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  1. R

    Secret Hotel deals on 4-5 star hotels?

    Hey guys, I will be heading to AKL midweek. I have not yet booked accommodation. Past few trips I've been on I have either found cheap lodging due to off-peak or have lodged with family. I remember when I used to work in Canberra around 2010, there was a link via and a similar...
  2. F

    Double delight Virgin Credit Card promotion

    Received this promotion in my inbox in November and activated it straightaway. The 'bonus' points were supposed to be awarded by 16 Feb. I've chased Virgin Money (which is really Citibank) and they say they are 'investigating' as none have been posted. They also said that the issue has been...
  3. samh004

    Free Qantas Hotels Voucher: $30

    Valid for the next 72 hours, if you have been a member for a month and made 10+ posts just start a conversation with me and I'll give you the voucher code. The voucher must be used by 24-Apr-19 23:05 AEST.
  4. A

    Cheap Qantas status credits with Jetstar club sale

    Jetstar is running some very cheap club fare tickets, eg $19 SYD-AVV one way that's 20 SCs with the $85 bundle, $5.2/sc. I just booked a 2-day return trip in August SYD-TSV $59+85 one way for 30 SCs, paid $258+$30 voucher from recent auto-renewal offer for 60 SCs, which is $4.3/sc. Quite good...
  5. M

    "Best discount" and "restricted economy" domestic fares continue rising

    "Best discount" and "restricted economy" air fares are probably mainly used by leisure travellers who accept a lower fare in return for non-refundable and/or very costly to change, if one can at all ticket conditions. A minority of business travellers may be savvy enough (and sufficiently...
  6. C

    Car rental discount in Gold Coast OOL airport?

    Hi, looking at booking a medium size car (like a Toyota Carmy) for a few days in OOL Gold Coast. Any recommendation for a decent price rental company? Hertz/Budget/Avis? Any discount codes for any of these rental companies for AMEX, VISA, MC or Qantas FF? Thanks
  7. J

    Websites offering cheap deals via algorithms

    Interesting article on (Subscribe to read | Financial Times - unfortunately paywalled). The article talks about companies that use algorithms to find cheap deals: “We’re flight hackers. We’ve developed algorithms to tell the hunters about price fluctuations, but knowing a desirable...
  8. YSSY

    Sydney Airport Parking - Discount Codes

    Would anyone have any good discount codes for Sydney Airport Parking? I'm looking to reduce my rates for 18 days parking in May at the P7 and really don't feel messing around at the Blu Emu Parking as I arrive into Terminal 1 at 2100 (I have done it before and ends up taking about 30-45 mins to...
  9. O

    Deals now out for Flights to USA in January 2020 School Holidays [lots of emails!]

    just got an email from a tour operator, saying they now had fares from Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne to LAX or San Fran return, departing in early January 2020 (or end of December 2019), coming home up to end of January 2020 from only $1599 per adult, which sounds very cheap. Is it just me, or...
  10. serfty

    Promotion in Melbourne, 20-24 Feb.

    Seems it's a MEL-WLG promotion?Dear <serfty>, We invite you to enjoy a taste of Wellington with a unique drink tasting event in Melbourne! EVENT Want a wine tasting experience with a twist? Experience Wellington's first ever virtual drinks tasting, coming to Melbourne's coolest laneway bar...
  11. M

    PR J class and PEY specials - book by 17 Feb

    Some interesting fares on this page: Special Offer Some gems, some not so much. MEL-BKK return for ~$2200 (business class), one way SYD-HKG $1369 (business class). Various cities in China in the $2100-$2200 range (return business). SYD/BNE to LAX for as low as $3700 (return, business class)...
  12. ozjuice

    Virgin High Flyer promotion email

    Anyone else get this? Great timing considering I have $10,000 worth of flights to book. "Here's a little bonus point treat just for you. Earn 5x Velocity Points on all Eligible Transactions made between 1 February 2019 and 28 February 2019 as long as your total Retail Purchases are $2500 or...
  13. OZDUCK

    Specials to new QR Destinations ex Singapore

    Edit: Due to a problem, namely stupidity on my part, the price ex Singapore I quoted was actually for one passenger not two:oops:. The correct fare is actually about $5,500 each not $2,750 each. QR has just sent information on sale prices ex-Singapore for some new destinations...
  14. A

    Lastest Flybuys - Velocity Transfer promotion [share in 10m points]

    I can't see this mentioned anywhere, so I will risk starting a new thread! Got an email last Thursday (Jan 17th) outlining their latest promotion to get you to transfer Flybuys across. TRANSFER YOUR FLYBUYS POINTS TO VELOCITY TO WIN! Everyone's a winner thanks to flybuys and Velocity...
  15. H

    Is this promotion correct?

    According to the table u earn more bonus points by flying premium economy than flying business class. Surely its a mistake?
  16. kiwitripper64

    Answered When is next anticipated double SC promotion?

    Can anyone remind me when next anticipated double status credit promotion is likely? Thanks
  17. claytw

    Advertised specials yearly roadmap

    I am hoping to tick off another bucket list item (Scandanavia - Aurora Borealis) in Oct/Nov 19 or Feb/Mar 20). Usually I'm more organised and have a 3-4 year plan going so can watch and take advantage of upcoming flight specials/double status. However this time I'm at the mercy of the airline...
  18. P

    Boxing day cruise deals

    Any of them worth considering? No Cookies
  19. N

    March 10th-17th Melbourne to Orlando flexible dates, cheapest price?

    March 10th-17th 2019 Got some friends who want me to stay so accommodation is covered may have a job offer if I do well enough in a field I can actually handle. Anyone wanna help me figure out the best time to book, fly? Or is this the wrong place for that? Plz move it if that is the case.
  20. K

    Qatar 50% redemption discount

    Has anyone else received an email from Qatar Priviledge Club regarding an up to 50% discount on points redemptions booked in December?