Qantas shifting the goal posts annoys customers

As a consumer it can get pretty frustrating when comparing airfares to work out what value is on offer. Not only do you have to consider the cabin class, the seats and service, you also need to look at what else is included. For many airlines, extra baggage allowances are used to lure customers. For premium class travel, often it’s the pre flight experience that can make a difference, with special lounges and transport both pre and post light.

Just over a year ago, Qantas started its first services in conjunction with Emirates. Prior to the agreement kicking off, both airlines looked at their offerings with a view to providing a uniform product. For Emirates, that meant adding a new elite tier to their frequent flyer program as one of the main changes. Qantas, with a far more advanced frequent flyer program, decided they needed to match Emirates offering of an airport transfer service pre and post flight in the form of a private car service, or chauffeur drive. The changes did not last long.

Well I guess that answers the question of when New York will get the QF chauffer drive…also very unlikely to JNB and SCL now as well. So much for being “harmonised” with Emirates partner..Here it is from QF: Effective 1 July 2014, Qantas’ complimentary Chauffeur Drive service will no longer be available for eligible First and Business customers travelling on Qantas operated international flights to/from Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth.

While Qantas are keeping the service where it competes directly with its partner and others, on the Kangaroo route to Europe, a lack of patronage sees its demise elsewhere. At least that’s the official reason given. Our members feel the change could have been handled differently

Agree. The official reason does not add up. Low take-up, then how about doing something to increase the take-up. Maybe offer to select PE customers to fill up capacity….Having said that, this was (is) a rare genuine enhancement, so credit to QF, but they just can’t seem to execute things smoothly in the long run.

For those that have a flight already selected and booked, the news was more annoying. Not only did it apply for new bookings, it also applied for those who had already paid for their flights.

I am furious with this decision!! How can QF only offer this until the end of July. Any booking made whilst CD was on offer should be honoured. You cannot offer a service, take someone’s money and then just spit it back in the customers face. So mad with you now QF- You’re the reason you won’t be flying in 2015!

Clearly our members are not happy with the goal posts moving at additional cost to them. What do you think Qantas should do, and given the package bought is not the same as that now offered, what is suitable compensation for the change, join the conversation HERE.


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