Complete List of Fifth Freedom Routes

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, this list has not been updated since 28 January 2020. We will continue updating the list when regular international flights resume. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Fifth freedom flights are international routes that neither start nor end in the operating airline’s home country. They typically operate as a “tag flight” extension to a flight that originates in the airline’s hub. For example, the Singapore-London leg of QF1 is a fifth-freedom flight. Fifth-freedom flights are great for numerous reasons:

  • They’re usually cheap
  • Excellent award availability
  • They typically use wide-body long-haul aircraft
  • An opportunity to sample airlines you would otherwise never fly
  • Can be handy for RTW bookings when you want to fly somewhere other than an alliance hub airport

Wondering what fifth-freedom routes exist? We’ve put together a complete list of global fifth-freedom routes! It includes all international tag flights that can be booked as standalone journeys. This list of fifth-freedom routes is in alphabetical order by airline and is regularly updated.

Airline Origin Destination Notes Last Verified
Aegean Larnaca (LCA) Tel Aviv (TLV)   04/01/20
Air Asia X Osaka (KIX) Honolulu (HNL)   01/11/19
Air Asia X Taipei (TPE) Okinawa (OKA)   22/01/20
Air Asia X Taipei (TPE) Osaka (KIX)   01/11/19
Air Canada Santiago (SCL) Buenos Aires (EZE)   11/12/19
Air China Madrid (MAD) São Paulo (GRU)   04/01/20
Air China Montreal (YUL) Havana (HAV)   04/01/20
Air China Houston (IAH) Panama City (PTY)   04/01/20
Air Europa Asuncion (ASU) Iguazu Falls (IGR) 1x weekly 21/09/19
Air Europa Asuncion (ASU) Cordoba (COR)   21/09/19
Air France Los Angeles (LAX) Papeete (PPT) Not fifth-freedom but useful 04/01/20
Air France Miami (MIA) Port-au-Prince (PAP)   04/01/20
Air France Guadeloupe (PTP) Port-au-Prince (PAP) Not fifth-freedom but useful 04/01/20
Air France Freetown (FNA) Conakry (CKY) Operates one-way only 04/01/20
Air India Hong Kong (HKG) Osaka (KIX)   08/04/19
Air Malta Vienna (VIE) Catania (CTA) Seasonal 08/04/19
Air Malta London Gatwick (LGW) Cagliari (CAG) Seasonal 08/04/19
Air Mauritius Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Singapore (SIN)   04/01/20
Air Namibia Gaborone (GBE) Durban (DUR)   04/01/20
Air New Zealand Los Angeles (LAX) London (LHR) Ends November 2020 04/01/20
Air New Zealand Los Angeles (LAX) Rarotonga (RAR) 1x weekly 04/01/20
Air New Zealand Sydney (SYD) Rarotonga (RAR) 1x weekly 04/01/20
Air New Zealand Sydney (SYD) Norfolk Island (NLK)   04/01/20
Air New Zealand Brisbane (BNE) Norfolk Island (NLK)   04/01/20
Air Tahiti Nui Los Angeles (LAX) Paris (CDG) Not fifth-freedom but useful 04/01/20
Air Niugini Pohnpei (PNI) Chuuk (TKK) 1x weekly 04/01/20
Air Senegal Bamako (BKO) Ouagadougou (OUA)   29/10/19
Air Senegal Banjul (BJL) Bissau (OXB)   29/10/19
Air Senegal Abuja (ABV) Niamey (NIM)   19/12/19
Air Senegal Banjul (BJL) Freetown (FNA) Starts 23/06/20 21/02/20
Alitalia Tel Aviv (TLV) Athens (ATH)   04/01/20
