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stopovers and transit

For more information about Stopovers and Transits, see our Stopover and Transit Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. G

    Transit visa

    Hi all Just wondering if I need a transit visa if flying on Saudia or Kuwait airlines from Asia to UK. Thanks
  2. luxury-lizard

    Fares for itineraries which transit HKG

    While helping a friend find a last minute J fare SYD-xxx-JFK (or EWR) (and return a week later) - noticed that itineraries which transit HKG (on CX) were among the most expensive. I was surprised that CX were not discounting such fares as many passengers would not wish to risk a HKG connection...
  3. B

    Transit from T5 to T3 - How and how long

    I've just been subjected to an involuntary itinerary change on a BA leg from Toronto to Helsinki via Heathrow. BA's change. Originally was a 5Hr layover, but now is 90 minutes. The ticket is a Qantas Frequent Flyer "Classic Oneworld Award" in J for 2 of us. So - How does this work, it's...
  4. siri

    Do Not take Shanghai transit going to London

    We took round the world Bus class one world 2 tickets and we have to use Shanghai as transit ( 6 hrs) to go to London via BA from Shanghai. Qantas new Bus class used from Syd to Shanghai and even though new design is pleasant and nice we both found (wife) that seats are not comfortable . Even...
  5. AFF Editor

    Seoul (ICN) Stopover Tips

    This thread is a place to share tips and recommendations for stopovers at Incheon International Airport (ICN) in Seoul. You can discuss things like: How to get from the airport to the city Things to do (both near the airport and in the city) Where to stay/hotel recommendations (both near the...
  6. J

    International transit times LHR to Sydney via Melbourne.

    Hello AFFers, a quick question for my flight next Tuesday QF LHR to Sydney via Melbourne. Am a bit concerned that my turnaround is Melbourne is tight. Arrive 5.35 Mel depart 7.15 to Syd. When I booked I understood that this would be an ok transit time. Closer to flight am a bit concerned it's...
  7. J

    Stopovers with reward bookings

    Hi all. A question that I hope someone can answer please. I want to make a reward booking from Syd to London using Qatar. When I search there is a combination that works ie QR909 to Doha then QR131 to LHR. my question is - is there a way to book it so that I can have a couple of days in Doha...
  8. F

    Transiting LAX to/from Delta

    Hi, Its been about a year since I went trough LAX and am doing so again in about 2 weeks. Looks like after arriving on VA7 I'm joining a Delta flight at Terminal 2, is walking still the best way to get there? Coming back, I'm into T2 and need to get to VA8 for the trip back to Brisbane. Last...
  9. Matt_01

    Question Transit through DPS

    I am contemplating a transit through DPS, I have never been to DPS and do not know the transit process. I have looked on the web it seems to suggest that I need to go through immigration and re checkin, is this correct. Flights likely to be QF43 connecting to MH to KUL. Thanks
  10. Isochronous

    AMS transit desk

    Have just discovered that EK and BA apparently no longer have an interline agreement and so EK can't check my bags through to BA even though the flights are all on a single booking. Will the AMS transit desk fetch my bags and issue BA BP for me (as they do in places like HKG, SIN etc), or do I...
  11. F

    Sydney International "stopover"

    I am currently looking at the 30% classic reward discount to fly to London in August. (yes I know Economy Classic rewards are not the best use of points) I was also potentially looking at travelling to Auckland in early August. Just as an experiment, I put in a search of a rewards flight from...
  12. GlennWL

    Question Changi Singapore Transit - Can get JAL Boarding Pass?

    Hi, hope some members can help me confirm this. In a couple of weeks I fly into SIngapore on QF1 arriving at 2215. I then will transfer to Japan Airline JL38 at 0150 later that evening (early next day) to Tokyo. I will not have a boarding pass for the JAL flight. Will the transit counter at...
  13. W

    What is a stopover on an International Qantas Award redemption?

    Sorry for the big write up but I’m very frustrated and would very much appreciate some help: I’ve spent the past few weekends putting together a RTW itinerary from my honeymoon, which we’ve been credit card churning for, for the past few years. I booked the first half 2 weeks ago and have spent...
  14. G

    Question Singapore Transit Program - Am I eligible?

    I have an upcoming SQ booking BNE-xSIN-MUC followed by MUC-SIN then a week later SIN-BNE. I've read the T&Cs and I'm confused as to whether I'm entitled to the vouchers. I suspect not, but was hoping the brains trust would be able to help me out.
  15. P

    In Transit Sydney and Los Angeles , from Melbourne to Philadelphia

    May 3 2019 07:00 QANTAS flight from Melbourne to Sydney, you have to book in at Melbourne at International check in counters 1 Through 6, Very busy but processed within 15 minutes. Landed Sydney and proceeded to Gate 15, International transfer, large queue and 15 minutes wait. Huge queues at the...
  16. RooFlyer

    Answered Jakarta stopover

    I'm looking at having to overnight in Jakarta airport between flights; late arrival, early departure. I've never been to the city - is there anything recommended to see in a day, if I went the day before - like a day trip out of the city? Or is the traffic enough to deter from attempting...
  17. D

    New landside transit hotel at SIN - YotelAir Changi

    A new landside hotel at SIN opened on Fri 12 April. The hotel is situated in the Jewel complex (which opens on Wed 17 April, hotel currently accessible via escort from information desk in T1). Can be booked overnight on their website, but hourly rates bookable by calling. Nice addition...
  18. A

    Security - why needed for transit?

    Just reflecting on recent experience. I transited through Munich recently and was not subject to a security check - I think that was my first experience internationally of an airport "trusting" the security of the preceding ports, rather than subjecting passengers to an additional security...
  19. elogic

    Stopovers with Asia Miles

    Hi Just trying to find if you still get 2 stopovers on an award booking using Asia miles??? Im looking at Syd-Nrt-Hnl with a stop in Tokyo , then returning to Syd direct or via Nrt Cheers in advance
  20. AFF Editor

    São Paulo (GRU) Stopover Tips

    This thread is a place to share tips and recommendations for stopovers at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can discuss things like: How to get from the airport to the city How to transfer between Guarulhos (GRU) and Congonhas (CGH) airports Things to do in Sao...