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  1. Mattg

    "My Island Sleeper Row" - buy a whole row of seats for yourself on Fiji Airways

    Has anyone used the "My Island Sleeper Row" upgrade on Fiji Airways? I like the concept, but it seems this is only offered subject to availability at checkin - i.e. can't be guaranteed in advance. If it works, the additional cost...
  2. D

    Seat selection - blocked seats on Qantas site vs Expert Flyer

    When selecting a seat for QF73 (flight 1), EF is showing rows 1-4 blocked, with the rest available (unless taken), however Qantas site has rows 5 and 6 blocked. I'm happy to sit in 7K, just find it curious that there's a discrepancy, is that normal? I've used EF for a while and hadn't noticed...
  3. W

    YAT80C - Yet Another T80 Calculator

    YAT80C - Yet Another T80 Calculator I’ve created a modern user-input friendly T80 calculator that only requires your departure airport, departure date/time and timezone. It will create a calendar reminder as well. Some of the existing calculators lacked timezone calculations and had too many...
  4. Mattg

    Copa Airlines' over-engineered seat selection charges

    I'm flying with Copa Airlines today and wanted to select a seat. As I have a basic economy ticket there is a charge to select any seat. Now that in alone isn't surprising, but I was surprised to find that there is a different price for every single seat on the plane! I've seen many airlines...

    Qantas Increases Legroom Charges; Changes to Row 4 selection on most 737 flights

    Looks like Row 4 and certainly other so called.extra leg room seats are seeing a price rise on QF.
  6. M

    Qantas seat selection issue

    I have marked 4A and 4B for my Qantas 737 domestic flight from MEL-SYD, and completed online check in. However, Qantas mobile app is now showing the seats have been changed to 5E and 5F (though Qantas website and seatmap are still showing 4A and 4B). Called Qantas and was told they could see us...
  7. F

    Seat selection with Skoot

    I'm looking at making a booking woth Singapore Airlines that will have to include two sectors with Skoot. If I book direct on the Singapore Airlines web site, does anybody know if I will at the time be able to make seat selection for the Skoot sectors, or if not, how to do this? Thanks.
  8. Mattg

    Turkish Airlines makes it really easy to book a comfort seat

    This option came up when booking a Turkish Airlines flight: If only other airlines made it this simple to book a comfort seat! It usually requires a phone call, and then you have to hope you reach someone who knows what they're doing... If Qantas (and others) made it this simple to book an...
  9. large

    EK seat selection

    I'm flying on EK, May 10, MEL to DXB then DXB to BUD. Can anyone tell me how far out can I select seats? The app and website keeps coming up with an error so I cant. Am I possibly too far out from departure? I'm travelling in Y. Thanks in advance
  10. C

    Moving paid seat selection to an updated booking after airline changes flight

    My parents (in late 70s) are travelling to the UK soon from CBR, and they chose to pay for seat selection on the international legs. The trip is in economy, and they have no flyer status with Emirates or Qantas. Last week Emirates advised a change to the booking, as the Qantas flight on the...
  11. docjames

    Seat selection on EK (QFWP)

    QFWP travelling with SG, NB, NB Have two legs on EK with QF code SIN-DXB-CDG and app keeps telling me that it has an error and try again later - it’s told me this for a month. Is there a known issue with app / seat selection / QFF related? Have EK blocked the ”preferred’ (forward) seating...
  12. K

    QF A330 Seat 1A/1K at T80

    Hi AFF brains trust, Has anyone selected 1A/1K on A330 (international flight) at T80 and have had your seat reallocated else where when checking in / boarding? Am I rolling the dice by selecting this seat, because of the bassinet or other reasons to get removed from it?
  13. MarthaWolf

    Seat selection in QR Business Lite via OW Sapphire..?

    Hello long time lurker, first time poster - I am travelling SIN-CDG via DOH next year in QR P, their Business Lite fare. Am VA plat/QF gold and booked via the QR site, putting in Velocity number for SCs. Site was glitchy with VA details but I can see it there in my booking now. Have since seen...
  14. F

    Business Class Seat Selection

    Hi we have Business Class Flights booked on points for 3 people Melbourne- Cairns via Brisbane and return flights start of January all Business class flights however haven’t been able to select seats since booking and am still unable to it just says individual seat selection is not available for...
  15. J

    Paid seat selection in Y

    Hi all, Regular Etihad MEL -> MAD flyer (6 times this year). Generally no real problems, enjoy First Class lounge etc. However on my flight earlier this week, was bumped from my chosen extra leg room seat to 44H (back row, aisle OK, but very little recline) on the MEL to ABU leg. I paid...
  16. nic0

    80 hour rule seat selection

    I mostly fly the same route for work, and depending on the aircraft i take advantage of the 80 hour rule a fair bit as i am tall AF and i don't want to be squished into a normal seat for a few hours. I sometimes go for exit row as well, but that's not always an option. Lately this doesn't seem...
  17. S

    No seat selection available

    Flying QF71 on Sunday. I went on the app today to see if I could get any better seats than the one I had chosen at time of booking. Under manage my booking, it is now saying "Seat selection not available on this flight" and only gives aisle or window option. Anyone know what this is about? Will...
  18. G

    Seat Selection for BA flight (booked as QFF redemption) separate bookings

    So I've just booked a flight on BA (with QFF points) in business class (rewards) on which I was able to select seats quite easily (QF Gold / OW Sapphire). Turns out that I had to make another booking for a family member on the same flight, and unfortunately they had no status so wasn't able to...
  19. elanshin

    CX Seat selection

    Was helping girlfriend with her CX flight from MEL to HKG and had her finally correctly put in her QFF (PS so OW Ruby) to select seats. Apparently almost every window seat is taken already on the a359 and shes a window seat person. Is this just CX blocking certain seats for higher status and...
  20. Stealthflyer

    Complementary seat selection after status expiry

    My Qatar Emerald status will expire come December. If I book a Y flight for Feb 2024 now and use the complimentary seat selection that comes with Emerald, does the seat selection disappear come 1 January 2024, or will it stick? I plan to ultimately credit my flights to VA to maintain my WP...