lost-luggageOne member was shocked recently to discover their carry-on luggage had been stolen between boarding the plane and take-off. This member had placed their carry-on items including a computer and credit cards in the seat pocket after boarding. They then got up to use the bathroom before take-off, returning only to discover that the items had somehow disappeared!

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In this case of the vanishing carry-on, it seems a fellow-passenger thought the items had been left on-board by a passenger from the previous flight. This passenger handed the items to a flight attendant, who offloaded them without checking who they belonged to. All of this occurred before our member even had a chance to return to their seat.

Our members are divided on this issue. While some believe the member was foolish to leave valuable items unattended on the aircraft, others believe the flight attendant should have been more careful in their actions. It is noted that it would not have been difficult for airline staff to check if the owner of the contents matched the name of the person in the seat they were found in. Some members criticise the fellow-passenger for handing the items to the flight attendant, while others believe they were genuinely trying to help.

Our member warns others to be vigilant and not to leave belongings unattended, especially if the aircraft doors are still open. This case serves a timely reminder that things can be stolen on planes. Join the discussion HERE.


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