Belavia Budapest (BUD) Belgrade (BEG)   08/04/19
Bhutan Airlines Delhi (DEL) Kathmandu (KTM)   08/04/19
Bhutan Airlines Bangkok (BKK) Calcutta (CCU)   08/04/19
British Airways Singapore (SIN) Sydney (SYD)   08/04/19
British Airways Antigua (ANU) Tobago (TAB)   08/04/19
British Airways Antigua (ANU) Providenciales (PLS)   08/04/19
British Airways Antigua (ANU) St Kitts (SKB)   08/04/19
British Airways Nassau (NAS) Grand Cayman (GCM)   08/04/19
Brussels Airlines Freetown (FNA) Monrovia (ROB)   21/09/19
Caribbean Airlines New York (JFK) Georgetown (GEO)   28/09/19
Cathay Pacific Vancouver (YVR) New York (JFK) Ends 18/02/20 12/02/20
Cathay Pacific Bangkok (BKK) Singapore (SIN)   04/01/20
Cathay Pacific Taipei (TPE) Seoul (ICN)   04/01/20
Cathay Pacific Taipei (TPE) Osaka (KIX)   04/01/20
Cathay Pacific Taipei (TPE) Tokyo (NRT)   04/01/20
Cathay Pacific Taipei (TPE) Nagoya (NGO)   04/01/20
Cathay Pacific Dubai (DXB) Bahrain (BAH)   04/01/20
China Airlines Brisbane (BNE) Auckland (AKL)   04/01/20
China Airlines Hong Kong (HKG) Jakarta (CGK) Seasonal 21/09/19
China Airlines Singapore (SIN) Surabaya (SUB) Ends 29/03/20 21/01/20
China Eastern Colombo (CMB) Male (MLE)   08/04/19
China Southern Colombo (CMB) Male (MLE)   08/04/19
Copa Airlines San Jose (SJO) Guatemala (GUA)   08/04/19
Copa Airlines Managua (MGA) Guatemala (GUA)   08/04/19
Copa Airlines San Jose (SJO) Managua (MGA)   08/04/19
Copa Airlines San Jose (SJO) Tegucigalpa (TGU)   08/04/19
Czech Airlines Hamburg (HAM) Gothenburg (GOT)   08/04/19
Czech Airlines Copenhagen (CPH) Reykjavik (KEF)   29/10/19
Delta Manila (MNL) Tokyo (NRT) Ends 28/03/20 10/09/19
Delta Manila (MNL) Seoul (ICN) Starts 29/03/20 10/09/19
Druk Air Calcutta (CCU) Bangkok (BKK)   11/12/18
Druk Air Guwahati (GAU) Singapore (SIN)   11/12/18
Druk Air Delhi (DEL) Kathmandu (KTM)   17/12/19
EgyptAir Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong (HKG)   04/01/20
EgyptAir Kigali (KGL) Entebbe (EBB)   04/01/20
EgyptAir Abidjan (ABJ) Accra (ACC)   04/01/20
EgyptAir Nairobi (NBO) Das es Salaam (DAR)   14/02/20
Emirates Sydney (SYD) Christchurch (CHC)   04/01/20
Emirates Melbourne (MEL) Singapore (SIN)   04/01/20
Emirates Brisbane (BNE) Singapore (SIN) Ends 30/03/20 15/11/19
Emirates Singapore (SIN) Penang (PEN) Starts 01/05/20 05/03/20
Emirates Male (MLE) Colombo (CMB)   04/01/20
Emirates Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong (HKG) 2-class aircraft (no First) 04/01/20
Emirates Bangkok (BKK) Phnom Penh (PNH)   18/06/19
Emirates Auckland (AKL) Denpasar (DPS)   04/01/20
Emirates Larnaca (LCA) Malta (MLA)   04/01/20
Emirates Athens (ATH) Newark (EWR)   04/01/20
Emirates Milan (MXP) New York (JFK)   04/01/20
Emirates Accra (ACC) Abidjan (ABJ)   04/01/20
Emirates Harare (HRE) Lusaka (LUN)   04/01/20
Emirates Conakry (CKY) Dakar (DSS) 1 direction only 04/01/20
Emirates Rio de Janeiro (GIG) Santiago (SCL)   04/01/20
Emirates Barcelona (BCN) Mexico City (MEX)   04/01/20
Emirates Rio de Janeiro (GIG) Buenos Aires (EZE)   04/01/20
Eritrean Airlines Cairo (CAI) Khartoum (KRT)   08/04/19
Eritrean Airlines Kano (KAN) Khartoum (KRT)   01/05/19
