How to Earn Bonus Velocity Points on Flybuys Transfers

Flybuys and Velocity cards
Earn bonus points when you transfer from Flybuys to Velocity Frequent Flyer.

There are a few different ways to use Flybuys points in Australia. As well as redeeming for discounts off your shopping at Coles, gift cards or products from the Flybuys reward store, you have the option to transfer your Flybuys points to Velocity Frequent Flyer.

You can convert Flybuys points to Velocity points in increments of 1,000 points, with 1000 flybuys points equal to 500 Velocity points. That’s a 2:1 conversion rate.

In December 2020, Flybuys also introduced Velocity Points Auto Transfer. Rather than manually transferring points whenever you need them, you can opt-in to have your Flybuys points automatically transferred to your Velocity account every time you earn 1,000 Flybuys points. While the same conversion rate applies when using Auto Transfer, Flybuys & Velocity have offered some bonus rewards such as extra status credits, bonus points or extra competition entries to Auto Transfer users during limited-time promotions.

Velocity points can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other rewards via the Velocity Frequent Flyer program. As of September 2021, Velocity points can be redeemed for Virgin Australia flights & upgrades on all Australian domestic routes (except to Christmas/Cocos Islands), as well as wine, merchandise, gift cards, hotel and car hire bookings. However, international reward flights and partner airline redemptions remain temporarily unavailable.

There is no longer an annual limit to the number of points that may be converted from Flybuys to Velocity. This limit was removed from 1 November 2020.

About bonus point offers on transfers from Flybuys

Before January 2021, the standard conversion rate was 2,000 Flybuys points to 870 Velocity points. When this was the case, the programs regularly offered 15% bonus points on transfers – effectively bringing the conversion rate to the current standard rate of 2:1.

Since the new conversion rate was implemented, Flybuys has still run promotions – although these have been focused mainly on encouraging members to sign up to Velocity Auto Transfer. For example, Flybuys offered triple Velocity status credits from December 2020 until January 2021 for members who opted in to Velocity Auto Transfer.

Current offer on Flybuys transfers to Velocity

The current offer for September 2021 does not apply to point transfers from Flybuys to Velocity, but rather to status credits earned at Coles. During September, Velocity Frequent Flyer members can receive 2 status credits for every $100 spent at Coles during the month, up to a total of 20 status credits. This is double the normal amount.

Alternatively, Flybuys members who have opted into Velocity Auto Transfer will receive 4x status credits at Coles during September, as long as they leave Auto Transfer switched on until at least 31 October 2021.

This offer is being discussed on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum: Bonus SC at Coles this month

The last offer in August 2021 was 250 bonus Velocity points to anyone who transferred Flybuys points to Velocity between 2-22 August. Or, if you opted in (or were already opted in) to Velocity Auto Transfer and made a transfer by 22 August 2021, you would receive 500 bonus Velocity points.

According to the offer terms & conditions, the bonus points could take up to 4 weeks to post. But in our experience, it took less than 24 hours.

How to transfer Flybuys points to Velocity Frequent Flyer

You can transfer Flybuys points to Velocity Frequent Flyer on the Flybuys website.

Redeem flybuys points for Velocity points on the flybuys website


Alternatively, you can opt in to Velocity Auto Transfer on the Flybuys website.

You’ll need to be in Australia to redeem your Flybuys points (or use a VPN). If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also need to link your Flybuys account to your Velocity account online.

Previous bonus Velocity point offers

To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a list of recent previous bonus point offers on Flybuys transfers to Velocity Frequent Flyer:

  • 1-30 September 2021: Double Velocity status credits for every $100 spent at Coles (or 4x status credits for Auto Transfer users)
  • 2-22 August 2021: 250 bonus Velocity points with any transfer (Auto Transfer users get 500 points)
  • 10-17 June 2021: Opt-in to Velocity Auto Transfer and get 300 bonus Velocity points
  • 1 April – 31 May 2021: Competition to win one of 50 Virgin Australia flights or one of 1,000 prizes of 1,000 Velocity points (Auto Transfer users get double entries)
  • 1-31 March 2021: Claim a share of 5 million points (Auto Transfer users get double entries)
  • 1 December 2020 – 31 January 2021: Triple status credits for Auto Transfer users
  • 1-30 November 2020: 15% bonus points
  • 1-31 July 2020: 15% bonus points (or 20% bonus points on transfers above 100,000 Flybuys points)
  • 18-25 February 2020: 15% bonus points
  • 23 January – 14 February 2020: “New Year” competition – transfer points for a chance to win 2,020,020 Velocity points
  • 1-30 November 2019: 15% bonus points
  • 14-31 October 2019: Shop with 1, 2 or 3 participating Flybuys partners to bag 100, 150 or 200 bonus Velocity points per redemption
  • 3 September – 13 October 2019: “Points Millionaire” competition – transfer Flybuys points for the chance to win 1 million Velocity points
  • 27-30 June 2019: 15% bonus points
  • 1 May – 9 June 2019: 15% bonus points
  • 1-30 April 2019: Transfer at least 2,000 Flybuys points and earn 5x Flybuys points on a Coles shop
  • 1-31 March 2019: 10% bonus points
  • 16-28 February 2019: 15% bonus points
  • 17 January – 15 February 2019: Win a share of 10 million points (this ended up being 98 Velocity points per 2,000 Flybuys points transferred)
  • 27-29 December 2018: 15% bonus points

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John Z

Is the current offer 18-25 February 2020: 15% bonus points a targeted one. I cant seem to find any reference to it other than here. Nothing on flybuys or velocity that I can see.