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Technology has an impact in almost every part of our lives these days. Whether you like it or not, information about you is now easier to find and store than ever before. When you sign up for a frequent flyer program, you often fill in a profile detailing your interests etc. As time goes by the profile builds as you take flights, make a call to the help desk or even provide feedback. What do airlines do with that information, and who has access to it? It’s certainly got our members wondering

Interested to hear if Qantas crews have any information on their manifest about customers. Obviously status is one… is that all they would be able to tell or could they view things like how much you paid for your ticket, if its an award flight, what sort of customer you are?

In days gone by, our members would have seen the passenger manifest with the cabin crew. Sneaking a peek often showed details of the passengers name, status and not much else. These days, that manifest has been replaced by a tablet. Going by reports from our members, that tablet has quite a depth of information on who is joining the crew for each flight.

The new onboard ipads and information systems that the QF First Lounge have, can contain substantially more information (eg. favourite drink, seat preferences, service recovery notes etc)

It seems the information is designed to make your journey more comfortable and to a certain extent customised, ie Mr X likes forward window with extra leg room, is partial to the 2009 Yering Red and had issues in February when a special meal was overlooked. When it comes to data, context is important and often overlooked. A person with an overall negative view may have a different outlook on a complaint compared to one who favours the company. It seems Qantas have even taken that into account.

Most interesting was something about a ‘net promoter’ score. I suppose it’s something about ability to influence others and promote QF. He didn’t really explain it very clearly.

Qantas now have the ability to not only know your history, they can measure your actions based on the perception they judge you have about Qantas. A frequent complainer trying to make a point might well find his complaint treated differently to one who rarely speaks up.

With all the information now on hand, it seems those hoping to stay under the radar in future might find it increasingly difficult. Have you had a recent experience where you felt at home on a flight, or is the amount of information available to flight crew of concern, have your say HERE.


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