Podcast #63: Travelling from Australia During COVID-19 (Part Two)

Businessman showing passport (of Australia)
Leaving Australia during COVID-19 requires a travel exemption and navigating the complex entry & testing requirements of other countries.

Leaving Australia in 2021 is unfortunately not as simple as booking a ticket and going to the airport. If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident who normally lives in Australia, you’ll firstly need to apply for an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs to even be allowed to exit Australia.

You’ll then need to navigate complex COVID-19 testing requirements and entry requirements for your destination (and any transit) countries. Not to mention, the complexities of COVID-19 travel insurance.

The previous episode (#62) of the AFF on Air podcast included Part One of an interview with travel agent Alan Lam, which was all about travelling to Australia during COVID-19. In this episode (#63), you’ll hear Part Two of this interview which is full of tips about leaving Australia and travelling overseas during COVID-19.

You can contact Alan by emailing alan[at]netwavetravel[dot]com.

For more information about travelling to or from Australia during COVID-19, check out Alan’s detailed guide on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum. Alan posts under the username “madrooster”. You can also ask Alan a question on the Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Discussion) thread.

This episode also looks at decommissioned airports that have been creatively repurposed, such as Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport and Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.


Listen now to AFF on AIR Episode 63: “Travelling from Australia During COVID-19 (Part Two)”

You can also view the episode notes. If you’d like to discuss this episode, ask Matt a question or suggest a topic for a future episode, you can join the discussion on the AFF on Air Discussion thread.


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