ANZ Frequent Flyer Black application


Jan 14, 2024
Anyone have any recent experience applying for this card?

This is my third time churning it (applied this morning 12 months and two days after closing it).

This time I got an email saying “We will be in touch shortly, and may ask you for any further documentation we may need based on your circumstances.” … whereas last time I applied the email asked for payslips and rental income evidence straight away. Or could it mean I’m approved pending a lending officer checking the application given I’ve been a customer twice before?

No significant changes in my circumstances last two times applying.

Does this auto reply indicate rejection or is this the new standard response?

Any ideas?

The email should link to something like this page that outlines what documents may be required, and then you can upload against your application here.
I uploaded payslips almost immediately after receiving the first email about this, as per the usual procedure. Have since received a few similar emails, but nothing to suggest that my card is in the mail.

Then today got a phone call from ANZ. They were asking for my payslips. I wonder if they hadn't seen the first ones that I uploaded, or perhaps they're getting a little more nosey about their clients.
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For an additional data point:

I applied late Monday night and had that same email. Had an email Tuesday afteroon asking for payslips and then was approved on Wednesday afternoon.
I applied for this card on saturday and approved on monday in march 2024. 4th time i have held in the past 5 years. I submitted payslips via email and also via their portal, before being asked to do so.
Not meant to hijack this thread but I recently applied for this credit card and was approved after uploading the payslips. However I got the call next day asking me to supply the bank statement to verify my salaries. The card is already in the post but they blocked it until further assessment. Anyone has come across situations like this? Am a long time anz customer and have been churning this card 3 years in a row now
Have churned this card about 4 times now and have never had a single good/logical interaction with ANZ's backoffice team. I can only wish you luck.

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