North American Airline Lounges – the way of the future or the past for lounges worldwide

One of our members was a little shocked at the value frequent flyers get in North American Lounges, with drinks and food frequently on a paid basis and more expensive than what may be available elsewhere in the airport.

Hi all, I was very surprised the first time I entered a US-style lounge – first time was AA, and I’ve also been into UA lounges. The idea of paying $50 to have one lounge pass – then having to pay for food and drinks is just completely foreign to me.

Then there’s actually being able to get into the lounge, for domestic flight its not based on class of fare, so those booking a first class ticket won’t be able to access the facilities unless they have membership. Lounges worldwide vary greatly in terms of what they offer and what you may have to pay for, status travellers with Qantas get drink chits in North American AA lounges allowing them to have better quality drinks for free (although a tip is expected in most cases), and there are quite a few reports of members passing those unused chits on to grateful recipients on leaving the lounge.

Perhaps its the luxury of our local lounges by comparison that help provide the shock factor when encountering conditions such as those in the USA, or is it the motivation behind the vocal feedback whenever we feel “our lounges” are perceived to be heading down the same path as one member puts it

I think this is why “we” jump up and down so much at any perceived or actual cuts to QF lounges. We can see where its headed!

Have you been shocked by the differences in amenities on offer in North American lounges, do you think they are the standard lounges world wide are heading for or are they a relic of the past? Follow the discussion HERE.


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