The attendant call button which every seat has access to can bring out the best and the worst in people.  Some think of it as the in air equivalent of a butlers bell, while others feel it’s best used only in an emergency.  One member prefers to get a bit of exercise, and thought perhaps there has to be a better way

Usually I don’t like to press the call button preferring to go to galley to find FA for my request. I’ll press the button if I can’t find anyone. I’d like to see an online request system where you can order drinks by selection on the entertainment Screen.

Not surprisingly some airlines already offer this service through their entertainment systems.  By all accounts it works well for the consumer. Importantly, in the age of data mining, it gives airlines a better idea of what sort of inventory they need to load onto the plane over time.  If a passenger makes certain requests on each flight and the seat is cross referenced with their frequent flyer profile, the airline will, over-time, get a good profile of the passenger preferences.  As an example , certain (former) cricketers might trigger the loading of an extra case of beer on flights to London! Or perhaps regular First Class passengers may have a certain Champagne they take a liking to?

While the ability to order food/drinks would be handy, some have had experiences on the odd flight when requests are made, but not serviced

I think my record was 4 presses in an attempt to get an infants seat belt as promised at the front door upon embarking. Each time met with “of course” but no one returned.. I finally got one when the CSM came back through on a mission for something else, spotted our loose child and asked us to put #1 son into the infants seatbelt. At least it gave me an opportunity to explain how the previous 10 minutes had unfolded.

Others have reported instances where the buttons did not seem to work or have been turned off due to false alarms.  Do you like to use the call button, would you be happy ordering on the IFE, perhaps there will be an app for that purpose, join the conversation HERE.


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