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loyalty program

For more information about Loyalty Programs, see our Loyalty Program Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. H

    Answered Amex Platinum Marriot Loyalty

    Hi All, I was hoping to get some clarity on this. When you get an American Express Platinum, you get Gold Elite status automatically with Marriott Bonvoy. The next level up is Platinum Elite. Normally, you need 50 nights to qualify for Platinum elite - however with the Amex Platinum, does...
  2. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – Frequent Flyer’s Guide to the New Virgin Australia

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. Virgin Australia has been in voluntary...
  3. Gold Member

    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Just when you thought your Virgin status might not be worth much these days, along comes QR with a like for like status match! That means anyone with VA Platinum would receive QR Platinum which means Oneworld Emerald which means Salt and Pepper Squid (among other benefits) :)...
  4. Scr77

    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    A legitimate question. I’m not scaremongering! In light of Covid19, the impact on travel numbers and Virgins overseas ownership, how are we feeling about having stores of Velocity Points?
  5. support

    FF Solutions Webinar – Navigating Airlines & Loyalty Programs during COVID-19

    I know that many of you are enjoying Matt's AFF on Air podcasts. As you probably know this is a free service available to all our members. But did you know that Matt also conducts regular webinars over at Frequent Flyer Solutions, our sister website. The next webinar will be held at 8pm (AEST)...
  6. gazzax2

    Answered Accor's Response to COVID-19 Issues?

    Has there been any news on Accor extending the expiry of points due to Coronavirus? Are other hotel loyalty programmes doing anything similar?
  7. A

    Can I transfer my Etihad Guest Miles to Virgin Australia?

    I have some Etihad Airways Guest miles expiring tomorrow. Can I transfer to Virgin Australia please?
  8. A

    Etihad Bonus Miles offer is back

    Just got this mail below from Etihad Guest. Is it worth buying? Earn up to 20% bonus miles Hi missed our last offer? Don’t worry, bonus miles are back – but they won’t be around for long. Buy miles until 29 February 2020 and you’ll earn up to 20% bonus miles free. Top up your balance...
  9. markis10

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Click HERE to view an article on this topic collaboratively compiled by our members using the (now retired) Wiki. This thread is for Questions and General discussion regarding the Best Status Run Options for QFF as per this thread: Overview of Best Status Run Options [not the discussion...
  10. Tropic

    Answered Is it worth joining a hotel loyalty program if not corporate funded?

    Looking at hotel loyalty programs. Expect up to 80 nights a year in EU, Asia and OZ, all self funded leisure travel. With no existing corporate funded status with any hotel chains, is it still worth chasing rewards and which is best?
  11. A

    Answered Etihad Gold Renewal - Status Run

    Hi all, does anyone here have an idea of the best status run route from Brisbane for my Etihad Gold status which expires end of March 2020?
  12. P

    BP Plus + Qantas Business Rewards (Earn up to 100,000 Qantas points)

    This Just arrived via email We’re excited to announce that BP Plus will soon be a Qantas Business Rewards partner. From 1 February,≈ the BP Plus fuel card will be the only fuel card in the market that offers you Qantas Points for your business when you pay your invoice.* To...
  13. haroon

    QFF acount got hacked

    I wish I had read this... I have got my account hacked and just came to know now... I didn't setup the phone no and today when I wanted to log in just to find out that someone has put their mobile no and I cannot retrieve my account . The balance is also showing to 0. where I had over 200000...
  14. kurtislee09

    Need Help Deciding which Loyalty Program to Join...

    So I have difficulties deciding which of the following programs to join: IHG or Accor Hotels. I've tried both - IHG: Holiday Inn Express Brisbane; Accor Hotels: The Sebel Auckland & Novotel Cairns. However, having compared my experience in both hotel brands, I still couldn't come to a...
  15. juddles

    Loyalty programs - worse than cigarettes or crack cocaine.

    Hi all, I would like to open some discussion on the issue of Loyalty programs. These have a massive influence on the modern world, and in particular to people such as we members of this forum. At the moment there is, in my opinion, a timely window to really discuss this topic. The ACCC has...
  16. Mattg

    ACCC slams loyalty schemes

    The ACCC today released a draft report expressing "significant concerns" about loyalty programs in Australia. Concerns include the expiry of points, loyalty programs making unilateral changes such as reducing the rate at which points are earned or redeemed, carrier charges on frequent flyer...
  17. P

    Loyalty bonus question

    I reached 1000 status credits bonus in July 2019, then my membership year ended in August 2019. I haven't yet claimed the bonus. If I claim the 50 status credits in September 2019 will it apply to this membership year or the previous?
  18. TonyHancock

    The Tony Hancock "Frequent Flyer Stockholm Syndrome" Quiz

    As promised............. After not even several seconds of work, less than scientific research and absolutely no testing on the general public the Tony Hancock "Frequent Flyer Stockholm Syndrome" quiz is finally complete. (Ten key questions with multiple choice answers.) Please answer all...
  19. N

    Hi there

    Hi there everyone, Opening question for you all, is it worth joining a variety of loyalty programs or just one ie Qantas FF?
  20. trippin_the_rift

    Qantas Loyalty - Opting out of emails

    Over the past month, I've received a flurry of emails from Qantas promoting: Credit Cards Qantas Cash Points Transfers Flight Specials Qantas Wine Qantas Insurance Discounts on Points Store Redemptions I don't live in Australia. The address in my QF profile is not in Australia. Yet I receive...