Contacting Qantas by SMS: Does it Work?

Contacting Qantas by SMS: Does it Work?Need to contact Qantas? Given the lengthy hold times experienced when trying to phone the Qantas call centre, it can be worth looking at alternative methods – especially if your request is not complicated.

As an alternative to calling, Qantas customers can already get in touch with the social media team via Facebook and Twitter. There’s also the online chat service that is sometimes offered via the Qantas website. Now, there’s another new way to contact Qantas – by SMS text message.

You can now contact Qantas by sending a text message to 0477 726 827 (0477 QANTAS). Alternatively, the option to send an SMS is sometimes given when calling the Qantas call centre. The Qantas SMS service is available to customers within Australia only.

So, does contacting Qantas by SMS actually work?

If you have a relatively simple enquiry or request, the answer appears to be “yes”. Numerous AFF members have tried out the service and had positive experiences. Although our members are sceptical that the Qantas SMS service would be suitable for complicated requests, it’s a case of “so far, so good” for relatively simple enquiries.

I used it last week. The premium line took more than 5 minutes, so I gave it a try. I only wanted to select seats (which I couldn’t do online) and so it worked relatively well. Was completed in about 4-5 text messages. I don’t think it would work for complex itinerary changes though.

I used it when offered back in December, to change an international award booking that couldn’t be done on-line. A better option came available and I didn’t want to lose that seat so the immediacy of assistance worked for me. The booking was completed efficiently with a phone call — they called me — to check the new booking was correct and to pay the difference in taxes.

I have used it once, when I wanted to link two bookings. It took a very short time for the person to come back and say it was done and s/he had also checked the flight stats and said the flight wasn’t delayed very often. I had stated in my original text that I wanted to link the two bookings in case the first flight was delayed, so they went beyond my actual request. I was very happy with the outcome.

The waiting times to get a response by SMS also seem lower than the call centre hold times. So if you don’t have lots of time to spare and don’t want to get in touch via social media, the Qantas SMS service looks like a convenient alternative.

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