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  1. Tlau7

    Best way to earn status points?

    Hi all! I need 80 status points before August 31st. I am based in Sydney, what is the cheapest way to get 80 status points before then? It would be nice to get a weekend trip out of it :) Edit: I am a Cathay Pacific member, which is part of the OneWorld alliance. Cheers, Tim
  2. Mattg

    20% bonus status credits with Virgin Money High Flyer card, up to 100/year

    Is this a new benefit of the Virgin Money Velocity High Flyer credit card? I haven't seen it before. Looks like you now get 20% bonus status credits on VA flights paid for using the card, capped at 100 per year. Here are the T&Cs...
  3. Longtoo

    Status credit from Qatar flight

    Hi all, I did a trip with Qatar Airways from Asia to Istanbul via Doha. I get status credits into my Qantas account for the longer segments Asia-Doha almost immediately after the flight but am still waiting for SC of the Doha-Istanbul segments. Do anyone know why they would credit the flight...
  4. L

    SCs to upgrade mismatch

    Hi all, Just noticed that in my VFF account the numbers for Plat upgrade don't match in the main view vs the "How far from upgrading" one. Anyone else seen this before or am I misinterpreting something? I'm guessing the real number is 122 not 107....
  5. Captain Halliday

    Fixing Lifetime Status Credit balance

    I would appreciate advice from the brains trust about getting my Lifetime Status Credit balance corrected after a manual intervention resulted in 54 LTSC disappearing. My three-month saga in a few paragraphs: In February, I had a flight cancellation on a four sector trip which led to an...
  6. AFF Editor

    Limited-time Velocity Frequent Flyer status match until 24/5/24

    Virgin Australia has just launched a "flash" status match promotion. The first 3,000 eligible frequent flyers of other airlines (including Qantas) who hold the equivalent of Velocity Gold status or higher can get a Discover Velocity Gold membership. Applications are only open until Friday, 24...
  7. Mattg

    SAA Voyager - no benefits on partner airlines?

    As you may know, South African Airways is a Star Alliance member and a Virgin Australia partner airline. It's also one of the airlines you can choose as the status airline when you get the HSBC Star Alliance credit card. I sent an email to South African Airways last month to ask what (if any)...
  8. Lynnelanne

    Did I book this flight during the double status credit offer?

    hi all. I need to change a Qantas flight and I can't recall which i booked during the double status credits offer. Does anyone know if there is any way of identifying which flights were double SC's? thank you..
  9. M

    QFF status credit on Finnair AY codeshare flights from CX

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and I have read quite a few posts on codeshare/AY/CX but not much on status credits on QFF. I hope I'm not asking the obvious and making this post a rookie spam. I'm about to book the following flights: SYD-HKG AY flight codeshare on CX HKG-HEL AY flight HEL-HKG AY...
  10. Mattg

    A unique benefit of status with Royal Air Maroc

    I don't think I've come across an airline that offers this as a benefit of Gold (or any) status before! Royal AIr Maroc lists the following on its website as a benefit for Safar Flyer Gold members: Here's the fine print: The same benefit applies for Royal Air Maroc Platinum members.
  11. Mattg

    You can now earn BA Tier Points on Aer Lingus

    British Airways Executive Club now awards Tier Points for Aer Lingus flights, in addition to just Avios. Quietly added on 1 April 2024.
  12. Mattg

    Earn SQ Elite Miles with Kris+, KrisShop & Pelago until 4/6/24

    From 5 March to 4 June 2024, you can earn KrisFlyer Elite Miles when shopping with Kris+, KrisShop or Pelago. These count towards KrisFlyer elite status. It's unusual for SQ to offer ways to earn Elite Miles without flying, aside from that one-off promo during covid where they gave Elite Miles...
  13. F

    Do you earn status on Qantas operated, partner marketed flights?

    I’m flying on an AA marketed flight to America and back, but turns out the planes are actually Qantas metal. On the Qantas app it says AA7376 (QF21). Will I get status credits for these if I give my FF number (already have)? Or is it only Qantas marketed flights. The Qantas site is not specific...
  14. B

    Qantas Status credit earn on AlaskaSkyWest under Alaska or American Airlines

    Any help or thoughts. Looking ot book SFO to JAC in mid May in first. On AA (19/5/23) its AA9414 operated by AlaskaSkyWest, and on Alaska its Alaska 3360. Which is the best bet, does it affect status credits. How many QF status credits will I get, and does the way its booked matter. Many...
  15. Mattg

    Etihad Guest program changes from June 2024

    Etihad Guest is making a bunch of loyalty program changes, expected to take effect from June. Some of the changes include: New award chart pricing (according to the airline, 70-80% of redemptions will become cheaper... we'll see) A new Diamond status tier above Platinum New personalised elite...
  16. M

    Card Promotions New Offer 30k Points or 200 status credits with CC Sign-Up

    Looks like this offer is back for another round: Get up to 120,000 bonus Velocity Points, plus choose your own exclusive benefit* apply by 31 March for your choice of an additional 30k points or 200 SCs.
  17. Princess Fiona

    BA Changes Tier point Collection date from April 2025

    Big news from BAEC today. From April 1st 2025 everyone will be on the same calendar anniversary. Starting 1st April and ending 31st March the following year. Changes To Your Tier Point Collection Period Won’t make much difference to me as I think mine is on those dates already. Adjustments...
  18. Mattg

    How did you feel about losing your airline/hotel elite status?

    For those of you who've lost their elite status since all the airlines & hotels stopped giving free COVID extensions... how did you feel about this? Were you sad to drop down to a lower tier? Relieved to be off the hamster wheel? Indifferent? 🤔 And what's your plan now - will you try to earn...
  19. B

    Will I earn status credit on CX Class I international?

    First time post question like this, bear with me if this is too naive. Let's say I woud like to book, from CX website directly, and quote my QF membership. Will I earn status credit and ff points, and how many status / points could I have? CX140, CX960, CX959 and CX171 are all market as CX and...
  20. F

    Return flight straddles Velocity review - points 'wasted' on outbound leg if Platinum won't be retained?

    My platinum VA status is up for review in early February - but I've done little travel this year so there's no chance it'll be maintained (580 SCs needed in just over a month) and so I'll be back to Gold. However I do have a return flight to Europe on Qatar Airways where I can earn either...