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first class

  1. blackcat20

    Miss TomCat Flies First

    After months of anticipation, our big trip is almost upon us. While it won't be the little Miss' first flight, it will be her first time in First class. She's already knocked over two trips, including one across the ditch. We originally planned to book EK to Chicago but availability dried up a...
  2. La Mouette

    Poor Spa availability for First out of SYD! (Couldn't book timely one with "day before" call.)

    I was there last Saturday, and there was no spa availability in advance, travelling in F. I don't know what the underlying reason is, but I think it's pretty poor not to have at least enough capacity for F pax. They also said that they'd waitlist me, but they didn't.
  3. L

    Qantas First Class "Nothing more than a premium business class"

    Just returned form a Mel-SIN-Mel first class 'experience' on QF35-36 Well to my opinion this product is nothing more than a premium business class if I want to be mild... The interior is worn and torn,the pod like seating are awkward with no privacy sat in 1K. The Melbourne lounge is mostly busy...
  4. T

    First/Business Lounge Access - Doha

    My wife and I are flying PER-DOH-BRU next month (April). We have about a four hour transit in Doha. PER-DOH is in F DOH-BRU is in J Anyone know if we would get access to the Al Safwa First Lounge or because we are flying out in J would we only be eligible for the Al Mourjan Business Lounge...
  5. mrsterryn

    Answered QF1/QF2 first CD with trip to Paris

    Husband is coming on what was my solo trip *grumble grumble * he will be flying business or first . We usually use the CD . However if he has QF1 then a flight to Paris is he still entitled to the CD ?
  6. F

    Qatar airways DOH one world first class lounge review

    Imgur I'm there now. Actually, this is my last lounge in this entire airport to see. It's pretty small, food is only slightly better than the biz ow lounge. Nothing to write home about that for sure. Adequate doesn't even come close as some user put it before. I'd use the...
  7. R

    My first flight in FIRST by QANTAS was such a let-down, it certainly won't happen again!

    I'll post this here .... My first flight in FIRST by QANTAS was such a let-down, it certainly won't happen again. QF1 on A380 ..... You think they'd call pax in the F lounge .... no, they didn't. You'd think they'd call for F pax to board first .... no, they didn't. You'd think that after...
  8. R

    Answered Access to the First Class Lounge in Sydney

    Apology if my question is covered in another thread …. I want to know about gaining access to the F Lounge in Sydney PRIOR to the 3 - hour check in time … From other threads, it seemed, that some respondents were saying that you can get into the F lounge 'early' … Today I called QANTAS ( and...
  9. B

    Answered LHR Lounge Access for BA PE (connecting to QF First)

    Hi Everyone I've recently put through a reward booking for BA11 in Premium Economy (LHR - SIN) and then a connecting flight in QF36 (SIN - MEL) in First (my first time flying First!). Unfortunately couldn't find a business flight so went for a mixed cabin approach. What are my best chances of...
  10. P

    Answered Should I book the cook in First Class?

    Hello everyone, Have previously booked the cook in J, but this time redeemed points for my first flight in SQ First class. From the website the BtC meals are the same in First and Business. Should I still book the cook, or just go with the First Class flow? A bit of research tells me that...
  11. Gold Member

    TP/BA and CX First: Portugal to Hong Kong €1338 one way

    TP/BA and CX First: Portugal to Hong Kong €1338 one way - FlyerTalk Forums I cancelled a one-way Singapore Business award BCN-MEL and booked one of these Cathay First fares for $2,150 AUD. Crediting to SQ for the short TAP flight, and 350% bonus earner crediting the A Class Cathay First Flight...
  12. T

    LIS to HKG on CX First ~ AUD $2080

    TP/BA and CX First: Portugal to Hong Kong €1338 one way - Page 2 - FlyerTalk Forums Won't be there for long Edit: forgot to mention this is a one way deal
  13. D

    Availability of Singapore KrisFlyer First Class Awards from Aust to Europe

    Hi, I am having trouble finding first class award flights to book at saver rates from Australia to Europe. My first preference is the new Suites class but I can’t find even the old A380 first class either at saver rates. I will know in the next day or so whether I want to travel in mid March...
  14. P

    Answered Did anyone get a Cathay Pacific First Class ticket?

    Bugger Cathay Pacific had a ticket blunder on New Year's day and was selling $20k first class tickets for $990 economy tickets prices and honoring them!
  15. C

    Answered First time QF F flyer

    Hi, I've snagged a DFW-SYD flight in the next few days and was wondering if anyone with more experience at the pointy end might share some tips on how to maximise my experience? A couple of quick questions that come to mind: 1. Is there anything I should be asking for that you don't get...
  16. R

    Answered Malaysian Business Suites - Qantas F Lounge Access

    Help! I have booked myself and the mrs on Malaysian Airlines First class through Qantas using QFF points. Booking was made ~2 months ago. We are flying in Jan. Now that Malaysian airlines have re-branded their First Class to 'Business Suites' will I still get Qantas F Lounge access even though I...
  17. A

    Answered Question re Emirates first class lounge Dubai

    Hi, my first post so hope I am in the right place We are planning a trip to Europe on Emirates First Class using Qantas FF points next year. It looks like we will have a 9 hour layover in Dubai. Is there any restriction on how many hours prior to your flight we can go into Emirates First...
  18. N

    QFF EK Award Booking ex-EU downgraded from F to J

    Hi All, I had a QFF EK Award Booking in F ex-EU through to Sydney via Dubai. The EU to Dubai flight was downgraded from F to J as EK swapped the 777-300 to the new 777-200 on this particular day meaning no F was available. I received an e-mail notification a few days before but left it as I...
  19. R

    Flybuy points transfer, does the first name needs to be identical

    Hi, Saw the 15% transfer bonus, so I'd like to transfer my flybuy points through. Everything else is identical except the first name is different. (Flybuy does not allow to change the first name after registration). So I wonder if anyone has experience about this? Cheers,
  20. Jacqui-O

    Long time flyer, first time caller!

    Ahoy fellow flyers. I've been cruising this site for the past few years, but never bothered to register. I figured, it was high time I joined in the fun!