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  1. H

    Query Qantas honouring double status credit deals with Covid 19 rainchecks

    We have a number of Qantas international flights booked for August through October, all made under the recent double status credit deal. Qantas is now offering rain checks but says nothing about peripheral contractual conditions of the fares. Similarly, if it is impossible to use a rain check...
  2. Mattg

    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    TAP Portugal (a Star Alliance member) is offering a status match challenge to people that already have elite status with another airline outside of Star Alliance. Could be another shortcut to Star Alliance status (in addition to the existing TK and UA status matches). Oneworld Sapphire &...
  3. Mattg

    Up to 20,000 bonus Velocity points on VA long-haul flights [ends 9/2/20]

    VA has launched a new promo offering bonus Velocity points on bookings from Australia to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles or London. 20,000 bonus points on return Business class bookings (10,000 points for one-way) 12,000 bonus points on return Premium Economy bookings (6,000 points for one-way...
  4. D

    Current Qants Global Deals for International Flights-Dec 2019

    ave spent time looking for flights SYD-RGN for $1,091-00 return as advertised Even call up Qantas Help Desk and they could not help .The best quote they offer is nearly $2,000.00 Is this false advertising?
  5. baldman

    Anybody savvy about current Costco wine deals and / or selection ?

    Afternoon all ! Anyone have any tips/info on current Costco wine deals? I'm primarily interested in any quality imports they have at the moment. Last time I went through their range was about twelve months ago and the selection - at the Moorabbin Vic store - was mundane and a number of their...
  6. A

    Answered Qantas 2 for 1 premium deals

    Would there be a problem if I book and pay for return flights to Africa for my husband and myself thus utilising the 2 for 1 deal but then one of us decides not to use the final homeward flight?
  7. Admin

    Gold Member Offers 30% discount off iVisa fees

    iVisa offers expedited visa processing to (almost) all countries. You can now get your visa online without having to deal with lengthy queues, embassy visits and foreign governments! The company has been featured on the BBC and New York Times and has excellent reviews. To claim your 30%...
  8. S

    Europe early bird deals 2020

    Historically when should the Europe early bird sales be out? Looking for flights for the family in economy for April/may next year. Qatar apparently have a sale on now, but doesn't look much different then fares ive been watching over the last few months. Qantas have sent me a double points...
  9. samh004

    Free Qantas Wines $25 Voucher

    It's my birthday this month and Qantas has provided me with a Qantas Wines $25 voucher to be used when I spend $100 or more this month. The terms do mention it can't be used on bonus point cases, so I have included a snippet below to help guide you if you want to use the voucher. The $25...
  10. samh004

    Free Cellarmasters $25 Wine Voucher

    It's my birthday at some point this month and Cellarmasters has chosen to bestow upon me a voucher ($25) with no minimum spend, other than the fact that they only seem to sell by the case. I had a look and didn't find anything of value to myself, but if you would like the voucher for yourself...
  11. Admin

    Gold Member Offers 15% Discount off NordVPN 1-year Plan

    NordVPN is a leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider recommended by c|net, PC Mag and others. Read why a VPN is a Must-Have for Overseas Internet Access & Security. To claim your 15% discount off the NordVPN 1-year plan, please send an email to with...
  12. T

    Red e deals Sydney to Canberra

    I am trying to book a Sydney to Canberra flight and have noticed that there are no red e deals available on this route at present. The cheapest flight on this route in August, at any time or any day, is $408. I guess I will be driving! Just wondering if anyone would know why Qantas is only...
  13. Admin

    Sponsored Some great wine deals available right now!

    Did you know that some of the best wine deals available online is from Get Wine Direct. Over 40 million bottles of wine have been sold by this company - a pioneer in the Australian online wine industry. Check out their website for some of the best wine and wine deals available right now. (This...
  14. B

    Newcatle to Auckland - New 3 Year Deal

    All the info :
  15. get me outta here

    Simsdirect Cards for o/s Deals, eg USA 30 Days - 25% off until 2359 10th July

    I buy simsdirect sim cards for o/s, eg a month in the USA. I see they have a 25% off deal until 2359 on Wed (tomorrow). Code : MYS25. I just bought one for next year...
  16. Mattg

    10k bonus points on VA/DL flights to USA

    Velocity Frequent Flyer is currently offering 10,000 bonus points for booking a return VA flight to Los Angeles. The flight has to be booked on the Virgin Australia website and flights operated by Delta also count. Must book by 28 July 2019 and can travel any time until 23 June 2020. You have...
  17. M

    Member Offers oneworld award Surcharges / Taxes Check

    [Moderator Comment] We are aware this is a very kind offer from @madrooster. However, it is better if this thread is kept tidy. Please refrain from making any posts that are not specific requests for a check of your surcharges and taxes. Posts that are not in relation to a request for a check...
  18. R

    Secret Hotel deals on 4-5 star hotels?

    Hey guys, I will be heading to AKL midweek. I have not yet booked accommodation. Past few trips I've been on I have either found cheap lodging due to off-peak or have lodged with family. I remember when I used to work in Canberra around 2010, there was a link via and a similar...
  19. F

    Double delight Virgin Credit Card promotion

    Received this promotion in my inbox in November and activated it straightaway. The 'bonus' points were supposed to be awarded by 16 Feb. I've chased Virgin Money (which is really Citibank) and they say they are 'investigating' as none have been posted. They also said that the issue has been...
  20. D

    Free 1 time use $30 off QANTAS hotel booking

    T&C's - needs to be booked by 8.26 am tomorrow The $30 voucher issued by Qantas can only be used towards part, or full payment of hotel bookings If there is a balance remaining to be paid, you must pay this balance with a credit/charge card. The $30 voucher can only be used on...