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  1. F

    Hotel loyalty credit card in Australia

    The United States boasts several hotel loyalty credit cards with compelling incentives. Considering Australia's enthusiasm for airline points, I’m curious why hotel loyalty programs have not gained traction in this market. While Accor has collaborated with NAB, the partnership is not optimal...
  2. O

    Can you "take" the 50SC Qantas Loyalty Bonus Reward in the next Membership Year?

    Hey all, Have a pretty odd question, but something I'm sure others must have thought about. I'm currently in the last month of my membership year, and just got the 50 SC / 8,000 pts bonus from reaching 1,500 SCs. Obviously I'm still a fair while away from P1, so it wouldn't make any sense to...
  3. jasecao

    2024 - Thank you for your loyalty Extension

    So the last status year i finished on 895 status credits and way more than enough flight segments, so I was in my prepared to just wait out this review However I just got this email at 3.45PM AEST saying I didn't meet the threshold to maintain Platinum but would get an extension based on...
  4. Mattg

    ANA Mileage Club devaluation on 18 April 2024

    Not sure that there would be many Aussies using ANA Mileage Club, but they're increasing their award prices on 18 April 2024. Or as ANA's website puts it, they're making "Partial Revisions to Required Mileage for ANA International and Partner Airline Flight Awards"...
  5. Mattg

    Etihad Guest program changes from June 2024

    Etihad Guest is making a bunch of loyalty program changes, expected to take effect from June. Some of the changes include: New award chart pricing (according to the airline, 70-80% of redemptions will become cheaper... we'll see) A new Diamond status tier above Platinum New personalised elite...
  6. L

    American Airlines Will No Longer Award Miles Unless You Book Direct

    This is huge news. As is well known, in the hotel world you aren't entitled to any loyalty benefits unless you book direct (with some exceptions). American Airlines is the first major airline to move in this direction. Expect others to follow...
  7. C

    New Qantas Loyalty CEO announced

    Andrew Glance, current role of Executive Manager of Commercial Partnerships and QBR, will be the CEO of Qantas Loyalty as of the end of Feb. The ASX release also indicates the previously mentioned changes to QFF will be here "in the coming months". ASX/Media Release
  8. Seat0B

    Invited to participate in a QF Loyalty Virtual Focus group

    I got an email from QF asking me to complete a "qualifying questionnaire" in which they asked questions like my FF status, my membership of Points Club and QBR and how many flights I took in the past 12 months to see if I was eligible to participate in a 90 minute virtual focus group with...
  9. Tryin Bingham

    Crusty, gooey, old Q bag tags - what to do?

    Hello AFFers, has anyone found a responsible (environmentally and security wise) way to dispose of, or recycle, Qantas E-bag tags? I have several of these. It’s a shame that the rubber on them has broken down and turned to a sticky, gooey mess. The tags are a wonderful idea and have always...
  10. W

    Cathay Pacific Asia Miles major devaluation

    https://flights.cathaypacific.com/en_HK/redeem-flights/flight-award-chart-new.html Got a horrible email flying back from ZQN today - Cathay are "updating" (devaluing) their entire award chart. Major changes: Division of ‘Short’ zone into: Type 1 – incl. Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai...
  11. Mattg

    New Airalo Loyalty Program

    Wow - eSIM provider Airalo has launched a new loyalty program with Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. 😂 You get cashback rewards, which are higher if you have a higher tier level. I've been using Airalo a lot lately - I find it a very convenient and reliable service when travelling overseas -...
  12. A

    Indigo to launch loyalty program

    As the topic states, according to the below ; https://livefromalounge.com/indigo-to-launch-loyalty-programme/
  13. T

    QFF Loyalty Bonus SCs: do they count towards retaining Plat?

    I am trying to make sense of the published T&C applicable to the QFF Loyalty Bonus SCs, as different parts of the QF site seem to say inconsistent things. Having earned a LB I have the usual choice between 50 SCs and 8000 pts. I will retain WP at my review date and can delay the LB selection...
  14. Mattg

    Would you still fly Qantas if it had no frequent flyer program?

    A hypothetical question... If none of the Australian airlines had loyalty programs, and you chose which airline to fly purely based on price, schedule, service quality, etc... would you still choose to fly with Qantas (or Virgin Australia if that's your current choice of airline)? For the...
  15. drron

    New Japan Airlines Loyalty Program

    An email tonight from JMB. New JMB status program to launch from January 2024 Thank you for your membership in the JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) program. This is to inform you that we will be launching a new status program for JMB members from January 2024, based on the concept of making everyday...
  16. big_RED

    Marriott ends food & beverage discount for loyalty members?

    I could be searching incorrectly, but I cannot find anymore on the Marriott website the page where it says Bonvoy Gold+ members get 15%+ discount on food and beverages when dining at Marriott locations. The main result I found was this article stating they'd removed this benefit in "Asia"...
  17. eminere

    When does Loyalty Bonus become available to select after qualifying for it?

    Hi all, When does the Loyalty Bonus become available to select after the requisite 500 Status Credits have posted? I seem to recall in the past that when the qualifying flight has posted, you were automatically prompted to select your Bonus after logging into your account online. I am not...
  18. Mattg

    Loyalty programs promising "experiences": Do any actually deliver?

    There seems to be a trend in recent years where loyalty programs are taking the focus of their benefits away from a points currency, and towards things like "money can't buy experiences". I've lost count of the number of times I've seen cliches like loyalty programs talking about unlocking...
  19. K

    Question on Early Loyalty Bonus

    Hello, Based on the travel I had booked this year, I was planning on earning my 50 status credit loyalty bonus (for flying 500 status credits with QF/JQ) at the end of October. The thinking being that since my program year ends on November 30, I could then apply my status bonus in December for...
  20. C

    When booking through Emirates which is the best Loyalty Program to include.

    Booking through Emirate you can include Skywards or a Partner Loyalty Program. Is it better to use Skywards or Partner Airline Qantas as part of the booking?