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  1. Coops1

    Jetstar eGift Card Credit $28 Balance. Expires today. First to reply gets it

    Hate to see it goto waste. Reply to this post and I will PM you the details. Cheers Coops1
  2. Mattg

    Lifetime status - only Qantas & Jetstar status credits count?

    I was just having a read of this page on the Qantas website: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/status-and-clubs/status/membership-tier-journey.html I couldn't help noticing that the lifetime status requirements on that page state that you have to earn 7,000, 14,000 or 75,000 lifetime...
  3. W

    Qantas and Jetstar 30% off reward seat sale NOV21 - Domestic

    30% off Qantas Y/J and Y for Jetstar ... travel from DEC21 till NOV22....on sale now .. even some Xmas travel dates open
  4. Mattg

    First Jetstar international sale in 2 years [ends 30/10/21]

    Jetstar has released a bunch of sale fares on international routes, which it says is the first sale on international flights it has run in nearly 2 years. Sale running 26-30 October 2021. Jetstar International Sale If someone could explain to me why the sale fares from Melbourne to Singapore...
  5. kookaburra75

    Ryanair bans customers who claimed credit card refunds for flights they missed because of lockdown

    Interesting article on CNN News website this morning https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/12/business/ryanair-bans-covid-refund-passengers/index.html One snippet from the article covering when the authorities looked into complaints made about Ryanair's stance: "Last week, Britain's antitrust...
  6. W

    Jetstar not appearing on Qantas booking engine for flights to Bali

    We are intending on going to SYD - DPS next year for our twice delayed trip to Bali. QF flights are nearly booked out. JQ are not (in fact almost no seats taken). We are really hoping for reward seats, but JQ is not even appearing in the QF booking engine (for either revenue or reward...
  7. S

    Amex Travel and Jetstar

    Just noticed that Jetstar now appears to be bookable through Amex Travel online. Flights are showing without fare options e.g. to book a bundle, so you're stuck with the Starter fare and you can't seem to add baggage. They're also pricing around $6-7 higher (there's a $5 tax listed) regardless...
  8. Mattg

    $20 Jetstar flights (24 hour flash sale ends 5pm 21/9/21)

    Has anyone picked up one of the $20 JQ flights on sale from MEL to SYD, NTL & BNK or SYD-AVV? https://www.9news.com.au/national/jetstar-sale-20-dollar-flights-victoria-to-nsw-99-dollar-flights-qantas/a0d6f76d-6413-425b-8374-c3d7acdd4f9f
  9. V

    Will Jetstar Cancel my SYD / QLD flight and can i get a refund rather than a voucher ?

    I have a Jetstar flight in 2 weeks from Sydney to Proserpine and i wondered if anyone can advise my chances of getting a refund rather than a credit voucher. My details are: - They haven't cancelled the flight yet. It's booked for Tues 28 Sept. When (relative to a flight occurring) do they...
  10. RooFlyer

    Jetstar pax fined for vaping, abuse

    Good: The Mercury on line: .. on line for the rest of the story.
  11. S

    Loading of Jetstar flights on web site.

    I can see flights loaded up to 30th April 2022 on the Jetstar web site. Are they loaded once a month? And when do they do that? I am looking at booking ADL to CNS next July. Thank you to anyone who could answer my questions.
  12. Mattg

    Jetstar (NZ) $5 credit card fee for $9.75 payment

    I've just redeemed a Jetstar credit voucher for a flight in New Zealand. The voucher covered most of the cost of the flight, but there was an extra amount of NZD9.75 to pay. The only way to pay for this was by credit card, and Jetstar very kindly added on a NZD5 credit card fee! I realise...
  13. H

    Cebu Pacific now a subsidiary of Indigo Partners (American based LCC mega-comglomerate)

    And a "what could have been" had Indigo been the successful bidder for VAH back when they were in administration. At an Indigo controlled VA, It could've would've been a mixed Boeing/Airbus at VA right now as VA transitions out of 737s in favour of A320neos. Source: Cebu Pacific officially...
  14. S

    Dirty Old Jetstar

    My partner and I have called it this for ages as it wasn't our first choice of airline and we'd found it pretty ordinary in the past. However with some vouchers from a cancelled trip we had decided to go to the Queensland from Victoria. Two trips cancelled due to lockdowns and we are flying...
  15. J

    Qantas & Jetstar Expand (Again) Due Domestic Demand; More Aircraft

    More Embraers on the way for QFLink, more A320s for Jetstar Australia and new Qantas routes to be announced soon.... what could they possibly be?! —— QANTAS AND JETSTAR EXPAND TO MEET DOMESTIC DEMAND, ADD MORE AIRCRAFT Qantas is expanding its three-year contract with Alliance Airlines...
  16. K

    VA a LCC?

    OMG... just completed a survey about Scoot and it's put VA into the LCC category! :eek:
  17. Jenya

    Ryanair forced diversion to Minsk to Kidnap Opposition Journalist

    The United States and Western European members of the UN Security Council called Wednesday for the International Civil Aviation Organization to urgently investigate Belarus' forced diversion of a commercial flight to Minsk between Greece and Lithuania to arrest an opposition journalist on board...
  18. henrus

    Jetstar cost of a reward seat?

    I could be completely incorrect but it seems the Jetstar website may be revealing the amount they get paid by Qantas for an award seat. I was just searching for some domestic Jetstar award flights and similar to any other redemptions when you reach the payment stage (but before you make...
  19. O

    Points Club Plus - Jetstar & Guest

    Confirming guest is allowed into the lounge, both flying JQ? Seems so, just not sure if any catches due to being free.
  20. andyandy2005

    Why does Qantas codeshare on Jetstar Domestic flights?

    Apologies if this has been answered before but does anyone know why Qantas codeshare on Jetstar domestic flights when you can’t even earn points or SCs with the QF codeshare? There are heaps of QF codeshare flights on Jetstar at the Melb T4 terminal but why do they need to codeshare? Is it to...