The Business Class Flight from HellAn unlucky AFF member experienced the “flight from hell” last week upon returning home from Singapore. A culmination of unfortunate circumstances, including a disruptive passenger, made the flight especially unpleasant for those on board.

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pgsdiver was a Business class passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Sydney last Friday, along with his wife and 3 children. This was an overnight flight departing around 1am. As the plane was taking off, one of the passengers in Business class decided to start wandering around the aircraft being a nuisance. He continued to do this despite pleas from the crew, both during take-off and later in the flight while the “fasten seat belt” sign was switched on for turbulence.

As the aircraft taxis a guy in the front of our section of the cabin (we were in rows 24/25) gets out of his seat and is told firmly to sit down. Does so, but then gets up as the a/c rotates (!) and staggers down the aisle introducing himself to every passenger (including my kids and me). Looked into his eyes and something is clearly amiss – there’s nothing there. Alcohol, drugs, medication?

Cabin crew screaming at him to sit down but he keeps going back to the WC area. Not sure how he got back to his seat but once the crew were released the CS approaches him and starts what will become a 2 hour conversation (on and off) with this moron.

Eventually the cabin crew intervened and handcuffed the passenger for the remainder of the flight. Australian police met the gentleman on arrival into Sydney.

But, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does…

Meanwhile on the same flight the 6 yo of the couple behind my wife decides to poo his pants (and mose of the seat cover. Crew clean him up and offer the mother a nappy, who’s horrified: “He’s six – he doesn’t need a nappy!”. (I beg to differ!). Sure enough, and hour after the cleanup and deodorising process, he does it again. My poor wife was beside herself, and claimed to be suffocating with the stench.

pgsdiver points out that the Singapore Airlines crew did a good job in the circumstances. While it’s unfortunate that these events took place on this particular flight, it could have happened on any airline.

I stress these current incidents weren’t SQ’s fault. They handled things well.

Our members almost universally agree that this was a pretty terrible flight. At least pgsdiver wasn’t flying in cattle class!

One can only imagine what happened in economy! As they say “it never rains but it pours”.

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