How to Upgrade with Qantas Frequent Flyer points

Using points for upgrades is one of the better points redemption options Qantas Frequent Flyers have. While many of our members have been doing this for years, every once in a while we get a member venturing into this realm for the first time

Qantas Los Angeles to Brisbane. I am looking to upgrade my parents from economy to business class using QF points. As this is my first time , can anyone shed some light on how to do this, and any tips

With Qantas there are two types of point’s upgrades, one scheme for domestic travel and one for international.

Domestic Travel upgrades are very simple and straightforward. Firstly you need to have purchased an upgradable fare. Most of the sale or “red edeal” fares are not upgradable normally. If you’re unsure, check the fare conditions under Qantas Frequent Flyer. If all is OK on that front, our members explain the next step

Log in to your QFF account, go to your bookings and scroll down. There is a panel to upgrade and eligible family member. Enter their details and go from there. The person with the highest status should request the upgrade. Transfer points if necessary.

If you are upgrading yourself, just click the upgrade button beside your bookings as shown in the “your bookings” screen after logging in to the frequent flyer pages. If seats are available, the points are deducted and the booking changed.

For international, it’s slightly different.

Remember international upgrades are a lottery and are not confirmed until closer to the date

International upgrades are not looked at until a week before departure. By requesting an upgrade, you are putting your hand up to be considered. How likely you are to be successful is unknown, but there are ways you can check some of the odds. Using tools like ExpertFlyer and FlightStats, you can determine the fare buckets to see if there are any seats unsold in your preferred class. F9 J9 means there are at least 9 seats available in First and Business.

If there are seats for sale, then there is a good chance upgrades will occur. With priority given to status, you cannot be sure if you will win a better seat. As the status of the account holder is the one used, as opposed to the person flying, always use that account for the request. Once the request is made, it’s a matter of waiting. A good trick is to check your booking at just over the 24 hour mark before departure; you might see success and be able to take advantage of the meal booking and other preflight services on offer.

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