Fast-track to Virgin Velocity Status

Gold status with Virgin Australia’s Velocity program can be a valuable asset for frequent travellers. Benefits include complimentary lounge access, increased upgrade opportunities, bonus points and even the ability to change to an earlier flight for free.

Virgin status can be earned by flying with Virgin Australia and its partner airlines. Often the path to quick status is paved by “status runs”. This is where people fly around the country (or even the world) in order to pick up status credits and reach a higher status tier. There are some merits to this, although this method can become quite expensive.

Extra status credits can also be picked up by flying indirect routes. As the old saying on AFF goes, “Why fly direct when you can connect?” For example, travelling from Brisbane to Canberra via Sydney earns double the number of status credits compared to a direct flight. Booking flexible and Business class tickets also helps in the status credit chase.

The only way to then speed up how soon you can reach Gold is by booking Flexi or business class trips to increase the credit you get for each trip. (also dont redeem your points for flights, you wont earn any status credits for them)

Our members recommend that anyone contemplating a status run have a browse of our master thread on the best value Virgin status runs.

Seems like you are about to embark into the world of status runs… have a read through the Virgin status run thread.. will help you understand how you can achieve the most status points in the most cost effective manner.

But there are other ways to fast-track the road to status! Virgin Australia offers a unique “Family Pooling” scheme, whereby an entire household can pool their points and status credits into a single nominated account. This can make it very easy for one household member to earn Gold status when travelling as a family.

There’s another little-known shortcut available to small business owners. Small to medium businesses are eligible to join Virgin’s “Accelerate” program. The program is free to join, and the benefits include two Pilot Gold memberships. Two nominated Pilot Gold travellers can earn Gold status by earning 80 status credits in three months. This is just 16% of the 500 status credits usually required.

But our members do warn that the status chase may not be worth the effort and expense if starting from scratch. Earning status cannot be done with spending money. Our members suggest that the money may be better spent, for example, on a lounge membership.

I wouldn’t go chasing Gold if you’re starting at ground Zero. It’s not worth the investment. If your close to it, a couple of status runs may be a good idea.

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