qantas...
  19. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    1st PM can have it, booking window valid to 17 March
  20. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    1st PM can have it, booking window valid to 28 February Now Taken