Woolworths to Introduce Elite Status Tiers

Woolworths Rewards Offers Have Become More Generous
Woolworths is to introduce extra perks for Silver, Gold & Platinum members of its loyalty program.

Woolworths will add status tiers to its Everyday Rewards loyalty program, with frequent buyers able to climb the ranks to Silver, Gold and Platinum status! Benefits of Woolies status will include priority checkouts, lounge access, free delivery and guaranteed availability of toilet paper.

To achieve a higher status tier, you’ll need to earn Elite Qualifying Points or complete Elite Qualifying Shops at Woolworths. Alternatively, Qantas Frequent Flyer members will be eligible for a complimentary status match with Woolworths.

Here’s what you need to know about the new elite status program with Woolworths Everyday Rewards

Woolworths elite status benefits

The enhanced Woolworths Everyday Rewards program will have three status tiers; Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you would expect, each status tier comes with increased benefits.

All elite members will receive a personalised greeting as they enter any Woolworths supermarket, with a greeter thanking the member for their loyalty.

Members will also receive complimentary silver, gold or platinum-coloured shopping bags based on their status tier. These bags are no different to regular shopping bags, except that they look nice and all the other shoppers will think that people with the special bags are somehow better than them.

There’s also bonus Everyday Rewards points available to shoppers with elite status. Silver members will receive 50% bonus points on top of all points earned at Woolworths, including other bonus points from “booster” offers. Meanwhile, Gold members will earn 75% bonus points and Platinum members get a 100% bonus.

Silver status

Upon reaching Silver status, you’ll have access to priority checkout lanes at all Woolworths supermarkets. These lanes will be easily recognisable as they will be fitted with red carpets.

Qantas Priority Boarding sign
You’ll soon see Priority lanes like these at supermarkets, as well as airports.
Gold status

Silver status is nice, but just like with airline status, the real perks begin at Gold status with lounge access.

Woolies Lounges will provide a quiet space away from the hustle & bustle of the supermarket for Gold & Platinum members to relax with a complimentary cup of Woolworths Select tea or coffee, either before or after their shopping. The lounges will also provide complimentary light snacks including Woolworths’ excellent store-baked cookies, free wi-fi and newspapers.

Gold & Platinum members may also bring up to one guest with them into the Woolies Lounge, but the guest must also be completing a same-day shop at Woolworths.

Platinum status

In addition, Platinum members will receive free home delivery on all shopping. Alternatively, if they choose to shop in-store, a staff member will be on hand to carry their groceries to the carpark for them.

But the most highly-prized perk of Platinum status is guaranteed access to toilet paper. Even if your suburb is about to enter another lockdown, the supermarket will guarantee at least one packet of toilet paper for each Platinum member at all times.

Toilet paper
Platinum members will never have to worry about running out of toilet paper again! Photo: Pixabay.

How to earn Woolworths status

Your Woolworths status will depend on the number of Elite Qualifying Points or Elite Qualifying Shops you complete within a calendar year. You can earn status using either method.

You’ll earn 1 Elite Qualifying Point for every base point you earn with the Everyday Rewards program by shopping at Woolworths, BWS, Big W and other program partners. But bonus points earned from “booster” offers won’t count towards your Elite Qualifying Points balance.

Alternatively, you’ll earn 1 Elite Qualifying Shop each time you make a purchase at a Woolworths supermarket, regardless of the amount spent. Even the purchase of single cashew nut or grape would qualify. This is designed to reward customers who make frequent trips to the supermarket but spend smaller amounts.

You’ll only be able to earn one Elite Qualifying Shop per supermarket, per day. But if you live somewhere like Victoria Point in Queensland, where there are two Woolworths supermarkets across the road from each other, you could easily earn multiple Elite Qualifying Shops on the same day by visiting more than one store.

Here’s what you’ll need to earn in a calendar year to achieve Woolies status:

Silver Gold Platinum
Elite Qualifying Points 5,000 10,000 20,000
Elite Qualifying Shops 50 100 200

Points and shops already earned during 2021 will retrospectively count towards your current qualifying year. Once you achieve enough Elite Qualifying Points or Shops, your status will remain valid until the end of the following calendar year.

Drawing on the partnership between Woolworths and Qantas Frequent Flyer, you can also get a Woolworths status match to an equivalent tier if you already have Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum One status with Qantas.

Program to launch at midday

The new Woolworths Everyday Rewards status program will roll out at midday today, the first of April.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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B. B

Oh Matt, the toilet paper gave it away….

Stephen Ford

Will we be given a running countdown to each level similar to that we are given for our everyday rewards? If so that may encourage us to visit and spend more as we get closer to each level.



Liam Amos

Yep that toilet paper did give it away, nice one though 🙂

Ian Budenberg

I fell for it. Busy reading it out aloud to my wife, anticipating our Status, right until the last line. Both burst out laughing. Well done and thank you.


Well done, mate.

James McNeil

Great Timing Matt!! I’m waiting outside Woolies now to get my toilet paper!

Bron R.

Haha, too funny! The penny dropped when I read about the silver, gold & platinum shopping bags, I laughed out loud!!!

ann watler



Not an April Fool day thing is it?


I desperately wanted to see people swishing around in Woolies with their platinum bags and a DYKWIA attitude!