Earning Qantas points – quickly and cheaply

This week, one of our members had a question that has probably crossed the mind of many a member. Faced with an award being available, but not having enough points, how do you quickly accumulate those much needed points?

Long time listener, first time caller. I am travelling from Melbourne-Sydney in a few weeks and was hoping to score an upgrade. I am just under 5,000 points short, does anyone know and good and quick ways of getting 5,000 points, I am willing to pay but I think Qantas don’t allow such small top ups. Any help would be great appreciated.

Qantas, (unlike then many other programs that were discussed in our Frugal Flying Knowledge Centre course), don’t easily offer points for sale. They do however offer top up points that you can buy as detailed HERE.

I might be wrong but the way I read it is that if you’ve got your ticket and would like to upgrade it to the next class but are lacking points, you can ring and buy what you need. It does not actual say it has to be a Classic Award does it? It wouldn’t work for the Sydney-Melbourne flight though as 5000 is more that 15% of the upgrade value

Top up points are on offer where you are short of points for a specific award, and only need 15% or less of the total award value to be purchased. Generally this is best done via the call centre but keep in mind those points do come at quite a cost, compared to other alternatives that may take longer. If you have the luxury of time, there are plenty of options for cheap points.

At the moment Qantas is offering a very popular option of points earning with their gift vouchers. At 10 points per $1 spent, its generous, but our members have had some issues getting the points in previous years and they often can take 8 weeks. Qantas also introduced a shopping mall where everyday purchases earn points through the likes of David Jones and eBay. With a double points promotion currently on offer, 5000 points can easily be had with a $500 spend at DJ’s using the portal.

Quick points can also be had via signup bonuses on offer through the banks and other financial institutions with their card products. Qantas themselves have recently been offering lucrative bonuses for activating or loading their Qantas Cash product with funds. Bankwest also recently had a 10000 bonus for signing up for their Qantas branded transaction product and meeting a few conditions. Both are likely to reappear in the near future we suspect.

Perhaps you have found a way of getting quick points cheaply, why not join the conversation HERE.


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