AFF Review: Austrian Airlines Boeing 767 Business Class (VIE-IAD)


Jun 7, 2013
Excellent to see a review of this airline as I have only used LH of the LH 'Group'. There's a paucity of current reviews re OS on the internet.

While one might be wise not to dispute it when on board, claiming that once one was out of Austrian airspoace that masks were still mandatory (despite as Mattg points out not being a USA government or EU requirement any longer) is draconian and typical overreach. Doesn't sound real 'friendly'.

Having to constantly wear a mask (even if in Australia one has an exemption, for instance for what is very common, asthma) is a major factor inhibiting growth in overseas travel.

The food looks wonderful (chicken's presentation is A1) but the airline cabin somehow manages to have a '90s' look about it, so another reason why Asian airlines are far and away my first choice, even though at times one can find good fares using these Europeans from say BKK, SIN or elsewhere in Asia to/from Europe.


Apr 27, 2005
My understanding is that individual EU countries and airlines can have bespoke mask requirements. Not sure there's anything to dispute.

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