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  1. S

    Seat selection on Business seat QF domestic

    We‘ve just had a change of time on a flight Brisbane to Broome. The booking is in U ( award business flights) . We had confirmed seats on original booking. Now with the new time we cannot select says that selecting seats is not possible on this flight. We are lifetime silver. Is this...
  2. wandering_fred

    seat selection - an old problem?

    Or simply put T-80, does seating open or not? Departure is 1400 on 05 Dec. 80 hours before is 0600 on 02 Dec (or earlier than now). I have no issues (award ticket) selecting row 6. My wife (AA award ticket) can not select on online. Calling the agent claims it is only my SG status that allows...
  3. P

    Award Flight Seat Selection

    Hi Guys, Booked for next year SIN to AMS, one is showing (currently) as Q-suite A350-1000 and one is showing 777 non Qsuite, however when I go onto the qatar website there is no selection method for picking seats, I have seen a few things on there about people saying how hard they are to get...
  4. M

    Upgrading flights on Qantas site fails - "PNR was not found in the URL"

    Anyone experiencing this issue at the moment? Trying to request an upgrade for upcoming flights in the usual way on the Qantas site, but when I click the "Upgrade" button I get an error page which says "PNR not found in the URL" Have tried different browsers & different devices, but everything...
  5. eminere

    Seat selection at check-in

    When online check-in opens, can I select a particular seat for free or are fees still payable if I want to change what the system has allocated to me?
  6. T

    Seat selection on AA ticket

    Hi all, I have a ticket booked via AA (001 stock) with a combination of Qantas domestic/Intl + AA domestic legs (all AA flight numbers). My QFF # is attached to the AA booking so it appears under my profile. however I am unable to perform seat selection on any QF legs, with the error of "We...
  7. albatross710

    QantasLink seat selection on return legs - not available

    I've had two U class redemption on QantasLink B717 aircraft. BNE - CNS & BNE-CBR. Both times, I can use Manage My Booking to view the seat map for the outbound leg. When I go to the return leg I can only choose Window/Aisle. At the time of doing the booking I did allocate seats for the return...
  8. mjgriffo

    QBT Cytric bookings and T-80 seat selection

    Hi all, Our organisation recently changed over with QBT from Serko to Cytric, and I've made my first booking in the new system. Now when I use the Qantas Android app to select seats at T-80, the feature times-out without being able to make a selection. The only way I've found to do so is back...
  9. Scr77

    Seat Selection - What is this?

    Anyone shed some light on the ‘switch’ in the middle of the screenshot? It’s for seat selection in F on a Qantas A380. Cheers, Steven.
  10. Daver6

    Strange seat selection

    I'm flying on QF9 PER-LHR next week in Y as a WP. At the time off booking (several months ago) I selected 41D. I'm an aisle kinda guy. I figure a centre aisle is my best option as if there is someone in the middle seat there is a good chance they'll be travelling with someone in the other aisle...
  11. Pushka

    Seat Selection tactic?

    A weird possibly deliberate issue yesterday. Booking for partner who is WP and in their account when making a booking so seat selection for Qantas domestic flight should be wide open. Thought I’d do an advance seat selection and the closest to the front I was offered was the Exit Row - 12 and...
  12. pshepvic

    Qantas seat selection not working?

    I'm currently having an issue where I can't seem to select a seat on any of my bookings. In the app it puts a coloured box around the seat when I tap (and same in Google Chrome) but doesn't select it. In IE and Firefox, nothing happens. It just won't select a seat, but doesn't give an error...
  13. justinbrett

    International Seat Selection

    I’m flying on a very full QF3 on Monday to HNL - in Y unfortunately (continuing on to the mainland and coming back J) I am WP and have an upgrade request in. J is sold out so zero chance of an upgrade, load is showing Y9 B9 but the rest zero. I’ve got 26B allocated with 26A free. This is...
  14. ChrisCunard

    New A380 Business Class on Singapore Airlines

    SQ308 I was lucky enough recently to fly on SQ 308 from Singapore to London. This November flight was originally scheduled to be on an A380 with the original interior but about a month out from the flight the aircraft was swapped to the newer interior A380. Video of this flight: I was in...
  15. Stealthflyer

    Virgin Platinum seat selection on Etihad

    Does anyone know if Virgin WPs get complimentary seat selection when flying the cheapest Etihad fare? I understand Etihad Guest status holders do, but Etihad’s website doesn’t say if status holders of partner airlines do or not. I know Singapore Airlines doesn’t give Virgin WPs complimentary...
  16. R

    Velocity App - Seat selection error

    Hi, Is anyone getting an error trying to change/select seats on a booking in the Velocity app? The error message is: 'We are unable to retrieve seating information at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience' I've been getting this same error for the past week. I can change the seat...
  17. M

    seat selection for virgin international flight

    A relative (no status) booked a return Y flight SYD-LAX with Virgin. During the booking, she tried to select seat for the return flight 3 months away, and most / all window and aisle seats were crossed out (not available) - available seats were middle seats :( Not sure if the window and aisle...
  18. dairyfloss

    Seat Selection on QF-marketed, FJ-operated (Fiji Airways) flight

    G'day Folks - I've got one I've not come across before, and couldn't find much, if any info about... I've just booked return flights via the QF website to Fiji for a short break with the family - yay! For the outbound flight, there was no QF-operated service, and so I'm on an FJ operated, QF...
  19. Lynda2475

    JAL Introduces Child Icon on Seat map

    So JAL will for flights booked directly with them indicate on the seat map where a child is sitting to allow those without kids to potentially avoid sitting next to a screaming baby or toddler...
  20. M

    QF33 SYD/KIX Business seat advice

    I'm booking 4 classic reward business class seats on QF33 SYD-KIX for the family (2 adults, 2 kids -aged 7 and 9) The seat configuration is 1-2-1. Does anyone have any advice on seat selection for a family of 4 travelling together? Would it be better for us to sit 4 in a row across the plane...