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  1. J

    Jetstar Denpasar to Adelaide

    I am looking to book a Bali trip next year and have noticed that there are no daytime direct flights to Adelaide from Denpasar. There are plenty leaving Bali at 11.30pm for an overnight flight, but the ones that usually leave at 10.30am are no longer appearing as available. I have searched loads...
  2. N

    Jetstar compliments

    A question so rarely seen online but, is there a way to pass a compliment re Jetstar crew A cursory search of their website threw up a web chat which seemed to be more focussed on complaints, and may or may not be AI based Ordinarily I’d email QFF but uncertain if it would be passed on (JQ677...
  3. T

    Jetstar Lounge Invitation Missing First?

    Hi Brain Trust, I've passed on a P1 invitation to a friend for a JQ flight but there is no first option under the drop down? Is this working as intended? Typing in First doesn't work either. Enhancement? This is under the independent 'Jetstar Bookings' option.
  4. H

    Jetstar Asia launches Broome to Singapore flights

    Jetstar Asia to begin services between Broome and Singapore. Seasonal twice weekly service commences 25th June, running until late-October. Fares from $145. Source: https://newsroom.jetstar.com/jetstar-asia-announces-low-fares-flights-from-singapore-to-broome-western-australia/
  5. RSVKanga

    Jetstar flight almost takes off from Melbourne with “door” open

    EDIT: The original post alleging a cargo door was open was removed and replaced with this one: It’s the comms panel that was left open, not the cargo door, apparently
  6. Mattg

    Scoot getting Embraer E190s

    This is kinda cool. Scoot will take delivery of its first E190 regional jets in May. The 2-2 seating layout should be quite tolerable. The first 6 Scoot E190 destinations ex Singapore have been announced as Krabi, Hat Yai, Koh Samui, Miri, Kuantan and Sibu...
  7. A

    What to do when Jetstar downgrades a Classic Reward booking

    Last May my partner and I were downgraded from J on CR bookings on 2 flights SYD-DPS and DPS-SYD some weeks before departure due to aircraft changes (no J on Neo) - which I only discovered looking at seat maps, we were still noted as J in QF App, QF/JQ webpages etc. We called Qantas but as NB’s...
  8. S

    Jetstar Catch the Stars ($20 Voucher)

    To celebrate the new uniform launch, Complete the game, answer the question and win a $20 voucher. https://jetstarmorestarsthanever.com.au/
  9. H

    Jetstar adds Adelaide to Proserpine

    Jetstar will launch flights between Adelaide and Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) Service commences 1st September, and operates 3x weekly (Wed/Fri/Sun) Source: https://newsroom.jetstar.com/jetstars-new-flights-between-adelaide-and-the-whitsundays-go-on-sale-at-11am-aedt-today-from-just-99/
  10. S

    Jetstar New Uniform

    Highly overdue, but looks good, replacing a very stale current uniform so anything would be better. Pilots going from Black to Blue which I don’t believe anyone has, I recall the initial Tiger Airways uniform was blue, everyone else is black...
  11. R

    Neighbour Free on Jetstar Long-Haul?

    Jetstar do not offer a neighbour free product unlike Qantas, Scoot etc. Has anyone requested this at the airport at all or know of any other ways to try and request the middle seat free on a long haul flight? Jetstar planes are often at capacity given the relatively low fares, but I wouldn't...
  12. T

    Jetstar using Qantas points

  13. andyrb

    [The Age] Ute crashes into Jetstar aircraft on tarmac at Sydney Airport

    Ute crashes into Jetstar aircraft on tarmac at Sydney Airport A ute driven by a security contractor has crashed into a Jetstar passenger aircraft on the tarmac at Sydney Airport, trapping the driver and forcing the plane to be pulled from service. The crash happened about 5.30am on Monday...
  14. P

    Jetstar early check-in (Syd International)

    Hi All, Flying on JQ63 from Syd to Melb. I was hoping to check-in early to access the lounge ASAP. Can anyone please share recent experience of how early Jetstar will let you check-in and drop bags at the Syd international terminal? Thanks!
  15. bcworld

    Jetstar social media...

    ...they really did! Was up for about half an hour before they deleted it.
  16. R

    Another Jetstar whinge

  17. D

    Jetstar SYD-HNL "business" class

    I am thinking about flying JQ from SYD-HNL as part of my next trip (one way). On the dates I plan on traveling (September), the fare is approximately $2000 + $200 for a Max bundle. Is it worth it knowing there is no flat bed? Should I wait for a cheaper fare ie a sale? Do you get two meals on...
  18. T

    Qantas or Jetstar to Bali from Melbourne

    Which would you fly Qantas 737 to Bali Or Jetstar for comfort?
  19. W

    A Good Jetstar Call Centre Story

    We all like to have a go at Jetstar and I rarely use them, but having been enlightened recent about Max bundles and QFF Status Credits I thought I'll give that a whirl. Some months ago I booked a Max bundle for around $275 - by comparision QF red-e-deal was almost $400. Last week Jetstar had a...
  20. N

    Purchasing seats on Jetstar flights after using Qantas reward flights

    Booking a flight to Bali, using a Qantas rewards points, but i would like to select a seat with extra leg room. This option is not available on the Qantas page. Can i purchase this flight, then separately buy the seats through Jetstar? Any assistance is appreciated. THanks.