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loyalty program

  1. D

    Answered RTW ticketed as LH which Rewards programme?

    Hi All, - Have just booked the family of 4 (all adult fares) a J class RTW airfare. First and last flight is QF so will accrue QF Status and points i am told, but the rest of the trip is UA (cross Coast in the US) and the rest is LH. I am currently Velocity GOld and have been told i can have...
  2. A

    Lastest Flybuys - Velocity Transfer promotion [share in 10m points]

    I can't see this mentioned anywhere, so I will risk starting a new thread! Got an email last Thursday (Jan 17th) outlining their latest promotion to get you to transfer Flybuys across. TRANSFER YOUR FLYBUYS POINTS TO VELOCITY TO WIN! Everyone's a winner thanks to flybuys and Velocity...
  3. L

    Velocity Referral - 2,000 points after first 50 points earned

    Hi Just got an email through from velocity for new referral promo. If anyone left on this forum who is not currently a member of Velociity - Join velocity via the following link https://www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/content/JoinVelocity/index.html?CHANNELNAME=MGM&PROMOCODE=MGM9ce94207f9...
  4. N

    Retain Velocity Platinum status by End of June (fly to Canada)

    Hi All, I need some help with retaining Velocity Platinum status by End of June 2019. I am looking to travel to Canada Calgary from Melbourne in April easter time returning 1 week of may 2019. I need 646 status credit & 5 eligible sectors by 13 June2019 What are the options & how can I do...
  5. Warks

    Answered Changes to Virgin and Velocity website - how do you find a list of bookings now?

    I may be stupid but when I go into either Virgin or Velocity when logged in I can't see a list of upcoming bookings for love or money without entering a reservation number. Surely it's there somewhere. From Virgin it wants the booking reference and guest's last name (it's me!!!) and if you...
  6. P

    Velocity KrisFlyer linked chaos

    Hello fellow AFF colleagues, i would really appreciate your advice Which bot programme should i gouge first? Don't ya love these programs and programmers? Four days frustration here and I wont do farcebook or twatter'\ Advice on a course of action welcomed- I would like to transfer a...
  7. D

    Answered ANZ Corporate Scheme number

    When renewing Qantas Club that was joined using the ANZ Black Credit card it is now asking for my Corporate scheme number. Does anyone know what the ANZ Corporate scheme number is to renew?? Cheers
  8. R

    Rewarding Long Term Frequent Flyer Loyalty

    How do you think Qantas should reward long term FF loyalty? After 22 years of membership, well over 28,000 lifetime status credits, 13 years as Platinum and 3 years as Platinum One, this year I will fail to retain Platinum for the first time in over 15 years. I’ve had to cancel 2 trips that...
  9. Stuser

    Velocity Silver... worth the effort...?

    Hi all :) Haven't posted for a while as I have done a lot less flying in recent years than I used to.... But here we start again... :) Question around the value of Velocity frequent flyer status.... I am currently Velocity Nothing (Red).... As of this afternoon, I have 265 status credits BUT...
  10. Dr Ralph

    Up to100,000 Velocity points if you buy a new Hyundai SUV

    Last year you could earn 5000 Velocity points for test driving a new Hyundai (Targeted - 5000 points for doing a test drive). This year you can earn up to 100,000 Velocity points if you buy a new Hyundai SUV. "Hyundai Terms and Conditions of offers: Offers available on new and demo eligible...
  11. D

    Answered View Velocity lounge passes when Virgin Gold?

    Hi, I got 2x Virgin Australia lounge passes with my Virgin High Flyer CC I am already Virgin Gold but I can't see where you see the lounge passes since they redesigned the website? or don't I get them as I'm already gold? I am flying with 2 people soon and was hoping I could let one in with...
  12. E

    Points upgrade if nominating Velocity

    I need to book some SQ flights but rather than just booking Business or first using full points redemption, I want to book upgradable fare even though I have plenty of points. Main reason is to ensure I earn enough credits to retain Velocity status this year. I know upgrade availability is...
  13. B

    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black - Is there a salary requirement?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of applying for the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card (120k bonus Qantas points with a $7,500 spend). I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there is a minimum salary required for this? Thanks
  14. M

    Where to transfer AMEX - velocity or krisflyer

    Hi all... Due to me being overseas and not keeping an eye on it - I need to transfer my 300k AMEX points out before the devaluation hits.... My situation? 1) I will be back in Melbourne from the end of the year 2) I do most of my flying into Asia/Japan and domestically (although both...
  15. PineappleSkip

    Most trashed loyalty program

    Reminiscing as I shredded my old escape club Mk 2 card. Can anyone come up with a more trashed brand? I think I would nominate Country Comfort-Constellation-Silverneedle-Next as surely the first prize getters for trashing their loyalty program (and customers' and hotels' loyalty alike) I...
  16. C

    Advice on booking LHR or TXL to SYD return flight for Mar-Apr via Frequent Flyer programmes

    Hi I am trying to get my head around what is the best way to book a journey (around a month long) departing from either London or Berlin to Sydney, departing mid March and returning mid April, for 2 people in Economy. I know BA, Qantas and some others have sales on right now, with a few...
  17. D

    Frequent Flyer Programs that Pools both status and points

    Hi all, Velocity's Family Pooling and Egypt Air Plus Family Miles are both frequent flyer programs that have the feature to pool both satus credits/miles in addition to redeemable miles, helping you reach elite status much faster. This feature, though, seems few and far between amongst other...
  18. V

    Frequent Flyer cards, are they still issued?

    My old card expired in September, as it does every year, but this year I still haven't received a new card. I contacted Qantas FF customer care via the website in October, but still haven't received a response from them (other than the automatic email).
  19. H

    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black double points offer

    Did anyone else get this targeted ANZ Frequent Flyer Black offer. Ends up being 2 QFF points per dollar for 3 months, capped at $7500 per month. From the email Enjoy a bonus Qantas Point for 3 months on every $1 spent! BOOST YOUR EARN RATE ON YOURANZ FREQUENT FLYER BLACK CREDIT CARD Hi...
  20. bigjobs

    Pay 20 bucks for row 4 ... status doesn't matter

    lol, just went to select seat for flight from SYD to BNE later this week and row 4 is available for selection ... click on it and I am asked to pay 20 bucks ... WP level. What is this BS? When did it start?