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  1. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – Preserve Your Points During COVID-19

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. With many domestic travel restrictions in...
  2. Lat34

    Qantas Status Credit Reconciliation Report

    Does anyone know if there is a way to create or request a reconcilation report over (say three) membership years showing how each line item Status Credit activity impacts Lifetime Status Credits, Earned This Year, Already Earned etc? I know the new Activity Statement shows some of this info in...
  3. Mattg

    Air NZ 'Touch of Gold' status match

    Air New Zealand has matched Qantas' status match offer for AU/NZ residents. Have Gold status (or higher) with Qantas, Virgin Australia, or any other airline except Cathay Pacific or another Star Alliance carrier? You can now get 4 months of Air New Zealand status, and earn 100 status points...
  4. P

    Qantas double credits promotion fail and general customer service

    Hi, This is more a failure on my part but I just needed to rant a lil:p I'm a Qantas platinum member and tbh given the way Covid has been for my work, even with any points assistance it's going to be pretty difficult for me to maintain it. Still wanting to give it a red hot go, I was actually...
  5. G

    Use OW status for seat selection but credit to QF?

    I have signed up for the QF status challenge and I also have QR Platinum status, is there a way I can use the free seat selection with my QR status but credit the flight to QF for the status challenge? I added the QF FF number on the booking and not surprisingly the system doesn't recognise that...
  6. ozstamps

    Does VFF have any lifetime Status awards to aim at?

    I must have been a Virgin Plat for 10 years or so. Partner ditto. Qantas have well-defined Lifetime status targets for Lifetime Gold and Plat etc. Most airlines do. I cannot recall ever seeing any Virgin equivalent - is there? I got Lifetime Star Alliance Gold for me and a partner many...
  7. Mattg

    Qantas status rollover - error reversal

    Did anyone else get their rolled over status credits removed on Tuesday evening, then returned on Wednesday morning? This appeared on my QFF activity statement as: STATUS SUPPORT - STATUS CREDIT ROLLOVER ERROR REVERSAL -250 Was fixed up on Wednesday and the 250 SCs restored. While I was...
  8. AIRwin

    VA to Extend status for Some until 30th September 2022 The airline will also reward loyal Platinum and Gold Velocity members who have booked or travelled between 7 December 2020 and 28 March 2021, with a status extension of up to 18...
  9. J

    Qantas Status Hold (Parental Leave)

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone on AFF has taken advantage of QFF's 18month Status Hold offer when you welcome a new bubs? Be keen to hear your experiences - e.g. even if you take 6 months parental leave, do you get the full 18 month extension? Thanks!
  10. birder

    Status Extension question

    Hi, I have done a few searches, and looked through the last 10 pages of the forum, and haven't found an answer ... I hope it hasn't been answered a dozen times already! I need to book a flight asap to keep my status for the next year (my status expires on 31 March). My question is: can I book...
  11. Stealthflyer

    VA Status Extension - Now changed to BOOK only required not FLY?

    Unsurprising that they’ve extended the dates. I reckon there’s still a good chance they’ll automatically extend everyone’s status anyway, even though this promotion is then somewhat undermined.
  12. A

    Christmas trip - book now or wait for status credit promotion?

    I am planning to go on a interstate trip with my family during Christmas period this year. I am keen to maximise the status credit of this trip. What is the likelihood that there will be any double status credit promotion before Christmas? Or should I just book now? Any suggestion welcome!
  13. Mattg

    Emirates extends Skywards tier status until 2022

    Emirates is giving a second year of tier status extensions to all Skywards members with status due to expire in 2021. This will now be extended by 12 months to 2022.
  14. F

    50 Status Credit Qantas Insurance Posted?

    Hi All, Did anyone take up the 50 status credit offer with Qantas Insurance? My points have posted, but not the status credits. Has anyone received them yet? I thought both the points and status would credit on day 60. Thank you
  15. A

    Status credits for family

    Hi everyone. New to the forums, greetings to all. I've already been helped out quite a bit by reading up on various stuff from here and it was time to register an account. I have one questions which has bothered me. I organised a couple of overseas trips with my father a couple of years...
  16. P

    Earning status credits via credit cards

    Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone knows what date Qantas consider status credits to be earned - when they are earned via a credit card promotion. Based on this example, do Qantas consider the status credits to be earned on 7 December or 10 December? Many thanks in advance.
  17. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – Maximising Status Credits to Travel Better

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Status credits are the key to upgrading your...
  18. Mattg

    Bonus points & SCs on QF credit card transfers during November 2020

    Right as Velocity launches its own offer, Qantas is giving up to 25% bonus points and up to 150 status credits on transfers from credit card reward programs (i.e. Amex Ascent Premium) this month.
  19. Mattg

    Velocity cuts points, lounge access & upgrades on some partner airlines

    Velocity Frequent Flyer has issued a "program update" relating to airline partners. Bizarrely, the page states "effective September 2020" even though these changes were only announced on 14 October...
  20. Mattg

    Qantas status credits with luxury hotel offers

    Further to today's announcement about Qantas gifting status credits and providing StatusKeeper(TM) payments to members (see Qantas Status Credits Boost), there was also a mention of earning status credits with selected luxury hotel offers. I thought I would start a dedicated thread for...