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airline status

  1. eric2011

    BNE-AKL Status points

    Hi, just looking for someone to confirm for me the amount of Status Credits I will get on a BNE-AKL J return flight. I have looked and I think it is 160 credits return
  2. Nat Z

    Question re status runs

    Hi all My apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't seem to find a recent thread about this. I'm as bronze as they come, currently sitting at 40SC. I've never done a status run and I've noticed that many of you take advantage of double SC promotions. I live in ADL and I am...
  3. X

    Answered Points + Pay and double status credits

    Hi All As Qantas are currently running double status credits till Friday 22nd Feb, I am trying to get to Platinum for the first time. I have a couple of flights to book which are work related, but can't put a Flex fare through with them, so am looking to use Points + Pay to reduce the cash...
  4. B

    Answered How many Status Credits will I earn?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to figure out how many status credits my family will earn on our family holiday. I think I have figured out the return to trip from Adelaide to LA (getaway fare) (via Brisbane their via Melbourne back) should earn me 50 status credits each way...
  5. M

    Double status credits with voucher

    Hi all, I bought a voucher during a previous DSC offer around 18 months ago (before they changed the T&Cs to explicitly state the voucher must be redeemed during the offer period to earn DSCs) and redeemed it 6 months ago for a return business flight ASP-LHR which I have now completed. It's...
  6. B

    Answered Status Credits

    Hi , can anyone give me Aprox status credits for a return flight with Finnair in J from Singapore to Rome via Helsinki , Return ,Rome ,Helsinki Finnair metal, Hong Kong ,Singapore (with Cathay metal , all Finnair Ticketed and flight numbers, I am getting lostthanks in advance.
  7. Mattg

    QF Double Status Credits - Book by Feb [Now] 25, Travel Feb 25-Aug 31, 2019

    It's on! Qantas has just launched its latest and much-anticipated Double Status Credits offer. Double Status Credits Offer | Qantas Frequent Flyer This promo is running for 5 days, from 18-22 February 2019. You can earn Double Status Credits for Qantas marketed and operated flights taken...
  8. D

    Answered Qantas Status Credits for 'Basic Economy' on American Airlines?

    Hi All Newbie to this site so apologies if this has already been covered or if i'm in the wrong section: Just booked an American Airlines return basic economy flight Houston - Miami to tip my Qantas Status into the next tier. Using the calculator Qantas advise 15 status points one way for...
  9. boomy

    Transfer MR to VA to get Gold or Platinum status for 12 months

    This offer may be useful to some. Instant Velocity Gold or Platinum
  10. eric2011

    Answered VA Status credits question

    I am achieving VA Plat status with a flight on the 14th April. The date needed for the status change (ie the date I loose a chunk of status credits) is the 15th April so I will scrape in with 1 day to spare. That flight wont appear for ~1 week so will the credits be back-dated to the 14th and I...
  11. S

    CNS - SYD to earn maximun status credits

    Hi, Will be flying biz CNS-SYD in the coming week. Need to maximize status credits. I have looked at CNS-BNE-SYD and CNS-MEL-SYD but both come to 100 credits (60 + 40). Cost - $950 I have also looked at CNS - TSV/HMI - MEL - SYD but that does not fare much better, considering price-points...
  12. Mattg

    Hainan Airlines status upgrade after one flight

    I came across this interesting promo with Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club. It looks like you can get an instant upgrade to Silver or Gold status (depending on the fare class booked) by booking a return business class flight with Hainan from Australia (or various other places) to China...
  13. J

    Answered Shanghai lounge options for Qantas platinum status

    Trying to figure out what my lounge options are - or more importantly, if I have plenty of time (as in too much time as I wait for a late flight), where I should park myself give the limited lounge options. I'm flying Qantas out of Shanghai - I am platinum. I don't care how far I have to walk...
  14. S

    Maintain status/soft landing dumb question

    Just trying to clarify something here. I am WP. I won't make the 800 SCs before my review date in Dec '19. First question: this means I will "soft land" to SG for the next year, right? Which means I need 400 SCs to maintain SG before Dec '20. I have a family holiday planned this October, and...
  15. S

    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    Thank lord. Been waiting years for this lol. Offer starts this Friday. Activate and book by 12 February 2019 to Get double Velocity status credits when you travel on a Virign Australia marketed and operated flight before 28 December 2019...
  16. clipped_wings

    Who flies to Melbourne and back - just for Status? WE DO!

    This is the possibly the longest trip report for the shortest trip in history. Mr Clipped and I flew to Melbourne and back yesterday - thinking we could crash him over the Velocity Platinum Line once more. The story so far: Husband needed 2 more sectors to reclaim Velocity WP. And although...
  17. N

    Retain Velocity Platinum status by End of June (fly to Canada)

    Hi All, I need some help with retaining Velocity Platinum status by End of June 2019. I am looking to travel to Canada Calgary from Melbourne in April easter time returning 1 week of may 2019. I need 646 status credit & 5 eligible sectors by 13 June2019 What are the options & how can I do...
  18. N

    Answered status credit earn with China Airlines/QF codeshares

    I was just hoping for some advice. I'm in the midst of planning my next holiday to Taiwan and see that there are direct flights from Australia on CI which are codeshared. If I fly the QF marketed, CI operated flights (e.g.QF 389 from SYD to TPE), will I get normal QF status credits and miles...
  19. P

    Retain Silver status prior to end of June! (Fly to London mid April)

    I am seeking to retain my QFF silver status (which is due end of June.) I have been unable to fly since last August due to an operation and prefer not to until mid April, when I plan to spend time in England, popping over to Europe for short breaks (returning to Melbourne in September)! To...
  20. P

    STATUS HOLD? (Unable to fly due to operation)!

    Due to an operation, I am unable to take enough flights to retain my silver status prior to 30th June this year (the requirement time to retain my status). (My most recent Qantas flight was in June last year. In August I had a foot/ankle reconstruction and am still undertaking rehabilitation)...