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  1. R

    Economy Class Booking Changed to Business Wishing to Revert to Economy

    Hi, I have an award seat booking which was originally in economy class then some time later I changed it on-line to business class. I spoke to the call centre as I was wishing to revert to economy class with a request to fast track the points difference refund as I wished to make an additional...
  2. mrsterryn

    Best airline in economy with toddlers Syd to LHR

    So considering flying with son , Dil and Dil sister with two toddler grandchildren First two weeks of Dec 22 Husband and I will , hopefully, be using up some points and travelling business Don't have enough for all of us to fly business . Daughter in Law would much prefer to save the money and...
  3. scoobs214

    Qantaslink CBR-SYD Dash 8 Q400 Economy Review - Scoobs TV

    Hi fellow avgeeks, I have slowly started to create my own youtube channel - Scoobs TV for airlines and travel adventure videos. It's very new (only 13 subscribers!) and with international borders closed had some time to start to learn editing. Hopefully you like. I'm still learning! This video...
  4. B

    Can't change Economy X online any more?

    Anyone else seen this? Can't change an Economy X seat online? VA Platinum. Booked through CTM, auto-allocated 3D and 3C - which I'd normally be happy about, but preference in these COVID times is 3A or 3F - both of which are free. Try to change online - shows me 3A is free, allows me to...
  5. andyandy2005

    Difference between using points for Red e deal compared to Economy Classic Rewards

    Can someone explain the difference between using points for Red e Deal compared to Economy Classic Rewards because it seems confusing why Qantas would sell seats in Red e-Deal for points when you can get them at a heavily discounted rate booking a rewards seat? For instance this 07:35AM MEL >...
  6. S

    A330 to Perth economy front row fixed armrest?

    Hi all Just a quick question: flying Sydney to Perth soon, with a bub (15 months) for the first time, so there's a fair of anxiety! We are on the A330 and I'm trying to figure out the best place for us to sit with an infant. I have reserved the middle front row economy seats (23E, 23F) for me...
  7. A

    VA economy food & drinks

    is it true that no food is offered (sold) on board from east to west coast on VA economy?
  8. C

    swap economy/business passenger

    if i'm in business but have a friend in economy - can we swap seats?
  9. Flying Fox

    Air New Zealand Economy Skynest

    Air NZ release Economy Skynest Concept. Wonder if it will become a commercial product and at what price. Great work Air NZ on thinking outside the box!!!
  10. StevePER

    Finnair OSL-SIN return in J $2154, can combine with economy fares from Australia

    Finnair business class OSL-HEL-SIN return from $2154, books in I class. Must depart from Oslo on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This fare can be combined with economy fares from Australia on a half-round trip basis, for example PER-MUC in economy, and OSL-SIN in business for $1578...
  11. J

    Qantas Business Class customers bumped to economy in Tokyo

    Qantas is now behaving like Jetstar. We were just bumped down to economy for overnite flight from Tokyo to Melbourne. Ticket paid and booked 7 months earlier, discounted but still not cheap! As only Bronze status we got bumped. Will definitely never fly Qantas business again!
  12. T

    Economy vs Premium Meals

    My family travelled on QF36 in both classes. Was a bit suprised the choices for the dinner were the same except Neil's leaves! I travelled in Premium and enjoyed the hot breakfast though. I felt that was better than the usual egg and bacon roll in J! Not sure what happened here.
  13. M

    Economy 'Flex' - a bit of a con?

    A bit of a moan more than anything else. I recently bought a Flex Economy Return trip to Zagreb in Croatia, from Alice Springs, via LHR both ways, for the not inconsiderable sum of just over $3400 (H fare bucket, IIRC, at least for the QF segments). The LHR-ZAG both ways with BA. Towards the...
  14. Renato1

    Qatar Economy Class - The Very Good and the Slightly Annoying.

    We flew Qatar Melbourne to Stockholm last year, then Venice back to Melbourne. What was very good was that Qatar's total return price was less than other major carriers were charging just for the first leg to Stockholm alone. So choosing Qatar was a no-brainer, and their service was excellent. I...
  15. J

    American Airlines "B"asic Economy as a QFF Elite?

    I am a bit confused here... I am heading to the US next month with a mate. I am Qantas Gold One World Sapphire, just achieved this so not experienced at "using" it, he is bronze. We land at LAX on QF15 and have separately booked a few shortish AA flights to LAS and PHX. I bought them via...
  16. D

    Can a Business class PAX visit economy class on a Qantas long haul flight?

    Can a Business class passenger visit economy class passengers during a long Qantas long haul flight?
  17. M

    Do economy reward seats run out?

    I've been looking for flights from Tokyo to Chiang Mai on the 09/02/20 (after 19:00) or early on the 10/02/20 (before 0200) and noticed the prices are roughly 450-500 with checked in luggage with competing budget airlines with fairly long layovers (> 5 hours). I noticed if I redeem an economy...
  18. H

    Rookie QFF Question About Economy legs on J Class Reward Flight

    I want to thank members in advance for any helpful advice to my extreme noob QFF question: I am exploring booking my first Business class flight using my points. I wish to travel Syd>Paris and return Rome>Syd The website shows the Syd to HK flight will be in Economy while I will be in J (as...
  19. T

    Selecting an upper-deck A380 Economy seat for 2020

    Hi all, Suppose someone already selected seats in a QF A380's upper-deck economy section for an early 2020 flight, unaware that a number of A380s would have been refurbished by then and the seats in question may not exist. Would Qantas automatically reassign that person to a different seat...
  20. RSD

    240v power in QF A380 economy?

    Does anyone know if there is 240v power outlets in economy on the QF A380's? I'm on QF7 tomorrow and at at T-20 or so I haven't received any upgrade notifications