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  1. A

    Qantas international seat selection

    I have booked Qantas reward return Premium Economy flights to YVR. On the return flight I can do seat selection but on the outbound flight I cant. I rang and was advised that as I am Bronze I cant select seats, because the remaining seats are reserved for status flyers and are not open to me...
  2. Q

    How to find your LATAM PNR for seat selection on QF codeshare?

    Hello! I am flying MEL-AKL-SCN, booked through QF with the AKL-SCN leg a QF flight number/LATAM metal. QF advises going to LATAM to do seat selection for that leg, but the LATAM website does not accept the QF PNR and asks for a LATAM order number or a letters-only PNR. I can't see this info in...
  3. K

    Complimentary Seat Selection in Business?

    Over the coming months thanks in large part to a number of upgrades secured, I will be travelling quite a bit in QF J (primarily on 737s but a couple of flights on 787 & A330 aircraft). One thing I notice a lot on my flights though is the first row has been blocked off. Are these seats reserved...
  4. QF029

    Individual seat selection isn't available for this flight - QF J International

    I'm coming up to T-80 in a few hours for a QF J international flight on a 787 as part of a One World Award itinerary. Previously I was able to select a (not great) seat and have a reminder set to pick a better one. When I try to choose my seat I get the message "Individual seat selection isn't...
  5. Daver6

    OWE seat selection on AA

    Been a few years since I last flew on AA metal. As a OWE I had the pick of most the plane. This is what I'm seeing on the seat map now when logged into QF. A flights are part of a QF booking. I'm sure previously I could grab MCE seats but even without them, this is pretty far back. Any ideas?
  6. A

    Seat selection in Y

    Apologies if this has already been asked before, what are people's opinions on how close is too close to the middle lavatory when sitting in Y? I'm booked on a SIN-MEL flight and the most forward seat in the A350-900 is row 51, which is 4 rows in front of the mid-cabin lavatory. Would that be...
  7. J

    T80 still the norm?

    Hi all Are blocked seats still usually released at T-80? Asking specifically for Dom J. Anybody noticed anything different recently?
  8. W

    Seat Selection T-80

    Morning all, Went to update seat selection at T-80. QF9 Managed to lose my existing seat entirely (41H) whilst chasing a bulkhead seat. It does not allow me to select a replacement seat. Called Qantas and also advised due to me “managing” my booking I cannot (& they can’t) select any seats...
  9. R

    Bassinet seat selection

    Hi all, I've read some old posts on here and trying to avoid calling in if I it correct that I won't be able to tell if there is in fact a bassinet on my flight by looking at the seating legend online? Looking at SYD-SFO in August (QF73&QF74) and first time travelling with bubs so...
  10. kiwitripper64

    Has qantas changed seat selection for WP?

    We are looking forward to finally getting to Aus from AKL. Tickets booked, but when I try for seat selection there are some seats I used to be able select but are currently blocked. examples are QF741 SYD-ADL in 737 shows row 4 and 5 blocked. QF 145 SYD-AKL in 330 shows rows 23 and 24 blocked...
  11. L

    Qantas booking through Japan Airlines (JAL) - Seat Selection

    Hi All Firstly apologies if this isn't the right location for this topic. My Wife and I had our QF25 flight in May cancelled recently and as a result had Qantas book us on JL51 flight around the same date. Has anyone had any experience with JAL and seat selection when booked via Qantas? It...
  12. Mattg

    Eurowings - option to add a guaranteed empty middle seat for a small fee

    I just booked a flight with Eurowings, a German budget airline, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they actively offered you the option to add a guaranteed free neighbouring/middle seat at the time of booking. I selected this option and the price increased by just €3 (around $5). Great...
  13. D

    Seat Selection: QF Metal, AA flight number

    Hi all, I’m finding it impossible to select seats on upcoming flights to the US. It’s an AA booking, AA flight numbers but QF metal. My QFF number is on the booking. Can’t book through AA manage my booking. Looks you can through QF MMB but it doesn’t stick. Any tips? TIA
  14. S

    Seat Reservations on an international redemption flight?

    Hi All, Hope you can help me out here. TLDR: Can I reserve seats after booking a Velocity redemption flight with Etihad to UK? If so, how? Partner & I are intending to travel to the UK this July. I only have enough velocity points to book one of us via Velocity, the other will be booked...
  15. Lsto

    Qantas business seat selection

    Hi everyone, I’m flying QF9 in business (on points) in a few weeks and no longer have the option to select seats, just a preference for aisle or window. Anyone else having this issue? I’m getting paranoid about cancellations.
  16. A

    Qantas award flights on Jetstar - baggage allowance and seat selection

    Had a frustrating experience today booking award flights on Jetstar via the Qantas website. The Qantas side of the process went smoothly enough but when I subsequently logged in to Manage My Booking on Jetstar the problems began. (I did 2 separate bookings on the same flight from MEL to CNS...
  17. Mattg

    Eurowings Christmas promo - free middle seats

    Eurowings is running an interesting promo over Christmas & New Year. All passengers on its flights within Germany, Austria & Switzerland can reserve an empty middle seat next to their aisle or window seat for no extra charge...
  18. S

    Seat selection at online checkin.

    We are flying Brisbane to Proserpine tomorrow. I have just done online checkin…was not able to select seats prior to this. Rows 1 and 2 are greyed out plus 1 seat per pair row 3 - 7. At this stage we have row 8. Is there any chance before the flight that any seats further forward will open up...
  19. T

    Seat Selection on QF4111

    Hi all, As part of a broader trip in January, I'm booked through a travel agent to travel SYD-LAX on QF4111 (AA72) , and then onwards to Omaha on AA metal afterwards. Through the QF website I can see and select Qantas seats (on QF metal). Through the AA website, and if I use the AA Airline...
  20. andye

    CX Seat selection and changing FF number

    As per previous posts we are now in CX Y SYD-HKG-LHR with a small mercy of no positioning flights I have QR Platinum which entitles me to extra legroom seat selection (as well as baggage and lounge access) I'd prefer to credit the flights to BA but will that stuff up the seat selection if I...