Eritrean Airlines Assab (ASA) Addis Ababa (ADD) 1x weekly 03/11/18
Ethiopian Airlines Seoul (ICN) Tokyo (NRT)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong (HKG)   28/01/20
Ethiopian Airlines Bangkok (BKK) Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Resumes 28/03/20 28/01/20
Ethiopian Airlines Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)   28/01/20
Ethiopian Airlines Singapore (SIN) Jakarta (CGK) Starts 29/03/20 28/01/20
Ethiopian Airlines São Paulo (GRU) Buenos Aires (EZE)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Lome (LFW) Newark (EWR)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Lome (LFW) Houston (IAH)   16/12/19
Ethiopian Airlines Harare (HRE) Lusaka (LUN)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Bamako (BKO) Dakar (DSS)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Johannesburg (JNB) Blantyre (BLZ)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Stockholm (ARN) Oslo (OSL)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Abidjan (ABJ) New York (JFK)   18/06/19
Ethiopian Airlines Entebbe (EBB) Juba (JUB)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Kigali (KGL) Bujumbura (BJM)   08/04/19
Ethiopian Airlines Malabo (SSG) Douala (DLA)   23/09/19
Ethiopian Airlines N’Djamena (NDJ) Douala (DLA)   09/11/19
Etihad Airways Nagoya (NGO) Beijing (PEK)   04/01/20
EVA Air Bangkok (BKK) Amsterdam (AMS)   04/01/20
EVA Air Bangkok (BKK) London (LHR)   04/01/20
EVA Air Bangkok (BKK) Vienna (VIE)   04/01/20
Fiji Airways Apia (APW) Honolulu (HNL) 1x weekly 04/01/20
Fiji Airways Kiribati (CXI) Honolulu (HNL) 1x weekly 04/01/20
flydubai Yangon (RGN) Krabi (KBV)   10/12/19
Gulf Air Male (MLE) Colombo (CMB)   29/10/19
JC Cambodia Macao (MFM) Mandalay (MDL)   28/06/19
Jeju Air Tokyo (NRT) Guam (GUM)   08/04/19
Jetstar Auckland (AKL) Rarotonga (RAR)   04/01/20
Jetstar Denpasar (DPS) Singapore (SIN)   04/01/20
Jetstar Asia Manila (MNL) Osaka (KIX)   18/06/19
Jetstar Asia Angeles (CRK) Osaka (KIX)   18/06/19
Juneyao Airlines Helsinki (HEL) Manchester (MAN) Starts 30/03/20 30/11/19
Juneyao Airlines Helsinki (HEL) Reykjavik (KEF) Starts 31/03/20 30/11/19
Juneyao Airlines Helsinki (HEL) Dublin (DUB) Starts 29/03/20 30/11/19
Kenya Airways Bangkok (BKK) Guangzhou (CAN)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Dakar (DSS) Abidjan (ABJ)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Freetown (FNA) Accra (ACC)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Freetown (FNA) Monrovia (ROB)   21/09/19
Kenya Airways Entebbe (EBB) Bangui (BGF)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Monrovia (ROB) Accra (ACC)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Addis Ababa (ADD) Djibouti (JIB)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Cape Town (CPT) Livingstone (LVI)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Cape Town (CPT) Victoria Falls (VFA)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Bamako (BKO) Dakar (DSS)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Harare (HRE) Lusaka (LUN)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Kinshasa (FBM) Ndola (NLA)   08/04/19
