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  1. Mattg

    20% bonus status credits on VA international flights until 31 December 2022

    Just noticed this offer when viewing the "Special Offers" section on the Velocity website: Maybe I've just missed it, but I don't recall seeing this advertised anywhere? Doesn't look like you need to register. VA marketed...
  2. K

    Status credit on multi leg itinerary

    We have a booking for MEL to BNK ( direct flight) in Oct 2022. Yesterday I received an email with flight change information and it is no more direct with a stop over in Sydney. Does this mean we will receive status credits as per the individual legs or the actual direct flight that I had booked...
  3. M

    Is it worth paying extra for more QFF status credits?

    Hi All, Brand new here so apologies if this is in the wrong spot, but just wanted to get some thoughts from more experienced people. I joined QFF just pre-covid in Aus so it's kind of been sitting dormant for a few years, and I'm now starting to look at how I can better make the most of my...
  4. carpenteria

    QFF Status - Near enough?

    A quick question out there, as I’m relatively new to QFF status (last business I worked for used VA more often so my experience is more with Velocity). Been quickly rising through the status points this last year, but realised I’m going to be annoyingly close to the magic 700 to get to Gold...
  5. R

    Oz Based Tier Point Run

    Hi everyone, looking to hear experiences for TPRs for those based in Aus. I've heard that PER-BKK often has sales. Does anyone know how cheap they get and are there any other fares available? Ex-EU has some good deals I've seen, DUB-LAX or BUD-Hawaii. I would like to see whether its cost...
  6. W

    Slow posting of Status Credits from Partners

    Hi All, It has been a consistant issue this year for me regarding slow posting of status credits from British Airways and Iberia. I now have 7 Active Claims awaiting processing from flights in March & April. I had 2 flights last year in November that were only credited in February after...
  7. C

    Velocity status on Singapore Airlines

    Hi all, I’m flying SIA in May MEL-SIN-LHR and back in July. I’m a Virgin Velocity Gold member and understand that there’s some benefits when flying on SIA, including baggage allowance, priority lanes, lounge access etc. I put in my FF number when I booked my flights and emailed SIA months ago...
  8. P

    Status credits when missed connection re-accommodated on non-OW airline?

    Was J class Syd-Lax-Jfk (ticketed AA, QFF). Connection in LA missed due to QF late Syd departure, and QF rebooked us on Delta for Lax-Jfk leg. Was told by QF ground staff at LAX that would still get QFF status credits for LAX-JFK leg as was QF fault and they rebooked me. Received SC and FF...
  9. Lynnelanne

    Points Club Plus Status Credit Rollover: simpleton question

    Hi all. Here's me, still learning. I just went up to Points Club Plus. I currently have 295 Status Credits and will retain silver for 2023 (which some will know was something pathetic that I was nevertheless aiming for and excited to attain). So, with PC+ there's a lot said about rolling...
  10. Mattg

    ANA (Star Alliance) status match for selected programs

    ANA Mileage Club is currently offering a 1-year status match to frequent flyers who hold existing status with American Airlines, Delta or Japan Airlines (only). You can apply by 28 September 2022 and your status is valid until March 2023...
  11. Mattg

    Aegean status is particularly easy to earn now

    Aegean Miles+Bonus has always been a program with relatively low thresholds required to earn Star Alliance Gold status, especially if you complete 4 Aegean/Olympic Air flights per year. Until May 2023, the requirements to earn or renew status are further reduced by 25% if you complete the 4...
  12. Mattg

    Royal Air Maroc (oneworld) status match for a small fee

    Royal Air Maroc has launched a new status match offer for current frequent flyers who have existing status with various Star Alliance, SkyTeam and non-aligned airlines. There is a €49 ($73) application fee. You can apply here: Qantas and Virgin Australia...
  13. S

    Qantas "Choose your reward" Promo. Select from Double Status Credits OR Double Points [book 25/3/22-1/4/22]

    "Qantas Frequent Flyers will be able to choose double Qantas Points or double status credits on any eligible Qantas flight booking made before 1 April 2022."
  14. Mattg

    No Velocity status benefits on Air Canada?

    I have some upcoming flights on Air Canada and have Velocity Gold status. Just having a look at the Velocity Gold benefits page, and Air Canada is not even listed under "international airline parnters". I also can't see any mention of status benefits on the Air Canada page on the VA website...
  15. A

    Status credit balance gone weird

    Has anyone noticed their accumulated status credit balance has just dropped? The number of status credits required to retain status has dropped but lifetime is still correct. Very weird.
  16. Basalt

    Does an award booking meet the eligibility to trigger status credit rollover?

    Hi all, can anyone confirm if an award booking triggers the status credit rollover? My partner has accrued >350 SC from flying, all booked before 11 August, with her status end date 31 Jan, but the only booking we've made between 11 August and now is an award booking. The QF Status Support page...
  17. Lynnelanne

    5 Status Credits to keep Silver

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can earn the 5 extra status credits I need to retain silver? I’ve got until April. Will fly if necessary but for only 5 I hoped there might be something I don’t know about. I’m already with QF Insurance and BP. Credit cards already ‘Qantas’d.’...
  18. Mattg

    Double Velocity status credits with Coles/flybuys in December 2021

    Has anyone else received this email from Velocity? Double status credits at Coles this month (up to 20 VA status credits instead of the usual 10). Not sure if targeted or open to all. Incidentally, I received this email at exactly the same time as a confirmation email from Velocity saying...
  19. Mattg

    Velocity status credits on Hertz car rental bookings

    Velocity Frequent Flyer is giving 10 bonus status credits on Hertz car rental bookings. Earn 10 status credits for the first booking you make by 31 December 2021, for rentals that begin and end between 6 December 2021 & 28 March 2022. T&Cs from the Velocity website: You can also earn 4...
  20. D

    Issues receiving BP status credits?

    Was wondering if anyone else has had issue with not yet receiving their 50 status credits from the BP 5x $50+ fuel deal? It has been over 8 weeks since I met the 5 times $50. As well as over 8 weeks since the earning period ended. Haven’t received my status credits and haven’t heard anything...