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first class

For more information about First Class, see our First Class Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. M

    QF 1 First SYD Connection

    Hi All Forgive any errors - my first post! The family & I are currently looking at doing a run to LHR with QF in First for some business early next year. We're living in QLD and usually will go out of BNE to SYD then LHR but usually go J and not first. We're wanting to take advantage of the...
  2. get me outta here

    Japan Airlines First Class

    I've booked JL 5 JFK - HND in F on 777-300 next year - any comments on F seat preference please? And any other comments. Have not done F on JL before.
  3. P

    Is there a way to fly first class from Australia to Japan using AA points?

    I think you used to be able to get first class on Qantas to HKG from SYD and then Cathay Pacific from there. I can't find any first class flights with Qantas anywhere at the moment though. Any suggestions?
  4. P

    Changi First Class Check in

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a few flights booked on SQ in suites coming up later this year. I will be departing Singapore in suites to NYC whilst my girlfriend will be flying to SYD in business a few hours before me. Any thoughts on whether the SQ staff will turn my gf...
  5. K

    Al Safwa First Class Lounge - Arrival access

    Hi guys, I have a flight from Perth to Doha in QR First and then onwards from Doha to London in QR Business. I heard that if you arrived on a long haul First class flight you will be granted entry to the Al Safwa First Class Lounge despite not having an onward First Class flight. I looked at...
  6. P

    First Class Lounge Invite

    HI, Hope this is in the right place so someone can see and use this.... My husband has a P1digital lounge invite, which we intended to use for our daughter on Jan 10th 2020 However, just went to link her booking, but it expires on Jan 5th 2020 arrhhhh !! Therefore, I know its very short...
  7. NBS

    Hi all. First class lounge access free 1 pass only

    Hi all. Im traveling Qf35 on 26th December. If your on this flight and want access to the first class lounge. Email me. Also other dates. 3rd Jan qf38 24 jan qf35 7th feb qf36.
  8. mrsterryn

    Answered Current first class OW flights from Aust (any location)

    After an incredibly lack luster first class on Qantas curious about other first class flights from Aust Is there a list anywhere ? Much appreciated Needs to be OWE hoping to do some as points
  9. timmy-t

    Answered QF First Lounge - Spa treatment (non)-availability!?

    So I’m off to SIN today QF36. I only have carry on, so I checkin yesterday and head to the QF First lounge for breakfast about 8:30am. Next available spa treatment?? After 1pm. Wtf? I’m here before anyone else on my flight who needs to check luggage. My flight leaves just after 12, I’m here...
  10. S

    Qantas International first class lounge on Hawaiian Airline

    Got an odd question hoping someone could answer. I will be flying Hawaiian Airline business class from Sydney and they provide access to Qantas business class lounge. However I am a qantas platinum member so does it give me lounge access upgrade to first class lounge in this case? A bit of a...
  11. R

    First class redemption on Emirates - PER to CDG, then AMS-KUL

    Hi All I just redeemed all my qantas points for first class to Europe, on Emirates and I want to make the most of this. On the way back I have to fly into KUL because there isn't any availability to get to Aus. I have only had the chance to fly business (<5hr trips) on a handful of occasions...
  12. mark4217

    F availability on rewards seats

    Hi all, Just a quick query to see when Etihad open up F tickets for points tickets to EU. Once upon a time I just looked up on the EY site and there was availability on most occasions, now there is zip?.
  13. S

    Emirates Award Availability in Business and First Reduced?

    Hi, I was having a search on different flights and couldn’t find any classic award flights out of ADL in either business or first on emirates to European destinations. Had a look out of Sydney and couldn’t find any either. Has there been a reduction in emirates awards as there used to be...
  14. woodborer

    The Qantas Edge in First [ AJ: "Customers drool over our ...{Neil Perry} ... food!" ]

    Ever wondered what Qantas thinks its edge over its competitors is. Now we know https://www.dmarge.com/2019/10/qantas-first-class-psychological-advantage.html So, there you go
  15. M

    Qantas MEL First Class Check-in

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of MEL's QF First check-in? I LOVE it. Easily the best in AU, and off the top of my head, the only one I rate higher is AA Flagship First at LAX (it too is curbside, but also includes a private elevator to security!) While many others (like CX in HKG) offer...
  16. M

    Do redemption seats "devalue" the First Class product?

    Before reading this - BREATHE! This is not my opinion – it is a QUESTION. And I am not the first person to ponder this – I thought this a great forum for a sensible (?) discussion… Recently I was reading about AF or LH (or maybe both) that do not allow First Class seats to be fully redeemed as...
  17. mrsterryn

    Answered JAL first pyjamas

    Just wonder how ... ummm size accommodating they are ? I can take my own PJs. I have my first first with them inn Nov Ta
  18. ecst

    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    Hi all, I have 2 P1 lounge passes free to a good home: P1 lounge invitations – access a domestic Qantas Club, Qantas International Business or Qantas First Lounge when travelling onward that day on a Qantas (QF) operated flight with a 'QF' flight number. I'll humbly defer to a random number...
  19. W

    Sydney Qantas First Lounge Guest

    -Hi All, Three of us travelling in J SYD - HKG on QF 127 this Sunday morning 8 September 2019... heading off on Nifty Fiftieth celebrations...:eek: I was wondering if there was a fellow AFF'r who may be around the First Lounge and be willing and able to guest 1 pax in to the lounge at around...
  20. tinkybelle

    Qantas Business to First upgrade success

    Thought I would start a thread. Im plat and asked for an UG to F 6 mths ago 3 days out no upgrade.