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airline status

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  1. L

    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-25 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    Massive DSC offer to boost demand following Corona Virus: Full terms and conditions: Link...
  2. sbor90

    'Enhanced' QF status credit calculator

    SC calculator has been revamped/merged with classic award/upgrade calculators: Qantas Points Calculators | Frequent Flyer Personally I dislike it - you can no longer string multiple legs together and see a total SC count. The one positive change is the "what you need to know" section which has...
  3. B

    Status Run: SYD-DPS-SYD

    Trying to look at doing the “famous” J SYD-DPS-SYD status run (with flights from MEL as well) looking on the QF website it won’t let me arrive and depart on the same day. (Ie. only stay in DPS for 1.5hrs). how have people gotten around this?
  4. J

    Answered Qantas status credit renewal/ expiry

    Hi everyone, could I please get confirmation that my understanding of Qantas status renewal/ expiry is correct. Currently my status total says I need to earn xxx more status credits to attain the next level of status Before Monday 30 November 2020. Now if I have a flight on Monday 30...
  5. B

    50% more Status Credits on Qantas flights [Targeted?]

    Just received this email: Guess I'll book a few flights for work after Christmas... I also have more potential flights in January but don't think I can lock any of them in until after New Years unfortunately!
  6. 8

    Collection qantas status credit and points through oneworld flights

    I have recently flown to uk with Qatar and I'm flying there again in january with Emirates, both with One world. I have been told by qantas that I'm unable to receive and credits or points because my flights are with a certain subcategory. Qantas websites says eligible for both credits and...
  7. T

    QF Status Credit earn on Qatar in J out of Northern Europe

    Hi all. Hoping someone has a recent experience that can clear up a contradiction on the QF website for me. I'm looking at some J fares out of Oslo and Stockholm next year that are very attractive. The QF earning calculator says J from Oslo or Stockholm to Doha earns 30 SC, but the partner...
  8. wendlle

    Status Credit Bonus Offer and Status Credit Question

    Any ideas if there is a pattern to velocity offering a Double SC promo? I need to book some flights for the family from Canberra to QLD for 2020 and I will need double SC or similar to get me over the line to getting back to Gold which would be great for our trip to the USA in 2021. Also, I...
  9. L

    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    Qantas have released another double status credit offer. It is not open to all persons. It is a targeted offer. You must receive an invite and register. 'Get ready to fly higher with double Status Credits on eligible Qantas operated flights with a QF flight number worldwide in all cabins. And...
  10. ALH

    Disappearing Status Credits

    I couldn't find a similar thread, so here goes: I'm pretty good at managing my family's Qantas Accounts and helping everyone to achieve their desired Status for the Year, so I was pretty shocked to find that I had miscalculated (or so I thought) by several hundred Status Credits for one...
  11. C

    Newbie Question

    Hi All, newbie here, question to you all, I am a gold QFF, short of 135 Status point to retain in 3 wks, any advice on how to do achive this? txs
  12. esseeeayeenn

    Premature status renewals

    My membership year ends on 30 September. Having slid from Platinum to Gold a couple of years ago after an unpleasant incident caused me to shun Qantas for a while, I was on track to regain Platinum status this year. However on or about 3 September, with 1235 status credits, and bookings for...
  13. A

    Maintaining Velocity Platinum Status

    Maintaining Velocity Platinum Status Hello All, I am a couple of months and a few too many flights off maintaining long held Platinum status with Virgin Aust. An illness has kept me grounded but will be on the move again in the new year. I just had a chat with Velocity Platinum about a...
  14. P

    A cruel offer of double status credits

    I received a targeted Virgin double status credit offer to maintain Gold. The only problem is that I need to book prior to Sep 30th and fly by Dec 14th 2019. Considering that I already have 10 international sectors already booked in that time frame, there is actually no free dates to use the...
  15. W

    Question Flying Malaysian, Qantas perks, collect BA status?

    I am QFF Platinum (Oneworld Emerald) and have to fly Malaysian later in the year. I have booked in O, which does not accumulate status credits or ff points with Qantas. I had a similar experience flying Economy with Cathay earlier this year. Is there a way that I can collect the points with my...
  16. B

    Answered Status Credits VS Anniversary Date

    Recently completed a return flight with Qantas SYD/HNL, Business Class. Departed on August 21 and returned on September 12, and I assumed that Status Credits earned (140 x 2) would be credited to my Frequent Flyer Account on completion of my journey, Sept 12. My Membership Anniversary Date is...
  17. S

    Question Using VA Points Status Question

    Hello All, I was hoping to get some advice from flyers much more knowledgeable than I, on how to use my VA points and current VA status I currently have 504 status credits but don't have gold status as I haven't taken 4 flights operated by VA. I have actually just been bumped back down to red...
  18. P

    Regain status OR one world classic award?

    Unable to travel recently, have been silver for years but have dropped back to bronze. Would 'regain' silver status this yr with intended normal travel 'however' could alternatively incorporate this 'normal travel' into a one world classic award trip (5 stopovers). I am thinking, as bronze...
  19. N

    Question QFF point and status credits on Award flights?

    Thanks Lance- A F Assist, we have secured our award around the world flights with our Qantas points.Do we accrue status credits/ QFF points on these flights?
  20. D

    Missing status credits before status drop

    Hi, I have just started an international trip and my status credits expire today which will drop me back to gold. However, my Cathay flights taken 2 days ago will enable me to re qualify. Do you know if the system will drop me back or give me a grace period for credits to appear? Given that I...