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  1. J

    Qantas & Jetstar Expand (Again) Due Domestic Demand; More Aircraft

    More Embraers on the way for QFLink, more A320s for Jetstar Australia and new Qantas routes to be announced soon.... what could they possibly be?! —— QANTAS AND JETSTAR EXPAND TO MEET DOMESTIC DEMAND, ADD MORE AIRCRAFT Qantas is expanding its three-year contract with Alliance Airlines...
  2. K

    VA a LCC?

    OMG... just completed a survey about Scoot and it's put VA into the LCC category! :eek:
  3. Jenya

    Ryanair forced diversion to Minsk to Kidnap Opposition Journalist

    The United States and Western European members of the UN Security Council called Wednesday for the International Civil Aviation Organization to urgently investigate Belarus' forced diversion of a commercial flight to Minsk between Greece and Lithuania to arrest an opposition journalist on board...
  4. henrus

    Jetstar cost of a reward seat?

    I could be completely incorrect but it seems the Jetstar website may be revealing the amount they get paid by Qantas for an award seat. I was just searching for some domestic Jetstar award flights and similar to any other redemptions when you reach the payment stage (but before you make...
  5. O

    Points Club Plus - Jetstar & Guest

    Confirming guest is allowed into the lounge, both flying JQ? Seems so, just not sure if any catches due to being free.
  6. andyandy2005

    Why does Qantas codeshare on Jetstar Domestic flights?

    Apologies if this has been answered before but does anyone know why Qantas codeshare on Jetstar domestic flights when you can’t even earn points or SCs with the QF codeshare? There are heaps of QF codeshare flights on Jetstar at the Melb T4 terminal but why do they need to codeshare? Is it to...
  7. A

    Booking JQ flight + baggage using QFF points

    Looking at using QFF points to purchase a JQ ticket. Only options through Q website are Starter and Max. If I purchase Starter fare can I then purchase baggage separately on Jetstar website? The Max bundle is overkill. Starter plus some baggage would be ok.
  8. henrus

    Jetstar 787's coming back?

    Perhaps I'm thinking into it too much but a Jetstar 787 just positioned AVV-SYDL https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VHVKH/history/20210412/2300Z/YMAV/YSSY Jetstar had proposed using 787's on domestic/NZ flights (on the basis that borders stay open). So I wonder if brining one to Sydney is the...
  9. Duck

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Hi All, I have a $25 Jetstar hotel voucher, booking window up to 21st of March. Message me if you would like it
  10. VPS

    Jetstar timetable

    I'm trying to find a downloadable timetable for direct Jetstar flights from Adelaide to Hobart -is this possible or am I being too optimistic
  11. W

    JQ - Adult/child different fare class

    Hi all, question regarding booking an airfare with JQ. I have upcoming planned travel with my 3 year old. Is it possible to (possibly call them) and book us 2 in different fare classes? Ie the adult flying with Max bundle, whilst the child flies in the basic bundle. We don't need bags for...
  12. Kefci2000

    JQ502 Booking for 4th March

    Hi All Booked MEL-SYD on JQ using a credit voucher and then paid for a QF flight home. All good so far, trouble is JQ have cancelled JQ502 for the past 8 days including this morning (I hoped they were alternating weekly cancellations with JQ504 but it appears not). To ensure I can get to...
  13. R

    JQ Customer Panel Survey Results on Domestic and International Travel

    I thought the results shared by Jetstar's on customer panel survey results are interesting. I did think Gold Coast and Cairns would become the new Bali.
  14. J

    Jetstar Domestic - Is 23cm a hard dimension for carry on bag depth?

    I am recently retired so am planning some domestic trips using only carry on luggage. Jetstar specifies on its website that max carry on sizes are 56x36x23cm. A non-Jetstar source quotes a max size of 115cm (adding all bag dimensions together), but I can't find any reference to this on the...
  15. Mattg

    Price difference booking Jetstar flights on Qantas website

    I was just having a look at some flights on the Qantas website, and Jetstar of course appears as an option. But I can't help noticing that some of the Jetstar flights listed on the Qantas website are considerably more expensive than the same flights booked on the Jetstar website. Take JQ500...
  16. S

    Jetstar Flights Departing T3 Sydney Airport

    Not sure if its a system glitch - flying JQ from Syd to OOL - booked via the QF website ... just had a notification that my flight had changed (unfortunately not to QF) ... appears that the new JQ flight is departing T3. I thought all JQ domestic had shifted across to T2 at SYD?
  17. O

    opening times Qantas Lounge Hobart for Jetstar flights

    Hi, My daughter and partner are travelling Hobart to Brisbane next week on JetStar. I want to use 2 lounge vouchers for them, but I just wonder if they are worthwhile. Sure, it is only a regional lounge, but they are facing a long time on Jetstar. The trouble is that the lounge only opens 1...
  18. J

    Jetstar to launch Melbourne to Margaret River flights from February 2021

    Melburnians will soon be able to take a break in one of Western Australia’s top travel destinations, with Jetstar announcing it will commence direct flights to the Margaret River region from early next year. After the original planned launch in March 2020 was postponed due to border closures...
  19. P

    Citibank debt card issue JETSTAR?

    Hi all, Attempted to pay for Jetstar flight via Citi Debt card...... Jetstar did not accept. Rang Citi and informed that Jetstar system has different expiry date on my card???? I entered the correct info and Citi informed card active. I paid via PayPal incurring a greater fee. 1 hour later...
  20. P

    Jetstar Gift cards Gone?

    So Woolies and Coles no longer stock Jetstar or Virgin Gift cards...... told they were remove 6 months ago? Anywhere to get them now? Edit: Jetstar website says they exist though????? I see you can get vouchers.... how long to receive? https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/gifts