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economy class

  1. MikeG

    RTWx4 economy

    Can I get some ideas for booking RTW reward flights for four with the following destinations? starting/finishing: CBR at earliest 14th Dec, ideally 20th Dec, return home after 3-5 weeks. visiting: Iola, KS over Christmas (3 options for airports) visiting the following destinations in no...
  2. Mattg

    Paying to upgrade your economy meal

    I flew with Lufthansa in economy class yesterday. I noticed after booking that Lufthansa will sell you an “upgrade” to your economy class meal for around €15-30 (depending on which option you choose). There are 7 “a la carte” meals to choose from and you have to pre-order online. The service is...
  3. Doctore1003

    30% off Qantas and Jetstar economy award seats June 2019

    Qantas will be launching a sale at 10:00am (AEST) tomorrow, Thursday 13 June 2019, offering 30% off the Qantas Points required for an Economy Classic Flight Reward on Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia operated flights with a QF, JQ or 3K flight number for travel between 23 July 2019 and 31 March...
  4. M

    QF A380 Refurbishment - RIP the wonderful economy 'mini-cabin'

    With the newly reconfigured QF A380s to come back into service from September,Qantas Will Revamp Biz Cabin in Refurbishment of A380 Fleet, is anybody else going to miss the little economy 'mini-cabin' at the rear of the upper deck? For those of us travelling on our own $$ or not having work pay...
  5. P

    Priority economy seat purchase for WP/WP1

    Has anyone used this benefit or knows how it works? One leg of a trip that I’m looking at is sold out in economy - does this benefit give me the ability to buy a seat on this flight? If so do I need to call Qantas or can I do it via the website?
  6. T

    UA economy awards on EVA - what baggage?

    I've today booked two economy awards on EVA using UA miles flying Japan to Taipei. 8k miles and minimum taxes makes it worthwhile. I'm trying to confirm exactly what the baggage allowance is and having no luck. Booking code per EVA website when I manage my flight is X. Doesn't give an...
  7. mrsterryn

    Attire on international flight in economy

    Curious as to what people think is a good attire for travelling on a long distance eg 12 hours plus in economy?
  8. J

    Booked Business Class on all Y flight, got Economy SCs

    Currently visiting my Dad in NSW - booked flights HBA-MEL-CBR return on a great full J sale fare, worked out cheaper than Freedom fares and giving me a higher SC earn in a attempt to claw my way back to Gold! (recently dropped back to Silver :(. ) . Also meant I’d still get lounge access...
  9. Antoallison

    Release of seats in economy

    I have been waiting patiently for T80 for a Qatar flight I am booked on this coming Monday 13th May, 2019. QR901 PER to DOH at 22.50 - hoping that seats further to the front than my aisle seat in row 52 in Economy (T) would be released - but the seats showing as booked in lower deck are exactly...
  10. M

    "Best discount" and "restricted economy" domestic fares continue rising

    "Best discount" and "restricted economy" air fares are probably mainly used by leisure travellers who accept a lower fare in return for non-refundable and/or very costly to change, if one can at all ticket conditions. A minority of business travellers may be savvy enough (and sufficiently...
  11. B

    Answered Qantas MU award flight economy

    Hi, I am looking at booking an economy reward through QF and flying on MU. I am currently a Skyteam Elite Plus and was wondering if I would be able to use that to get into lounges?
  12. A

    Answered Best Economy class

    A question that is likely to generate some debate and hopefully some recommendations. I need to travel to the UK - LHR, LGW, MAN, STN in the next 2 weeks for family reasons - the F, J and Y+ pricing is a little step at this time so I am looking at Economy. I have burnt the majority of my...
  13. M

    Business flight - one leg in Economy - Benefits?

    Hi all Looking at doing a status run from NTL-BNE-SYD-DPS return in J The NTL-BNE leg is in Economy as its a Dash-8 I just wanted to check that QF still credits the SCs for this leg at J rate and all the other J benefits apply? Thanks
  14. serfty

    30% off Classic flight reward in Economy (QF, EK, Jetstar)

    " More travel, less points. Save 30% on the Qantas Points required for Economy Classic Flight Rewards.* Where in the world do you want to go? Let your Qantas Points take you further with our Classic Flight Rewards sale. Whether you want to discover Hobart or Hong Kong, Shanghai or San...
  15. B

    Economy seat width-pitch

    Are there any good databases of economy seat widths for long-haul flights? The seatguru page Long-haul Economy Class Comparison Charti - SeatGuru doesn't seem very accurate, presumably because there is no standard way of measuring widths. My preferred measure is be a width-pitch (distance to...
  16. Antoallison

    Qatar announces Economy enhancements

    I have just watched the press conference in Berlin where Qatar have announced their enhancements to economy travel. the retro fitting and roll out starts next month Given that the majority of passengers travel in economy, I think it is a sensible move - although that new seat design still...
  17. M

    Question CX 178 Boeing 777ER Economy Configuration

    Hi there, can anybody please tell me if the CX flight departing Melbourne at 01:05 daily is using the new B777ER configuration with 10 seats across in economy or still the older configuration? I would imagine the new config to be much tighter and may try to avoid this flight if that's the case...
  18. D

    Answered Qantas Status Credits for 'Basic Economy' on American Airlines?

    Hi All Newbie to this site so apologies if this has already been covered or if i'm in the wrong section: Just booked an American Airlines return basic economy flight Houston - Miami to tip my Qantas Status into the next tier. Using the calculator Qantas advise 15 status points one way for...
  19. W

    No velocity award economy out of tassie in 19/20 summer holidays

    Seems to be no virgin economy award availability in economy on any flight on any day from Hobart or Launceston to Sydney starting from wed 18 dec 2019. Been checking at midnight a few nights for the release of the new day and it seems they are not releasing. Business award availability appears...
  20. B

    Answered Economy Seat Selection on QF International as OW Ruby?

    I just purchased 4 really cheap fares for DFW-SYD r/t. I'm about to be AA gold / OW ruby. What are the seat selection benefits like for my family and I (all on the same reservation)? Any recognition of status, or ability to choose better seats? At booking or at a certain point in time? It's...