Kenya Airways Lilongwe (LLW) Nampula (APL)   08/04/19
KLM Bahrain (BAH) Kuwait (KWI)   04/01/20
KLM Dammam (DMM) Muscat (MCT)   04/01/20
KLM Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Jakarta (CGK)   04/01/20
KLM Singapore (SIN) Denpasar (DPS)   04/01/20
KLM Buenos Aires (EZE) Santiago (SCL)   04/01/20
Korean Air Colombo (CMB) Male (MLE)   04/01/20
Korean Air Tokyo (NRT) Honolulu (HNL)   04/01/20
LATAM Airlines Sydney (SYD) Auckland (AKL)   04/01/20
LATAM Airlines Madrid (MAD) Frankfurt (FRA) Ends 01/07/20 07/02/20
LATAM Airlines Miami (MIA) Punta Cana (PUJ)   04/01/20
LATAM Airlines Papeete (PPT) Easter Island (IPC) Not fifth-freedom but useful; 1x weekly 04/01/20
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) New York (JFK)   08/04/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Chicago (ORD)   08/04/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) London City (LCY)   08/04/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Brussels (BRU) Starts 29/03/20 10/09/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Belgrade (BEG) Starts 27/05/20 04/01/20
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Bucharest (OTP) Starts 29/03/20 10/09/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Stuttgart (STR) Starts 30/03/20 09/08/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Prague (PRG) Starts 30/03/20 09/08/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Sofia (SOF) Starts 30/03/20 09/08/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Seoul (ICN)   22/09/19
LOT Polish Airlines Vilnius (VNO) London City (LCY)   20/05/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Varna (VAR) Seasonal 30/11/19
LOT Polish Airlines Budapest (BUD) Dubrovnik (DBV) Seasonal 30/11/19
Maldivian Bangkok (BKK) Chengdu (CTU)   08/04/19
Maldivian Chennai (MAA) Dhaka (DAC)   08/04/19
Malindo Air Brisbane (BNE) Denpasar (DPS)   21/09/19
Malindo Air Melbourne (MEL) Denpasar (DPS)   21/09/19
Malindo Air Adelaide (ADL) Denpasar (DPS)   21/09/19
Malindo Air Sydney (SYD) Denpasar (DPS)   21/09/19
Malindo Air Taipei (TPE) Sapporo (CTS) Seasonal 30/11/19
Mauritanian Airlines Conakry (CKY) Dakar (DSS)   08/04/19
Mauritanian Airlines Conakry (CKY) Freetown (FNA)   08/04/19
MIAT Mongolian Airlines Moscow (SVO) Berlin (TXL)   04/01/20
Nauru Airlines Tarawa (TRW) Majuro (MAJ)   08/04/19
Pakistan Int. Airlines Bangkok (BKK) Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 2x weekly 08/04/19
Pakistan Int. Airlines Beijing (PEK) Tokyo (NRT)   18/06/19
Pakistan Int. Airlines Copenhagen (CPH) Oslo (OSL)   28/01/20
Qantas Singapore (SIN) London (LHR) Temporarily suspended from 20/4/20 until mid-Sept 20 03/03/20
Qatar Airways Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Phnom Penh (PNH)   23/09/19
Qatar Airways São Paulo (GRU) Buenos Aires (EZE)   23/09/19
Qatar Airways Djibouti (JIB) Mogadishu (MGQ)   23/09/19
Royal Air Maroc Libreville (LBV) Malabo (SSG)   23/09/19
Royal Jordanian Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong (HKG)   04/01/20
Royal Jordanian Bangkok (BKK) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)   04/01/20
