Sydney, Singapore, Switzerland, Scotland in Singapore Airlines Suites

This week’s trip report has a bit of a theme. Not only do the countries being visited have something in common, even the method of getting there meets the criteria. Surely the only way to visit Singapore, Switzerland, Scotland and Sydney is to fly Singapore Airlines Suites?

First time poster as a trip report, so I hope I keep you entertained or at least informed, mainly by pictures, as I am an “organiser” not a writer. But here goes….My first ever trip in F and I score 4 legs in Singapore Suites. SQ 232 from Sydney to Singapore. All legs were in A380. Sydney Singapore lounge nothing to rave about, so no images. I sleep a good 75% of flights – no matter what class I am flying, but gee, the bed was good.

Our first stop is of course Singapore, a destination familiar to many of our readers. Rather than stay in one of the better known hotels, the Tanglin Club is chosen. With only 16 suites on offer, is not an easy place to get a room. Reciprocal membership is required with a club in Australia to make a booking. For many of our members who have stayed in the Brisbane Hilton, the rooms seem to be familiar. Perhaps they used the same designer; with the curtains drawn you could easily be in Brisbane or Singapore!

After a leisurely two days exploring Singapore we are soon off again in the comfort of the suites. Like many airlines, the best lounges are often reserved for their home ports. Singapore Airlines is no exception to that rule. If you’re lucky enough to be departing Singapore in First Class, you will get an invite to the aptly named Private Room. Feeling a bit peckish? Perhaps you would like to try Hairy Gourd and Carrot sliced with Cloud Ear Fungus? Our traveller was not brave.

I have no idea what this is… not even going to try it.

The problem travelling in the pointy end is that things go too fast. You have just buckled in, snacked and got some sleep, and before you know it you’re in Zurich. Often mistaken as the Swiss capital city, its known for its efficient public transport system. For those that like to get outdoors however, there are also some good walks to be had.

So, next day I decided to go for train ride to other side of the lake and then a walk described in Lonely Planet. Uetliberg – Zurich’s Very Own “Mountain”This two-hour walk from Uetliberg to Felsenegg (Adliswil) takes you on a fascinating tour through a model of our solar system. This was a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours.

That’s where we will leave this trip report. If you would like to find out why they say a picture is worth a thousand words, why not head over to the report HERE. It’s simply stunning!


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