Woolworths Relaunches Everyday Rewards

Woolworths Relaunches Everyday Rewards
Woolworths Rewards is now called Everyday Rewards again.

The Woolworths Rewards loyalty program has been renamed to its original name of “Everyday Rewards”, effective from 29 July 2020. The new program is now being rolled out nationwide.

You’ll still earn 1 point per $1 for purchases from Woolworths, and you’ll still be able to redeem 2,000 points for either $10 off your shopping or 1,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. If opting for shopping discounts, you’ll now be able to save your discounts and will be given the option to select how many points you wish to redeem at the checkout (in multiples of 2,000 points). You can also still choose to bank your savings for Christmas.

Under the new Everyday Rewards scheme, offers will be called “boosters” and provide up to 10 points per $1 spent on different types of purchases. Booster offers will continue to be personalised and sent to members by email or via the Everyday Rewards App (which has already been renamed from Woolworths Rewards).

Why is Woolworths changing its loyalty program to Everyday Rewards?

The main change here is to the name and program branding. While there are some minor tweaks, the basic program structure remains the same.

So, why bother investing in a costly name change? The Everyday Rewards website says:

It’s our mission to meet the everyday needs of our members, beyond groceries, and we’re continuing to evolve and expand our partners. So we felt the name “Everyday Rewards” better showed our commitment to providing our members more value, everyday.

Reading into this, it looks like Woolworths might be trying to reposition its loyalty scheme as a coalition program with multiple earn and redemption partners, similar to Flybuys. Everyday Rewards points can already be collected at Big W, BWS, Caltex/Woolworths Petrol and Bupa. We can expect this list of partners to be expanded in time, perhaps to stores such as Dan Murphy’s. Dan Murphy’s is owned by Woolworths but currently has a separate loyalty program – My Dan Murphy’s – which does not reward loyalty points and, frankly, is a terrible program.

It will take some time for the Woolworths Rewards website and emails to be fully rebranded as Everyday Rewards, but this will happen in time. Woolworths will likely mail out new Everyday Rewards cards to members, but your account details remain the same and you can continue to scan your Woolworths Rewards card in the interim.

Most importantly, you can still earn 5% off all Woolworths shops via Cashrewards!

Woolworths’ original loyalty program was called Everyday Rewards

When Woolworths launched its own loyalty program in 2007, it was originally called Everyday Rewards. Under the old program, members earned 1 Qantas Frequent Flyer point for every dollar over $30 spent at Woolworths. This meant shoppers earned points at a higher rate (it’s currently equivalent to 1 Qantas point per $2) but not on the first $30 of every shop.

When Woolworths ditched that program in favour of Woolworths Rewards in 2015, it originally axed the Qantas Frequent Flyer partnership and only awarded points on specially-marked products with orange stickers. That idea was a flop, and Woolies brought back the Qantas partnership less than a year later.

Everyday Rewards to be rolled out in Tasmania

When Everyday Rewards was originally launched in 2007, it was available in all Australian states and territories except Tasmania.

Tasmanian Woolworths supermarkets already had their own loyalty program, the “Frequent $hopper Club”, so Woolies kept it. The Frequent $hopper Club continues to operate in Tasmania to this day.

This won’t be the case for much longer. The new Everyday Rewards program will be progressively rolled out in Tasmania from next Thursday and completely replace the Frequent $hopper Club scheme by 2021.

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