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low cost carriers

  1. Percy Bottle

    Answered Does Jetstar let you carry on coffee?

    Hi All. Does Jetstar let you carry a cup of coffee on board? ie, buy a take-away cup with a lid from the terminal, then take it on board instead of drinking whatever Jetstar sells you? Thanks.
  2. R

    Jetstar Fare Classes for NZ domestic

    Hi, Sorry if there is a separate Jetstar forum for such questions: I use Jetstar for a lot of my domestic flights within New Zealand as I find they are often 1/3rd the price of AirNZ (AirNZ seem to apply a pretty big "avoid flying with Australian airline" tax to their fares) and in my...
  3. Mattg

    JAL launching long-haul LCC Zip Air

    Japan Airlines is setting up a new long-haul, low-cost airline using 787 Dreamliners. The airline will take flight from next year, initially flying NRT-ICN and NRT-BKK with a fleet of two aircraft. The airline plans to expand steadily with two additional Dreamliners each year and is eventually...
  4. Leuke

    Answered Booking on Air Asia ex SYD!

    Hi, hoping this is an ok place for this question! I'm trying to book a last minute flight to visit my partner who's just started working in KL. Last week I looked up some cheap flight with Air Asia that looked perfect, but going to book them tonight their website is saying that don't operate a...
  5. Quickstatus

    QF eligible flights ~. Which Jetstar fares are eligible flights

    Which jetstar fares count toward the ~
  6. reesy84

    Free 1 x free Jetstar $25 hotel voucher

    1x free Jetstar $25 hotel voucher. *must be a member longer than 6 months and have more than 10 posts.
  7. Revenge

    Jetstar "upgrade"

    On Tuesday I flew JQ from OOL to MEL and when I checked in at the airport (just in time, was cutting it close), the kiosk said it was unable to allocate my seat and that I should see a member of staff. I went to see a member of staff and she was able to quickly issue me a boarding pass. It...
  8. Mattg

    Malindo Air starting Adelaide-Bali flights

    Malindo Air is planning to start direct flights from Adelaide to Denpasar/Bali, continuing to Kuala Lumpur. According to Routes Online, the flights will start on 31 March 2019. Jetstar is the only other airline flying ADL-DPS. Malindo has full service (bags, meals and entertainment included)...
  9. Renato1

    Looking Forward To Next Jetstar Dinner

    I had booked a flight from Bali to Melbourne for this coming May. When doing so, remembering that the purchased meals are not that big, I ordered two meals each for my wife and me, each meal with a coffee. Then one day, a $30 Jetstar voucher showed up in my email, following my Club Jetstar...
  10. W

    1 x $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Hi, have one Jetstar Hotel Voucher for $25 off hotel booking, expires in 14 days, please PM if interested. Thank you.
  11. AIRwin

    Thai AirAsia X to launch BNE-BKK

    Thai AirAsia X to launch Brisbane-Bangkok flights
  12. reesy84

    1 x free $25 Jetstar hotel voucher

    Hey everyone, I have another free $25 Jetstar hotel voucher to give away (*must be a member for over 1 year and have made 10 posts.)
  13. piratematerial

    Extending Jetstar voucher with Max Bundle

    I have a Jetstar voucher for around $1800 that I don’t think I’ll find a use for in time. Does anyone see any issues with booking a Max Bundle a decent amount of time in the future and then cancelling it for a refund when I can find a use for it?
  14. D

    Emirates connecting to Jetstar in Singapore

    I am looking at an award booking to Bangkok and I am unable to find anything in J on QF. I have called Qantas and the allocation has been exhausted so they are unable to release further seats. I have found seats on Emirates to Singapore and then flights on Jetstar to BKK although this leaves 8...
  15. BAM1748

    QF to Jetstar connections

    An annoyance. Last minute flight booked today for today involves QF Sydney to Adelaide where I am presently typing this and Jetstar Adelaide to Darwin. (Where there been a derailment in Katherine, my final destination as one of the people investigating.) Not being a Jetstar user I was first...
  16. reesy84

    3x Free $25 Jetstar hotel vouchers

    3x Free Jetstar hotel vouchers worth $25. Booking must be made within 14 days. First 3 to PM me will get the vouchers. *Must be member for more than 3 months with over 10 posts.
  17. reesy84

    1x $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Free Jetstar hotel voucher worth $25. Booking must be made within 14 days. First to PM me will get the voucher. *Must be member for more than 3 months with over 10 posts.
  18. RooFlyer

    Jetstar and Canberra CBR

    See this article re Jetstar flight HBA-SYD diverted to CBR. There has been additional reporting on tonight's local news. Flight was held in holding close to SYD due to storms. Eventually fuel situation for the projected continued hold meant they had to divert to CBR, landing 10:30pm. Jetstar...
  19. 4

    Answered Redeem QF credit on Jetstar?

    I'm in Perth, fancy a weekend in Bali. I've got a credit that needs used up from a canx QF last year, but the only options I'm offered to redeem are connecting in the East. Is there a way to book PER-DPS on JQ with a QF credit. Thanks for your knowledge :)
  20. Daver6

    Answered Earning points and SC on Jetstar international

    Hi all, Little unclear to me what I might earn on the following. Flight booked on the QF website for PER to BKK. via SIN. PER to SIN on QF metal and then 3K from SIN to BKK. I see the following two options. The earning calculator tells me I'd earn 15 SCs on this as a discount Y fare. I...