stopovers and transit

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  1. T

    Tight transit in KL

    Hi All. Hoping to get some help on an upcoming J Class QFF points flight booked from DOH to SYD via KL on Qatar and Malaysia. Qatar have just advised that the DOH-KL flight will be pushed back such that we now have only 25 mins to make the transit at KLIA. The flights are on one booking...
  2. BensAdventures

    EK & QR: CRK/MNL to Europe (with Qatar Stopover) Business for $3.5K AUD up

    So I was needing to get to Europe (UK & Central/Eastern Europe) but start in the Philippines, so started playing with dates. I'm flying our later this month, and back 2.5 weeks later. I ended up flying from CRK and back to CRK, as the savings compared to MNL were significant on certain days...
  3. henrus

    DPS Airside Transit

    Hi All, I've come across the following flights, they'd all be on the same ticket (UA award ticket) with just a 2hr 5min transit in Denpasar. Is there even an airside transit facility in Bali? and is this too risky? The other option is a 9am flight from Singapore that leaves a 9hr layover in Bali.
  4. LadyC

    SC run - transit in AKL query

    I've got a SC run booked for early next month. MEL-SYD-AKL on one ticket and AKL-SYD-MEL on another ticket. In theory I should be able to make the return flight as I am catching the turn around flight but only if I can transit in AKL and I don't have to clear immigration and I can get QF to...
  5. J

    1 hour transit time on international flights

    Above is my upcoming trip. Has anyone done above route? Is that doable given only 1 hour to find the next flight in HGN ? (Havent been to that airport before) Above booked as one booking via Singapore air
  6. Z

    BNE to LAX via SYD 1 hour transit

    Hi, I’ve got my flight to LA next week and am stressing out now as I’m reading and hearing that one hour transit won’t be enough time? I’ve never been to Sydney airport but I’m reading I would catch the qantas seamless shuttle? Would I then need to go through customs/immigration and then get...
  7. cosi

    Travelling Domestically on QF6 Per-Syd & visiting the Transit Lounge

    My son and I were travelling together at the end of June to Sydney to attend a family funeral. He was keen to travel on the Dreamliner and use points for a potential upgrade to PE. The QF6 Per-Syd Domestic sector was also the cheapest option for the day of travel and I knew we could both...
  8. F

    LAX Transit / Customs / Immigration Qantas/Avianca

    Good Day all, wanted some input on my particular situation. First trip back overseas since i arrived back from Colombia in March 2020 (Couple of days before borders closed) and i honestly feel abit rusty. I am heading back to see friends/family in Colombia end of next week. Fiance family is...
  9. S

    Duty Free in Singapore Transit.

    We are departing Sydney for Amsterdam, with transit in Singapore for 2.5 hours. Am I able to purchase duty free liquor in Sydney & carry through transit in Singapore or am I able to just buy it in Singapore (assuming I have time) Thank you.
  10. N

    Transit time SYD-PER-SIN sufficient?

    I managed to get an economy reward flight from SYD to SIN via PER on a single booking reference. flying QF643 Sydney - Perth arrive in Perth 10:20am QANTAS have changed the flight time from Perth to Singapore and made it 1 hour earlier QF 71 PER-SIN depart 11:25am while 2 hours layover seemed...
  11. Mr Isolated

    Transit Visa for India - NEED HELP

    Hi Guys, I will be transiting India twice on my trip around the world. First is an overnight stopover (8 hours) the second is about 16 hours. We don't mind staying in the airport / hotel but have read (qantas website) that we have to clear immigration to recheck our bags in... meaning we will...
  12. D

    Is Haneda Transit Hotel open?

    We are hoping to fly PE with JAL from SYD to LHR via Haneda in the next couple of months. As there is an 18 hour layover we are wondering if the T2 terminal transit hotel will be open. If not, what are the alternatives?
  13. Zanzaid

    Business reward changed from direct to stopover

    Hey all I recently booked a trip for my partner as I on BNE-PER return June 23rd to July 3rd, using the recent 30% discount on reward seats. As i've only flown on Business once before, i wanted to treat us both with a Business reward seat going over and normal economy back. As normal, which i...
  14. H

    Transit on a multi city ticket

    Hi all, I'm about to book a multi city trip that starts with Melbourne > Frankfurt via Colombo. Last week it showed me this as one flight with 2 legs. For example: Flight 1: MEL > CMB Economy classic reward, 90 min layover, CMB > FRA Business classic reward. (both flights with Sri Lankan...
  15. L

    Transit in Singapore airport 7hrs

    Hi guys, I am struggling to find the better transit flights to use my points with and am worried I won't have used it all up before they expire next year. I am wondering if I should bite the bullet and book flights that have 7hr transit times. I know it's a lot and I have done 5 hr transits in...
  16. OATEK

    QF changes gives 10min transit in LHR T3 to T5

    I received an invitation from QF to a long wait on the phone, in the form of an involuntary change to my flight LHR-MAN. Instead of moving our connection back when BA cancelled flights, they have moved it forward. QF 1 is scheduled to arrive at 6:35am, and the BA flight departs at 6:45. Their...
  17. justinbrett

    Honolulu Transit - QF to HA

    Has anyone tried a QF to HA (same ticket) transfer? It seems this is possible if booked through a travel agent (or expedia), as both airlines have signed up to through check and baggage connectivity. I would be flying to LAS and the idea of skipping LAX to get there is appealing, and the 5-6...
  18. G

    Domestic/International Transit: Covid Checks?

    Hi Folks, Next month I'm doing my first overseas travel since 2019, a quick trip to Bali on QF, partly to familiarise myself with the current Covid procedures. I'll be going OOL to MEL, then 3 hours in transit before the flight to DPS. My question is at what point will Qantas do the Covid...
  19. henrylam359

    Tight transit in Mel - achievable?

    Hi all! I have a Qantas classic rewards booking SYD-MEL-DOH in June22. The schedules are: SYD-MEL flight (QF487 1900 - 2035) and the MEL-DOH flight (QR905 2220 - 0555 +1). My question is if my MEL transit time a bit tight? Am a bit anxious that I'll miss my connection and have been thinking...
  20. B

    Where to transit?

    Hi there We are headed to Italy in September - I currently have 3 separate award flights itineraries booked to get us there. My first booking is SYD-HKG-FCO on Cathay all in J. This is my preferred route, but the situation in HKG and the viability of Cathay Pacific worries me, so I had to have a...