Podcast #46: Air Traffic ControlYou don’t see them as a passenger, and when you do hear about them, it’s probably because your airline is blaming them for a delay. But Air Traffic Controllers are absolutely critical to the ensuring you arrive at your destination safely.

Ever wondered what exactly an Air Traffic Controller does, and what kind of training they need to do? In Episode 46 of the AFF on AIR podcast, Ian Robinson (a.k.a. iRobbo on AFF), talks to Matt about the life and work of an Air Traffic Controller. Ian has been an ATC for almost 30 years and is based in Brisbane.

In this episode, you’ll also hear about Rex’s ambitious plan to launch Boeing 737 flights between Australia’s capital cities, starting with the Melbourne-Sydney route from 1 March 2021. Rex will compete head-on with Qantas and Virgin on some of the world’s most lucrative routes, but is there really enough space in the market for a third big player?

Plus, over 1,000 used Qantas 747 bar carts are now being delivered to homes across Australia. Matt looks into their contents and some instructions for an authentic Qantas galley cart experience.

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