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low cost carriers

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  1. A

    Flying Jetstar on QF codeshare

    For some reason, I remember reading somewhere that points and SCs are not given when flying Jetstar on a QF flight number. Is there any truth to this or am I just imagining it? Specifically on SIN-KUL.
  2. MikeG

    Seeking low cost SIM USA AT&T network prepaid pay as you go (no plan)

    My son has relocated to Kansas for his college, and he used to be on Amaysim here, prepaid sim, no monthly cost, add credit, and pay as you go. his spend was less than AUD$5 per month. He is struggling to find anything in the US that is close to that with a US number. Has anyone come across...
  3. thatsthatmattressman

    Booking Jetstar flights on OTA's or even Qantas can you upgrade the 'bundle' after purchase?

    I am travelling to Vietnam/Cambodia shortly and find on OTA's like Expedia (and others) and even the Qantas site itself options to fly a full service carrier one way (Vietnam Airlines for example) and then return with Jetstar. I can see that the booking class with Jetstar is the Starter bundle...
  4. Lynda2475

    Jetstar Points Plane Now on Sale

  5. Mattg

    Upgrading Jetstar flights with Qantas points?

    A hypothetical question... Would you like the ability to use Qantas points to upgrade a Jetstar 787 flight from economy to business class? And if Qantas were to introduce this, how many points should an upgrade on Jetstar cost?
  6. I

    I've been ripped off [Points stolen and used on Jetstar]

    I have a problem with Qantas FF points being used by someone else to purchase a Jetstar flight and upgrade it to business class. After many phone calls I have got exactly nowhere with both Qantas & Jetstar with both passing it back and forth, between them. How do I get my points returned to my...
  7. L

    Answered When was lounge access for Jetstar Y pax cancelled? [It wasn't]

    Not an important question, more a curiosity. The last time I travelled on Jetstar was about 5 years ago. I was travelling internationally in Y, and I was able to access the Qantas international lounges in Australia prior to my flight due to my Qantas status. Looking at the Qantas lounge access...
  8. T

    jetstar 1 pax not able to fly

    I'm flying next week OOL to AKL and return. We are booked as a family of 4 but my wife needs to stay back and work and will now be joining in NZ via Air NZ and coming home a day early as well. should i call JQ and tell them one passenger is not going to be flying or is it ok for her not to...
  9. N

    Award booking with QF vis Jetstar: baggage ?

    Hi there, Family and I are travelling via award booking with QF : Mel - Sin Then a few days later JQ : SIN - HKT Question is as we booked awards what are the rules with baggage and infants. We’ve travelled with QF and an extra bag was allowed for our child due to food nappies etc for check in...
  10. P

    Qantas / JetStar Asia connection

    Hi All, We’re looking at booking a reward flight from Melbourne to Vietnam: QF35 to Singapore (in F) and 3K551 (in Y) to Ho Chi Minh City. Couple of questions from the brains trust, please & thank you! - will qantas check our bags all the way through to Vietnam? (same PRN) - will we have...
  11. R

    Help with Jetstar cancellation issue

    I think Jetstar are going to refuse me a refund after downgrading me to economy and leaving me potentially stranded - any knowledge about complaint escalation? On 1 August Jetstar cancelled their Melbourne to Bangkok service. I was booked in business. Text at 4:22 said I was being transferred to...
  12. ethernet

    CPR and Doctors on Jetstar Airways JQ 61 26th July

    Apparently a medical emergency and CPR on the above Jetstar flight has not made the news. A few hours before HCMC a call for doctors on board was made. I do not know the outcome. But I did observe full on CPR for ages and ages and all possible assistance rendered. To the doctors and others I say...
  13. R

    OOL Qantas Club access for Jetstar flights

    Is the OOL QP ever open for the evening Jetstar flights? The last time I flew out about 6 weeks ago, it was closed when I arrived about 1630 with a note saying something about Qantas flights only. The Gold Coast Airport website says "The Qantas Club is available to Qantas Club and Partner...
  14. NBS

    Answered Jetstar lounge bangkok to singapore

    Hi. Im trying to find out about lounge access. Flying Bangkok to singapore with jetstar. Qantas Platinum One. Can anybody give me some advice if i can use any lounge in Bangkok. Thanks
  15. C

    3K HKG-SIN - two questions

    Hello, I was hoping to get advice on a couple of things: 1. If I'm QF Gold and flying HKG-SIN on Jetstar Asia, would I have access to the QF business lounge in HKG? 2. If yes, does anyone know when the bag drop opens? The website shows 2h prior to the flight. I have a 14:25 flight so assuming...
  16. VPS

    Question Jetstar NZ Qantas SC

    Just trying to book a flight from AKL to WLG and if I use points it says I get 800 points and 10 SC for 12391 points (this is with the Plus bundle) but if I book it through Jetstar with the plus bundle the cost is $78 and says I get 800 points but doesn't mention any SC. Does anyone have any...
  17. timmy-t

    JQ25 MEL - CNS warning....

    In short, I had the perfect plan.... and it failed. I’m a WP so booked the family on JQ25 as it leaves from MEL T2. QF First lounge here we come! Or so I thought. Arrived at airport yesterday, 4am. Flight Cancelled. Now have to walk down to the dreaded T4 to make arrangements. Best available...
  18. C

    Question Qantas' refusal to award Starter Plus FF points on Jetstar flights Can anyone provide advice please?

    My wife and I made two ADL/SYD return flights with Starter Plus bundle fares on Jetstar in January and March of this year. On all four sectors my wife's FF points were not awarded so missing points claims were registered on the Qantas Website. After several missing points claims were lodged...
  19. Doctore1003

    30% off Qantas and Jetstar economy award seats June 2019

    Qantas will be launching a sale at 10:00am (AEST) tomorrow, Thursday 13 June 2019, offering 30% off the Qantas Points required for an Economy Classic Flight Reward on Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia operated flights with a QF, JQ or 3K flight number for travel between 23 July 2019 and 31 March...
  20. RooFlyer

    Jetstar fined $2mill over breaking law on refunds

    Jetstar fined almost $2m over misleading refunds policy (The Oz, probably pay walled, sorry)