Top Hints, Tricks and Advice for Frequent Flyer Newbies

tips-hintsOne frequent flyer newbie requests our seasoned members to impart one piece of advice to help kick-start their goals as a new-starter. Our members are happy to impart their pearls of frequent flyer wisdom.

The key to frequent flyer success appears to have a lot to do with studying our AFF online discussion forum. Our members suggest that our newbie read, absorb, and contribute to AFF. Repeating this process will undoubtedly lead to comprehension and then confidence in applying the skills and hints acquired! The forum offers free, accessible advice which has the benefits of being contributed to by many experienced travellers.

One member suggests our newbie has to choose whether they are going to be a “flyer” or a “buyer”. A “flyer” is someone who earns points by flying and therefore carefully selects a scheme and builds status by staying loyal. A “buyer” has the luxury of being promiscuous with their scheme as they have the ability to accumulate points by means other than flying such as Credit Cards and the like. A “buyer” can accumulate large amounts of points and so can reap the same benefits as “flyers” without the strings attached! This classification will help our newbie develop their own strategy to point- seeking and redeeming.

Our members also warn not to be blinded by the “earn rate” as the “burn rate” is equally important. Knowledge of the scheme to know the true “value” of any points earned is integral.

Thanks to our generous members, our newbie now has a whole arsenal of knowledge to kick-start their frequent flying fun!

Follow the discussion HERE.


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