RwandAir Mumbai (BOM) Guangzhou (CAN)   18/06/19
RwandAir Lusaka (LUN) Harare (HRE)   08/04/19
RwandAir Cape Town (CPT) Harare (HRE)   08/04/19
RwandAir Lusaka (LUN) Johannesburg (JNB)   08/04/19
RwandAir Nairobi (NBO) Entebbe (EBB)   08/04/19
RwandAir Entebbe (EBB) Juba (JUB)   08/04/19
RwandAir Abuja (ABV) Accra (ACC)   08/04/19
RwandAir Abidjan (ABJ) Cotonou (COO)   08/04/19
RwandAir Douala (DLA) Cotonou (COO)   23/09/19
RwandAir Libreville (LBV) Cotonou (COO)   08/04/19
RwandAir Libreville (LBV) Douala (DLA)   08/04/19
RwandAir Libreville (LBV) Kinshasa (FIH)   20/05/19
Scoot Bangkok (DMK) Tokyo (NRT)   08/04/19
Scoot Osaka (KIX) Kaohsiung (KHH)   08/04/19
Scoot Taipei (TPE) Seoul (ICN)   08/04/19
Scoot Taipei (TPE) Tokyo (NRT)   08/04/19
Scoot Taipei (TPE) Sapporo (CTS)   08/04/19
Scoot Bangkok (DMK) Osaka (KIX)   08/04/19
Sichuan Airlines Helsinki (HEL) Copenhagen (CPH)   09/10/19
Singapore Airlines Melbourne (MEL) Wellington (WLG)   04/01/20
Singapore Airlines Hong Kong (HKG) San Francisco (SFO)   04/01/20
Singapore Airlines Tokyo (NRT) Los Angeles (LAX)   04/01/20
Singapore Airlines Moscow (DME) Stockholm (ARN)   04/01/20
Singapore Airlines Manchester (MAN) Houston (IAH)   04/01/20
Singapore Airlines Frankfurt (FRA) New York (JFK)   04/01/20
Sky KG Airlines Doha (DOH) Kuwait (KWI)   03/11/18
Sky KG Airlines Doha (DOH) Lahore (LHE)   03/11/18
Sky KG Airlines Doha (DOH) Karachi (KHI)   03/11/18
South African Airways Accra (ACC) Abidjan (ABJ)   08/04/19
South African Airways Accra (ACC) Washington DC (IAD)   09/08/19
Surinam Airways Miami (MIA) Aruba (AUA)   08/04/19
Surinam Airways Miami (MIA) Georgetown (GEO)   28/09/19
Surinam Airways Port of Spain (POS) Curaçao (CUR)   08/04/19
Swiss Air Dubai (DXB) Muscat (MCT)   04/01/20
TAAG Angola Sao Tome (TMS) Ilha do Sal (SID)   20/05/19
TAP Portugal Accra (ACC) Sao Tome (TMS)   08/04/19
Thai Airways Taipei (TPE) Seoul (ICN)   04/01/20
Thai Airways Karachi (KHI) Muscat (MCT)   04/01/20
Tunisair Bamako (BKO) Dakar (DSS)   21/09/19
Tunisair Conkary (CKY) Dakar (DSS)   21/09/19
Tunisair Abidjan (ABJ) Cotonou (COO)   21/09/19
Tunisair Abidjan (ABJ) Ouagadougou (OUA)   21/09/19
Turkish Airlines São Paulo (GRU) Buenos Aires (EZE)   08/04/19
Turkish Airlines Djibouti (JIB) Mogadishu (MGQ)   08/04/19
Turkish Airlines Kinshasa (FIH) Libreville (LBV)   08/04/19
Turkish Airlines Ouagadougou (OUA) Conakry (CKY)   08/04/19
United Airlines Manila (MNL) Koror (ROR)   21/09/19
United Airlines Kwajalein (KWA) Kosrae (KSA) United Island Hopper 27/01/20
United Airlines Kwajalein (KWA) Pohnpei (PNI) United Island Hopper 27/01/20
Vietnam Airlines Vientiane (VTE) Phnom Penh (PNH)   04/01/20
Vietnam Airlines Luang Prabang (LPQ) Siem Reap (REP)   04/01/20
Virgin Australia Auckland (AKL) Rarotonga (RAR) Ends 21 July 2020 13/03/20
Virgin Australia Auckland (AKL) Nuku’alofa (TBU) Ends 1 May 2020 13/03/20

To discuss fifth-freedom routes, or suggest a route that should be added to this list, please join the discussion on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum.


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